Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 4 Chapter 3

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Maka-sensei and the battle of women

As of right now, I was used to being abducted on my way home.

A certain day when test break was about to end. Helping out in the student council, I was caught by a driving red fiat, and I decided to give in and sit down on the passenger seat.

This is different than an abduction, you’ll probably think. But, it’s certainly not that I’m happy that this is happening. It’s just that there is no chance for me to get away from my inevitable fate.

“Maka-sensei, I’ll go ahead and send a LINE message to my little sister.”

“Yes, go ahead.”

The abduction talk was moving along smoothly. I had the timer set for the rice cooker today, so all that’s left is the side dish that she has to make herself.

“Just for today, you can eat the ‘Frozen gyoza that a Chinese person recommended’…alright.”

Those gyoza are what a supermarket introduced for their special store. It’s actually really delicious. Together with ‘Pasta that the Italian doesn’t accept’ and ‘The sausage that makes a German go tsundere’, those are Miharu’s favorite side dishes.

‘Ohh, it’s been a while! Since Kuu-chan come over, we can eat it as the three of us!’

And the reply came in immediately. Seems like it was the right choice.

“By the way, Saigi-kun. Your eyes are looking pretty dead, you know?”

“This is how I always am when driving with you, Sensei.”

“That makes sense,” said Maka-sensei, tires creaking as she took a sharp right turn.

She really doesn’t hold back, be it left or right…

“Humans can get used to anything I guess…I perfectly understand that now since I’m riding jet coasters from time to time.”

“I feel like you’re making fun of me, but since we’re going out now, I won’t pester asking.”

Maka-sensei shifted the gears, and accelerated even further.

“It’s fine, you’re driving with me, so I’ll be more careful than usual, Saigi-kun. Still, the fiat’s in a good mood, today~”

I’m not really that familiar with cars, but the sound coming from the engine is really loud. Is this a sign that he’s in a good mood?

“That reminds me, isn’t this only your second year as a member of society? Aren’t cars pretty expensive? I’m surprised that you managed to buy one.”

“By taking a loan, even someone like me can buy one. But well, I received this fiat as a present.”

“Seems like you found yourself some good acquaintances.”

“Not anymore though.”


That just now was a pretty serious tone, even for Maka-sensei…

“Ah, don’t mind it. I wasn’t trying to make you think too deeply into it. I might be a teacher, but even I had my own teachers. And I got this car from them.”

“Sensei’s teacher, huh…”

Well, it makes sense thinking about it, but would you really get a car from your teacher?

“Yeah, don’t worry. It was a female teacher. I wasn’t like, forced to do any perverted education or whatever.”

“I wasn’t worried about that!”

Keep that serious tone for more than one minute, will you!

“Anyway, time to drive faster. Naturally, obeying the speed limit. Our destination is a bit further away.”

“Further away? We’re not going to eat in another hideout-like restaurant like before?”

“We’re going to eat of course. While we’re at it, I want to bite down on Saigi-kun as well.”

“Don’t add something scary like that!”

We’re suddenly driving on the highway… Is she going to take me to some abandoned mountain and do weird things to me?

“…Saigi-kun, are you thinking something rude again?”

“Of course not~”

I guess that even Maka-sensei has her sharp moments. In response, she even sped up even more. As she was humming, she was handling the car with a wonderful technique.

The teacher of Maka-sensei that I didn’t meet—I’d like it if she actually taught her pupil about safe driving.

Driving down the highway for a bit, we went off the street—Only for the red fiat to drive into the parking lot next to a expensive-looking hotel.

“…A hotel?”

“Now, come on. Don’t worry. Coming here, the chances of being seen by someone that knows us is pretty slim.”

“I feel a completely different danger approaching me…”

“It’s fine. We’re just close siblings today. Ah, right, you are Fujiki Makoto, alright? You can just get used to it when you marry into my family.”

“In this case, would Kisou-san become my little sister-in-law…?”

“I wonder? Technically, Tenka belongs to a different family now. And, I know that it might seem not like it because of her small stature, but her birthday is actually closer than yours, Saigi-kun.”

“Oh, really?”

“And, seeing that you still think it’s fine to take baths with your little sister…I really don’t want you to become Tenka’s big brother…”

“It’s not like I was doing it because I wanted to.”

It seems like Maka-sensei is really hung-up on the fact that Miharu and I are taking baths together.

Entering the lobby from the underground parking lot, Maka-sensei finished the reservation on the reception, and we went up on the highest flower.

“Don’t worry, I’m not eating you or anything.”

“I-I see…”

I followed after Maka-sensei. It certainly isn’t a suite room, but it still looks pretty expensive.

“Is it fine to rent this room? Well, we’re talking about money again…”

“Staying over for one night is not that big of a deal.”

“S-Staying over…?! I didn’t hear any of this though!”

“It’s dark already. Driving home like this is dangerous.”

“It’s plenty dangerous at noon already…”

Driving in Maka-sensei’s fiat is scary all the time…

“Alright alright, just sit down on that bed. I’ll go call the reception.”

I did as I was told, and sat down…This is a double bed, right…In a room for two, there’s either two separate beds, a twin bed, or a single double bed. I know that very well. Even though this is supposed to be a normal hotel room…so suspicious!

“Thanks for waiting, they’ll come immediately”


The moment I was tilting my head, the doorbell rang. Shortly after Maka-sensei went to open the door, she came back, pushing a small cart.

“I ordered something from the room service. You must be hungry, right?”

“You prepared well this time, Maka-sensei. But, room service? I didn’t expect that.”

“The food here seems to be pretty delicious. I think that it’ll satisfy you.”

Found on the cart was salad, soup, and several sandwiches. Though they were rather small, they seemed to have rather expensive ingredients.

“Ahh, I see. Before in the yakiniku restaurant or the sushi restaurant, you would be unable to order by person, so this is why you were aiming for something with room service now. You’ve learned, Maka-sensei”

“Don’t assume that!”

Maka-sensei started getting teary-eyed as she protested.

“I wanted to make sure that the chances of someone seeing us are the lowest possible. Saigi-kun, eat it before it gets cold, okay. I’m a bit busy, but don’t mind me.”


With those words, Maka-sensei took her bag, and went inside the bathroom. For now, I did as I was told, and started eating.

“Yeah, it’s delicious. It’s a perfect match, especially with the meat!”

This is actually pretty good, I have to say. I didn’t expect something like this from a room service.

“Sensei, you’re really not going to eat anything? It’s really delicious.”

“…H-Hold on a second…I-Is this the right way…?”

I could hear some gruntling from the bathroom. Really, what is she doing? I can probably guess what it is, but she sure is taking her time today.

“Thanks for waiting, Saigi-kun!”


The door suddenly sprung wide open, and Maka-sensei came jumping out like a rabbit. No—not just her movement was akin to a rabbit?!

“Uhm, are you actually serious, Maka-sensei?”

“I didn’t expect that sharp reaction from you, but it’s definitely better than just getting ignored!”

“You’re suddenly really motivated, Maka-sensei…”

Today’s appearance is—

Bare shoulders, the valley of her chest almost completely visible, and a high-leg leotard bodysuit. The bottom part was netted, and she had the fitting rabbit tail on her butt. Fitting, rabbit ears on her head.

Basically, a bunny girl outfit.

“Alright, it’s time for your education today, Saigi-kun! Look, I prepared everything!”

Maka-sensei sat down next to me, and took out a single bottle from the cart.

“It’s a shame, but since Saigi-kun is still a minor, I can’t have you drink from this. Since I can’t drink either for another reason, I ordered non-alcoholic champagne.”

“This atmosphere feels a bit different from the usual education though…”

The bunny girl next to me was rubbing herself on me, as she poured some transparent liquid in a glass.

“You call this education? Isn’t this basically one of those host bars? You’re not educating me, but entertaining me?!”

“Saigi-kun, did you ever visit one of those?! You can’t, you’re still a minor! No, you can’t go, even if you’re an adult! Anything perverted is no good!”

“And what difference is there in this current situation?!”

“My whole existence is something perverted, so I can’t help myself.”

“So you are aware of it to some degree…”

“It’s exactly because I am that I can educate like this, naturally.” Maka-sensei grinned.

Her smiling face is remarkably wonderful today…

“Now, come on come on. Don’t sweat the bill and just enjoy yourself.”

“I really don’t sweat that…It’s rather like there are other things that distract me.”

Uuu…Maka-sensei’s body suit is way too stimulating…Her well-endowed chest is hitting my arm head-on, and it looks like it’s about to fall out of the narrow costume.

“Uhm…This costume is really dangerous! In a sense, more dangerous than you being completely naked!”

“Saigi-kun, I found enlightenment.”

“Eh, in what way…?”

Smiling at me, Maka-sensei took my glass, and gulped down the champagne in one go.

“I should just educate you, using my own weapons.”

“Your weapons…?”

“I shouldn’t have become high school girl Maka-chan back then. I have to win using my own weapons—the weapon called a grown-up’s charm.”

“I-I see…”

High school girl Maka-chan was really cute yeah, but she probably wouldn’t be able to stand a chance against Bunny Maka right now.

“A gravure idol, a little sister, a grade school girl, a university girl, the student council president…they’re all pretty hard to deal with. Especially since Saigi-kun is the type to easily get swayed along the situation.”

“I’m trying to not end up like that, you know…”

“That’s problematic! You might end up running away from my education!”

“So what am I supposed to do then?!”

Are you really fine with being a teacher like this?! Unable to really stick to one thing?!”

“What are you supposed to do…Let’s try it. How about this?”


Maka-sensei put down the glass on the cart, turned sideways and sat down on my laps. Out of surprise, I couldn’t help but hug her shoulders.

“Fu, fufufu…you can think of me as heavy if you want. This isn’t something that would hurt a woman my age. I’m happy enough just to stay like this.”

“…You really are heavy.”

“How cruel?!”

“What did you just say?!”

Don’t say it if you don’t mean it!

“Really, Saigi-kun doesn’t understand the heart of a maiden…This time, drink some champagne.”

“W-What are you doing?!”

Maka-sensei put up the champagne bottle, and poured some on the valley of her breasts. It’s gathering like a small pond…

“It’s one of the benefits of the room service to eat and drink as much as you want. Come on, nobody is watching, so enjoy yourself.”

“As if I could!”

“I told you about the charm of a grown-up, right? This champagne is pretty expensive. It’d be a waste not to drink it. Kya, it’s spilling—”


Before I even realized it, I had already pushed my face into her chest, and started sipping.

Ahhhhh what am I doing…!

“Ahnnn…Saigi-kun, you’re even sucking on my chest…”

“Mm…I-I didn’t mean to…!”

Truth be told, my lips were already touching her breasts. It’s the first time that I tasted that soft, slippery feeling in my mouth—Well yeah, of course it is!

“You’re actually quite bold, Saigi-kun…So perverted.”

“I accept the fact that I’m perverted, but it’s not just my fault, you know?!”

“Ahaha, we’re slowly moving up the stairs of my education. Now we’re at ‘Touching my skin’.”

“Why are you so happy! Let’s do it like…this!”


I mustered up my strength, and pushed Maka-sensei off onto the bed. If things kept going like this, something bad might happen.

“So aggressive, Saigi-kun~ But, this kind of wild Saigi-kun isn’t so bad in a while~ Ahhnn.”

Said Bunny Maka-san was wriggling with her body in an indecent manner on top of the bed. Now the rest of the champagne was running down her thighs…So erotic…!

“Now that you’ve enjoyed food and drink…Would you like to taste Mrs Rabbit next?”

“I-I won’t. I won’t get pulled along the situation that much!”

“I’m just joking~”

Maka-sensei grabbed my wrist, pulling me down onto the bed.

Ahhh, curse my small stature…Unable to resist, I landed on top of Maka-sensei’s body.

“Do you know, Saigi-kun? Rabbits die if they’re lonely.”

“I see you’re pretty busy being a cat and a rabbit like that…”

“Today I’m a little rabbit. Rabbits are docile and cute, right? I might like them more like cats maybe.”

“Rabbit Maka isn’t that docile though?”

Lying on top of Maka-sensei like that, my face was practically pushed into her chest.

“Then…if I were to become more docile…would you eat me?”


Maka-sensei put her hands around my back, hugging me tightly. I wonder if I’m not heavy or something. But, she showed no signs of complaining, and just held me tight, seeming happy.

“S-Sensei…I’m a man, you know. Even if I didn’t like you…bad things might happen…”

“Having you fall in love with me is the ultimate goal. The process to arrive there doesn’t matter. No, if we don’t do this, we won’t arrive at the final goal.”

Ugh, this person’s determination is on a different level…!

She still didn’t take back her words to stop being a teacher immediately the moment I told her that I loved her. She’s completely different from the me that gets pulled along every situation—

Well, Maka-sensei is a functioning member of society, while I am just a small child in the eyes of said society…But, I won’t stay a child forever…!



Escaping from the valley of her breasts, I brought my face closer to Maka-sensei’s.


But, before anything else happened, my phone vibrated in my pocket.

W-What…this timing as if they were watching!

“…Fu, I was thinking that it would be time. But, I won’t break from this.”

“You’ve gotten strong, Sensei…Well, you’ve been strong from the start…”

Still, this situation…what should we do?

Being freed, I went to check the message I had gotten. It’s probably from my little sister, since Kuu is also coming over today.

“Hm…? From Kaichou?”

“Seems like she decided to go on the offensive, that Jinsho-san. She probably can’t ignore what she had seen back then. If it was me, I’d use it for my own benefits!”

“I wonder…? Maybe she changed her plans from before…”

Uhm…let’s see the message—

‘I heard that you left your cute little sister and that young girl alone, and disappeared off to somewhere’

And I wonder from which cute little sister she got that information from.

‘I want you to hear me out without judging me’

“I got weird vibes from this…”

Maka-sensei peeked onto my screen like it was no big deal, but I decided to ignore that.

‘If you’re together with Maka-sensei, I want you to tell me what you’re doing’

“Tell her…”

“Let’s tell her, Saigi-kun.”

“That’s a quick decision! Isn’t the current Maka-sensei something you don’t want other people to see?”

I mean, you’re wearing bunny ears and so on. You’d stand out even on conventions and whatever.

“For being the doubtful Saigi-kun, you’re not reading too much into my ulterior motives I see. Basically, if we don’t tell her, high school girl Maka-chan will be revealed to the mass media.”

“Mass media?! Is it that much of a scandal?!”

“It’s really scary…trust me…”

“I think that Sensei is also pretty doubtful, you know. Well, I can’t deny anything, looking at Kaichou’s message…”

She’s probably not going to try to blackmail us without any bargaining chip. Only an idiot—I mean, Nui would do something like that.

“That being said, let’s take a selfie again, for old times sake. Here, smile~”

“……Are you trying to show off again?”

“My, you really are doubtful.”

As her mouth formed a soft grin, she took out her smartphone from the valley of her chest.

“Where did you even hide that until now?!”

“I had planned on hiding the chip in here.”

“…It’d be great if your phone isn’t broken from the champagne.”

Chip, she says…

With a very pleased mood, Maka-sensei sat down next to me, and made me hold a glass. Holding the champagne glass herself, gesturing that she was pouring some into my glass, she took the picture of the two of us.

“Uhm, won’t this stir up any bad misunderstanding? She’ll think that I’m drinking alcohol.”

“It’s fine. The label is clearly visible on the picture. After researching a bit, you’ll see that it’s non-alcoholic.”

“I sure hope they follow through…”

“Naturally. It doesn’t even have to be Jinsho-san. We’re talking about a drinking minor here. Anyway, I can just call this ‘Saigi-kun likes bunnies, so I tried wearing this, although it’s really embarrassing’, right?”

“You can’t?!”

“Get lost in the sea of electricity!”


Having no time to stop her, Maka-sensei already uploaded it!

“This is hoaxing! Why would there be any need for me to make Sensei wear such embarrassing clothes?!”

“I’m a maiden, so there’s no way I can just say that I wore this revealing bunny girl outfit myself to seduce you.”

“Again with the maiden!”

You really use that word whenever it’s to your advantage, Sensei!

“Oh, hold on? I’m getting a call from Kaichou.”

“Not like you can ignore her, I guess. Go on, answer.”

Receiving permission from Maka-sensei (Why did I need her permission?), I answered the call.

>Saigi Makoto, I thought that you were drinking alcohol for a second, but it seems to be non-alcoholic.’


She probably researched it between the silence after Maka-sensei sent the picture. G*ogle really is useful.

Hm? Maka-sensei is signaling something with her hand…? Ahh, speaker…well, can’t help it I guess.

>All these different clothes and costumes every single time…Does Fujiki-sensei know no shame?<


“Saigi-kun, too fast!”

Maka-sensei whispered from the sidelines, apparently trying not to be heard by Kaichou.

>Still, you seem to be doing well, Saigi Makoto. Enjoying yourself with an older beauty, wearing such revealing clothing. How about you come to our place and repent for all your sins?

“Uhm, I’d rather not. It’ll probably end bad for me. You’re innocent if you drown, and guilty if you don’t drown, kinda thing.”

>That was back at the witches persecutions! That’s not our area of expertise!<

Then, what exactly is your area of expertise…?

“U-Uhm, anyway, repenting is not necessary…I think…”

>It’s fine, I know how it is. Fujiki-sensei did wear this on her own.<


Maka-sensei groaned in a voice as if she didn’t care anymore if Kaichou heard her.

>I know a lot about you, Saigi Makoto. You’re not the type of person that would force someone older than you, not to mention a teacher to wear something like this<


>The only thing you do is make your little sister, the young Shinju Muku, and even the idiotic Amanashi Nui wear those clothes after all<

“Can you tell me if you’re trusting me or not?!”

Leaving aside the diss at Nui, I really don’t have any hobby of making Miharu and Kuu wear cosplay or anything.

>Fujiki-sensei is probably listening as well, right. I was surprised, and I can’t really accept this situation, but…I won’t tell other people about it. I swear to god<

“Such a good girl…!”

Maka-sensei, you’re way too easy. Also, it’s good that you’re happy about this, but can you not hug me out of happiness.

>I thought that Fujiki-sensei was equally diligent as me, and I had high values of her, but I never imagined that she would wear a high school uniform and a bunny girl suit like this to flirt with her pupil .I thought that the story about the two of you going out was more than fishy, but it seems like it’s been going fishy into a different direction’

“Am I being bad mouthed here?”

“Now, I wonder…”

It seems like Kaichou really didn’t believe our relationship.

>…I’m a bit jealous<

“Eh, Kaichou?”

>It’s nothing! B-But…That’s the only thing I will allow! If you go any further, I’ll contact the police<

“Idiotic! We’ll go all the way, you know?!”

>All the way?! F-Fujiki-sensei, what are you…!<

“Uhm, this ‘What are you’ is supposed to be my phrase!”

What are you planning, Maka-sensei! And what are you imagining, Karen-kaichou!

>As someone working for the god above, as the student council president, and as the leader of SID, I cannot allow any indecent manner! Hold on, I’ll call little sister Saigi—<

“Wah, you don’t have to search for my location! Bunny Sensei is just joking! You must know that her entire existence is based on fooling around!”

“Now that I certainly cannot ignore.”

>…I’ll trust you, Saigi Makoto. But don’t betray my trust.<

“T-Thanks for that…”

>I’d really like to keep this phone call going, but let’s leave it here. There are some things that I want to think about…<

As Karen-kaichou muttered in a weirdly serious tone, she cut the cull seconds after.

“…I wonder what happened with Jinsho-san? She seemed a bit weird.”

“Well, she was getting this worried because of a bunny girl outfit.”

“Anyway, Saigi-kun, you made a promise with Jinsho-san, I see.”

“Eh? Ah, yeah, I told her that everything would be fine. It will be…fine, right?”

“Can’t help it…I can’t have Saigi-kun break his promise.”

Maka-sensei reached out for the cart with her hand, and was rummaging. What she took out from it was a hand-sized beer can.


Immediately opening it up, she gulped it down in one go.

Ahh, doesn’t she get sleepy whenever she drinks alcohol? Before, she was out until morning because of some Japanese alcoholic chocolate.

“With this, I won’t be able to do anything. Well, I won’t be able to, but there’s no guarantee that I won’t open my eyes again until morning, okay? So don’t do anything while I’m out. Okay? You hear? You better not.

“You’re basically asking me to do something?!”

How badly played!

“Ahh, it’s no good already…Alright, good night, Saigi-kun……”


Like her electricity was cut, Maka-sensei collapsed backwards onto the bed.

No, like, can you not sleep still being a bunny girl…? I can perfectly see everything right now…!


I couldn’t help but gulp.

Maybe this is actually the education she was talking about? And to see if I can actually hold myself back like this…!

…Of course, nothing happened. In the one in a million chance that she’d wake up, I slept in the bathroom. I think I did myself proud, you know?

The middle of July passed, we had the end-of-term ceremony, and summer vacation finally started. Concerning my exams, just as Maka-sensei had guessed, my rank went up for about thirty places. You could probably say that this was thanks to the influence of Shiya-chan. Though there were ups and downs, I’m still thankful for it. And it seems like my parents also heard about this success. They probably paid her a good amount of money. Oh right, on a side note, Nui’s grades also went up by quite a bit compared to midterms. Well, she’s still in the lower group. But, I think it’s safe to say that she’s slowly working her way up.

“Naturally, Karen-kaichou is still on the top as always…”

“Of course. Recently, it feels like not taking the top is more difficult.”


What crazy confidence, but since she’s actually showing the results, I can’t say anything back.

That very Karen-kaichou was walking next to me. Her long black hair was as radiant as ever, and the uniform was a perfect fit. Walking together, in this midsummer, talking about the grades—

“Ohh, this is it…I think?”

“It was pretty close. I didn’t think you’d get here just by walking from the high school division.”

Now, what was right in front of me and Karen-kaichou was the entrance gate of Seikadai’s university. I knew that the institution wasn’t far off, but today was the first time I came over.

“…Hmm, maybe I should’ve come with my private clothes. I’ll probably stand out like crazy.”

“How rare for Karen-kaichou to care about this sort of thing.”

“It’s not like I’m blindly doing my own thing all the time, disregarding my surroundings.”

The university students near the gate were throwing gazes at us without any restraint. Especially Karen-kaichou, she is a real beauty after all. I doubt it’d make a difference if she was wearing private clothes or her uniform.

“Ohh, Mako and Karen-chan. Welcomez~”

“Ahh, Shiya-chan, you’re late.”

“Sorry, sorry. A friend of mine held me up. Being popular is tough, see~”

Shiya-chan came walking towards us with her usual clothes.

“Shiya-senpai, thanks for inviting us today.”

“Ahaha, so stiff. Well, just come in for now.”

Shiya-chan showed a bitter smile, and started walking in front of us.

As you might’ve guessed, we came to visit the Seikadai University today. Though it wasn’t open-door day, we just came by to look around, nothing more.

“Shiya-chan, is it really fine for you to just take us in and show us around?”

“So doubtful, Mako~ It happens a lot that kids from the high school division come over. We’re also in contact with them concerning the clubs and so on, so many just come over to check out the clubs they’ll be attending.”


Well it’s like it lends itself to it because the campus is so near.

“You don’t have to mind it, Karen-chan. Getting to show you around is no biggie.”

“I mean, you must have exams pretty soon, right. Sorry for forcing this onto you…”

“Don’t sweat it, really. I was mostly slacking off and going out with friends, so this might be a good change of pace. Karen-chan, is there any lecture that you’re interested in? If it’s a lecture in the bigger halls, we could easily sneak in everywhere.”


The normally cool (and also scary) Karen-kaichou’s eyes suddenly lit up. Is this showing around of the university probably the thing that Kaichou was asking of Shiya-chan? And, I was wrapped in all of this for whatever reason.

I mean, I still haven’t decided if I was going to stay in Seikadai when I move up to university, but I guess that checking one out in general might not be a bad idea.

Karen-kaichou took out her smartphone, and let Shiya-chan catch a glimpse of the screen.

“I researched the times beforehand. This Japanese history outline II looks really interesting…”

“I see, I see…This is in the big lecture hall, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Let’s go there right now.”

The two girls just moved along without asking for my opinion. Well, it’s fine…I’m just the spectator today.

Being guided by Shiya-chan, we moved through the building. It might come of as natural, but everyone was wearing their private clothes. Just because of that, the atmosphere was completely different.

“So this is a university, huh…The atmosphere is totally different from our high school don’t you think, Saigi Makoto.”

“I was thinking the same thing. Even though the age isn’t that far off from me.”

“Well, university life is pretty free after all. Both your hairstyles and clothes. Piercings and accessories are also ok. Naturally, there won’t be an inspection of your belongings either.”

“I see…This really is differing greatly from our high school division.”

Karen-kaichou looked around her in a worrisome manner. I can agree, you feel like an outsider here.

“But, your own responsibility is way bigger. You have to decide on your own times after all, and your teachers won’t get worried if you miss class once.”

“Are you fine like that, Shiya-chan?”

“What might you be playing at, Mako-chan?”

Shiya-chan pulled my cheek as she grinned…I was actually worried though…Am I not allowed to?

“Freedom…Freedom, huh.”

Karen-kaichou was looking far into the distance, it felt like. At our high school, nothing is as lax as it is here. We have strict rules, and we have to properly take every teacher’s class.

Anyway, for now, we joined the lecture that Karen-kaichou wanted to see. Although we, wearing school uniforms, did gather a certain degree of attention, nobody complained in the end. Even the teacher was saying stuff like ‘I’m happy to see such motivated high school students’, seeming happy. And like that, the 90 minute lecture ended.

“Haaa, that was a long 90 minutes~”

Still sitting on my seat, I did a long stretch. Since the lessons at our high school are about 50 minutes, this was quite the tiresome spurt.

“You don’t like, get called out that often during the lecture.”

“There are lectures that do that. But, the ones you’ve been in just now are mostly just focussing on the talk of the teacher.”


How do I say it…the relationship between teacher and their pupils…or university students rather, feels a bit dry. For the Saigi-kun that hated teachers, this kind of class might’ve been much more enjoyable.

“…Saigi Makoto.”


Karen-kaichou, who was sitting next to me, suddenly grabbed my shoulder.

“This lecture was really fun, right! It’s totally different from our short school lessons! So efficient, and so fresh!”

“I-Is that so…?”

Outline—or however it was called, was about ‘The Reform of the Kyôhô Era (1716-1736)’.

“Rather than just 90 minutes, I would listen to this lecture for a year straight.”

“Ohh, is that so? Now that’s interesting. Very interesting.”


I-Is it really? And I don’t think that the reform went on for that long…

“Senpai, Senpai, Shiya-senpai. Next I want to see this special lecture about Western history. The theme is ‘The meaning of the Crusaders in historical relation’.”

“S-So motivated…well, I’m glad to see that, so let’s go.”


This might be the first time I’ve seen Karen-kaichou so energetic. She might actually enjoy studying a lot, this Kaichou. Completely different from Nui. But, seeing her like this, with sparkling eyes, I already feel great that I came here.

“Hey, Saigi Makoto, no spacing out. I’ll have you come with me to check out all sorts of lectures this afternoon!”


Looking at the time, we can fit about four other 90 min lectures in…? T-Tough…I take it back. It might’ve been better if I hadn’t come here.

The lectures of the afternoon ended, and we came to a certain cafe on school grounds. We do have a cafeteria as well, but not something as luxurious as this. Not to mention that it’s pretty stylish as well.

“Well, that was interesting. I’m glad that we came today!”

For a while now, Karen-kaichou, who was sitting next to me, was really energetic.

“I had no idea that Karen-kaichou had a thing for history.”

“H-Hold on, don’t get the wrong idea? I’m not some boring female history buff, okay? If I had to say, I prefer the slender Okita rather than Hijikata!”

“What are you making excuses for…”

I don’t really mind if you’re like that anyway.

“A-Anyway, I’m thankful to Shiya-senpai. I even got to see seminars happening thanks to you.”

“Although she had to do a university debut, she’s got quite the communication skill.”

Seminars seem to be specialized classes with a fewer number if people. Also, most of what they were talking about there were really beyond me in terms of contents. I’m guessing that those lectures probably weren’t to be heard by outsiders like us, but thanks to Shiya-chan, we got to catch a glimpse of those as well. And said Shiya-chan met another friend, and was currently sitting with them.

“I’m glad that you enjoyed yourself…But Kaichou, why the sudden university visit?”

“Bunny Girl.”

“…Huh? Are you…because of a while ago…?”

“I wouldn’t exactly call that the trigger, and I doubt that I’d ever be wearing such clothes.”

“Becoming a bunny girl isn’t that bad a way of living, don’t you think?”

“Well, I was just thinking about the future, that’s all.”

You know, I’m rather worried about Maka-sensei’s future, who was actually wearing those clothes.

“I’m in a scholarship at the high school division. Did you know, scholarship students are basically always going to a different university, and don’t move up in Seikadai. And they prefer a national university with top grades.”

“Is that so?”

“It’s not stated clearly anywhere. But, that’s how it’s always been…Like ‘If you got the opportunity, go to a high university and show everyone that you’re from Seikadai’…”

“That’s quite the reason.”

“Naturally, we’re not forced. There are actually also a few cases where people stayed in Seikadai as well. In my case, it probably won’t end up like that…”

“Kaichou, does that…”

“By the way, I also was a scholarship student of Seikadai, and didn’t stay in Seikadai.”

“U-Uwah?! There she is!”

“What do you mean by that! How rude!”

With great momentum, Maka-sensei jumped onto the seat next to me. She’s getting crazier and crazier.

“I’m a teacher at Seikadai, so it’s fine for me to be here, right.”

“You seem to be breathing a bit roughly…where you hurrying here or something?”

“It’s because you nonchalantly sent me ‘I’m going to check out the Seikadai University together with Karen-kaichou. I thought my heart was going to stop! I hurried up with my job just to rush here.”

“…Saigi Makoto, why is there a need to tell her everything?”

“Because it’d end up even scarier if I didn’t tell her. I also told her that Shiya-chan is the one that showed us around.”

“Yeah yeah, it seems like my education is showing it’s effect.”

“Rather than education, it feels more like the training of an animal…Saigi Makoto, aren’t you getting a bit domesticated?”

Let’s just ignore that comment.

“Also, the pupil I’m responsible for and a scholarship student are looking at our university, you know? Wouldn’t it be weird if I wasn’t interested, or even worried?”

The campus is pretty wide here, so I’m surprised that she managed to find us this quickly. I respect her tenacity.

“You’re really enthusiastic with your job, Fujiki-sensei. I can’t see you as the same person that was wearing a bunny girl costume, trying to seduce a student.”

“My, Jinsho-san, a bunny girl? You can’t put such vulgar words in your mouths.”

Ohh, it’s her impeccable Unobtainable Flower mode.

“…Well, let’s leave it at that. However, I didn’t think that Fujiki-sensei was a scholarship student.”

“My family wasn’t exactly wealthy. That’s why, becoming a scholarship student here would be the cheapest.”

“Agreed. That’s why I decided to become a scholarship student as well.”

Somehow, they’re having a serious conversation now…

“What’s with that pipsqueak over there? Middle school division…no, high school? Why’s he surrounded by two beauties like that?”

“A high school girl, and an older lady, both of them crazy cute. Guess we’ll have to make this brat regret that he was even born.”

“Also, isn’t that the rumored beauty of a teacher from the high school division? She’s even more beautiful than she was in the kabe-don picture.”

The surroundings are starting to get noisy, you know? I’m gathering hate even from university students? That kabe-don picture even made it here?

“And, what are you trying to achieve by coming here, you two?”

“I haven’t really thought about my future yet so…”

“It’s the summer of your second year, right? You’re not Amanashi-san, so you should be thinking about that soon.”

“Yes…I’m not Nui after all.”

“You two really love to diss Amanashi Nui…She’d cry if she was here.”

“She’d probably forget the reason she was crying a second later.”

“And you still keep going, Fujiki-sensei.”

Well, it’s sort of become a habit now…

“Amanashi-san makes my head hurt when it comes to her potential career. Well, let’s reserve that for later…What about you, Jinsho-san? You came to look at university lectures, right? Are you that bored with the high school division’s classes? You don’t have any problems with the national mock exams anyway.”

“I wasn’t taking the national mock exams for nothing. But, that’s right. This is totally different from high school classes, and it feels like they were teaching the fun of learning here.”

“I’m glad that you felt like that. Our teachers are really curious about your career Jinsho-san. They couldn’t care less about Saigi-kun’s. They’d be happy if he graduated sooner though.”

“Don’t use me as the punchline!”

“It’s fine. I don’t know what the other teachers feel like, but I’d be fine if you kept repeating this year forever.”

“I don’t wanna!”

Nevermind Miharu, I’d probably get depressed if I ended up in the same grade as Kuu.”



While Maka-sensei and I were bantering, Karen-kaichou was lost in thought with a serious expression, while looking at the notes she took during the lectures.

“By the way, Saigi-kun. About that thing where you went to make a harem of beautiful older ladies without my permission?”

“Don’t look at me with a stare that could kill people!”

We’re gathering eyes from the people around us, so they might start thinking that this is some sort of battlefield.

“Ahh, sorry sorry, Mako, Karen-chan—Oh huh? If it isn’t the teacher from the high school division. Why are you here?”

“Good day, Keimi-san. I was coming to see if my students weren’t being a bother today,” Maka-sensei flashed a slight smile.

Really, the speed at which women can turn their personality is pretty scary.

“Hey, Mako. Aren’t Karen-chan and I enough already for you? You even have this beauty of a teacher? Aren’t you a lucky guy.”

“Aren’t you pretty popular yourself here, Keimi-san?”

“Hehe, well, that’s not that crazy though. Being popular here just means that you’re invited to every party, and everyone wants to go home with you. I can self-proclaim myself the number one!”


“That sounds very delightful. But, you have to make sure that both Saigi-kun and Jinsho-san are aware of the temptations of university. Naturally, you yourself as well.”

“I’m going to be fine. People often tell me that I’m like the legendary Fujiki-senpai, who everyone was crushing on, and—Huh? Hold on, Fujiki-sensei…Don’t tell me…are you Fujiki Maka-san?”

Shiya-chan suddenly froze up as she stared at Maka-sensei in disbelief.

“Oh yes, I haven’t told you my first name yet. Apologies.”

“Maka-sensei, you’ve become a legend…”

That’s right. Although she went to a different university, she still graduated from the high school division. There’s probably still one or two legends left behind, so it wouldn’t be weird for the people that stayed in Seikadai to know of here.

“Ahhhh, so that’s how it is! This is the legendary Fujiki Maka-senpai, huh! Uwaa, I had no idea!”

“Hold on…Calm down a bit, Keimi-san.”

Maka-sensei was wary of her surroundings. The other people in the cafe all went “Fujiki?” and “So the rumoured beautiful teacher from the high school division was the legendary Fujiki Maka-sensei, huh” and “Can’t see ‘cause of that brat”, and so on. Who is this brat, oi.

“I once happened to see Fujiki-senpai! In a party of the English course immediately after I joined the university! Weren’t you there, last year?!”

“Yes…I was taking part because of a friend from high school days…Though I don’t know why he invited me.”

“I thought so! I-I wasn’t drinking anything because I was still a minor! But, seeing Fujiki-senpai, you were so beautiful and cool! I changed my hair colour because yours looked so astonishing!”

“Shiya-chan, you never realized it?”

“I don’t wanna be told that by the Mako that easily forgets.”

I can’t say anything back to that.

“Also, she was so cool that I was unable to directly look at her! I could barely admire her hair!”

“Are you a maiden in love or something?”

“Well I am a maiden! I was actually calling you ‘Maka-sama’ in secret. I even dropped the family name. I’m sorry, what a rude thing I was doing…For a lowlife like me, to sully your name like this…!”

“The kids from my class have been in your care, right? Don’t mind it.”

“Yes, sir!”

What kind of exchange is this…Is Maka-sensei some princess of noble background?

“Seriously, woah. Mako, I’m so jealous of you! I want to become a high school student again, and learn under her…!”

“Properly study at your university. I heard that there’s a lot of good teachers here as well, especially in English.”

“Yes, I’ll properly study!”

The little devil that she was always towards me, Shiya-chan seemed like a dependant cat in front of Maka-sensei. This is quite the dubious development…

“…Hey, Saigi Makoto. Shiya-senpai was talking about her high school debut before, but was she really that plain and boring before that?”

“I feel like you said something similar, but…Yes, she certainly wasn’t like that.”

We both gazed at the energetic Shiya-chan and the bitterful smiling Maka-sensei. Then, I took out my smartphone, and opened up my gallery.

“Look, something like this.”


I showed her several pictures of me and Shiya-chan together when she was still a high school student. The Shiya-chan before was already pretty cute, and she had her hair knitted in a three-way, looking rather docile and plain.

“I see. Yeah, this can’t be described by anything but the name university debut.”

Seems like she understood what I was trying to say.

“Hey, Mako! Don’t show other people details of my dark history!”

“Ah, she found out!”

“No, show me a bit more.”

Squeezing me in the middle, my phone was now in the position where the two of them were fighting for it.

“H-hey, you two…”

Their well-endowed chests are hitting my cheek and face head-on! Did the two of them forget that I’m still a man?

…Ah?! N-Not good, I forgot about the third woman here! And we’ve been flirting—No, we weren’t flirting, but still!


Maka-sensei smiled at me, as she was smoothly taking a sip from the coffee she brought with her.

…She’s not mad? Maybe because Shiya-chan doesn’t know about her real personality, and because she’s gathering attention from everywhere? As the Unobtainable Flower, as well as the legendary Fujiki-senpai, it’d probably be too dangerous to go rampant here.

“Ah! Kaichou?!”

Karen-kaichou suddenly managed to steal away my phone, and move to a different seat. Following after her was Shiya-chan in a panic. You really don’t want other people to see your dark past, huh?

“Uhm…Maka-sensei…as you can see, the two of them have completely forgotten about me.”

“Just today, I’ll forgive you.”

Still smiling, Maka-sensei said something as hard to believe as that.

“Is Jinsho-san going to be okay? I was at a similar position like her after all…I can perfectly imagine what she’s going through.”


I wonder, Maka-sensei’s expression looked a bit…troubled. Okay or not, Karen-kaichou seems really energetic today. I think that she would’ve been fine even if I didn’t come with her today.

Just what did Maka-sensei realize…?

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