Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 4 Chapter 4

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Maka-sensei is busy in both love and her job

The brimming sun was sizzling down on the asphalt.

Ahh, so warm…Miharu said that ‘It’s written in Miharu’s handling book that a certain outside temperature can’t be crossed, or else she can’t go outside’, but I’m not really the outdoor type either, you know.

Said Miharu was screaming ‘Miharu loves her home!’, and got cat punched in the face as she wanted to buy something on her social games again. Hence, I left her alone, and made my way to the location myself.

“Uhm…it should be around here.”

Looking at the map app I had open on my phone, I checked my surroundings. Yeah, the direction should fit. My destination was the cloister that Karen-kaichou was living at, as well as studying to become a nun. It wasn’t that far away from Seikadai’s high school division.

Oh right, Maka-sensei said that it might not be a bad idea for her to live at a cloister if I happened to accept her feelings.

“Cloister…A cloister, huh.”

Does it look different from a church? I’m not really sure what to look for.

“Ah, is it this?”

A western-looking building, surrounded by walls, came into my sight. Rather than a cloister, this feels more like a mansion…

“Ohh, Saigi Makoto. Over here, over here.”

Karen-kaichou was standing at the front gate, waving at me. Just as before when she was visiting me during my cold, she was wearing her nun uniform. For some reason, she was happily making small jumps, kinda cute.

“Sorry to call you here during this heat. I just wanted to have a talk at home.”

“I don’t mind it at all. I’m the Kouhai as well, so it’s fine.”

Even I am that considerate. Also, I have much more time than her anyway, I assume.

“You seem to be in a good mood today, Karen-kaichou.”

“I-Is that so? It’s not like I’m happy that a friend is coming over to play or anything.”


I didn’t even ask, and she perfectly answered me.

“But, this is a cloister, right? Is it really fine for me to come in?”

“You don’t have to be a believer to step in here or something like that. Our head nun is very open-minded and kind after all. But, our destination isn’t the cloister, but the institution on the back of it.”

“Ah, so the place where Karen-kaichou is living.”

Karen-kaichou nodded, and she started walking. She wore a veil, and a one-piece that reached down to her ankles. Naturally, almost no skin was revealed.

“Kaichou, that looks pretty good. Do you not have any summer clothes as a nun?”

“…Why are you interested in that?”

Karen-kaichou, who turned around then, was read from ear to ear. Did I really ask something weird?

“As if we have any of those. During summer and winter, this what we wear all year long.”

“But, when Karen-kaichou wears it, it looks so indecent…”

“Don’t say that! How?! Look at me, there’s no skin whatsoever!”

Karen-kaichou loudly complained. Just because of that, her voluptuous chest was shaking fiercely.

“Well, past the robe, you’re still lewd…”

“You’re being way too straight here! Just so you know, Amanashi Nui’s size is bigger than mine!”

Yeah, for some reason, there are a lot of big-breasted girls around me, and Karen-kaichou isn’t even at the top of that. But, how do I say it…the indecent feeling is the greatest with Karen-kaichou.

“I wonder…maybe it’s because you’re supposed to be the student council president, as well as a nun in training, and you still rock that body, so…?”

“As if I know! You really don’t hold back at all when it’s about me, right! J-Just keep quiet already!”

Karen-kaichou started walking again, and we entered a facility through a small gate.

“This is a women’s cloister after all, so hold back on exclamations like this before.”

“…And what about this facility here?”

“This facility picks up boys and girls alike. Though we don’t have anyone older than middle school boys.”

As she explained, Karen-kaichou entered the two-floor building. Though it looked like it’s been around for a few seasons, the inside was clean and proper.

“We have a lobby, but it’s mostly the playground for the little kids. It’s probably going to get noisy soon since they’ll be home from school in a bit, so come to my room.”

“Eh?! K-Kaichou’s room?!”

“Don’t imagine something weird! Aren’t you used to going to a girl’s room at this point?!”

“I’m not though…”

I never once went to Nui’s house, and I’ve only seen Maka-sensei’s living room until now. Also, I wouldn’t count Kuu’s room, since I’ve seen her’s since she was young.

“This is it. Sorry that it’s so narrow, but come in.”

On the second floor, her room was the furthest back. It was a four-and-a-half-mat room, but it’s properly cleaned. It has a double bed, and only the lower one had a proper mattress and duvet. There was a small table in the middle of the room, and a closet in the corner. Also, two tables near the wall, but only one seems to be in use. On top of one, I could see several workbooks and notebooks, as well as one normal book with the title ‘Instability’.

“Hey, don’t go around staring at my things. It’s embarrassing, you know. Just sit down.”

“Ah, I’m sorry.”

“This is basically a dormitory room. The person I was living with got adopted around three years ago, so I’m using it myself. I’m the eldest person, and something like the dormitory manager.”

“So here you’re the manager, and at school the student council president…sounds tough.”

“For having no relatives, I can live here freely. I should not complain about anything.”


Naturally, I’m interested about the background of Karen-kaichou’s parents, but if the person herself doesn’t bring it up, then I can’t exactly ask myself.

“…Can I ask one thing?”

“What is it?”

“What is this immense number of cat plush toys here…?”

The upper bed didn’t have a mattress or anything, but lots of cat plush toys were laying on top of it.

“The idiot that was sleeping there was a real cat fanatic. But since someone at their home had an allergy for cats, they couldn’t keep any. Instead, they made all these cat plush toys here. Once they got adopted, they told me to ‘Think of them as precious as you would of me!’ and left them here. I really doubt that it would’ve been that much of a bother to actually take them with them.”adopted

“…You’d have to be pretty cheeky to take all this stuff to the house you’ll be in care from now on after all.”

As Kaichou was reminiscing about said person, she showed a bitter smile. Still, a cat lover, and no restraint at all…? Yeah, this sounds kinda familiar?

“Oh right, I didn’t bring out anything to drink. Wait a second.”

With those words, Karen-kaichou left the room, and returned shortly after with some drinks. Naturally, it was just boiled water. I would’ve loved some cold water at least~

“Now then, Saigi Makoto…I just didn’t call you over for nothing.”


“Actually, I’d like some advice on something.”

“Are you alright?”

“What’s that reaction?! Even I have times where I need someone else’s help!”

“Ah, yes, that makes sense, but me of all people? I mean, I am your Kouhai, and hence less experienced in life, you know?”

“You have a lot of experience. Drinking champagne with a bunny girl-suit wearing homeroom teacher in a hotel at night isn’t something that much people have experienced.”

“Yeah, figures…”

If that was the case, the world would probably fall to ruin soon.

“Should I really give advice to a nun like you? There are countless other people right next to you, I’d assume.”

“It’s not a nun’s job to answer other people’s prayers and cries for help. Also, the others are rather poor, so I don’t want them to collapse when I ask them.”

“What kind of advice are we talking about?!”

“T-That’s…Uhm, how do I say it…”

Karen-kaichou stood up, and grabbed one cat plush toy down from the bed. It was a cat with a grim stare, wearing an eye-patch, holding a rifle. Karen-kaichou sat down again, and held it in front of her mouth, as if to hide herself—

“T-The thing is—I’m troubled because of my career.”


“No, that’s it.”

“That’s it?!”

Just when I was imagining something really embarrassing!

“Even a nun can listen to your worries if it’s something like that! You’re the perfect example for a lost lamb!”

“A-Ah, I see. Since I never asked someone for help in anything, I had no idea. Seems like I need to explain a bit more.”


“As you can see, I’m a nun in training. I tend to help out here and there during my time as a student, but I was planning on becoming a full-time nun after I graduate.”

“Well, I think I know what you’re talking about Do all the kids that grow up here end up nuns?”

“No, it’s mostly just kids that go down completely different ways. Though we’re a cloister, we’re lax enough to not even teach the kids to believe in god or anything.”

“The director here really is lax.”

a bit too lax, maybe?

“But, becoming an orphan when I was very young, and I was raised by the nuns here. I get a bit of pocket money, and they even said ‘A high school girl should need a smartphone’ and paid for me.”

“Well, I have a lot of questions there, but having a smartphone really is important.”

“In the facility, even the grade school kids have like old cell phones, mostly for crime prevention and so on. ‘If someone happened to hurt our children, we can let out the crusaders’, the upper brass said.”

“Mind explaining what kind of power y’all have?!”

Are we getting another crusade if anything happens?!

“Anyway, I have a debt to repay to them for raising me with so much love. I know that they weren’t doing this in order for me to become a nun, but still.”

She sounds a bit conflicted…

“Even so, I want to repay this debt to the nuns. I can’t think of any other way besides working together with them. That’s why I decided to officially join this cloister once I would graduate. Three years ago, to be precise.”

“But now, you’ve grown hesitant of that…is that it?”

“Yeah. Every nun here holds no doubts whatsoever towards offering one’s everything for god. however, That means that I can’t exactly ask them for advice or anything.”

I think that worrying about something is totally normal though…But that probably just shows how everyone thinks differently.

“The reason you’re hesitating now…is because we went to look at the university, right?”

“Yeah, it’s been a long time since I had so much fun learning. The atmosphere is also way more pleasant.”

Karen-kaichou’s expression grew a bit more clouded.

“I know that it’s a bit late for me to worry about this now. But, I was hesitating those past few months. Especially recently, with all the tests, so it makes sense that I’d start reevaluating my choice.”

“It makes sense, since our exams are basically connected to moving up in our escalator.”

“Well, thanks to that, I found myself thinking a lot—and showed you that disgraceful sight.”

“A-Ah, I see…”

So that’s why she seemed so absent when her skirt got flipped up back in front of the toilet.

“But, the final trigger that led me to hesitate like this—are probably Fujiki-sensei and Shiya-senpai.”

“I-I’m sorry, what did those two do again!”

“Why are you apologizing. Also, it’s not something to apologize for.”

Oh right, why did I apologize? Am I their guardian or something?

“These past few days, I’ve been watching them very closely. Thanks to that, I almost forgot about the exams.”

“And you ended up as the school year’s top? Karen-kaichou, you’re way too amaz—Hold on, what are you doing?!”

Karen-kaichou suddenly got up—and started stripping with great momentum all of a sudden.

“D-Don’t look!”

“You’re the one showing me though!”

Hidden beneath the nun uniform was—normal nun clothes. However, there was a line cutting down sideways from her shoulders, showing a line, and the valley of her chest. Well, even more than just the valley…! Her skirt was so close that the maker didn’t really care at all about trying to hide the underwear beneath it. Really, those clothes look like they were made by a specialist. I wouldn’t know since I’m still a minor though.

“Uhm…I’m sure that you already know, but following Maka-sensei, trying to seduce people at your workplace isn’t all that favorable.”

“You really don’t hold back at all…”

Karen-kaichou’s face was bright red as she tried to hide her wide-open chest, desperately pulling down her skirt to reveal her thighs.

“What exactly is that nun uniform? Are the nuns here doing some sort of hidden side job?”

“They don’t! These clothes are—made by the idiot that lived in this room before. They just selfishly used an old, unused uniform, and made it look this indecent. But the nuns found them, and scolded them like crazy.”

“Well yeah, even a mild nun would get angry at this.”

That person that lived here before might’ve just had a death wish.

“Though they were supposed to get rid of it, it was instead kept and hidden. When they moved up, they put it in my closet, and to think that there would be a day when I would wear this…”

“Maybe that person didn’t really expect you to wear it? Well, I still didn’t quite grasp why you’re even wearing it.”

“T-That’s…just like Fujiki-sensei and Shiya-senpai—well, maybe not as much—but I wanted to be a bit more free with myself…”

H-Huh…I think that wearing such a uniform is a bit too free. Well, she probably doesn’t have that much freedom here, I guess.

“Sightseeing the university, that feeling only grew more intense. I happened to see a future in front of me that I had never thought off—No, that I had never tried thinking about. I realized that I actually have a different option left for me…”

“Uhm, Kaichou. I understand your worries and everything, but would you please sit down?”


“Well, your skirt is way too short, so when you’re standing, I can, uhm, see everything.”


Letting out a cute shriek that I wasn’t used to hearing from her, Kaichou crouched down.

“…Y-You keep seeing all my embarrassing parts…!”

“That tends to happen if you involve yourself with me, it seems.”

“S-Still…I want to hear your opinion about this, Saigi Makoto. What should I do?!”

“That’s a difficult question…You don’t hate the idea of becoming a nun, right?”

“Of course not. Just…I have other paths open. I happened to think that it might not be a bad idea to chose myself in this case.”

Karen-kaichou held her head in her hands, twisting her body every so slightly. Naturally, that turned out to be poison for my eyes with those clothes.

“Uhm…assuming that you’ll continue going to university…it might be a bit rude, but what about the tuition payments?”

“The university of Seikadai belongs to the same scholarship institution, so it would be paid just as before. I asked just in case, and the teachers told me that my grades would enable to receive me a scholarship again…That’s also why I’m hesitating now.”

“So that’s not a problem then.”

Her options grew in number, but so did her doubts, I guess.

“To be honest, it’s Karen-kaichou’s life, so I don’t really feel comfortable just giving my opinion here.”

“I thought about asking Fujiki-sensei for hers. She is responsible for me in a certain sense after all. And then, I saw this scene at the former school building.”

“Well yeah, I guess you’d give up on consulting her.”

That explains why Karen-kaichou saw us back then.

“Even so, why me of all people?”

“That’s totally obvious?”

Kaichou tilted her head at me.

“Have you forgotten, Saigi Makoto? I am in love with you. Is it really that weird for me to ask the boy I love about my future?”


I’m sorry, I completely forgot.

That’s right, Karen-kaichou is the founder of SID—the group of girls that all have feelings for me. Asking the person one likes for advice on such a topic, a natural choice.

“No matter how irrelevant your words are, they are important for me. The most precious opinion in this world for me. Even if it’s not logical…that’s what it means to be in love, right?” Karen-kaichou said with a serious expression that didn’t fit her current appearance.

Yes, there’s no logic behind it. It doesn’t follow any rule. In my opinion, one should choose one’s own path according to one’s skill and enjoyment. But, I can also understand the feeling of wanting to consult the person that I like. At least I feel like I do.


I really get it, but what exactly should I asy here? Ahh, maybe Maka-sensei realized this? The fact that Karen-kaichou would be hesitating now that she found another option for herself.

Karen-kaichou is diligent, a bit scary, but still a Senpai that looks after her Kouhai’s. She’s respected by many students of our school. Though things might have derailed a bit, she’s still a person that should be unreachable for me. But, if there was something that I had to say to her—

The kids came home from the grade school, so I was left with some free time. When the kids realized my presence, they were throwing questions at me like “Are you Karen-chan’s boyfriend?!” or “Did you kiss already?!” or “As if scary Nee-chan would be able to get a boyfriend!”.

Also, the last kid that said that will probably get hanged-up later. Maybe this is like a standard procedure here even?

“Ohh, if it isn’t rear guard Saigi!”

“Eh, Sekiya-san?”

Immediately after I stepped outside the gate of the cloister, a familiar face greeted me.

Sekiya Raiha-san—She’s a part-time jobber at Maka Papa’s cat cafe ‘Nekoranya’. Being a second-year at an all-girls school called Seogawa, she’s in the same year as me. She had her brown her in a bob-cut, wearing a red sailor uniform. On top of that, she had holsters on her thighs. Being a cat freak, she sure loves her military.

“Sekiya-san, what are you doing here?”

“I’m on break from my part-time job, and now I’m on my to visit my parents.”

“Visit your parents…?”

Sekiya-san held a bag from a convenience store. In there, she had several big cups of ice cream. But, another shopping bag was hanging down from her shoulder, and it looked like something that I had seen earlier today.

“Hm? Isn’t this…”

“Ah, a souvenir. They’re handmade, you know! How is it, they’re cute, right?”


Sekiya-san gleefully showed me the contents of the shopping bag, and what greeted me was a cat plush toy, wearing an eye patch with a rifle in hand.

“So Sekiya-san was the one that was Karen-kaichou’s roommate?!”

“Oh, so you know Curry Nina! Well yeah, you’re a student of Seikadai, so that makes sense I guess.”

“Curry Nina…?”

Presumably a nickname derived from Karen? Isn’t that more difficult than just calling her by her normal name? Oh right, I felt like something was clicking inside my head as Karen-kaichou told me about her ex-roommate, but so it was her…

“I’m a good friend of Curry Nina! She might be a year older than me, but we entered this facility almost at the same time, so I don’t feel that much of an age difference!”

“She’s a respected Senpai at our school, you know. And she’s being the student council president.”

“Even though she’s rocking that sexy bod?”

“Even though she’s rocking that sexy bod.”

Maybe it’s a tradition that the student council is so well-developed?

“…You two, what are you talking about?”

“Uwah?! Kaichou?!”

“Uwa, Curry Nina?!”

Turning around towards the scary voice, Karen-kaichou, now wearing a normal uniform, entered my field of view.

“Just when I thought I heard a familiar voice…What do you mean with that rocking bud thing…Also, Raiha! I told you not to call me Curry Nina in front of other people!”

“Ohh, sorry, sorry, Curry Nina.”


It doesn’t feel like she’s doing it on purpose, but rather that she’s doing it unconsciously, making Sekiya-san seem a bit air-headed.

“And, why do the two of you know each other?”

“Yes, you’ve heard about the time when me and Kuu helped out a cat cafe during a pinch, right? That’s where we got to know each other.”

“Ahh, I see…”

Being clever like she is, Kaichou grasped the situation with just that.

“The world is a small place, huh. And, Raiha? Let’s hear your explanation concerning your insult towards me.”

“Saying that you got a rocking bud is praise, you know! I mean, look at you!”

“W-What are you…?!”

Sekiya-san put down her bags on the ground, and went to fondle Kaichou’s well-endowed chest.

“Ah, hold on—R-Raiha…!”

“Rear guard Saigi, you cop a feel as well. They’re the real deal!”


Sekiya-san suddenly grabbed my hands, and pulled them towards Kaichou’s breasts, letting me feel them directly.

S-Soft…! And this volume…!

“Ahnn…N-No…Nnnn…! S-Saigi Makoto…Ah…”

The more strength I put into my hands, the more they seemed to be sinking into her chests.

“Really…give it a rest…already, Saigi Makoto!”

“I-I’m sorry!”

I somehow managed to grasp my reason, and apologized while I pushed away Sekiya-san’s hands.

“No, you don’t have to apologize…! Raiha, you…!”

“Lord, I thank thee for lettin’ me cop a feel of those honkers! I’m satisfied now, enjoying her breasts like this! Seems like taking a detour here was worth it.”

Sekiya-san let go of Kaichou’s chest as well.

Ahh, that really surprised me…Thank god Maka-sensei didn’t see this, otherwise this might have ended up as a blood bath.

“Raiha, you better remember this…”

“I can’t promise anything though~ What were we talking about? Ahh, the current student council president’s body is too erotic for her own good, right? Well, I knew that you were the student council a while ago. I visit here rather frequently. I’m interested in the pipsqueaks, and the nuns all told me to drop by whenever I felt like it. Even though they should know very well that I’m not holding back either way.”


She’s doing her job at Nekoranya diligently, but besides that, she’s as rampant and inconsiderate as a cat. Thinking about it, her personality and way of speaking actually might fit Kaichou a bit.

“Still, you’ve become really bold, Curry Nina. Luring a boy in broad daylight into your home, and a cute younger boy like him! Erotic!”

“Y-You’re wrong! I just called him here to get some advice from him.”

“Advice…? D-Don’t tell me…you got pregnant?!”

“P-Preg—Don’t be ridiculous! I’ll save myself for my wedding night!”

Karen-kaichou, that kind of view is really old…

“Curry Nina, if you’re not careful, rear guard Saigi might just run away to another girl if you keep acting like this. Still, to think that you were locked in on rear guard Saigi of all people~ You’re even getting attacked by that young girl Muku-chan. Are you some sort of oil baron?”

“I’d rather not get known like that…and it’s not like that, she really only asked me to lend her an ear.”

Though I can’t tell her about the details since it doesn’t exactly concern me.

“Hmmm…it’s weird for Curry Nina to worry like that. Just visit the cat cafe I’m working at, or play some airsoft. Human worries tend to disappear rather quickly, you know.”

“There are worries that shouldn’t just disappear like that. And I’m worrying about my future right now. You’re going to inherit your family’s business, right?”

“Although I was adopted, I am the orthodox successor! They got a huge store, and I’ll open a cat care as a side business!”

“…Well, go at it.”

Seems like even Kaichou can’t be bothered to retort. I wonder what kind of store her family owns?

“And, about that future career and so on. Did rear guard Saigi give you some good advice then?”

“I didn’t really say anything either. Only that she should do what she wants…something lax like that.”

I don’t have any right to butt in.

“D-Do what she wants…?!”

“W-What is it, Sekiya-san?”

“You…how scary you are.”

“Hey, Raiha. If there’s something to say, then just tell us. Normally, you’d never shut up.”

“I-I see…rear guard Saigi can only see Karen-senpai as the stiff and proper Karen-kaichou. Ohhhhhh…”

Sekiya-san went to hug a telephone pole.

“Uhm…Karen-kaichou? Is she okay?”

“Don’t mind her. Raiha is over exaggerating about everything.”

…I wonder? Well, Karen-kaichou probably knows her more than anyone.

I don’t really know what she was talking about, but did I stir up something problematic by accident?

Finally, the ending-ceremony of the first term—

After becoming a second-year, a lot…a lot of things happened, but it’s finally summer break, huh~


Just when I was approaching the school gate, my phone vibrated, notifying me of a new message.

“Oh, from Shiya-chan…Hm? What’s this?”

“Yo, Sai-kun! Rather than that boring phone, look at this sexy and cool Manasshi here~” (pr’s note: I’ll look at you all you want)

“M-Morning. Nui, you seem really motivated today.”

Nui came to tap me on the shoulders as she approached me from behind. Well, I guess I can ignore Shiya-chan’s message for now.

“I mean, it’s going to be summer break from tomorrow! It’s the second-year high summer that never comes again!”

“Well, for you, there’s still the chance that it might come again.”

“That retort is a bit too harsh!”

You might call it harsh getting her close to tears, but I wasn’t lying.

“Huh? Why are the teachers just standing there?”

Next to the gate, we spotted around ten teachers, who were calling out to students.

“Oh, you’re right. Sai-kun, you did an oopsie?”

“I don’t wanna be told that by Nui of all people. Maybe they’re just doing an uniform check?”

Our school has relatively lax rules, but they’d do these uniform and hair checks from time to time. If you’re seen with an irregularity, you’ll be called to the guidance room, and receive a lecture. Though that wouldn’t be too much of a deal after all the scolding I’ve been through.

“Saigi-kun, Amanashi-san, over here.”

Since most of the teachers were dispatched, it made sense that Maka-sensei was present. She’s also the homeroom teacher for my class, so even more so.

“Saigi-kun, properly wear your necktie. And calm down your hair a bit more.”


Maka-sensei went to fix my necktie for me. The boys around us started throwing me death glares as a response. I can even hear them cursing…?

“Amanashi-san is…probably better off hiding her whole body with a coat.”

“Now I’m necessary for the punchline?!”

Nui now started crying for real. Well, now that she’s switched to her summer uniform, her chest became even more apparent.

“What are you doing~?!”

Suddenly, Renku-sensei’s voice cut through our conversation. To think that the always lax and nonchalant Renku-sensei could let out a voice like that.

“What happened—Ehhh?!”

“Wow, now that’s unexpected for sure.”


Nui and I equally showed our surprise, while Maka-sensei even lost her words. Just like in some gag manga, her eyes went white, completely unbefitting her Unobtainable Flower mode. But, seeing what we saw, it wasn’t that difficult to understand why…

“What is Karen-kaichou doing…?”

The person standing right in front of Renku-sensei was without a doubt the student council president Jinsho Karen. However, there is one thing that’s different from her—

“Blonde hair…Jinsho-san, what are you thinking?”

Yes, Karen-kaichou had colored her previously glittering black into a bright golden-yellow color. Naturally, that didn’t destroy her previous beauty. Rather, it fit her even more almost.

But—that’s not the problem now, right? Yeah, it’s not just one different part about her. Like a gal, she had her blouse opened widely, showing bits of her chest. Her skirt on the other hand felt shorter than normal, barely covering up the important parts. Naturally, looking like this, she basically reserved herself a session at the guidance counselling room.


Hold on. This blonde hair, and this dark mole peeking out from her chest—

Oh right, that’s why I felt like I remembered that mole!

Have I forgotten that as well?——

Almost everyone had forgotten about today being the last day of the term.

Everyone was just gleefully conversing about the incident of Karen-kaichou.

“Now then, everyone, don’t forget about your duties as a student Seikadai, not neglecting your studies, and spent a summer break that you won’t regret.”

Maka-sensei on her part was acting as cool as ever. After the end-of-term ceremony, the final homeroom of the term came to an end.

“Ah, Sai-kun. About this morning—”

“Sorry, Nui. I got somewhere to go!”

Shaking my hand at Nui who came trotting over to my seat, I hurriedly stormed out of the classroom. Maka-sensei, who was talking with several students at the teacher’s desk, also glanced over at me, but I ignored that…Let’s see, Karen-kaichou’s classroom should be the 3A.

“…No, hold on.”

Just as I was heading over there, I stopped my feet. Karen-kaichou’s homeroom probably ended as well. Then, she would’ve probably been called over to the guidance counselling room—

“That only leaves…Maybe.”

I turned my body around, and headed up the stairs.

Opening the door that answered me with a creaking sound, a summerly breeze greeted me. Since the door wasn’t locked, I guessed that somebody was already present.

“…Saigi Makoto. I’m surprised you understood where I was.”

“I’m very doubtful, you see. A ‘rebellious student’, or how Karen-kaichou was acting right now, would not go to the guidance counselling room. But, you’d be caught in the student council office.”

“Your senses are as good as always, is what I should say here? Well, I thought that you might be the one to find me.”

“Though I might wear my uniform a bit leisurely at times, I wouldn’t exactly enter any closed-off places like this. Still, I broke this rule because of Kaichou.”

With her different hair color from usual, her shorter than usual skirt was shaking in the wind.

“Why am I like a walking violation of rules right now…”

Karen-kaichou slightly walked towards me—

“W-What should I do, Saigi Makoto?! I did something outrageous?!”

“Are you airheaded as well?! Why do you start crying after all that?!”

Ahh, from this close, her hair color is pretty intense.

“So you went and changed your hair color into this beautiful blonde. Well, not like it’s your first time bleaching it like this.”


Karen-kaichou quickly lifted up her head, and stared at me with wide-opened eyes.

“…Hey, you don’t mean to tell me that you remembered, right?”

“Actually, it’s exactly that…”

‘Don’t get involved with me, you brat from Seikadai—’

Suddenly, a distance shadow of a person I once met overlapped with Karen-kaichou’s figure, with the same blonde hair…Yeah, seeing her from this close, there’s no doubting it.

“…I thought that it’d be fine, since you seemed to have forgotten everything anyway,” Karen-kaichou said, taking out a smartphone from her pocket.

After some quick movements, she showed me the screen, and the picture on it.

“…I thought so, it’s ‘Onee-san’.”

“Yeah, it’s been a while, you ‘brat from Seikadai’.”

Karen-kaichou showed me a slightly troubled expression. Obviously, shown on the picture was a person with long, blonde hair, her blouse opened up widely, and a dark mole on her chest.

“…Well, rather than having forgotten about it, I was just mistakining it.”

“Mistaking it? What do you mean?”

“I just didn’t realize that the ‘Blonde gal Onee-san’ from back then and ‘Karen-kaichou’ are actually the same person.”

“I really am not sure if I should call you sharp or not…”

Karen-kaichou threw me an exasperated expression.

“No no no, just this once, I really can’t be blamed for this! You are like a different person!”

When I was still in middle school, we spent time together for a short while. And, the same person suddenly vanished, never to appear again in front of me—

Back when I was a second-year in middle school—

Right after the incident with Nui being told to better give up on her debut in the entertainment biz by Hoshina-sensei. Maybe because of that, my hate for teachers was on it’s high. I would show resistance towards teachers, then they would scold me, and I would act cheeky again—

That kind of a vicious circle.

I started hating going to school, and although I was wearing the uniform in front of my little sister, I was actually just skipping school. Back then, I met that ‘blonde gal Onee-san’—

“Yeah, I remember. I was saved from this Onee-san before I got involved in some yankee stuff.”

“I thought that the students from my high school were starting to bully some grade school kid again, so I couldn’t exactly look away.”

“Well, I was actually a middle school student though…”

Back then, I was equally short, and I must’ve looked like a grade school student. What a shame. Karen-kaichou on her part must’ve still been a middle school student as well. Though she looked much taller than that.

“The yankees even ran away from you. I’ve been scared of you ever since…”

“Hold on, hold on, they were all nothing more but weaklings, okay? I was totally normal!”

I wonder…I remember that they were running for their lives.

“And then, I bought you a hamburger as thanks. Your stomach was rumblings like crazy after all.”

“You remember such a small detail, but forgot about my face?!”

“Again, ‘forgot’ is the wrong word here.”

Just this once, my poor memory can not be blamed. It’s way too difficult to connect the black-haired pure and proper Karen-kaichou to that yankee, blonde-haired Onee-san from before.

“I-I couldn’t help that. Since I was skipping school, I couldn’t eat in the cafeteria, and the pocket money I got from the facility wasn’t enough so that I could waste it on lunch.”

“I never heard about Onee-san’s circumstances before. You didn’t tell me your name.”

“You probably weren’t that interested either, right.”

“Probably. I was most likely thinking that it would just annoy you.”

She told me countless times after all. To not bother with her, as a Seikadai brat.

“The me back then was a problem child. But, not something you have to worry about. I might’ve looked like the bad deal, but all I did was skip school, and I wasn’t drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes or anything. I just didn’t bother with anyone.”

“You’ve been quite diligent then…Even though you had this showy blonde hair. And even though you’ve been showing your chest everywhere.”

“S-Stop talking about my chest already! That’s part of my dark past that I’d rather not remember! Also, is it just me or did you built up a certain resistance thanks to Fujiki-sensei?! You’ve never been the guy to openly talk about breasts like this!”

“That might be true…”

I mean, I was forced to go through all the perverted education of Maka-sensei’s…So much that I can normally talk about it like this. I’ve become sullied, haven’t I.

“I-I’m not trying to find excuses or anything, but I was really irritated back then. My parents just built up a debt, and disappeared. The both of them, leaving me behind.”


I expected something like this, but hearing it directly from her—Is really heavy.

“Since I didn’t have any other relatives, the facility picked me up back then. The nuns were really kind to me, but I had problems with getting used to my new surroundings. I could only become friends with Raiha because she’s not such a timid girl, and when she got adopted…I was all alone again.”

“…I understand what Sekiya-san was worried about.”

I once again directed my gaze at her blonde hair.

“She’s going to the extreme at everything after all. She must know Karen-kaichou really well, hence why she’s probably worried right now.”

“…Normally, she just does what she wants all the time, she can be so considerate with me. Maybe that’s why she came home that time, to look after me…Is it that bad right now?”

“I can’t deny that, looking at the current Kaichou.”


Karen-kaichou made a gesture as if she wanted to hide her blonde hair.

“B-Back then, I felt like I was free…So I tried coloring it blonde again.”

“I told you to do what you want, but you took that a bit too far…”

Kaichou, there’s gotta be limits on how much you trust my words. Still, this whole situation is basically my fault, so I can’t leave her like this.

“The Kaichou—Onee-san from back then was really scary, you know.”

“You say that, but you still came to meet me often.”

“You did save me after all, and if you didn’t, that yankee shakedown on me probably would’ve cost me more than the money to feed your empty stomach.”

“…So even the past Saigi Makoto was worried about me…”

Seems like that was a quite shock for her, even after all those years.

“No, wait. There should be no need to remember the past. After all, the me from back then is already locked away in my dark past…I don’t see how you would even remember me …”

“I did remember that black mole on your chest.”

“You don’t mean to tell me that you didn’t remember my face because you only looked at my chest, right?”

“N-No way…” I averted my gaze.

The me from back then was in his second year of middle school. And considering that the times we were out to eat burgers and so on was pretty often, I had that chest right next to me fairly frequently…

“R-Really…Anyway, the me three years ago just colored her hair like an idiot, wore clothes that made me look like an idiot, and never went to school, just wasting away my days—I really was an idiot back then.”

“And now you got the best grades in school…”

“I thought that I wasn’t going to be worth at anything. I constantly told myself that I didn’t have any future waiting for me.”

Karen-kaichou flashed a self-depreciating smile. But, it’s true that I felt this certain self-abandonment from her back then.

“In a certain sense, it was bad luck for Saigi Makoto to meet me back then.”

“That’s the same for me in a certain sense. Back then, my hate for teachers was on its highest.”

“I see, so that’s why—”

‘Is it that much fun to trouble us as teachers?! Your entire existence is a pain, so get lost!’

Karen-kaichou and I probably remembered the same phrase. Around three days after out encounter, right after we left the hamburger store, a woman in her fifties came towards us, her face distorted in anger—

I tightly grasped Onee-san’s hand, and hysterically screamed that at her. Apparently, she was a teacher from Onee-san’s middle school, in search of the kids that were skipping school. Well, she must’ve been worried about her as well, but…

You don’t study, your attendance is getting worse and worse, so why are you even coming to school—that’s what she said, which is why I probably blurted out that ‘Your entire existence is a pain’ part. Only those words I could not leave unattended.

Teachers are humans as well. If there are students that won’t listen to them, they might say something they regret later. But even so.

“Denying the existence of Onee-san, can you really call yourself an educator—That’s what you said, Saigi Makoto.”

“…I sure did, yes.”

“And then, you got slapped by that teacher.”

“Yes, and that hurt like a buttcheek on a stick.”

That teacher was already aggravated, and I poured more oil in the fire. She must’ve known that I was a student from a different school, but that slap on the face came without a warning. Since I was alienated with the principle of violence back then, that came as a huge shock.

“And then, a girl suddenly appeared out of nowhere and took you with her.”

“…That was Shiya-chan. Miharu must’ve realized that I wasn’t going to school, so she probably required assistance from her.”

Shiya-chan barely stopped me before I could counterattack the teacher, and pulled me home without hearing any of my complaints. Yeah, back then, my hate for teachers must’ve really been on it’s peek. In a certain sense, saying that my hate for teachers is ‘Karen-kaichou’s fault’ is not an understatement. But, I don’t think that way at all.

“Actually, I met Shiya-senpai after that incident. Maybe she remembered my uniform, but she came over to my school and got mad at me. ‘My Mako already hates teachers, so don’t make it any worse’, she said. Even I would flinch at that.”

“So Shiya-chan did something like that…And that’s why you knew each other.”

So back when she visited during my private teaching lesson, that whole Senpai – Kouhai thing was just a made-up story. Well, not a complete lie though.

Still, good for Shiya-chan to actually recognize that the two of them were the same person. Hm? Is that the reason she thought I had a think for gals?

“Well, this isn’t the time to dwell in memories. I really have to go now.”

“Go where?”

“The student guidance counselling room. Of course I’d be called over with this hair and attire. They told me to come over as soon as homeroom was over. Maybe I’ll even be unable to finish my time as the student council president.”

“T-That’s not going to…”

Happen, is not what I could bring out. I never heard about a student council president losing their position before, but an incident like this probably never even happened before…

“It also seems like they came to pick me up.”

“…Sorry to disappoint you in the middle of your conversation. A call from the vice-principal.”

“Eh? The vice-principal did…?”

I couldn’t help but answer.

Maka-sensei was standing in the door frame that lead back into the building, and she looked at us with a serious gaze. Not just the homeroom teacher, nor the one responsible for the whole year, but the vice-principal, the person standing at the top suddenly called for her.

“Yes, and I’m sorry, but I happened to catch what you were talking about.”

“…I don’t really mind. Do you, Saigi Makoto?”

“N-No, it’s fine by me…”

Though it’s a bit scary to think that Maka-sensei found out about my past together with Karen-kaichou. Well, it’s true that we weren’t quite done yet, but just as she said, we would not be given any more time.

“Hey, are you serious? Apparently, Karen-kaichou was brought over by Maka-sensei.”

“What? So the guidance room is currently filled with two adorable older ladies? Sounds like paradise to me!”

“No, apparently the vice-principal is the one doing the talk.”

“Ah, well, I’d take the vice-principal as well.”

“Your strike zone is way too wide! And also, at this rate, our president will…!”

“Now that, that demon of a vice-principal appeared, they might just get rid of her all-together, don’t you think?”

Thanks for the explanation, everyone around us. Although the students were supposed to look forward to the summer vacation, they were all conversing once again about the main topic today. Well, I guess they’re interested about Karen-kaichou’s conversation, huh.

“…I doubt that such a big ruckus would happen if Nui was in danger to be expelled.”

“I’m a gravure idol, but I’d lose against a normal person?!”

“Now now, Nui-chansenpai. But Onii-chan, what should we do about this?”

Stepping out of the rooftop, I was immediately greeted by Nui and Miharu as I arrived at my classroom. Seems like they’re also worried about Karen-kaichou.

“Sai-kun, Maka-tea will save Kaicho, right? I mean, she protected me from Hoshi-tea’s demonic hand.”

“Demonic hand. Well, I doubt that she will receive expulsion—probably.”

Seikadai probably won’t be so radical to do that just because she was going against fashion rules.

“But, she’ll definitely receive a punishment, right? She has her position and to act along that after all. It would’ve been fine if she colored her hair when summer break started. There are people that do an image change during breaks after all. Well, that sounds like a pain, so Miharu won’t do it though.”

“I guess that there wouldn’t have been any meaning to do it over summer break.”

Karen-kaichou wanted to break free from the confined space she felt herself to be in.

“Huh, another message from Shiya-chan?”

My phone vibrated, and I assumed that it was from Maka-sensei or Karen-kaichou, but…

“I’m really busy right now…Ah, Miharu, Nui, I’m sorry. I got somewhere to go.”

Waving my hand at the surprised Miharu and Nui, I headed to the entrance. I quickly changed into my street shoes, and stepped onto the backside of the building.

“Mako, Mako! Lend me a hand!”

“Uwaa, what are you doing?!”

Arriving at the wall, Shiya-chan was currently climbing on it, her legs immodestly wide open. Even though she was wearing a long skirt, her black panties were in plain sight.

“Since there was such a huge ruckus, it was heard to get in from the front—Hold on, will you stop staring already!”

Shiya-chan jumped down, and landed on her butt. Well, her panties stole my attention, tehe~

“S-Sorry. But still…what are you doing? Do you have that much free time, Shiya-chan?”

“Universities already have summer break. Fu fu fu, we have two months of summer break, you know?”

“Ehhh, that sounds nice…But, that’s not important right now!”

“It’s fine, I know the circumstances. Don’t look down on your Onee-chan.”

“Well, the information network is going as strong as always.”

The message that she sent me was “Come to the backside!”.

“Oh right, you sent me a message this morning already. Something like ‘Didn’t something change?’, but I didn’t know what to do with that.”

“Oh right. Mako, you better stop ignoring my messages. But, that’s not the time. Karen-chan did a mess, right?”

“Yeah, thanks to her blonde hair, I remembered about our past—”

I explained what happened on the rooftop.

“I see…But, Karen-chan’s actions are really extreme. Like her turn was a complete 180.”

“Yeah…Huh? Now it’s a phone call? Today really is a busy today for me so…Huh, Maka-sensei…?”

“Maka-sama—No, Fujiki-senpai? You exchanged phone numbers with your homeroom teacher, Mako?”

“Well, a lot happened…”

Anyway, I decided to answer.

“Saigi here. I’m a bit busy in the backside of the courtyard right now…Maka-sensei, you took Kaichou to the guidance room, right?”

「The vice-principal isn’t here yet. I’m keeping watch on Jinsho-san right now…Hold on a second. Here, I put you on speaker. Jinsho-san, this is fine, right?」

「Yes, I’m sorry. But, I want Fujiki-sensei to listen as well」

“Uhm, things are moving forward without my consent?”

「Don’t mind this, and just listen, Saigi Makoto. We’re continuing from before」


「The following day after you were fighting with the teacher, you helped me study」

“I was only slapped, but yes, that’s what happened.”

Since that teacher was complaining about the Onee-san’s grades, I thought that she’d shut up if we managed to raise her grades. Hence, I sat next to her, and helped her study. As always, her chest part of her uniform was wide open, so I could see that erotic mole on her chest all the time, making it really hard no to stare at it…

「I know that I might’ve been an idiot back then, but being taught by someone younger than me was quite humiliating…And also, I thought that nothing would change even if I studied. But, being taught by you, I felt like a switch flipping inside my head. It was like I fell in love with studying」

“That reminds me, you were praising my way of teaching when I helped Nui with her studies.”

「I knew how good you were from the very start. Only I, that is」


「Hm? Fujiki-sensei, did you say something?」

「No, please continue. I’m waiting」

Her wish for a monopoly is as strong as ever…Seems like the fact that Karen-kaichou knew something about me that she didn’t wasn’t to her liking.

「Anyway, that teaching continued for a few days, and I started thinking like I might actually be good for something. Hence, I tried to give myself a drastic change」

“So that’s why you suddenly disappeared…?”

Yeah, the blonde-haired Onee-san just vanished in front of me. Even if I went to the usual burger place, I couldn’t find her.

「I became a new me, and I thought of meeting you. Although it wouldn’t exactly benefit my future, I tried aiming for the same school you were at. Hence, from my third year in middle school, I studied like crazy, and got a scholarship for Seikadai—and I properly change my hair from blonde to black」

“To be fair, I wish you’d go back to black one more time.”

「That’s a different story. Anyway, I didn’t quite fit in Seikadai after I transferred. The worlds were just too different. All the people here were mostly kids from rich families and whatever. That’s why I flunked the first midterms, resulting in the people throwing stuff like ‘So this is what you have to do to get a scholarship?’ at me」

“We can be quite tough at separating into groups here…”

「But, you were going to enroll the next year, so I couldn’t let things stay like that. That’s why I continued to study all the time. You can even say that not taking the top spot the first time might’ve been more fortunate than unfortunate」

“And after that, you kept the top spot until now, and you became the student council president…”

「I thought that just becoming the head of the classes might not be enough of a proof, so I also targeted the position of the student council president. Using the candidature as an excuse, I met with you again Saigi Makoto. Though it pissed me off a bit that you didn’t recognize me」

“I’m really sorry about that…”

So her good grades and position as a student council president were all achieved through hard work. And, all this effort was just to show me…?

“Wait, Karen-chan! If you’ve worked this hard, why did you just revert back to your old self! Your scholarship is at risk here!”

Shiya-chan finally spoke up after a long silence.

「So Shiya-senpai was with you. But don’t worry, everything is under control」

“I’ll still worry! There was an incident where one even lost the scholarship!”

“…Why are you panicking so much, Shiya-chan?”

“That’s…how do I say it. As both her school-side and student council president-side Senpai, I thought of giving her advice in changing her hair colour, ahaha.”

“So you’re the one that instigated this?!”

She’s the reason for that crazy and abrupt change?! Maybe that’s why she sent me that anxious message this morning?!

“W-What should I do…? If Karen-chan lost her scholarship because of me…”

“You’re actually pretty worried about this, aren’t you, Shiya-chan…”

I thought that she’d be more grown-up now that she became a university student…but a student is still a student. Although she’s older than me, she still can’t keep calm-headed in this situation.

「Calm down, Keimi-san. This is something that Jinsho-san decided for herself. She’s not a grade school student, so she won’t blame other people for her own mistakes」

I could hear Maka-sensei’s resolute voice. She’s way more calm and collected than Shiya-chan.

「It’s just as Fujiki-sensei says. It’s not Shiya-senpai’s fault. My head just wasn’t working right, that’s all」

“You admitted something crazy just now!”

「To show Saigi Makoto a new side of me, I became an honor student, and became the student council president. I don’t regret that one bit. However, I’m not the same middle school student from before. I just happened to think that it might be fine to change myself a bit again」

“I also…still think that you should just do what you want, but…”

「I know. But, I don’t plan on changing my hair color back!」


Just when I thought that she was starting to realize it, she’s still as tough as a rock!

「This is the limit. The vice-principal will be here soon. I’m sorry, but we have to cut the call here」

“Maka-sensei, wait a sec—”

But, the call was over before I could even finish my sentence. Even though a single female student was acting a bit out of line. I feel like the current circumstances are moving into a much deeper direction than expected?

And now, that university girl and I were left outside the situation.

“What should we do, Shiya-chan? We can’t exactly storm into the guidance room…”

“Yeah. Knowing your background here, you might even get suspended.”

“I really can’t laugh about this…”

Still, our gazes met, and we couldn’t hold back a giggle. Even though this really wasn’t the time to laugh.

“Maybe I should move behind the scenes again? I feel like recently, I’ve been doing that a lot…”

“You have another option?! Whatever it is, try it, Mako! Even if you end up getting expelled because of that, this Onee-san here will pick you up and feed you through life!”

“From the Onee-san living in the same flat…? I’d rather not. But, first we have to get Miharu and Nui together.”

“Haru and that perverted high school girl, right? Okay, leave it to me!”

Shiya-chan suddenly ran off.

“I mean, I could’ve just called them here via LINE…”

They probably didn’t go home yet, so that wouldn’t be too much of a hassle. But, that just means that I have to move forward with my own preparations—

“..Saigi-kun will be fed by me.”

“Uwa, Maka-sensei?! Weren’t you in the guidance room…?”

“I thought that Saigi-kun might try something, so I hurried over here to stop you. Really, it’d be great if nobody saw the sight of me running through the school building.”

Her breathing wasn’t rough in the slightest, and no sweat in sight. It wouldn’t even take three minutes from here to the guidance room, and it’s not even been one minute since we cut the call.

“Ahh, hold on a second.”

Maka-sensei took out a scrunchie from and binded her hair together behind her back. Seeing that happen in front of me, considering that she’s a teacher, got me a bit surprised.

“…What happened, Sensei?”

“This is an important job of mine.”

Maka-sensei only responded with that, pushing me to the wall that Shiya-chan just climbed down from, and slapped her hand on said wall next to me.


“Eh, a kabe-don?”

“Saigi-kun, you’re planning something, aren’t you? Let me hear about that.”

“…It’s not that big of a deal.”

I really don’t want to tell her, but denying it here would take too much time. Also, with her new hairstyle, she looks really cute—But this isn’t the time for that. First is to explain my plans.

“That’s Saigi-kun for you. You might even be fit for the underground leader of this school.”

“I don’t feel praised at all…”

“But, there is a problem in your plan.”

“And what is it?

“It’s certainly not bad of you to manipulate the girls that all hold feelings for you in order to solve this problem, but…”

“I’m just having Miharu and Nui help out! And, what’s the problem?”

“I can’t accept this… No, I won’t accept this…!”

While I was still getting pinned to the wall, Maka-sensei slowly came closer–


“Saigi-kun, there’s something important missing in your plan. Do you know what that is?”

“I-I can’t…!”

Maka-sensei’s voluptuous chest is pressing on my head. Though I was still able to breathe, her chest was beginning to suffocate me. Even though it feels so soft and sweet, I’m suffering from it?!

“It’s not a kabe-don, but a mune-don.”

“Mune-don?! Because you’re using your breasts to push me against the wall?!”

Man, I really would’ve been better off not experiencing that…Really, okay?

“You must love breasts a lot, Saigi-kun, but you’re still suffocating. Yes, you like something, but it’s also hurtful…Just like love.”

“Don’t talk all high and mighty and let go of me already! What if someone saw us!”

“Who cares about that! Rather than that, why are you trying everything on your own! Me, your teacher is right here for you! If you want to save Jinsho-san, then tell me!”


I-I see…It’s true, I left Maka-sensei outside as a bystander. Since this problem revolves around a student and the school, I unconsciously excluded every teacher from the people that I can ask for assistance.

“Maka-sensei is a teacher after all…And, isn’t Karen-kaichou…a rival for you?”

Saying it out loud like that is really embarrassing.

“Saving your rival…?”

“Don’t make fun of me, Saigi-kun!”

Maka-sensei separated her chest from me, and instead brought her serious face closer. Way too close for comfort, to be honest.

“Of course, she’s a rival. But even more so, she’s a student of mine. Even if I’m not her homeroom teacher. Naturally, she deserves a punishment for this. If you really did something bad, I might even have to slap you.”

“I didn’t do anything bad back then. I just said something bad back then to Karen-kaichou’s teacher.”

“I know that. Teachers aren’t gods, you know.”

Maka-sensei put her hands on my cheeks, and softly started rubbing them.

“It’s both our job to scold and also protect our students. Although I’m definitely still inexperienced as a teacher—No, exactly because of that, I have to protect all my students!”


Just like always, I tend to forget about this. That Nui, and even Kuu, they were saved by Maka-sensei.

Maka-sensei—is a good teacher. She’s definitely not my enemy.

“I’m sorry, Maka-sensei. Although my teacher hate might be fixed, I still tend to fall back to my old thinking it seems. I’ll trust you, so please, help me! Let’s protect Karen-kaichou together!”

“Yes, of course. Since it’s my cute student, Saigi-kun, that’s asking for it, I’ll do that without fault.”

Maka-sensei flashed a grin.

“Now then, let us begin, shall we. I’ll protect Jinsho-san, as well as you.”

A lot of students gathered in front of the teacher’s office. Boys and girls, students from the first to the third year. In front of the door, the person closest to it was—the student council’s vice president?

“Karen-kaichou is the most honorable student council president to date! I know that she went against school rules with her hair and uniform, but I won’t accept a punishment!”

The vice president is a girl as well, and although she might not be on Kaichou’s level, her grades are still in the upper brass, enough to make her known through the school. Standing in front of all these students was no one else than the vice-principal. Seems like their talk in the guidance room came to an end.

“Yeah yeah, don’t steal my Karen-kaichou!”

“I still want her to step on my head!”

“Her blonde hair is really nice! Maybe I should dye mine as well?”

It seems like a lot of the students held a personal opinion, but they were all fired up for sure.

“Calm down, you all. If you go crazy here, even you’ll get a punishment. However, vice-principal, I think that it might be worth listening to their opinions about Jinsho-san.”

Maka-sensei stepped in between the vice-principal and the vice-president.

“It’s true that Jinsho-san’s actions this time weren’t beneficial for the school and the students, and unworthy of being the student council president. However, she must’ve had a reason to move like this. Hence, I want to consider her circumstances.”

She doesn’t even back down towards the vice-principal.

“Ohh, Maka-tea is so cool! That’s what you’d expect from my teacher!”

“‘The Goddess that leads the people’, huh. Miharu always thought that Fujiki-sensei was more on the cool side, but you can be quite passionate as well, huh. This will probably bring up your popularity even more.”

Both Nui and Miharu showed their appreciation. We were currently watching the scene unfold a bit further away from the teacher’s office.

“Sorry about this, Nui, Miharu. I had planned to make the two of you help me out, but it doesn’t look like you’d be able to be showered in popularity after this.”

“Ahahaha, it’s fine. I was popular even before this after all. And I got more fans elsewhere.”

“Miharu can’t be bothered with being popular.”

That’s reassuring.

“Well, just calling people over with phone calls and messages is also pretty tiring.”

Since Nui’s a gravure idol, she has a lot of friends that she called over. As you can see, we used that to have them help out Karen-kaichou, who’s in a pinch right now.

Though I kind of feel bad for doing this to the vice-principal. Sorry about this, Madame.

“Yeah, Miharu tried her best. Seems like she can use this to get spoiled lots during summer break.”

“How could I spoil you even more than I already do…?”

I think that I have already reached my limit on showering my little sister with love?

Anyway, we had Miharu distribute this incident on social networks. A lot of students that already left came back to see this. That being said, most of them just came here for the sake of Karen-kaichou. For example, if Miharu spread the rumour about ‘Saigi Makoto will be expelled’, then everyone would just retort with ‘That was just a matter of time’, and nobody would come to help me.

“Miharu’s actually a bit surprised. The students here are actually rather docile, but to think that they’d revolt against the vice-principal, huh.”

“Well, Maka-sensei is a big factor I guess.”

They’re probably feeling backed-up by Fujiki Maka-sensei, which is why they can stay strong like that. Our plan was to have Maka-sensei act as the frontline, while I fight in the dark. But that only works because I found a teacher that I can trust. It only works because Maka-sensei is there to fight with me.

“Well, let’s leave that aside for now. The real deal starts now.”

“Hm? Is there something else besides your information distribution plan?”

“That makes me sound like some shady guy…”

It’s true that I did use the same technique that I used back when that weird rumour between me and Maka-sensei was going around. Though, things won’t end with just this.

After all, Karen-kaichou is a fragile girl.

I separated from the teacher’s office, and made my way to the guidance counselling room. Ahh, I’m so busy today, really. But, since the said guidance room is really close to here, I could already hear voices as I approached it. So they even gathered up here? I guess I underestimated Nui’s and Miharu’s contacts. No, the thing I underestimated is Karen-kaichou’s popularity probably.

“Over here, Saigi Makoto.”


Suddenly, Karen-kaichou’s hand appeared as I took a corner in the hallway, and pulled me into the student council office.

“Saigi Makoto! This ruckus is your work, isn’t it! What are you doing?!”

The second I realized my location, she came already storming at me.

“Ahh, Kaichou. I was wondering what I would do if you were still in the guidance room.”

“I was, but Shiya-chan helped me get out.”

Ahh, so Shiya-chan was working in the background as well…that saves me a lot of time.

“You’re making too much of a deal out of this! I was about to be washed away by that sheer mass of people!”

“Uhm, where is Shiya-chan…?”

“…She said that it’d be bad to make the situation worse as an outsider so she went home.”

“Ahh, a wise decision.”

Guess she’s got something in her brain after all.

“I’m thankful to everyone, but your intrigue is too problematic!”

“I mean, this happens pretty often in dramas, right. The development of the teacher or doctor or whatever, being saved by their students. That’s all I did.”

“What is this, the showa period?! I don’t really watch any drama or anything, but even I can guess that this is way too outdated!”

“I won’t deny that it’s outdated, but not a bad play, wasn’t it?”

“A-Ah, Maka-sensei? What about the rebellion at the teacher’s office?”

The door had opened without us realizing it, and our school’s Unobtainable Flower entered the room.

“That’s been dispersed. The kids in front of the guidance room are gone as well. Falling back is also important.”

“That’s great to hear…”

All I did was basically gather them, so they might’ve kept going if nobody stopped them. It really was the right decision to have Maka-sensei as the head of the rebellion.

“They certainly can’t ignore so many students. We might’ve averted the worst case with this.”

Maka-sensei said with a cool tone as she crossed her arms and stood in front of the door.

“The rebellion of the diligent student council president—might sound a bit too extreme, but a normal student would have to write a written apology or something. Or a day’s suspension at worst. I wonder what Saigi-kun’s record was.”

“I doubt that much would’ve happened if I colored my hair…”

“Glad to hear that. But, as things stand, this will definitely have some influence in her possibility to move on to Seikadai’s university. Since the committee for the scholarship can be pretty strict, it might end bad for you.”

“T-This is really bad! That would mean that all the worrying about her future was just…!”

I looked over at Kaichou.

“…This is bad yeah.”

Sweat started building up on her face. She probably didn’t expect things to end up like that.

“You don’t have to panic, Jinsho-san. I know that moving along to Seikadai’s university is the easiest regarding the scholarship you already have the money from your scholarship, and you can take other courses as well.”

“That’s true, but…Shiya-senpai said that my qualifications to be a scholarship student are at danger…!”

“Ehh, she said that everything would be okay! Or did she not have any basis for hat?”

So she just made up things after she messed up?!

“That reminds me, you didn’t have a scholarship Senpai right, Jinsho-san?”

“Eh? Ah, yes, when I entered this school, I had neither a second-year or third-year scholarship Senpai.”

“I see, then there might’ve been a break during those years. Then, I’ll tell you about my experience. Not as a teacher, but as a scholarship Senpai.”

Maka-sensei took away the scrunchie binding her hair together, and her beautiful brown hair opened up.

“Listen, Jinsho-san. This scholarship is something you won through effort and determination! Your willpower is greatly different from all those rich kids that didn’t have to do anything to get here! Ignore the people around you, and open a way for yourself! That is what we scholarship students did!”


What a great job Maka-sensei is doing to motivate Karen-kaichou. Also, aren’t you forgetting that one of those ‘rich’ kids is right here?

“As a scholarship student, you have to move forward instead of regretting the things you did. Since you took the top grades in the previous exams as well, I doubt that they’d drop you out just because of one little misstep.”

“T-That’d be great…”

Studying really is important. I wish that Miharu would be here to listen to that.

“Though you still can’t let down your guard concerning your advancement to Seikadai’s university…I did earn the expenses I needed with part-time jobs. Well, I started doing that way back when I was still in high school though.”

So she wasn’t working crazy only after she started attending university, huh.

“Jinsho-san, if you started a part-time job now, it’d probably still be difficult to gather the matriculation fee and the costs for the classes of the new year. Well, I don’t think you have to worry too much about the money. I’m sure that the cloister will give you the money if you ask them. They should have enough as a religious instance, right?”

“We’re honorably poor! I cannot ask them to do that!”

After retorting, Karen-kaichou swallowed her breath as she realized something.

“No, let’s postpone that for later. I wonder if the people that gathered in front of the teacher’s office and guidance room are okay. They were rebelling against that vice-principal after all…”

“Kaichou, I don’t think that you have to worry about that, you know? It’s true that I gathered them all, but the main person that moved them was Kaichou.”

“That’s exactly why this is bad…I didn’t want everyone to get wrapped up in my idiotic actions. They’re not you, Saigi Makoto, who lives off disrespecting the teachers.”

“Even with the different hair and open chest part, Kaichou is still Kaichou.”

“A-Again, will you stop talking about my breasts!”

Kaichou quickly buttoned up her blouse, and hid her valley.

“You’re thinking about everyone else first. Things like these are what makes you worthy to our student council president. I…I really like you, Kaichou.”


“You’ve got to be kidding me! (English)”

Maka-sensei really is an English teacher, seeing that her first reaction came out as English. I couldn’t quite grasp it because she spoke so fast, but it was probably something like “Are you serious?!”.

“N-No, hold on. I myself was a student council president back in my day. So, can I take this as a sort-of confession to me…?”

“No you can’t!”

There’s gotta be limits on how positive you are.

“S-Saigi Makoto. Leaving aside that nonsense from Fujiki-sensei—”

“Nonsense?! Jinsho-san, that’s quite the word you have there…”

“If you say that you like me…are you serious about that? Is this a confession of love? Love is important, yeah. Even the Lord says so. And the nuns also talk about it every day—”

“Jinsho-san, don’t repeat the word love so many times! Saigi-kun’s love belongs to me and me alone!”

I thought you were an adult about this…?

“No, it seems you got the wrong idea, Kaichou…I gathered here for you just like everyone else because I also like you. You’re always diligent, and a bit scary. I think the same about you even when you had blonde hair, and even now.”

“…I wanted to change, but I guess that I didn’t change at all, huh.”

“No matter how you look, I respect you, and I like you. And, you’re very charming…as a girl as well.”

“Y-You really changed a lot! You weren’t the type to go around saying like here like there!”

“Well, I guess that means that I’ve grown a bit.”

Being surrounded by so many girls, not to mention beautiful as they are, and even being confessed to, you’d change for sure.

“I won’t say anything towards the choice you make, Kaichou. However…you did change just for me. That’s why, you don’t have to work that hard for me anymore. It might not be my place to say this, I want you to be free from me. I want you to work towards the future that you want to achieve.”

“Saigi Makoto…I see…If you say that, then—”

Karen-kaichou took a deep breath. And, with a bitter smile, she continued.

“If the person I love says that, then I’ll become free!”


“Ahhhhh, Jinsho-san?!”

Suddenly, Karen-kaichou got one step closer to me, grabbed my cheeks, and pressed her lips on mine.


At the same time the nice fragrant of her hair tickled my nose, I could feel her soft lips on mine.


“K-Karen-kaichou…what are you doing…?”

“You remembered, right? You understand now, don’t you. It’s been three years since I fell in love with you. I tried so hard to make you look at me. If you say something kind to me like that…O-Of course I’d want to kiss you!”

“Isn’t that a bit of a jump?!”

I reflexively retorted, but I immediately realized something. With robot-like stiff movement, i turned around.

“I-I was NTR’d…Saigi-kun was taken away from me…I got too focused on the university girl that I didn’t consider my greatest enemy…?”

Maka-sensei broke down. Her head was shaking from left to right. Is she going to be okay?

“Alright…I’ve decided!”

“O-On what?”

“I’ll keep going on Seikadai’s university! Of course, as a scholarship student!”

“What’s with you so suddenly, Kaichou…?”

“I’ll graduate next year spring. But, if I go to Seikadai’s university, I’ll be able to drop by from time to time. Just like a certain person.”

Shiya-chan comes by whenever she feels like it after all…

“If I became free from anything, I’d only be able to think about Saigi Makoto! If I stay here, my chances of snatching him prolong for another four years! Fufufu, I wonder if you can keep firm all that time?”


It almost sounds like she’s aiming to kill me. And also, she’s assuming that I’m also going to stay in Seikadai.

“…But, Karen-kaichou. Weren’t we talking about that getting a scholarship for the university might be difficult because of your hair?”

“I’ve been the top spot in the exams 10 times in a row. I just have to get them as well for the final three—and also try myself in the national mock exams.”

“The top 10…no even the top 10 in the nationals should be more than enough. They wouldn’t go crazy any more than that because of one single misstep.”

Having regained her sanity, Maka-sensei explained.

“Let’s do that then. I was going to aim for the top spot anyway!”

With a clear and refreshed expression, Karen-kaichou loudly declared that. Knowing her, she’ll probably be able to do that…Well, seeing her now, even without my help, nor Nui’s, Miharu’s, or anyone else’s, she probably would’ve managed to get through this herself.

“The people that were acting this time should be fine. I did stand up for them after all.”

Yeah, she’s a respected teacher after all…

“Still, the next nationals are still a bit away, so we have to let the situation calm down a bit. What should we do about that…?”

“M-Maka-sensei, calm down. Don’t be unreasonable!”

“I feel like you see me like an animal at times. I don’t plan on risking to get fired just to save Jinsho-san, you know? I’m talking about the bare minimum that doesn’t drop my valuation.”

“It feels a bit refreshing to have you say that…But, please do. Fujiki-sensei, please help me.”

Karen-kaichou lowered her head to Maka-sensei. It might sound rude if I used the word unexpected now, but I didn’t think she’d become this serious.

“…Jinsho-san. For me, you are an enemy. You probably should not trust me too much.”

“I don’t trust you as a rival. I still don’t really know your goal here and everything. But—”

Karen-kaichou lifted up her head, and looked straight at Maka-sensei.

“Because of me, Saigi Makoto’s hate for teacher took a turn for the worse. And right now, you’re being with him like it was the most natural thing in the world. You managed to change him this much—That’s why I believe you.”

“E-Even if you praise me like that, I can only do what I can do, okay? Only have a talk with the board director!”

Maka-sensei went red, and averted her face. She’s definitely gonna try her best…Damned tsundere.

“Looking forward to it, Fujiki-sensei.”

With a bitter smile, Karen-kaichou tilted her head, making her blonde hair flutter.

“Kaichou, I also have a request…Can I?”

“Hm? What is it?”

“I really like your black hair. Will you make it black again for me?”


Naturally, Maka-sensei started panicking again.

Well, if there’s one thing that can be said from this incident, then it’s that rather than blonde-haired gals, I prefer black-haired big-breasted girls.

Long, black hair really is nice, right? But anyway, with the stuff I said, I gathered both their attention again…Guess that’s a job done for today.

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