Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 4 Epilogue

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“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Saigi-kun you idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot!”

“Maka-sensei, your diverse vocabulary is starting to die off, you know?”

The 3rd day after summer break started—

Even though the jolly-jolly summer break should’ve started for me, I was in the student guidance counselling room.

“You’re acting all cheeky even at times like these…”

Maka-sensei walked in front of the desk, and picked up the sheet of paper I was writing on.

“…Your vocabulary is also lacking severely. If you can’t write the written apology for around seven pages, I can’t give you the OK.”

“I’ve written so many written apologies, I lost any material.”

“You have more than enough after this incident. ‘It’s my fault that the student council president changed her hair color so drastically this time. I’m sorry’—Or did that happen before as well?”

“I don’t think that such a weird state of being happens more than once in a lifetime.”

Maka-sensei glared at me with a sharp gaze.

Even though it was summer break, I went to school early in the morning just as always. That’s because, the main instigator of the rebellion a few days ago—was me.

“The vice-principal doesn’t trust your words at all. Seeing that you brought the bleaching materials here makes you even more suspicious.”

“A teacher doesn’t believe his students…what a harsh world this is.”

I asked Sekiya-san to bring the bleaching tools here. Apparently, she managed to sneak into her room. By the way, the nuns back then were going around screaming “Karen-san is being possessed by the devil…! The devil is back…!” and so on. Well, you can’t really blame her, after she turned from a gal into such a proper girl, only to fall back after all this time…It must’ve been a great shock for the nuns.

“Jinsho-san also emphasized that your story is nothing more but a lie—which it actually is—And since they didn’t have any good clues, they can’t do more than this, so you better be thankful.”

“Of course I am.”

In three days, I’m supposed to write seven pages. Karen-kaichou, and the other people that were present during the revolt at the teacher’s office and guidance room all were ordered to do some volunteer work in the neighbourhood. I guess that writing a letter of apology like this isn’t that bad of a result. Working their butts off in this heat must be tough after all.

“Then that’s fine…No, it’s not! I still can’t believe it! Just when I stepped in the foreground, you had those tools after all!”

“Sorry to ruin your great efforts like that.”

She probably won’t say it herself, but I’m sure that she made an appeal towards the board director. Maybe that gave it all the final push to have it end up like this. However, while Maka-sensei was carrying it all, I was sneakily moving around in the background—

Since I couldn’t quite accept that fact, I thought that it might be fine for me to take some responsibility myself.

“Really…Really, you’re just…But, standing in front of everyone like that, I could feel the distance between me and my students shrink a bit. Maybe they’ll even come ask me for help before the next exam…?”

“I’m happy for you, Maka-sensei.”

“Ah, hey! No being kind now! But…I still am a bit happy. It’s thanks to you, Saigi-kun. Thank you.”

I’m happy for myself, that I found out that Maka-sensei isn’t just a charming and beautiful teacher, but also a good teacher for me and the other students.

“F-Forget about that now. Anyways, I was tasked to look over your progress here. Hence, I can’t do much here.”

“I-I know about that…”

I have to be thankful that things didn’t even more badly for me.



Someone let out a loud scream and jumped at me.

“I’m so glad that you’re here. I heard from Haru, but how bad for you, getting this at the beginning of summer break!”

Shiya-chan tapped me on the shoulder after she suddenly intruded the guidance room.

“S-Shiya-chan, what are you doing here?”

“I came here to help the student council. Karen-chan is currently cleaning some dirty river bank, so I’m heading over there.”

“You really have a lot of free time, Shiya-chan…How about you go on a trip or something?”

“If you want, I can teach you about some great tourist spots. I’ll put in a farewell gift for you.”

“Fujiki-senpai, so nice…I feel like I need to pay money just to talk to you…”

Shiya-chan was appreciative, but this teacher here is actually trying to get rid of her.

“But, I’m sorry, Fujiki-senpai. I’ll stay with Mako during this summer break.”

“Eh? You don’t really have to or anything.”

“So not cute! This kind Onee-san is paying you service, so gladly accept it! Well, I’m your private tutor, so you can’t get away from me anyway…!”

“Are you the demon lord or something?”

Shiya-chan just laughed at my retort.

“Mako, you’re not half-bad. Karen-chan was saved because of you.”

“I feel like I just made it worse though…”

“Hmpf, so bitter. Really I thought that Mako was still just a child, but…Not bad!”


I stared blankly at Shiya-chan’s mysterious words, while she looked at me like I was nothing but a bother, and took out her smartphone as she left the guidance room.

“…What was that about?”

“I heard something that I can’t ignore…Huh? Did something happen with the group of SID?”

This time it was Maka-sensei who took out her smartphone.

“Eh? This is…!”

“What happened?”

“T-This is Saigi-kun, right…?!”

Shown on Maka-sensei’s phone screen was definitely a picture of me. Not to mention that it seemed to be the me from back then in middle school. I had a sulking expression, and my cheeks looked a bit red.

“There’s also a message. ‘A sulking, teacher-hating Mako-chan’, she said…”


Is that… a picture directly after my fight with Onee-san’s teacher?

“This is SID’s group! Why is Keimi-san in there, sending messages?!”

“It’s weird for Maka-sensei to be in there as well, you know…But you don’t tell me…?”

“Maybe Keimi-san also entered SID…? Is this some bad joke? I can’t laugh at this! And she’s even more compatible than me!”

“Are you saying that again…Also, there’s no way that Shiya-chan…”

Just how serious is she about that…? I’m only supposed to be the pet-like younger brother though.

“How could this happen to me…I still have to fight with the scenery of Jinsho-san kissing Saigi-kun like that…Why do my worries keep increasing when I’m so busy.”

“If you’re that busy, then you don’t have to look after me.”

“But that’s got the highest priority…Still, I have some business right now.”

“Your job?”

“Yes, teachers only have a short summer break. We have to work normally, as well as receive a induction course. The one where we stay over.”

“From when?”

“Today. It’s almost time to depart.”

“Then tell me that sooner!” I’ll write it myself so just go!”

Your job or me…who is more important…I really wish it was the job.

“Can’t help it…I’ll call you every day. LINE. And I’ll send you perverted pictures.”

“I don’t need the last part!”



“Kyaaa, the almost honest Saigi-kun is really cute!”

Maka-sensei hugged me like I was some plush toy, and kissed me. Still, things finally calmed down, huh. I wonder what would’ve happened if it wasn’t for Maka-sensei. Everyone, even Nui and Miharu were showing respect for her. And, it’s the same for me.


I put my hand on Maka-sensei’s cheek.


And putting my hand on her cheeks.


I lightly kissed her on the lips. It was the first kiss that was initiated by me.


“I’m sorry, I’ll get back to writing the apology.”

“W-Wait! Why’d you just kiss me?! W-What should I do…I’m so happy that my heart could stop beating any second!”

“Please keep on living…”

Not good, I can’t look her in the eyes at all…Even though I just wanted to stop getting swept along every situation. Seems like I’m still unable to stand against her as of right now.

Finishing the written apology, I left the student guidance room. A while ago, Maka-sensei already left ahead of me. Though I could see the red fiat drive away. Not like there was any need to see her off, I guess.

“Saigi Makoto.”

“Ah, Kaichou.”

The moment I was about to step out the entrance, Karen-kaichou appeared. Holding her bag with both hands, she looked like a high school girl waiting for her boyfriend.

“Did your volunteer work end already?”

“Yeah, it’s done. Though I felt a bit bad for pulling them all into this, they seemed to have enjoyed themselves in the end.”

“Glad to hear that.”

Although that’s to be expected. They’re all fans and admirers of Karen-kaichou. They probably see themselves as lucky to be able to meet her during summer break.

“Ah, Kaichou. Your hair is pitch black again.”

“Hmm…? Ah, h-how does it look? I don’t think that you can see any blonde anywhere anymore…”

Her face went red. Maybe I hit a difficult spot.

“It’s beautiful. I’m glad that you turned it back to normal.”

“Shiya-senpai recommended me a good beauty parlor. And the hairstylist there is apparently called ‘Goddess’ or something. Shiya-senpai even paid for me.”

“I guess she must’ve really felt bad.”

Thank god the Onee-san from before is nowhere to be seen.

“Since it’s summer, it might’ve been better to even cut it a bit.”

“Eh, no you can’t. I prefer Kaichou with long black hair.”

“Y-You…! You’re not doing this just to tease me, are you?!”

“Of course not. You are a Senpai that I admire, as well as an old friend of mine.”

“I-I see…But, that’s not it, right.”

Karen-kaichou stretched out her hand, and out her palm on my chest.

“Баша (Basha)”


“It’s fine if I die.”

“It’s fine if I die…are you talking about SID?”

“Futabatei Shimei translated the Баша in the Russian novel ‘Unrequited Love’ as ‘It’s fine if I die’. Normally, this would be translated as ‘Instability’, but I liked the translation, so I took it as the name of our group.”

That’s quite the origin there…Though it has this certain touch to it, yeah.

“Oh yeah…Uhm, Kaichou, about my reply for your confession…”

“I don’t need it. I’ve been waiting three years, and I still have four ahead of me.”

“I really am targeted…”

Although it made her seem like a stalker, her expression seemed as clear as never before.

“Though I doubt that I can become a woman like Shiya-senpai, I’ll try my best. You better be prepared.”


She sounds half-joking, half-serious…

“That reminds me, is Shiya-chan now a part of SID or something…?”

“Ahh, about that. I was also really surprised, but…Hm? Isn’t that your little sister and your classmate Kisou Tenka over there?”

“Oh, you’re right. Miharu and Kisou…san? What kind of mix is that?”

We could see the two of them standing at the gate, talking. Even though Miharu swore that she wouldn’t leave the house during summer break.

“Miharu, Kisou—san?”

I approached the two of them, as I realized that Kisou-san was currently on the phone.

“Yes…Yes…Yes…I understand, Father.”

Father? The owner of Nekoranya, Maka Papa?


“What happened?” “And also Miharu, what are you doing here—-”

Kisou-san’s hand holding the phone just sacked down, as if the energy supply was cut—and big, round tears started streaming down her cheeks.


“That red fiat…Onee-chan’s car…an accident.”

“Accident…? Accident? Maka-sensei was…?!”

The fiat I had just seen off was involved in an accident…? She’s been so cheerful even after we’ve separated.

I softly put my finger on my lips. And, I remembered. The warmth of her lips back then—

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