Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 4 Chapter 2

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Maka-sensei, the countdown of ruin

“It’s oveeeeeeeeer! Alright, heck yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Oraaaaaaaaa!”

The final exam of the end-terms of the first semester ended—

The classroom was filled with voices of joy. By the way, the one that was screaming that at the top of her lungs was none other than Amanashi Nui. What do you mean ‘Oraaa’…

Standing up from my seat at the window, I walked over to her, and slightly tapped her on the shoulder.

“Then, how about we do a revision meeting now. The long one.”

“You’re suddenly accusing me of getting failing grades anyway?!”

“I almost never saw you study, see. The assignments I gave you are probably blank, aren’t they?”

“You’re not trusting me in the slightest?!”

Nui was going rampant again like always, getting out texts and notes from her bag.

“Look, I properly did them! Manasshi did her best!”

“…Oh, you’re right.”

She properly solved every problem that I gave her. Though with a lot of mistakes filtered in there.

“I did what you told me back at the midterms. You said to write the answers on the question sheets!”

Now she took out the question sheets for the end-terms…although there were some missing solutions…

“Sorry for doubting you, Nui. With this, you might’ve done even better than at the midterms.”

“Seriously?! Holy moly, so I’m the best at studying, and my breast-size!”

Nui did some small jumps out of joy. Well, I did say that she’d be better, but still below average. But, thinking that she was about to end up dead last at the past midterms, this is a clear improvement, no doubt.

“To think that the crazy idiot Nui…was nothing more than a normal idiot…”

“I’m still an idiot?! I can’t be happy about that, you know! This hurt Nui-chan here requires some healing!”

“Healing…what do you mean?”

“Sai-kun, you got a passport?”

“Passport? Yeah, I do.”

Since my parents are always working overseas, there are times when I visit them or other occasions that I leave the country. Though it seems like leaving for overseas is more like torture for my poor Miharu.

“I’ll have a gravure shoot at Saipan. How about you come with me, and we enjoy a summer together, just the two of us?”

“I can’t just…”

In what world do you take a boy with you to a photo shoot? You trying to anger your fans?

“Ehh, how boring. I’m trying to reward you for that photo shoot a while ago, and take you overseas, you know?”

“If you’re doing well, then it’d be troublesome if chaos ensnared, right?”

Since her gravure shoot before the midterms had found a lot of success, she was gaining more and more positive reputation.

“Rather than seeing you live, I want to see the finished product in the magazines.”

“I see! So I just have to produce a photo shoot where even Sai-kun’s heart will go crazy!”

“Exactement.” (TLN: exactly)

It’s great that Nui-san is so easy to manipulate.


“W-What is it, Kisou-san?”

Right next to me, Kisou Tenka-san was throwing me a crazy stare.

“You’ve become a bad man, Saigi. A while ago, you forced me to become a maid—No, made me wear those clothes, embarrassing me, and now you’re using your words to see Amanashi half-naked?”

“What’s with that bad mouthing out of the blue! I don’t have any interest in Nui’s half-naked appearance?!”

“That’s pretty rude if you ask me! I have crazy confidence in my looks, you know!”

“How about you start working on your interior then…”

Your grades did get better, but that doesn’t mean that you can relax now.

“…No time to play along with the two-person comedy, I want to go home and get some sleep remedy. Like I’m rolling around in dirt.”

“W-What’s wrong, Kisou-san?”

“Recently, Onee-chan’s eyes are so lifeless. I’m worried all night long. But I’m at my limit now.”


In a voice that only I could hear, Kisou-san whispered. Since I was busy studying for the exams, I wasn’t able to talk to Maka-sensei at all, but there’s also the incident at the former school building that drove a nail between us…

“Unable to sleep, my grades went up. Now they’re upper half.”

With those words, Kisou-san stepped out of the classroom.

“…Ten-chan looked really tired. I wonder if she did okay on the exams?”

“She said that she was studying a lot, so probably? Her grades have been top-class from the beginning anyway. She’s got good looks, and even has good grades, wow.”

“My my, Sai-kun. Is there something that you want to tell me?”

“No, not at all. But, I guess I’m a bit worried, seeing her stagger like that.”

“Leave it to me, I’ll send her home! I don’t have any work today!”

“You sure that her condition won’t get worse if she’s with you?”

“You were perfectly fine when I came to visit you during your cold!”

Nui threw those words at me, and also stomped out of the classroom.

Though I’m a bit worried about Kisou-san, she should be fine with Nui at her side. For now, I should probably go report to Maka-sensei.

“I’m done for!”


At the student guidance room, Maka-sensei’s voice resounded. Not taking a seat, Maka-sensei held her head in her arms while standing, twisting and turning her body. Looked kinda funny.

Since exams are over, the grading started, and now the other teachers are also using the English preparation room. And, when I reported Kisou-san’s condition to her via LINE, she told me to come here—and blurted out that very phrase just now.

“Uhm, Maka-sensei. What exactly are you talking about?”

“We were seen by Jinsho-san!”

With tears in her eyes, Maka-sensei glared at me.

“Karen-kaichou isn’t the type of person to just go blurt out personal things to other people…”

She’ll surely not spread any bad rumours.

“Even if she spread such a rumour, everyone would probably be too busy to care about it during exam season. If it was me, I’d wait until exams ended and then spread it!”

“You’re thinking more evil than ever. What are you now, positive or negative…”

Also, I really don’t think that she’d talk bad about other people.

“It’s not that, but my misconducts keep leaking to other people! Perfectly, without any chance of covering them up! Even though my true self should only be a secret between me and Saigi-kun!”

“Eh, doesn’t Kisou-san also know?”

It’s true that the seriousness now is on a different level from the vice-principal. Karen-kaichou spotted us in the moment where we would not be able to cover it up no matter what we tried. But, even Kisou-san saw us in a similar situation.

“That girl doesn’t count because she’s my little sister. Even I can’t hide my true self if it comes to her anyway.”

“Ah, I told you via LINE before, but she was really worried about you, Maka-sensei.”

“It seems like I didn’t pay enough attention to Tenka. Well, she’s the type whose grades would drop because of a lack of sleep.”

“…Sensei, you’re trusting her, I see.”

Though she seems to hate the idea of agreeing, she probably knows that her little sister was worried about her. Family—is probably a special case.

“That girl should be fine. Anyway, about the highschool girl Maka in the former school building! Why did Jinsho-san even appear there…”

“Well, she was saying that she had business with Maka-sensei.”

“I’m not her homeroom teacher, nor am I in some way related to the student council…Maybe because of SID?”

“I wonder…?”

If it really is because of SID, then I can’t just act like I’m not involved, I guess.

“Riddled with mysteries…I know, there’s one thing I need to know before my life ends…Saigi-kun, how were the exams?”

“That’s a quick change of topic if I’ve ever seen one…”

“It’s the most important topic right now.”

“Let’s see…I think that Nui did pretty good.”



I know that I say stuff like that, but you’re her teacher, right?!

“Honestly, I still think that her grades at the past midterms are close to a miracle.”

“You’re treating it like a miracle that she barely averted failing grades?”

“Ah, hold on. I’m interested in Amanashi-san’s grades as well, but I was originally talking about you, Saigi-kun. Don’t try to avert the topic.”

“…I brought all the question forms with the answers I wrote for now…”

Taking out the sheets of question forms of my bag, I handed them over to Maka-sensei. Sitting down at a nearby chair, she checked through every single paper. They’re all subjects together, and not just English…Well, shouldn’t be a problem for a perfect human being like her.

“H-How could this happen…!”

“Wah, Sensei?!”

Suddenly, Maka-sensei’s grip on the papers heightened, crushing the papers.

“Sensei, what are you doing! Those papers are still important?!”

“…Ah, I’m sorry, it just…”

She put down the question forms on a nearby table, and fixed the ones that she almost ripped.

“Are the results so bad…?”

“No, it’s the opposite.”

For some reason, Maka-sensei glared at me.

“I can’t say for certain without the average amount of points this time, but…you’re probably around 30 ranks higher than you were back at the midterms.”

“Eh, 30 ranks?”

Approximately ten ranks is something that I often go up and down, but 30 is a pretty good result, right?

“This is probably because of that university girl’s private tutoring, right…?”

“I’ve been studying like normal besides that after all. I only really focussed on studying the few days before the exams.”

What I did was not greatly different than pulling an all-nighter, so it’s not like I’ll be able to get the same grades just by doing that. It’s true that I have to work harder, but—

“With this, we can call Shiya-chan’s part-time job a success. Seems like the money my parents paid was worth.”

“What does that matter right now! The problem is that your grades went up, Saigi-kun!”

“So that’s a problem?! Isn’t that something that you, my homeroom teacher, should be happy about—?”

“But but buuuuuut!”

Maka-sensei made fists with her hands, shaking her head left and right. Cute.

“Because of that university girl, Saigi-kun, you changed, you know?! You’re basically influenced by a woman other than me!”

“Isn’t that exactly what doesn’t matter right now?!”

I don’t understand what you’re angry about, Maka-sensei!

“I don’t wannaaaa! I don’t want you to get taken by another womaaaaaaan!”


Tears suddenly started building up in her eyes, and she clung to me, rubbing her cheeks on me. She’s getting more and more like a small, bawling child!

“I only want Saigi-kun to be colored by me…For that, I educated you all this time, and now it feels like everything’s been wasted!”

“What a great thing you’ve been plotting!”

Well, I know that her ‘education’ was meant to make me fall in love with her. But, being taught by Shiya-chan really was only in the studying sense. Her prejudice is way too strong…and solving that already feels like a pain.

Once the end terms end, the school enters an exam break. With around ten days left in this school term, counting the times we get the exam results, and the end-of-term ceremony, about three days in total of break right now. There are those wealthy kids, that can’t wait to go on a trip during those three days. Though our parents are overseas so much that you’d think they’re smuggling people, we’re not going overseas just because of a few days like that.

“But…this is a bit to much free time…Maybe I should go look for a part-time job.”

“Onii-chan, are you serious? Our parents are feeding us through with their money, so why should we have to work? The breakfast is still as delicious even if you’re not working for it, you know?”

“Seems like I made some mistakes while raising Miharu…”

The location was the Saigi household’s living room, 10am in the morning. Now that the time passed 10am, Miharu finally got up, only to roll around on the sofa again to play on her smartphone. Wearing her thin hoodie, her skirt slightly lifted up to reveal her white panties and thighs.

“Ah, I know. How’d you do at your exams, Miharu?”

“Onii-chan, want to look at Miharu’s breasts?” (pr note: what breasts?)

“Hey, don’t try to cover it up with that! You probably didn’t study at all!”

I threw a glare at my little sister that was about to start stripping. Shiya-chan also planned on teaching her, but Miharu probably ran away until the very end.

“Miharu is way more clever than me anyway. If you’d actually study, you might make it into the top ten, you know?”

“There are more important things than getting the top grades in school…”

“Don’t make it sound so dramatic. You’re probably just talking about your social games, right?”

While we’re at it, how about you stop wasting money on it!

“Kuu’s properly studying, you know. And now she’s being shown such a bad example…Ah, hold on. Miharu, show me your tits.”

“Onii-chan, that’s a pretty crazy exclamation there, you know? Well, it’s fine.”

“So it’s fine?”

But, before I could really retort on it, Miharu already started taking off her parker. No hesitation at all, even after revealing her modest chest.

“Miharu, you’re not wearing a bra? Make sure to wear one, even if it’s a sports bra.”

Nothing remained once she had taken off the hoodie. Slight curves were drawn on her chest, with two pink small hills on top of them.

“Miharu’s properly wearing panties. It’s a holiday, so who cares. Nobody will find out about her being braless except her perverted older brother.”

“Well, they’re not really big enough to go shaking around.”

“A conversation about tits between the Saigi household siblings before lunch, what a crazy family we are. Also, why do you want to see Miharu’s chest?”

“See, a while ago, we were talking about you being overhauled by Kuu, right. I just wanted to check on that.”

“Onii-chan, you’re keeping a close look on Kuu’s chest? And, how is it?”

“Hmm…there’s not really that much of a difference…”


Touching her softly, to check the size with my hands, I still couldn’t quite tell. They’re still pretty soft, but so were Kuu’s.

“Onii-chan, touching them is fine and all, but don’t just do it this suddenly. Even if they’re small, they’re pretty sensitive.”

“Ah, sorry, sorry. Hmm…they might still be a bit bigger than Kuu’s.”

Mediately coping a feel of my little sister’s breasts, I remembered back to the feeling of Kuu’s breasts in the bath that one time.

“Just let me say this, Miharu, but Kuu’s got good grades, okay. If you lose in terms of grades, you’ll be left behind by Kuu in no time.”

“Miharu won’t lose in terms of the money she spent in her game!”

“You can lose there for all I care! …Hold on, Kuu is also playing those social games?”

“Yeah, Miharu wanted to get more friends in the main game she’s playing, so she made Kuu register as well.”

“Don’t pull Kuu down the dark road you’re trotting!”

Is my little sister the devil or something?! Kuu better not be learning from her.

“Well, it’s fine. Miharu, put on your clothes. We’re in our own four walls, but it’s still not good to be naked like that.”

“You say that after telling Miharu to show you her breasts…Onii-chan is getting weirder and weirder.”

While Miharu was complaining, she put on her hoodie again. Though I’d wish she’d put on something beneath that.

“Hmm…Miharu’s breasts didn’t suffice as a way to squash time. What should I do now…Maybe I should go visit Nekoranya.”

They could maybe hire me for a part-time job during summer break.

—The moment I thought of that, and took out my smartphone to contact Sekiya-san, I received a message.

“Ah, Karen-kaichou…?”

Getting a message from Kaichou was pretty are…Oh right, we still didn’t clear up that one incident at the former school building…As well as her saying that she’s responsible for my ‘teacher hate’. For now, let’s check the message.

Seikadai’s high school division, the student council office—

With the width of half a classroom, two long tables were lined up next to each other, facing each other. The one long table in the back behind the first one is the student council president’s desk. On top of said desk, that had overcome several seasons from the looks of it, had a laptop and several bundles of documents on top of it.

“Sorry about this, Saigi Makoto. Calling you here when you should be relaxing after exams.”

“No, I don’t mind it. I had free time anyway.”

Once noon passed, I had made my way to school, helping to check out the mountain of documents lying on the long table.

“But, those are the documents of the student council, right? Is it fine for me to see them?”

“They aren’t a secret towards the public. If the students asked for it, we would lay bare all of them. Be it the budget of the clubs, or the organizational plans for events, everything.”

“I see.”

Since I never felt the urge of looking at said documents, I never knew. What I was currently holding were documents of the student council dating back to last year, a variety of documents concerning the organization. Guess you have to check those in a regular basis.

“The word of the student council ended this term as well. Although I’ll retire in September, August is riddled with summer break, so I have to prepare now. Organizing the documents now is a must.”

“That’s good and all, but where are the other members?”

“The other members are mostly holding two positions with their clubs. The vice-president is planning on going to an outside university, so she’s busy with studying for entrance exams.”

“That being said, pushing all the work onto the president is certainly not welcome, is it?”

“I am the one that lets them prioritize studying and club work over the student council. They both are related to their future, so they’re more important than short-timed work at the student council. To be frank, if something is left over, I can just push it onto the next generation of the student council, and graduate like that.”

“Ehhh, that’s a bit unreasonable.”

“That’s how the student council has done it for years now. It’s become a cliche at this point. Fufufufu, clever bastards.”

The student council gathers people with outstanding grades, so they normally should be respectable people, right?

“Though I feel bad for pushing this onto Saigi Makoto now.”

“I was feeling restless now that I had nothing to do anyway. If there’s something I can do help, I’ll gladly do that.”

“I see, thank you for that. By the way, what were you doing today until you came here?”

“I was checking the size of Miharu’s breasts.”

“What are you Saigi siblings doing?!”

Ah, she’s staring at me.

“D-Don’t misunderstand me. I was just checking if they were still bigger than Kuu’s.”

“It’s only getting worse!”

“I guess so…”

“You don’t mean to tell me that you did the same thing with Amanashi Nui, right…”

“…I-I would never. Nui is neither my little sister, or a little girl, but just a normal classmate.”

Let’s keep quiet about the fact that I’ve seen her bare breasts already. Only for her dignity of course, yeah.

“Then that’s fine, I guess…But, Saigi Makoto, you’re pretty good at this sort of work.”

“Is that so? I never really worked on something like this.”

“With your doubtful self, you might be fit for this detailed work.”

“What an abrupt diss.”

Not like I can deny that though.

“Don’t call it doubtful, but carefu—Woah!”



As I was about to make excuses, a loud sound surprised us.

“W-What was that? It came from over there…”

Looking over at where the sound came from, there was a door, which looked to be hidden in the corner of bookshelf with documents.

“So there was a door here. What’s past there?”

“…J-Just a storage room, don’t mind it.”

“You say that, but there was that crazy loud sound. I’ll go check it out.”

Can’t really ignore that and just resume our work, I guess.

“Hm? It’s pretty dark…where’s the light switch…”

Moving my hand along the surroundings of the door, I searched for the switch—Ah, there it is.

“Woah…W-What is…this?”

It really was a storage room next to the student council office. The width should be the same…as the main room? Though, I wasn’t able to properly check, since the room was filled to the brim with mostly boxes. From very old ones, to brand new ones. Also, still in my reach where files and documents, books and so on, forming towers on the floor.

“…A garbage room?”

“T-That’s pretty rude. It’s not garbage. They’re documents that were already organized, or equipment that wouldn’t be used again. That’s why we used this as a storage place.”

“A storage place, huh…”

Looking closer at it, one of those towers had collapsed, leaving a chaos of documents on books on the floor.

“That sound just now probably was from these documents falling over. They were probably shaking from instability.”

“Not just them.”

“Can’t leave them like this then.”

Rather than sorting the documents, this takes priority, naturally.

In the end, Karen-kaichou also prioritized this storage room, and we started working together here. Well, we did start—but this was worse than I had imagined.

“Karen-kaichou, you’re always so noisy about my uniform, but I didn’t expect you to ignore this mess.”

“Noisy is a bit rude… Be it the cloister, or the institution where we live keeps things tidy and in order. You wouldn’t expect to see such storage room, with such a chaotic picture, there. Really, I’m at a loss.”

“Such a reason…Seems like Karen-kaichou also has some weird weak points.”

“What do you mean ‘also’. Is there someone else?”


Oh right, Maka-sensei’s clumsy self is better off a secret. Though she saw us in a moment of weakness, she still shouldn’t know about Maka-sensei’s true self.

“Fuu, it still is hot in here…guess the A/C won’t cool all the way over here from the main room.”


Turning around, my heart skipped a beat. Karen-kaichou was on her way to take off the summer knit she was wearing. Though she couldn’t win against Nui, her chest was comparable to Maka-sensei’s, now clearly emphasized through the swelling of her blouse.

“What, even I won’t say anything about uniform rules in a situation like this. I’m not that much of a straight-laced person. You can go and loosen your necktie as well, Saigi Makoto.”

“I-I know that.”

Loosening my necktie, I averted my gaze from Karen-kaichou. With the two of us being together in the same room, those big breasts of her are poison for my eyes. Work, have to focus on the work ahead of me.

“Hm…? Ah, how nostalgic!”

Peeking inside a box that I opened, I let out my voice.

“So we had something like that. Who even left this here…?”

Even Karen-kaichou tilted her head, so she probably didn’t know of this. What was inside the box? A sash, having written ‘Student council president candidate – Jinsho Karen’ on it. Flyers with her agenda written on it. Emphasizing public morals was one of her main parts, I see.

Also, there’s a poster with Karen-kaichou–Student council president candidate – Jinsho Karen wearing the sash, crossing her arms.

“Weren’t those the posters that got stolen the day you hanged them up?”

“Indeed. Who in their right mind steals a candidate poster for an election.”

No, it makes sense if you ask me… Karen-kaichou is a beauty, and a famous person after all. On this poster, with her crossed arms, her breasts are clearly emphasized as well, so of course you’d want a poster like that.

“You can only put up so many posters that you get from the election committee with their seals. I had to lower my head countless times in order to get some new stash with new seals on them. That was the toughest part in my election. What a ridiculous hindrance.”

Karen-senpai can be conscious of her own beauty, but there are times where she’s pretty dense.

That’s probably what the guys that stole the posters thought, certainly not planning on obstructing her candidature.

“But, for some reason when I put up the new posters, none of them got stolen.”

“Yeah, I distributed the data of the poster via the newspaper club. And, I put up some information where you can print those posters at a large size.”

“Saigi Makoto, you’ve been doing that behind the scenes?!”

“Eh? I thought that this was the role that I had?”

“I did ask you to help me with the election, but I didn’t tell you to do some secret maneuvers?!”


The time I was still a first year at Seikadai’s high school division, during the student council president election—

I had helped the candidate Jinsho Karen.

“Oh right, that was the first time I met you back then.”

“…I don’t know what you’re suddenly reminiscing about, but that’s not the problem at hand, okay?”

“But, those posters are important, you know? Without them, you wouldn’t have gotten enough attention.”

“You’re not wrong, but this is still a first that I’ve heard about that. I was wondering why the theft suddenly stopped, but to think that I’d only find out about a year later…”

“That reminds me, why did you just scout me for your staff to help with your election?”

“Crazy how you never questioned that for the past year…You’re quite the big-shot, you know.”

No matter how you looked at it, I’m clearly nothing more than a small fry, but it’s true that I should’ve questioned that earlier. Back then, the famous ‘Jinsho-senpai’ just came to my classroom, and asked me to help her.

“The chances that I would win were pretty slim back then,” Karen-kaichou said, as she picked up the sash.

“I was a ‘foreigner’ after all, when I joined the high school division. to the ones that went up Seikadai from the grade school division that is.”


It’s true that our school has this feeling of discrepancy. Like the feeling of comradeship with those that were with them from the get-go is very strong, and difficult to get into.

“I never minded that at all though.”

“Saigi Makoto is special after all. You didn’t even realize that you were in the same grade with Amanashi Nui ever since back then, right? You should pay a bit more attention to the people around you.”

“I-I’m sorry…”

That information probably went around inside SID. That Nui, telling Kaichou unnecessary information.

“The very fact of a foreigner like me becoming the student council president only happened once before me. It’s probably tough to accept those people at the top of the school. My battle was really tough, that I can tell you.”

“Ahh, yeah. That other candidate got recommended by the previous student council president. The secretary, they were or something.”

That person was backed-up by the previous president. Even though you can have good grades and a respectable personality, it might still be difficult inside this feeling of unity as a foreigner. Though, a lot of people couldn’t care less about the election either.

“But, it was either win or win! And for that, I needed your strength, Saigi Makoto!”

“I don’t have any strength like that though?”

“No, you had. At least back then.”

“Excuse me…?”

What is she talking about? I really don’t have any idea what she’s talking about…

“Your face says everything. It’s about the incident with the English teacher, last year in spring.”

“English teacher…? A-Ahhhh”

Hearing incident, and English teacher, I was worried for a second that she found out something about Maka-sensei. In a certain sense, it involves Maka-sensei, but not the one I was thinking about.

“I guess that even Saigi Makoto will remember about that. That male English teacher was following Fujiki-sensei everywhere, even so much that the students found out about it.”

Naturally, even I remember that. The young male English teacher, who was very passionate about Maka-sensei. Being the unobtainable flower that Maka-sensei is, she had been conversing with him normally like always, until the male teacher practically exploded. The following day, I told Maka-sensei ‘That’s what you get for creating a character like that’—and that made her gain interest in me. You could say that this probably was the beginning of everything.

“That incident caused a great ruckus, but the cleaning up afterwards was not that pleasant.”

“Cleaning up? Was there something?”

“The male teacher resigned out of his own accord, and the school tried to cover it up as smoothly as they could, not waiting for his explanation. Hence, although there were a lot of people that agreed with Fujiki-sensei, there were also those that argumented that you couldn’t let such a dangerous being roam freely as a teacher, showing their discomfort basically.”

“I always have discomfort towards teachers, whether they’re dangerous or not.”

“And that’s why I said that ,Saigi Makoto, you are special. Normal students don’t have the time to collide all the time with teachers.”

“I accept the fact that I have a lot of free time, okay…Hm? What were we talking about again?”

“The reason that I asked you to become my staff during the election. Basically, back in September, there was quite the amount of students that had antipathy towards teachers. And I used that.”

“Ahh, I see…so you used me, who you knew that hated teachers.”

“Exactly. I used the current state of feeling discomfort against teachers. If I made you, the representative of being against teachers one of my staff, the people would think that ‘Jinsho Karen’s student council will fight against teachers’, right? Well, I would’ve fought anyone, be it teachers or upperclassmen.” Kaichou grinned.

“I had no idea that there was a reason like that. Your staff felt gathered pretty much on the whim, so I just helped out since I didn’t have anything better to do.”

“There aren’t that many people that would be willing to help a foreign student like me. Scraping a staff together is all I could do, really. And, I’m thankful to that staff from the bottom of my heart. Naturally, you as well. Sorry for using you like that.”

“At least I did something with all the free time that I had. Since we weren’t exactly always moving as a group, it was still a fresh feeling, and…what is this?”

I took out a brown envelope. On the front, it said ‘For your eyes only’.

“Ahh?! I was wondering where that went!”

“Is this Kaichou’s? Here you go—Oops”

As I was about to hand it over, the envelope opened, and the contents were falling out.

“I-I’’m sorry—Ehh, this is…?”

“Gyaaaa! I beg you, don’t look!”

Even if you say that, it already entered my view. The contents were pictures, about ten in number. Every single one was showing Karen-kaichou. Not to mention—

“Karen-kaichou had this sort of interest…?”

“I don’t! Don’t get the wrong idea!”

Her face went beet red, and her body was shaking. Every single Karen-kaichou on those pictures—was wearing cosplays. A sailor uniform from the middle school division, and gym clothes. SInce they were a bit on the smaller side, they were all emphasizing her well-endowed chest. There were even pictures with her, sitting near the poolside of the school, wearing a dark blue swimsuit. One where she was wearing an apron, standing in the kitchen as she was cooking. One with her in the science room, wearing a white robe, waving at the camera with a flask in hand. And so on…

“I was deceived by the staff members! That I had to wear these sets of clothes at those places!”

“I hate lies, you see, but I think that you only have yourself to blame for being deceived like that…”

“That was really close…Just before they were about to be released, I realized. I even managed to hide it from Saigi Makoto…and now…”

Man, I really would’ve loved to participate in that photo shoot. But maybe it was not allowed for men like me.

“Ugh, this damned ex-staff of mine…curse you!”

“Weren’t you being thankful…?”

“Rather than that, how long are you planning on staring at them! Give me them!”

“Woah, Kaichou! You don’t have to hurry that much, I was going to do that any—Huh!?”

Karen-kaichou suddenly jumped towards me, her bulging chest directly hitting my head. Hence, I lost strength in my hip, and fell backwards into another tower of documents.

“Ah, careful, Saigi Makoto!”

“Hold on—Karen-kaichou…!”

As if she wanted to protect me from the falling documents and files, Kaichou hugged me. A loud thump resounded, and a short silence followed—

“O-Ouch ouch ouch…Kaichou, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Saigi Makoto, are you alright as well? If you were hurt, the others from SID would be blaming me—Ah!”


Not good…to think that it would end up like that…

I was lying on the floor, and Karen-kaichou was leaning on me. Not to mention that my hand was pulling on her blouse, revealing her bare breasts.

“…So you got tired of Fujiki-sensei, and now you’re aiming for me?”

“It’s an accident. Karen-kaichou, you get it as well, right? Though it’s a bit belated, but you never told anyone about what happened at the former school building, right?”

“As if I could tell anyone about that…S-So indecent…”

“Then, I would appreciate if we could keep this incident right now a secret as well…”

“I-I’m not a big fan of revealing my own love affairs!”

This isn’t an affair, this is an accident.

Uuuu…Kaichou’s chest, right in front of me…Uwah, it looks so white, and soft… This is a great accident on the level of Nui’s accidental reveal back then.

“Oh…? What…is that?”

“S-Saigi Makoto?!”

I grabbed the bra that was moved to the side. With that, I could see a dark mole on her right chest.

“This…Where have I seen that…? Eh…?”


I closely inspected her soft-looking breasts. Or actually, the dark mole.

Weird, it feels like my memories are getting stimulated. Some weird memories that I had forgotten a long time ago—

“S-Saigi Makoto, a-at least not in this dust-riddled place…H-hey, were are you touching…Hyan~”

“Karen-kaichou, keep quiet for a second. Show me a bit more.”

No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t remember. I could swear I’ve seen that mole somewhere—

“…Mako, what are you doing?”


I suddenly heard a voice, and lifted up my head. Standing in the door connecting to the main student council office, there was a beauty very familiar to me. Yes, it was Shiya-chan.

“Did the activities of the student council change when I was gone? Is it the sexual council now?”

“Y-Y-You’re wrong, Shiya-senpai! This guy just kept on—!”

Karen-kaichou let out a scream. Maybe because of that loud voice, the other towers around us started shaking, all collapsing on us. Thankfully they were all rather light, but they completely interrupted me, as I was about to remember something that felt very important. What a shame.

“Ahh, how nostalgic. Even though it’s barely been one year since I left~”


Luckily, neither Karen-kaichou nor I were hurt after that. After cleaning up the mess, we made our way to the cafeteria. Though it’s not running business during this break after exams, there were still a lot of students that would come to buy drinks from the vending machine. Most of them club members of certain clubs.

“Aren’t they looking at me like crazy? Oh no~ Maybe such a beautiful university girl is a weird sight here?”

Shiya-chan, who was sitting next to me, ran her fingers through her hair.

“It’s because you’re wearing your own clothes. And, you’re loud.”

“Mako…aren’t you a bit too cheeky? I’m your older sister, as well as your private tutor. Basically, an existence akin to a goddess.”

“That’s a bit crazy for a rank-up!”

And, you’re not my older sister. You’re nothing more than a woman living in my neighbourhood.

“Shiya-chan, aren’t you a bit too flashy?”

“Something like this is normal. Mako, you like this sort of gal look, right.”

“Since when was that decided…?”

I don’t. And I don’t remember even saying that as a joke.

“Thanks for waiting. Here you go, Shiya-senpai.”

“Ahh, thanks a bunch, Karen-chan. Look, Mako, this is how you show respect for someone older than you—Hold on, what is this?”

“Boiled water.”

Handing me and Shiya-chan a plastic cup, she sat down next to me. Now I had them both at each side.

“B-Boiled water? Is this some speciality from Kyoto?”

“We drink this a lot at home. We avoid any impulsive things like tea or coffee.”

“The cloister, right…Could’ve at least made it normal room temperature.”

“Shiya-chan, you seem like the type who’s overly conscious about appearing interesting.”

“Not just ‘seem’, Mako. But you don’t have to think that I’m going far away.. You can just think of me as your kind, comforting Onee-san.”

“Well, I wouldn’t mind if you went far away…”

“Cruel! How can you be so rude after I helped you study, while still studying for my own exams!”

“It’s exactly like that, Saigi Makoto. That attitude towards your seniors isn’t very appreciative. You should respect them unconditionally.”

“So now you’re in a unity…”

“Then, let’s add into the main topic, now that Karen-chan is on my side.”

With those words, Shiya-chan rested her arms around my neck.

“Mako, since when did you get into such a steamy relationship with the black, long-haired, big breasted student council president?”

“That’s your main topic?! Again, that was just an accident!”

“…I wonder? The way you stared at my chest seemed very intentional to me.”

“T-That’s…I’m sorry, I just lost myself.”

“You lost yourself in Karen-chan’s chest…?”

“That’s a bad way of phrasing it! I didn’t lose myself in that sense!”

“That aggravates me in it’s own way. You’re thinking about other stuff, while staring at other people’s’ chests?”

Karen-kaichou looked at me with the eyes of an inquisitor.

“Now now, I know how you feel, but calm down for now, Karen-chan. Ah, I know. I made some cookies, you want one?”

Shiya-chan opened a vinyl filled with cookies, distributing them on the table.

“…Thanks for that. Ah, those cookies are delicious.”

“Right? Come on, Mako. Open wide~”

“Mmm…Ah, you’re right. That reminds me, Shiya-chan, you’ve only been good at making sweets since forever.”

“I can feel a certain jab there…”

Really? But, the cookies being delicious is a fact.

“H-Hold on, that’s not the problem here! What was that ‘open wide~’ play just now! So natural…!”

“We did yeah…”

“What about it? Karen-chan, no need to be so shocked about that?”

“Weird…Saigi Makoto really is weird! Why are you acting like someone with common sense now!”

“Kaichou, you don’t have to go screaming ‘Weird weird!’ everywhere.”

I still think that I have the most rational thinking, comparing it to Maka-sensei and SID.

“A-As the student council president, I cannot ignore a break in the public morals! No, Shiya-senpai being here is the weirdest thing of all!”

“I did graduate from here, and I’m a student at Seikadai University, and additionally, I’ve been a member of the student council here.”

“T-That’s true, but…”

“I heard that you as the president were the only person acting in the student council right now, so I decided to act like a Senpai, and look at my Kouhai.”

“You seem to have a lot of free time, Shiya-chan.”

“My part-time job as a private tutor also calmed down now after all. Well, my exams and assignments are still in front of me though.”

“Then, wouldn’t it be better to focus on that…?”

“I finally got reunited with Karen-chan, so I can’t help it.”

Shiya-chan is going at her own pace as always. How nice, being a Senpai. You can just bother your Kouhai as much as you want.

“Also, I wanted to see how all those documents and papers were doing in that storage room that I left there. The president told me to take care of that, but I couldn’t be bothered, see~”

“So you were the one that brought forth that hellish place!”

“Hold on. I know that I did that, but I also did good things!”

“And what might that be?”


Shiya-chan just arrogantly puffed out her chest towards my question.

“Last year, a Kouhai told me ‘I’m helping out with the student council election, but our candidate might not win’, so I told them to distribute cosplay pictures!”

“So you are the origin of those pictures!” I retorted.

“Huh? Karen-chan is the student council president, right? Doesn’t that mean that she won because of me?”

“No, we never used those pictures…Shiya-senpai, why did you do that for. Those pictures, a life’s worth of embarrassment, still exist in data form…”

“Ha ha ha, every single embarrassment in life has it’s worth. If you’re too scared to embarrass yourself, you won’t be able to enjoy life! Karen-chan, only being diligent is boring.”

“My friends at the cloister tell me the same…” Karen-kaichou muttered to herself.

The queen of the high school division is being pushed back, huh.

“Gotta enjoy yourselves more, Karen-chan, Mako.”

Shiya-chan stood up, and put her arms around both mine and Karen-kaichou’s necks, hugging us.

Uuu…they both smell really good…!

“After all, the three of us are connected by destiny. Right, Karen-chan.”



Hey, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I know that Shiya-chan likes teasing me like that, but I at least thought that Karen-kaichou would tell me. I don’t know what destiny they’re talking about, but why did Karen-kaichou say that she was related to my distrust for teachers—

“Uhm, Kaichou, could you finally tell more about what you meant back then—”

“Hm? What is it, Saigi Makoto? You want to say something?”


That still picks my interest, but I happened to spot something more imminent. From the entrance and exit of the cafeteria, I could see swaying, beautiful brown hair…


Although we were quite a bit away, I could clearly make out the movement of her lips, and what she was trying to tell me.

Why do I have to be able to read her lips now! I shouldn’t have that special skill!

Maka-sensei is already really hung-up on me being together with Shiya-chan. Now, together with Karen-kaichou…her eyes…s-scary!

“I won’t fo-r-gi-ve you…!”


Shiya-chan lent us a hand, we cleared up the storage room, and finished sorting the documents—

Hence, our work today ended, and I was about to make my way home again.

“What, Mako? Let’s walk home together, we live in the same flat after all.”

“Sorry, Shiya-chan. I want to buy a porn magazine at the bookstore, so leave me alone!”

“M-Mako? Were you always that frank type?”

“S-Saigi Makoto! As the student council president, I cannot allow you to buy any indecent books!”

“I’m sorry! I’ll excuse myself now!”

Excusing myself quickly, I dashed out of the student council office. Naturally, I wasn’t going to buy a porn magazine. I only used that as an excuse to run away. After all, Maka-sensei just saw me. If I now went home together with Shiya-chan…! I couldn’t exactly push the clean-up onto them, but it’s now or never.

“Anyway, time to run as fast as the wind!”

“Oh, ‘Gone with the Wind’, you say? That’s a famous novel and movie, depicting the life of Scarlett O’Hara. It has the poem of Ernest Dowson, ‘A civilization gone with the wind’.”

“…V-Very interesting, yes.”

Hahaha, how naive of me to think that I could run away, right?

Walking down the hallway a bit away from the student council office, Maka-sensei was, as if it was natural, waiting at the stairs. With crossed arms, she was resting herself on the wall.

“Right? I’ll send you the poem that they don’t use in the beginning of the movie via LINE, so you go and translate that okay? Naturally, looking it up is not allowed.”

“I-I’ll try my best…”

Well, this assignment is the least of my problems. There’s a much bigger one going on right now.

“So your beauty of a home tutor wasn’t enough, and now you’re also aiming for the big-breasted, long, black-haired student council president. Two older flowers in both hands, how lucky you are…”

“H-Hold on a second, please! I wasn’t doing anything of that sort!”

“So, Jinsho-san and Keimi-san went on the attack instead? I cannot ignore such indecent behaviour on school grounds as a teacher…”


Uhm, should I hold my retort here?

“What should I do about this. I do have a car, so I could go to both the mountains and the ocean…”

“Ahh, keeping quiet only results in her ideas getting worse!”

What exactly will you be disposing off there?!

“Fufu, first I have to take Saigi-kun with me. The preparation room or the school guidance room are both used, so follow me.”


Maka-sensei was beckoning me as she went up the stairs.

“This should be fine. Nobody will come here, I’m sure.”

After she walked up the stairs, we arrived in front of the door to the rooftop. It’s my first time coming here. I mean, stepping out onto the rooftop is prohibited anyway. Around the door, there were tables and chairs widely scattered.

“So, Saigi-kun. You’re as close as always to that university girl, I see.”

“Y-Yes…We’ve known each other for a long time after all. And it seems like, being a former student council member, she sometimes comes over to help.”

“What an admirable thing. As a former student council member myself, I’m happy to hear that.”

“T-That reminds me, Maka-sensei was also the student council president in her time.”

She showed me a picture before of the real deal high school girl Maka-chan.

“Ah, were you possibly the first student council president that didn’t stay in Seikadai since grade school?”

“That’s a thing, yes. My grades were overwhelming back then, so I got elected without any great competition.”

“That’s Maka-sensei for you…”

She’s been the unobtainable flower even back in her student times, huh…

“And now it’s not just that admirable Onee-san, but also the leader of SID that you’re getting awfully familiar with, don’t you think?”

“I-I know, I have some good news. Karen-kaichou didn’t tell anyone about that incident at the former school building. She said that it would’ve been to embarrassing.”

“If she’s not gonna tell someone, then I should’ve been more bold, and make her give up on Saigi-kun instead…what a blunder!”

“Even though you said that this was a last a while ago?”

“Still…you came to school during break, and meet up with Jinsho-san behind my back…”

“It’d be pretty weird to report ‘I’m going to meet Kaichou now’, don’t you think.”

“I wish you’d do that even if it’s Miharu-san.”

“Even with my little sister?!”

Does she mean every time we meet in our own home…?

“Saigi-kun, you told me a while ago, didn’t you. That you loved your beautiful teacher, rather than a harem with beautiful girls.”

“Did I say ‘love’ I wonder…?”

“No need to cut in there! Having a flower at both of your hands is the starting point of a harem! From there, it’ll be three, and finally four girls!”

“Am I really that popular? And also, Shiya-chan only sees me as a little brother…or pet, at worst.”

“Even I sometimes think that I want to make Saigi-kun my pet, you know!”

“So you are?!”

We have enough problems with you being my teacher, you know!

“Wait, that’s not it. Our flat allows pets, so I can fulfill that wish any time. Rather than that, the problem is that love triangle of yours!”

Maka-sensei grabbed my shoulders, and shook me.

“To think that they would aim for a time where I would be busy with grading the exams! Before it was a loli, and before that it was a gravure idol. Now it’s the student council president, who looks tough but is actually pretty easy to score, and a childhood friend?!”

“You’re really not holding back on bad mouthing others if it’s just the two of us I see! Anyways, there’s no need for Sensei to worry about anything—Hm? Hold on, did you just hear something?”

“I sure did…Ah, come here, Saigi-kun.”

Maka-sensei grabbed my hand, pulling me into the chairs and desks. Now the two of us were hiding in the shadows.

“W-We really can’t do this, Shiya-senpai. I’m the student council president, and you’re technically an outsider.”

“I’m telling you I’m not an outsider. And it’s fine if nobody finds out.”

We heard correctly, since people were coming towards us. Rather, they were Karen-kaichou and Shiya-chan. They still didn’t go home yet? Though I’m not one to talk, but what exactly are you two doing here…?

The sound of something being unlocked, and the door opened, a soothing breeze entering the building.

“Come on, Karen-chan. Nobody saw us.”


Although Karen-kaichou protested a short minute, she and Shiya-chan still ended up stepping out onto the rooftop.

“What was that about…? Are they holding a meeting on how to NTR Saigi-kun from me? With a double-attack?”

“Uhm, Maka-sensei? You are a teacher, so you might wanna be careful about what you’re saying…”

Still hidden in the shadows of the desks and chairs, we looked at the opened door.

“Hm? Was there even a need for us to hide? Disregarding the contents, I was just being scolded by Sensei anyway.”

“You want to know what the two of them are planning, right? Also, it’s a teacher’s duty to dispose of any upstirring intrigue brought forth by my students.”

You’re just worried about me getting stolen from you, so just say that out loud… Also Shiya-chan isn’t your student.

Still, the two of us started moving, luring next to the opened door. Both Karen-kaichou and Shiya-chan were standing in the center of the rooftop, their feet stopped as they were exchanging words.

“S-Still…to think that there was a duplicate key in the student council office.”

“A few years ago, the student council president at that time created a duplicate, handing it down to the future generation of the student council. Though it’s a pretty plain hiding spot, in the back side of the president’s desk, as you saw.”

Hmm, I don’t really feel good eavesdropping on them.

“How rude of them. I didn’t plan on making this a tradition or something,” commented Maka-sensei from the sidelines.

“So you’re the perpetrator!”

Oops, can’t retort too energetically, or the other two will hear me.

“I didn’t make a duplicate key just for that. They’re wrong about that. The astronomy club just didn’t get much permission to get out on the rooftop at night, so I made a duplicate. But, since we couldn’t get into the school building at night, that was all for naught.”

“Sounds pretty idiotic.”

“Since disposing of it would be a bad idea, I kept it. Sometimes, the other members of the student council used it to get out on the rooftop. When I retired, I passed it onto the next student council president since they wanted it, but I didn’t expect that it was still going around.”

“Well, students want to experience the youthness of going on the rooftop I guess…”

For me, it’d be too hot in the summer, and too cold in the winter, so I couldn’t really be bothered.

“Fuu, this feels good. It’s been a while since I came here, but it really is great.”

It seemed to be a place that Shiya-chan enjoyed, since she was in a good mood.

“How is it, Karen-chan? The wind’s a bit strong, but it’s not bad, right?”

“H-However…as a representative of the student body, entering a forbidden place…”

“Ahh, you can’t think like that, Karen-chan. You’re way too serious. Being diligent is a good thing, but you have to let go from time to time. Seeing a gap in between your characters makes you look cute, see.”

The Senpai is inviting her Kouhai on the bad way…

“Hey, Karen-chan,” Shiya-chan suddenly tapped Karen-kaichou on the shoulder. “Just because you’re the student council president doesn’t mean that you have to be an example for everyone else, you know? You’re actually just the person that is the executive for any student matters. That doesn’t mean that you have to be overly diligent or anything. Taking it a bit more relaxed might actually work better for you in terms of popularity.”

“Shiya-senpai, aren’t you a bit too relaxed about this…?”

“That’s my way of living!”

She’s talking all proudly after having undergone a university debut…

“Why are you so hung-up on me, Shiya-senpai? You came here to help me with my work, but there’s no reason for any of that, right?”

“Of course not. If I had to say, it’s rather like I have a reason to hate you, Karen-chan.”

Hmmm?? Shiya-chan, you’re smiling but the words you say don’t fit that. I knew it, they must know each other from before. And, was that some wicked relationship…?

…Maka-sensei, you don’t have to look at me like that, I have no idea either.

“Well, it’s fine. I wanted to know what kind of girl Karen-chan is right now, and you don’t seem like a bad girl. After all, you managed to get close with that doubtful, crazy super hyper doubtful Mako, who’s even that slow and weak-headed that he’d doubt that Haru is actually his real little sister or not. (pr’s note: OH FFS, so we’re going this route again huh)

Hey, slow and weak-headed is pretty rude. And also, everyone would doubt that at least once or twice in their life.

“Even so, my body belongs to God.”

“Who cares about that! You’re a cute-looking girl, so you have the right to be happy! There’s no need to restrain yourself!”

“…It’s not like I’m dissatisfied with my current self…”

“I wonder? This isn’t the fact that I’d believe immediately.”

Well, if you’d ask me, she acts pretty freely. Like interrogating me all the time.

“I’m still your Senpai, so I can at least give you some advice, alright. I don’t have any money, but anything else than that, just tell me?”

“…If that’s the case, then there’s one thing I’d like to ask…You see…”

Hmm? I can’t pick it up, since Karen-kaichou was muttering to herself. Damn it, always so firm, and no her voice is way too quiet.

“…Seems like we did something bad. I didn’t want to eavesdrop on them. If it’s not any advice on snatch Saigi-kun, I don’t really care.”

“Maka-sensei, you’re also doing a lot of what you want, even in that position of yours…”

“I’m doing anything I can to make you happy. Well, that’s not important right now. I’ll leave the rest to you, Saigi-kun.”


Maka-sensei gave me a slight push, and I fell through the doorstep, onto the rooftop.

“Alright, I can do that—Wait, Mako? What are you doing?”

“Saigi Makoto? Weren’t you going to buy one of these indecent books?”

“I-I’m sorry. I lost my footing just now…”

“Hmm, you weren’t listening in on us, were you? What a bad kid.”

“I don’t really mind, but there were some things that would be troublesome if they were overheard—”

But, that moment—

Swoosh, a strong wind flew past us.


Karen-kaichou barely managed to hold back her skirt as it was about to get lifted up. Not to mention that she used her other hand to pull down Shiya-chan’s skirt.

Woah, I was about to catch a glimpse of some panties today, but that’s Karen-kaichou for you! Nuns really are crazy, although she’s still in training.

“What, no need to be so stingy. Look, Karen-chan.”


Or so I thought, but Shiya-chan just suddenly lifted up Karen-kaichou’s skirt after all. Thanks to that, I could see her white panties, fitting the white bra I saw earlier.

“S-Shiya-senpai?! What are you?!”

“You’re a miniskirt high school girl, so you have to show it at times like these, I tell you. You have to work that nobody can see it, and be thankful when an accident like this happens.”

“L-Let go already! You lifting it up doesn’t count, right?!”

“Naturally, I don’t plan on embarrassing Karen-chan alone!”

“H-Hold on, Shiya-chan?!”

Shiya-chan didn’t hold back at all as she lifted up her own skirt, showing her black, laced panties hidden beneath.

J-Just what you’d expect from a university girl, what perverted panties…

“S-Shiya-senpai! There’s no need to show them yourself!”

“You’re still too soft. Getting this red while showing your panties to someone younger than you.”

Shiya-chan, your face also looks red to me.

“S-Saigi Makoto! You just have to look away, and all of this would be done!”

“Ah, I see. Sorry about that.”

I turned my back to them, trying to escape the view of their panties. Though Shiya-chan’s panties are similar to Miharu’s, in the sense that I’m mostly used to seeing them, it still makes me nervous…not to mention seeing Karen-kaichou’s panties.


Looking at the door I fell through a moment ago—I remembered. There was a beautiful teacher that was with me just a second ago, the reason that all of this chaos ensued.


A-Again…! Sensei’s face was just barely peeking from behind the wall, and I could clearly read what she was saying. She’s already on the verge of breaking down right now, and now I even saw their panties…I-I don’t even want to imagine her next move…!

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