Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 4 Afterword

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Hello there, Kagami Yuu here.

With this, the 4th installment of ‘Boku no Kanojo Kaichou’—Oh no, I mean ‘Boku no Kanojo Sensei’ has come to an end. The introduction is the same as always here, but this installment took a bit longer than the ones before. Naturally, it’s not (just) my fault, but there were certain circumstances for this.

Oh yeah, that reminds me. The feeling of safely releasing volume 4 really is something great. Especially since the general rule that ‘You’re done for if your 3rd volume doesn’t sell well’.

But anyway, I’m really happy that we got to bring out the 4th installment like this. Really, it’s all thanks to my readers’ continued support! Thank you so much!

This volume was centered around Karen-kaichou, and another heroine. Since the first volume added a great spectrum of heroines, it felt right for me to wait a bit to add yet another one. In the end, it turned into a childhood friend Onee-san private tutor, pretty plain if you ask me. Since you can go as far as to call Karen-kaichou an Onee-san as well, this volume is the Onee-san volume! Wonderful, if I do say so myself.

When I was still a student, I wasn’t exactly wishing for a beautiful private tutor or anything, but it still has its own appeal, don’t you think? Though I’ll hold back on my fantasies right now.

And also, Karen-kaichou. I wonder how you liked her past, and her reason for falling in love with our protagonist. Being the beautiful, black-haired Senpai, as well as the student council president, and on top of that a nun as well, she’s overflowing with attributes that would make her charm you. In a sense, she might be the easiest character to write (besides the Maka-sensei that occasionally goes a bit crazy).

Naturally, Sensei still continues to be the main heroine. I could very well think of the various spin-offs that I named in earlier afterwords, but this is the main series: ‘Boku no Kanojo Sensei’. Having her in the foreground like that, the other members of SID didn’t get that much screen time. Especially during the advertising, and I’d like her to keep the top spot as well.

Anyway, I think we can spare some idle talk in the afterword for once, right?

The era changes, the editorial department moved, the society one was with got disbanded (Thanks for everything), and the world never ceases to keep turning. I myself don’t feel that much a change with myself.

I got a new working PC, but even that worked without any greater problems, and it makes me wonder if I’ve made progress in this field of expertise, or if today’s technical standards are just far beyond me (Probably the later).

Ahh, if we were talking about an irregularity. My condition had taken a turn for the worse a while ago (I’m getting better). It wasn’t on the level that I wouldn’t be able to work, but there are still some hindrances to be found in a situation like that. Your health really is important. I hope that I’m completely back on my feet soon. I want to write on ‘Boku no Kanojo Sensei’ and other novels as well after all. Even now, I’m working on a game scenario. But, I can’t advertise anything here sadly.

Nevertheless of all of that, I want to give it my all for the next volume. It might take me a bit of time to work on it, but I’ll try my best to get it out as fast as I can.

On a side note, I want to thank everyone that is involved in the comicalization of the manga which has been going for 4 months already. Seeing Maka-sensei and the girls from SID differently from the novel is very refreshing for me, and I enjoy myself quite a bit just reading through it. Even Saigi-kun is super cute! (LOL). That being said, I’d be very happy if you checked out the comicalization as well!

Oryou-sensei, your illustrations are as a wonderful as ever. The umbrella Maka-sensei on the cover made me stare at it for hours, honestly. By the way, during Golden Week, I went to Akihabara to check out the various merchandise for the series, and all the girls look so cute!

My dear editor, I’ve been in your care this time around as well. The new editor that I had gotten for the previous volume had been moved sadly, so let’s do our best here…!

Everyone that was involved in the making and distributing of this volume, thank you very much. And, the greatest thanks to all my supporters out there! Let us meet in the next volume!

Spring of 2019, Kagami Yuu


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