He Didn’t Want to Be the Center of Attention, Hence, after Defeating the Demon Lord, He Became Guild Master (LN) Volume 1 Prologue

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Prologue: The Forgotten Fifth

1 – Demon Lord Extermination and The Miracle Children

Everyone must have thought at least once in their life, “I want to defeat the demon lord!”

But the chances of that happening is as rare as pulling a winning ticket in a lottery

Being the first to arrive in the demon lord’s castle, and being able to defeat the demon lord without dying.

The environment where the demon lord’s castle is built on is also extremely harsh and dangerous. There were some that died on the way back, and became a hero that was remembered after their death.

Even if they safely made it back, being the hero who defeated the demon lord, would mean they possessed more power than the demon lord, there would be people who would be scared of them even if they didn’t do anything.

Being recognized as the hero who defeated the demon lord, Achieving the peak of glory, It’ll be a pain in the ass if in the end they lose the freedom to go anywhere.

If so, What can they do? I’ve always been worried about this even before defeating the demon lord.

It may be seen as cowardly, but after being specially chosen as one of the demon lord subjugation party members, I’ve decided to always take the “Low-risk-high-return” option.

Being heroes who saved the kingdom and being given political powers is fine and all but there are some who gained the jealousy of an elder advisor and were poisoned.

Because of that, it doesn’t really feel like a reward to me.

If it makes me shunned by other people, then I don’t need the peak of glory or whatever.

Inconspicuously and not standing out, while being able to get what i want is fine.

For that reason, While I’m part of the demon lord subjugation team, not being the star of the team nor being the vanguard, devoting myself solely to rear support is fine.

Rather, being the advisor of the team is just right.

It doesn’t mean I’m not a part of the Heroes’ party or anything, but just being a collaborator of the heroes who defeated the demon lord is enough, I want to be a bystander.

That was what I decided upon until the demon lord is defeated.

The power needed to defeat the demon lord, Plainly speaking, you need to be recognized by the Adventurer’s Guild as a SSS-ranked adventurer.

In this world, called Grangalm there are multiple continents, in the country we’re in, which is called Albein Kingdom, the strength of an adventurer can be measured in numbers.

Physical Power, Magical Power, Skills owned, and Connections with other people are all taken into account when calculating someone’s “Adventurer’s Strength” value, if the value of a single individual exceeds 100,000, they’re recognized as a SSS-ranked adventurer.

Being young and possessing that much strength value is extremely rare. Even in the history of the kingdom, the title of SSS-rank adventurer itself is more or less unoccupied.

But our generation was an exception.

[Wanted! Demon lord subjugation]

Under that pretext the king recruited applicants and assembled a team of young boys and girls around the age of 10.

“Miracle Children” – There was no other way to describe the gifts that each of them received from god.

They received those gifts from birth, polished them since they were young, and attained 100,000 Adventurer’s Strength based on the guild’s criteria.

The five miracle children received a title based on the gifts they have.

“Sparkling Holy Sword – Cody”

“Sweet Disaster – Mylarka”

“Silent Priest – Yuma”

“Bewitching Demonic Goddess” – Eileen

And then me, more or less I achieved an Adventurer’s Strength of 100,000, but due to keeping a low profile, I became called “The forgotten something-or-other”.

I would like them to at least do some research if they want to give a title,though.

My name is Dick Silver.

The astounding rookie adventurers who attained an adventurer’s strength of over 100,000 have a glaring weakness.

Because they’re individually strong, they are not very good at thinking up strategies to work together and combine their strengths.

To defeat the demon lord who possess the same if not a greater amount of power, working together is essential.

In order to unify a party like this, I stood calmly at the back in order to give orders to each of them and divide their roles.

And so I went with them on a journey to defeat the demon lord, and finally we reached the demon lord’s castle after 3 months.

Mylarka bombarded the demon lord relentlessly with her unique Annihilation Magic, Yuma thoroughly put all the spirits that the demon lord summoned to rest and sent them off to heaven, Eileen switched into “Demon” mode and launched herself in the demon lord’s direction and started overwhelming her.

Lastly, Cody wielded his holy sword and cornered the demon lord.

I gave them a strategy and casted buff magic on them, and all that’s left for me is to stand by and watch the battle unfold.

Even though each of their battle power was overwhelming , nobody had any ability to back up their party members.

Even the high priest that wields the power to put souls to rest didn’t learn any healing or defensive magic.

The demon lord was also no pushover, each of her attacks had the power to blow an SSS-ranked adventurer’s arms and legs off in a single hit, If i didn’t cast my buff magic there might have been casualties in that battle.

Anyway, I’m glad that nobody died in that battle.

The demon lord’s crown was flung off her head by shockwaves made by Cody’s sword, and she finally fell on her knees.

Cody didn’t chase after her, and just pointed his sword coated with holy energy in the demon lord’s direction.

“Ugh… to be able to bring me to my knees. I recognize your strength, Humans.”

“If you promise to stop committing evil then we can let you go. And you’re not allowed to leave your territory since your presence alone frightens us humans.”
“So you’ll leave my land alone… What a naive man. Even though you have no use for a land filled with demons.”

“I just believe that everyone needs a place to live in.”

Even though he was covered in blood and just took part in a life and death battle, Cody stated his thoughts clearly. If it was me i would have asked someone who can cast healing magic as soon as possible but, I’m pretty much the only one capable of casting healing magic in this party..

I casually casted Healing Light and healed Cody’s body of his wounds. He glanced at me and flashed me a smile, but still didn’t loosen up the tension.

“Sigh… Human, even if i give in now, wherever there is light, there is darkness, there will definitely be another demon who will terrorize the human world…”

“That’s fine already. Just give us something that can be used as proof that we’ve subjugated the demon lord. If you don’t, we’ll strip everything off of you and bring you back to the kingdom.”

“Wha, such cruelty… so the loser deserves no remorse at all,eh..”

As expected from [Sweet Disaster], even while threatening someone barbarically she still looks cute.

Golden-colored hair flowing straight down her head, big,strong-willed eyes, still she’s only 11 years old, she is only 2 years younger than me, yet she doesn’t care how others view her. Having absolute confidence in her physical appearance and her power, “Age gap doesn’t mean anything” is what she used to say.

Her personality is just as you can see, very strict. So she shows no mercy to the demon lord.

And so because the beautiful woman with dark skin- the demon lord who looks like a Dark Elf was being stripped off of her clothes, she let out a shriek.

“I was really looking forward to putting the demon lord’s soul to rest,though… What a shame.”

“Putting her to rest… Your intentions are pretty barbaric… That’s not something a priest should say, you know.”

“ehh? Why? I want to be able to comfort every soul in this world. Even Dick’s….”

Even though Yuma is looking at me like a “Crazy Psycho Priest”, she is just a soul-loving maniac.

This genius priest is still only 9 years old, even though she’s the youngest in our party, being this young and having this kind of personality makes you wonder what happened in her childhood that resulted in her becoming like this.

“Every priest is like this” is what she keeps saying but i have a gut feeling that’s not true.

“Hey, so what should we do? As proof that we subjugated the demon lord… should we take that pendant?”

The female fighter with pink hair – Eileen says that with a look on her face that says she’s tired of waiting.

Being half ogre and half human, she matured faster than a human. She was only 12 years old yet had a figure like an adult.

With a chest that she herself called “Boing Boing”, which didn’t lose even compared to the demon lord who physically looks to be around 20 years old, sometimes she leads my pure heart astray…but enough of that.

Cody looked below the demon lord’s neck and found the pendant. His face started to visibly redden, and started to behave strangely.

“T-The pendant… Dick, would you grab it instead of me?”

“What are you even chickening out for, you…hm…?

The demon lord was wearing clothes that looked like a bondage, the upper part of her breast were not being covered. In the valley between her two voluptuous mountains, the pendant was buried inside of it.

Cody had no experience with women- Well even if I say that, it’s normal for someone who was only 13 years old.

“Something that I believe to be extremely sexy” is something he naturally avoids.

And so there is no choice for me but to do it in his place.

“hng… So you chose to take that pendant… Without it, my elemental resistance and self-restoration magic will be gone… But if a normal human wears it, they will be cursed, and just by holding it their life force will be sucked dry…”

“hm… that is a bit…”

while the demon lord is explaining the effects of that pendant, I pulled on a metallic string. and I pulled out a golden decoration. There was something like a plain magic circle on it, the overflowing magic power from it was far from normal.

“Looking at the demon lord with that lecherous gaze, You pervert. Perverted Dick”

“Ahaha, Mylarka’s burning with jealousy. Don’t worry, yours will get bigger soon.just like mine ♪”

“I-It’s not like it bothers me or anything…”

Mylarka turns her gaze at me, she’s definitely glaring at me so I turned the other way.

If she was a bit more silent she would be very sweet, But she is always extremely willful and strict like that, so I already got used to it.

More importantly, there’s the problem with the pendant. in the valleys of her bust lies the pendant, with the warmth of her human skin- rather, Dark Elf skin, lies the pendant which we need to bring back to the kingdom.

“As long as we don’t equip it we won’t be cursed, we’ll be taking the demon lord’s pendant.”

“Mm… I-I understand. As long as I behave, you’ll give it back right?”

“Although I can’t make any promises, hm… Then in about 5 years you can come to me to take it back. If you keep your promise until then, I’ll return it to you.”

“Although I made light of you thinking you were just a child, You’ve got some nerves. Young Hero, what is your name?”

“I’ve told you before but I’m Dick. Dick Silver. You can forget it if you want, but if you can please remember it. If you don’t, I won’t return your pendant.”

I took the demon lord’s pendant. Although she said a normal human would be cursed, my ability was able to suppress it. And then I remembered that I forgot to say something important.

“Also, I’m not a hero. Cody is more suited to be called the hero. I just followed them around that’s all.”

“…Why are you being that humble? However you see it, the one at the center of this group is…“

Though i know what the demon lord was trying to say, the idea that this party only functions because i’m at the center of it, is ridiculous. I’m just someone who keeps the balance of the party. Rather, it’s more like I’m the one being abused here.

2 – Their Respective Rewards

We brought back proof of our demon lord subjugation, [Demon Lord’s Amulet], and the king started the award ceremony.

Cody’s wish was to be the leader of the Albein Kingdom’s order of the knights.

Mylarka’s wish was for one of the few extremely rare Phantom Birds

Yuma’s wish was to build an orphanage for kids without a relative.

Eileen’s wish was for some sacred sake called Miki

Even though there were some wishes which made people wonder if it’s alright to wish for something like that, It’s something that each of them are satisfied with.

Because the Demon Lord’s Amulet was an item that possessed the dangerous ability to steal a human’s life force just by touching it, it was decided to be placed in the care of someone who can suppress it. I earnestly suggested for it to be left in my care, and it was decided that it would be under my supervision. If it was left in the royal family’s care I wouldn’t be able to return it to the demon lord later.

“If the user possesses enough strength to resist the demerit of the demon lord’s talisman, the talisman will become a powerful piece of equipment. “

I concealed that piece of information.

The more trump cards i have the better.

That aside, I also participated in the demon lord subjugation, so i am able to wish for something that I want.

“Dick Silver. Even though you were unable to attain any great achievement in this subjugation, It is a fact that you followed your fellow heroes and was able to reach the demon lord. I am unable to grant you any wish like the others but still, state your wish.”

“…Your highness, please revise that. To us, Dick is…”

Cody tried to support me. It seems like he felt that he owed me.

The boy with brown hair and eyes,and a well featured face, even though he usually had a gentle smile on his face, right now he had a desperate expression, and desperately tried to raise my evaluation.

“Cody, I’m happy you feel that way, but I really didn’t do much.”

“hrm… However, being the one who’s taking care of the demon lord’s amulet, a suitable reward is needed.”

“I(Ore)… no, I(Watashi) just tagged along. Although just following them alone took a lot of effort, it was all I could do just to arrive with them at the demon lord’s castle. As for the demon lord’s talisman, If the one who holds it is someone as unknown as me, I believe that I won’t be in danger.”

Although I(Watashi) is something that I’m not used to, I need to show my respect in the presence of royalty. Moreover, although my wording is a bit unusual, The King showed tolerance.

“Regardless of what part you had in the demon lord subjugation, it doesn’t change the fact that you were part of the group. No need to be modest, Brave child.”

“Dick, you liar.” mumbles Mylarka with a dissatisfied face. Yuma had her usual smile on, without saying anything although it seemed like she wanted to say something. Eileen seemed like she is unable to wait any longer to drink the Miki, and started fidgeting while looking at her surroundings.

It’s not really my place to say, but everyone’s still young. I hope for them to grow up to become lovely.

It’s a bit of a shame, but starting from today we’ll be going down our own paths. We were simply a team made to subjugate the demon lord.

“Although you weren’t able to cross blades with the demon lord, you must have supported your friends along the journey as a fellow traveler. Now then, I’ll ask once more. State your wish.

“I am grateful for your kind words. The thing that I wish for is…”

Being asked once more by the king, I pretended to be deep in thought. Even though I’ve already decided on what I wanted long ago.

My wish, a life that is not the center of attention, and also having the biggest benefits. That is-

“Your Majesty, I would like to receive the permission to start a new guild here in the capital.”

By becoming a guild master, I would be able to receive great merits just by gathering adventurers without making myself do the work.

The ones who will stand out are the members of the guild- the adventurers, all I have to do is gather some people, train them and give them guidance.

SSS-ranked adventurers becoming a guild master after retiring is not that rare. Of course I’ll need some funds and connections, but it should be fine if I let the King handle the negotiations.

What’s important here is that I don’t desire the spot of the top guild.

A guild that won’t aim for the top, and not that well-known, when in fact- has multiple affiliated adventurers, and the requests that are brought in are top of the line.

In order to create a situation like that, I need to make a system so that only the people with rare requests know about the existence of our guild. It’ll take some time but as long as i make proper preparations it’s not impossible.

“Guild master… Dick, you were thinking about something like that..?”

“The souls of hot-blooded adventurers assembling at the guild… aah! I want to appease their souls…”

“Huh, you sure thought up something interesting. Hey, is it fine if we come to the guild to hang out sometime?”

Seems like the three of them liked the idea. I guess if they wear a disguise first and come to play every once in a while it’s fine, It won’t destroy my image as a shadow guild master.

“You want to make a new guild, you say…? In our kingdom there are 12 adventurers guilds, but the 12th guild’s situation isn’t going that well, the guild master also retired last month. If you wish to use that guild house as it is, Dick. You will be able to operate as a guild master immediately. Or, do you prefer starting a new guild?”

“Is that guild house built in an inconspicuous area?”

“That is correct, It is located in the back-street of the 12th street in the capital, the public order is terrible. It is also one of the reasons why the situation there isn’t great… Do you prefer a new guild after all?”

The King affirmed the situation there multiple times. Naturally, even if I only accompanied the party to defeat the demon lord, there is no way I would accept a second-hand guild in such a bad situation.

Even though I’m the weakest in the hero party, I still have an adventurer’s strength score of 100,035, so it doesn’t really bother me that the public order is bad.

In such an inconspicuous place, only people with special requests would come, a secret organization- or rather, an underground guild that accepts the most troublesome requests from all over the world, That is my ideal guild.

Even if it’s a run-down guild with no big achievements, it’s actually more convenient that way. Nobody would expect anything from the one who’ll succeed a run-down guild like that.

“Yes, that guild house alone is already more than what I deserve. It is my pleasure to operate that guild.”

“I see… It slightly bothers me but if you are going to go that far, so be it. I do believe you are being far too modest though. Either way, maybe it’s because all of you are still young, but what you desire is different compared to adults.”

Implicitly, it seems like His Majesty is glad that nobody asked his beloved daughter’s hand in marriage as their wish. That is probably the reason why the princess was standing by the whole time during the ceremony.

Now with that matter out of the way, i’m glad neither me nor Cody needed to apologize to the king for desiring his daughter.

Seems like shortly after the ceremony is over, there would be a parade in order to celebrate the heroes’ subjugation of the demon lord, so we were invited beforehand.

However, Everyone except Cody left the castle and refused to attend the parade.

“You guys, seriously… no, I should’ve known you would do this.”

Cody excused himself, and left the castle to chase after us. On the stone bridge in front of the castle gates, we were talking while standing on one side of the bridge together with our respective poses.

Myralka was crossing her arms on the bridge’s handrails, Yuma was a priest so she was sitting down in a seiza posture, Eileen was sitting on top of the handrails. Cody is just standing still, and I was sitting with a rude posture1

“The reason I wanted to defeat the demon lord was because I wanted this Fairy Bird. Even though now I’ve obtained it, I have no intention of putting it in an exhibition..”

“That Fairy bird, It’s so cute♪.”

“Yeah, but if you say that you want to send it to heaven then i’ll pinch your cheek. Yuma, even though you’re still so young, as expected of the daughter of the archbishop. Wishing to run an orphanage, you even put adults to shame with your pure desire to help.”

“In the cities that we visited during the demon lord subjugation, there were a lot of starving children. I promised those children. “After we defeat the demon lord, please come to the capital and find me, I’ll take care of you.”

I wanted to ask if she really was only 9 years old, but I was also pretty weird since I was 5 years old so I can’t really say anything to her.

“Wait, Yuma is the daughter of the archbishop? That’s news to me.”

“It’s something she rarely talks about. It’s the same for me, and Eileen never really talks about her home either right?

Even after 3 months of travelling together to subjugate the demon lord, There were still a lot of things that we don’t know about each other.

Well, It’s fine that we don’t pry too much about each other’s affairs.

“Hey Dick, This sacred wine, do you want to drink it together when we’re both adults? By the time we’re recognized as adults at 16 years old, It’ll have fermented and it’ll taste better, won’t it?”

“ye, Yeah… I don’t mind. I’ll say it just in case but when any of you come to visit me in the guild, disguise yourself so people won’t know who you really are. You are all extremely famous after all.”

“It’ll trouble me if you expect me to do something that troublesome. I will do what I want. Don’t instruct me what to do.”

Mylarka has no self-consciousness but, that’s just her way of saying that she will visit me in the guild house sometime. She was extremely unsociable during the journey, I wonder what will she request when she comes to my guild.

“It’ll save me a lot of trouble if you will at least come from the back door. Nobody in the capital is unaware of the name [Sweet Disaster]”

“Tch, I told you not to call me by that name,didn’t I? The people who don’t understand the true beauty of Annihilation Magic were the ones who started calling me that by their own accord, it annoys me a lot.”

“Mylarka, from now on are you going to study in the magic academy- or actually, your father’s place?”

“Y-Yeah. That’s my plan.”

Thanks to Mylarka, the riddle of Yuma’s origins was solved. Mylarka is also probably the daughter of a teacher in the magic academy.

Both of Cody’s parents were adventurers, He said he grew up by following their tracks. And being the prodigy that he is, he surpassed them at the age of 4, though he still highly respects his parents even now.

“Oh right. Cody, you’re strong but, I’ll say this just in case. Don’t die on us for some weird reason like “For the kingdom” alright?”

“As i thought, I’m no match for you. I know you don’t like me saying this, but the reason I’m still alive today is because you keep giving me warnings like that. That’s what I believe.

“o-Oh… Stop, It’s hard to respond if you suddenly say something like that, so please don’t reply so seriously.”

“Hahaha, sorry. I won’t give my life for the country but, I might give my life to uphold my beliefs. I believe great swordsmen act this way as well.”

I sometimes wonder if saying a line like that with a straight face is a trait of the hero.

“Ah… Looks like it’s about time for me to go. Everyone, Let’s all meet again someday.”

“Likewise. It’ll be nice if you can enjoy the parade in our stead as well.”
“Cody-san, please do your best.”

Cody returned to the castle. And we remained there without breaking up.

“he, Hey. Dick, where were you born?”

“I’m the son of a farmer back in the sticks. As for where exactly, that’s a secret, I won’t tell you.”

“I-Is that right… Then, for now you’ll be going back home…”

“No, I left my home with the intent of leaving for good. I plan to live in the capital just like now.”

I calmly replied to her, but an awkward silence followed right after. I’ve never been able to read the mood well. I always thought that I should fix that.

“Dick-san, before we disband, is it fine if we go take a look inside the guild house?”

“It’ll be troublesome for me to go home now, so i guess i’ll crash in Dick’s place for now~”

“…M-Me too… my house is close by anyway, and Dick tends to look at Eileen with lewd eyes as well, I’ll follow you in order to keep you under control, I’ll be on watch duty.”

“Ahaha, he’s a boy after all so it can’t be helped. Whenever I say “Boing Boing”, Dick always looks so happy.”

“Happy my ass”, I wanted to say bluntly but, the unexpected development relieved me a bit.

I feel bad for Cody but disbanding just like this even makes me, the one who has conquered loneliness feel nervous.

“Well then, let’s go to my new hideout- my guild. Everyone, make sure to disguise yourselves properly before following along.”

“Again with your weird obsession… If you keep saying troublesome things like that nobody would ever want to marry you, you know.

“Ooh, would you look at that. Even though in the end you listen to what Dick tells you to do.”

“some-, Something like that… I just happened to be generous enough to listen to some child’s selfishness.”

“Fufu.. Typical Mylarka-san. As expected even from now we’ll stay the same just like before.”

Yuma saying something unrelated to souls makes her gleam with a little sister’s charm. I started feeling like it would be nice to let her ride on my shoulders but, it’ll be dangerous so I’ll stop.

And thus, I became the head of a run-down guild in the capital’s 12th street.

I put the funds that I was given in to the guild’s capital, even without being the center of attention, is it possible for my guild to become the gathering place of adventurers and requests from all over the world?

Since the start of my plan, it’s been 5 years.

1:One leg being above the other

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