He Didn’t Want to Be the Center of Attention, Hence, after Defeating the Demon Lord, He Became Guild Master (LN) Volume 1 Chapter 1

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1 – The Drunkard and the Beautiful Client

Albein Kingdom, located in the northern part of the continent of Exlea, had 2,000 years’ worth of history since its founding. The population numbered 10,000,000 and the Capital of Alvinas alone had over 500,000 people. Of that number, less than a hundred of those were noble feudal lords who governed their own districts, the King stood at the top.

Cody said that after becoming the leader of the knights, his position was similar to a Duke. Despite being a hero, seems like he had quite a hard time with the nobles ever since he became the leader of the knights, because he was a former adventurer.

Seems like the nobles weren’t aware, that a single SSS-ranked adventurer could flatten the country single-handedly. Moreover, Cody didn’t snap even once during that time, he did well enduring the nobles’ bullying.

After he turned 16 and became able to drink, he sneaked into my guild, although he wasn’t the type to drink any liquor, “It was a problem that I had to go through during negotiations with the nobles and military.” was what he said.

And so, he says. I suppose that is the case when you are in an official position.

“A guild master is also a position that’s worthy of respect” he said

I burst into laughter, since all I do is sit here and drink all day.

Although being able to just drink all day was also because of the system that I successfully put into place.

There were 11 other guilds within the capital other than my guild – [Silver Mug], The current top guild which is the 7th, [White Goat] created an association where the guilds mutually passed around requests and prepared adventurers for each other.

I didn’t take part in it, the reason being I wanted to protect my secret. In order to do that I had to do some preparations, from the previous state of every guild being a part of the association, I pulled some strings in order to make a few other guilds withdraw as well.

The reason for that was because I didn’t want to make it look like my guild was the only one who wanted to become independent.

After I secured my guild’s secrecy, I created an urban legend of “The guild in the 12th street accepts requests that the other guilds refuse to accept” and spread it as a rumor. Of course, just by hearing the rumor and coming straight into the guild from the front door isn’t good enough. If they search a bit harder, they’ll find out that in order to become affiliated or to put up a request in my guild, they need to know a certain “Password”.

Specifically, what kind of requests came by? You may wonder, I’ll give you an example.

This is a story from around 3 months after I became 18 years old.

One day during the afternoon, As usual, I was sitting in the guild’s bar, drinking some of my favorite liquor.

“Master, How is it? It was produced in the Burgundy district, It’s first-class fruit wine with the best white grapevine of the season.

Behind the counter, there was an elf wearing a maid uniform. Regardless of whether there were any customers in the guild or not, whenever nobody is close enough to hear it, she immediately calls me “Master”.

By the way, there were no customers right now. A little bit after the store opens at 10 in the morning, the neighborhood townspeople usually come to dine, but at a time like this even if the guild is open, nobody would come in the bar. Although just in case, I wait inside for a client, or maybe a newbie adventurer to come in.

In any case, I need to warn this maid-elf.

“Call me “That mister over there”, not “Master”. If you continue doing that I won’t talk with you.”

“No way… then, when you get drunk until the color of your face changes, can I call you “That mister with the fascinatingly wet eyes”?”

“How many times do you have to flatter me until you’re satisfied? Is “Wet Eyes” even a compliment? Well whatever. If you call me something like that again there’ll be some punishment.”

“ah… I-I understand. Please discipline this filthy bitch.” (PRN: sumimasen, what the fuck)

The body of the maid that looked at me with eyes full of expectation, even if I were to say it reservedly, looks like extremely ripe fruit drooping down.

Even though maid uniforms with such an extremely low skirt were regarded as heresy in the capital, she wore it for the sole reason of grabbing my attention.

Although her body figure didn’t change at all in the last 5 years, she had a different skin color, her skin was white which made her look like a normal elf. If the dark elf, which was the demon lord appeared in the capital it would cause quite the uproar, so in order to keep the public order, by the time we met again she already looked like a normal elf.

“You see, if you chase after a man too hard, they will run away. If pushing doesn’t work, then try pulling, right?”


Saying “Ugh” in front of her master, what an insolent maid. Although it’s understandable. Seeing that her maid uniform was really just for show, she wasn’t a real maid after all.

The elf in maid uniform took a deep breath. It’s something she did every time she changes her tone.

“Even if you say that, I’ve waited for 5 years you know. Master was the one who said so, right? That after 5 years, you’ll return my amulet. Thus, in order to take back my amulet I’m trying to show my sincerity. Even so, am I still not sincere enough?”

A maid who suddenly changes her tone. Yes, to tell you the truth, she is the demon lord who disguised herself in order to enter the capital.

It’s been a month since she came to my hideout-like guild and crashed in, I do wonder where the hell she found out about my guild and gained the funds to procure a maid uniform from, and in the end became something like an employee at my guild.

The demon lord with purple hair and dark-brownish skin, right now had white skin and flax-silvery hair like a High-Elf. Without camouflage magic she would return to how she was before, though.

“If it’s about my land, then don’t worry. I’ve left it to my younger brother. He’s an excellent little brother that always does what I say.”

“That’s not it, I wasn’t really worried about that… I was just thinking about how I planned to just return the amulet but you kept insisting that you won’t simply take it back.”

“tsk… I- For the last 5 years, renounced my throne and left my land, I kept thinking about what I would do when I come to visit you, you know! Doing something preposterous like just meekly retrieving the amulet, without making you understand my deep-seated grudg- erm, Passion, is something that I cannot accept!”

Even if you say something like that, working at my place and even calling me “Master”, with an appearance that satisfies my desires, and doing many things centered around her body to service me, isn’t she overdoing it? As expected of a demon lord, her willpower amazes me to the point that I wanted to praise her for it.

“If you want to take revenge, there’s always the option to challenge me to a duel, though.”

“Doing it that way would be boring. If I don’t have my amulet, Master could easily hold me down and do disgraceful things to me after all. If you actually want to do it I don’t mind though.”

“Doing disgraceful things, that’s what you do every day though…”

“Did you say something?”

“Nah, nothing. Modesty is important you know, to a lady at least.”

“Even if I were able to retrieve my amulet, It’s no good if I can’t charm Master. After all, I polish my womanly attributes every day.”

The demon lord smiles, and says that while wiping some glass cups. That nonchalant behavior itself is very enticing, but I can’t let my true thoughts leak.

“That demon girl is also a regular here. As an older woman, I can’t afford to be careless.”

“You don’t need to treat it like a rivalry, she is to say, extremely innocent after all. I don’t think she really thinks of me as someone special.”

“fufu… I wonder. I don’t know if master is just very dense or just acting that he’s dense.”

5 years ago, after coming to play in my guild house for a few days, Eileen went back to visit her home village. The village where the demon-tribe live in is in the mountain district on the western part of Albein kingdom. Seems like she went to report about the demon lord subjugation to the chief of the village, her father. And also shared half of the Miki she got with her parents and her relatives. The rest she took for herself.

Since then, Eileen bought a house in the capital, and started earning money by doing the jobs I threw at her, she also came to the bar almost every day to drink.

When a member of the Demon Tribe turns 10, their appearance was already that of an adult, so it would be fine for them to drink alcoholic drinks, but she followed the kingdom’s regulations and held herself back until she’s 16 years old.

She was one of the reasons I became a drunkard. Eileen who was very sensitive to the taste of liquor, assembled the drinks that she recognized to be good, and while studying on how to make blends, became addicted to the amount of depth it had.

Although Eileen is now a heavy drinker, she got drunk on the first day she started drinking, and started talking about lewd things— let’s leave it at that. Nothing really happened anyway, and even now there was no particular development in our relationship.

And then, while I was thinking about unimportant stuff, seems like a customer came in.

I exchanged glances with the demon lord, and we adopted the behavior of a bar employee and a customer.

The doorbell rang with a “cling-clang” sound, and somebody with a gray overcoat with a hood that covered their face came inside the bar. Their footsteps made sounds on the wooden floor— they sounded like a woman’s boots.

She took a seat in front of the counter. I was seated 4 seats away from her, the one furthest from the center. I brought the white grapevine wine to my mouth, and enjoyed the taste of the liquor. For now, that’s enough.

Having a “Grey Overcoat” on proved that they are a special type of customer in this bar. Even then, there were still some more “Procedures” left. If she can’t fulfill them, I won’t listen to her problems.

The demon lord entered receptionist mode, and began a conversation with the girl wearing the gray overcoat. I unconcernedly started listening carefully.

“…Can I order [Milk]? If there’s none in stock, [Something that I can only drink here, your recommended liquor.] Please.

“I understand. Is [This store’s special blend] fine?”

“Yes, please do. Make it [an original, just for me] as well.”

She said all the passwords. On that moment, she was recognized as a [Client].

Wear an overcoat that matches the day of the week, and say the passwords that she just said. In order to know that, she had to be “Somebody with a request that the other guilds refused, and was contacted by one of my guild members”, or maybe “Had contact with a middleman in my network”.

Even though she was recognized as a client, I’m still going to be just a spectator.

As for what I’m going to do, the demon lord who is on reception duty will have a conversation with her, and I’ll decide after I’ve listened to her request while pretending to be a customer.

While I sip my drink bit by bit, I eavesdropped on their conversation while paying attention so that I won’t be caught.

“…Well, is it fine if I speak now?”

“Yes. You have been recognized as an important customer of [Silver Mug].”

“Sigh… Can a guild that’s in a place like this seriously clear my request? I’m worried, but there’s no way around it. Since I can’t really ask the other guilds to do this request.”

While saying that, she took off her hood— as she did that her dark brown hair flowed down her head, If I wasn’t prepared I might have complimented her..

She was considerably—no, within the capital, even if one were to line all the girls up, she would probably be at the top, that was the only way to describe the young girl’s beauty. She seemed to be around my age, or maybe slightly older. She had an air of determination around her and behaved gracefully, which reminded me of someone.

“I’ll say this bluntly. I would like you to break up the engagement between the First Princess Manarina and Duke Winsburg.”

“Break up the engagement, you say…? What is your position in the matter to desire such a thing?”

In regards to First Princess Manarina, right now she was 15 years old, and this year she would be 16 years old.

When she hit the age of adulthood, which was 16 years old, her father being the king, needed to pick a spouse for her. It’s a custom that was passed down in the Royal Family since the olden days, in order to join an influential family with the royal family, one of the reasons being to solidify the position of the royal family.

In regards to Winsburg, he created a senate, which gave periodical aid to the king’s rule, which made him the number one noble family within the kingdom. Being qualified to marry the princess, meant that he owned a high enough social status for that— But if I remember correctly, he was currently in his mid-40s, the age gap between him and the princess was far too large

“I am… the, the princess’s attendant. Her Royal Highness, the princess does not accept the marriage. Regardless of His Majesty’s decision, to the point that she said she’ll commit suicide against it, which made me worry endlessly about her.”

“That is…”

Being married into an influential family in order to support the king’s rule, That was also a responsibility that she was born into.

—But not being one to reply with common sense, there was no way the demon lord would reply like anyone else.

“If she truly does not desire it, then she should absolutely refuse it. I believe breaking off the marriage is the right thing to do.”

“oh..S-So you’re saying you can do it?! I… er, Princess Manarina and that creepy old man’s marriage, you can call it off, right?!”

She suddenly leaned closer, the self-proclaimed [Princess’s Attendant]. Her secret identity has mostly come to light. Anyway, for my network to even reach the royal family, it’s pretty impressive even if I do say so myself.

Jean Winsburg, even though he was still unmarried at his age, had put his hands on many women all over the place, from the other obligated families and even someone else’s wife. A man with no integrity that really wants an offspring.

Still, even among the nobles he was pretty handsome, and he showed loyalty to the king. And the reason why he’s proposing to the princess, it was probably just to further solidify his political powers, well that’s what usually happens anyway.

I understood her problems perfectly, but it’s not interesting at all. I ordered “The Usual” to the demon lord, and took the jockey1 filled with ale.

“What’s that guy’s problem? We’re having a serious conversation here, but he’s just chugging down his drink.”

“Young lady, please don’t mind me. I’m just a drunkard.”

“Drinking alcohol during the day… If your body breaks down, the people around you are going to worry, you know.”

Cough I don’t need your concern, I don’t have someone like that.”

Suddenly being kind and worrying about me, that really caught me off guard. With only one word she made me think Oh, She’s actually pretty nice., It’s the type of kindness that I’ve always wanted. The demon lord’s “Kindness” was a bit different.

“Sigh… well, it’s your own body, I believe it’s your choice to do what you want with it. Let’s go back to our previous topic. Breaking up the marriage, you can do it. right? If it’s this guild.”
“Yes, there is nothing impossible in our guild. In order to be able to achieve the request, there are a few questions I have to ask of you.”
“If you’re going to accept my request, then I’ll talk about anything you want.”

The self-proclaimed princess’s attendant’s previously stiff face, which was probably because she wasn’t sure if her request would be accepted. Now after her request was accepted, a genuinely relieved expression emerged on her face.

2 – Cold Milk and Fermented Mare’s Milk2 with A Millennial Peach Split

Peeking through the sleeves of her overcoat, they were clothes that only someone with a high social status could wear— If you look at that, you could figure out her origins, though I guess she just couldn’t procure civilian clothes in time. She must have gone through a lot of trouble just to come here.

I pretended to pass my order slip to the demon lord, It contained questions for the self-proclaimed attendant. The demon lord was feigning ignorance while looking over the slip, after handling my order, she started the inquiry.

“Now then, the first question. What is Princess Manarina’s reason to oppose the marriage?”

“The king decided this behind the princess’s back, and also she doesn’t want to marry a man that she’s only spoken to once, even if it is her duty.”

“That’s true… I’ve also experienced that, after reuniting with a certain person, I tried to have as many conversations with them as much as possible, and slowly strived to reach a mutual understanding with them.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”, I wanted to say, but I’ll have to hold myself back here. The demon lord sent me a glance, but I pretended to not notice while I gulped down the ale.

“…Although he, Duke Winsburg compliments the princess’s outer appearance a lot, he doesn’t care about what she’s like at all. And also, it’s not Princess Manarina that he’s after, It’s the spot of His Highness The King. Because he’s like that, even if she had a conversation with him, the duke won’t ever set her heart aflutter. He also likes to compare the value of all the women he’s laid his hands upon, a completely repulsive man.”
From the viewpoint of the royalty and the nobles, they probably think the princess was being selfish.

Being too mindful about the king, and ignoring his daughter which was the princess— which made her think badly of him, that in itself was disrespect towards the king. Although there were people who tried that and won the king’s favor in order to raise their own status.

The king that I met before seemed like an upright and fair man, but even that kind of person can be buttered up, or maybe he couldn’t determine whether the duke was truly loyal to him or tried to gain something else from him. For the sake of the kingdom, forging strong connections with influential nobles was the natural thing to do—however.

Rampantly going into relationships with women like that would definitely cause chaos, If Princess Manarina wishes to break up the engagement, then I won’t oppose it. Which meant there was no reason to refuse her request.

“I understand the princess’s feelings. Now then, without taking into account whether it’s possible or not, is there a way for the princess to call off the engagement herself?”

“…It exists, yes.”

In her voice, there was no energy at all—even if a way did exist, it was definitely impossible for her to do it, it seemed like that was the case.

“Within the royal family, if somebody from outside the family makes a demand, they can propose a duel in order to call it off. In short, if she proposes a duel with duke in front of the king, and is able to win… It would be possible for her to break up the marriage.”

Within the Albein Kingdom, it was a custom that was passed down since long ago.

By winning a duel you could reject any demand, that freedom was something that the populace accepted. Proposing a duel in order to force a decision, was treated the same as going against Albein’s god which ruled over war and glory. Within Albein where half of the populace were believers, It was an unforgivable act towards the royal family which stood at the top.

But even if she proposed a duel, she cannot win it. That was completely clear from the self-proclaimed attendant’s face.

“Duke Winsburg’s power, according to the adventurer’s strength score, just his combat power alone number about 1,200. His sword technique scored 800 points, his magical power scored 400 points. As for Princess Manarina…”

“Princess Manarina’s estimated combat power was only around 700. She only had swordsmanship, so…”

The nobles had no need for an adventurer’s strength rating, there were quite a lot of people who appreciated it as a way to find out one’s true strength, and came in the guild in order to have their strength measured. In my case, if it was someone with a lower adventurer’s strength value than mine, I can measure their strength values with a glance, but normally you would need a measurement device.

Winsburg just measured his strength 2 weeks ago, and got a score of 1,231. If we take into account his position as a duke, his overall adventurer’s strength should be 6,764.

Yep, even if his noble status was included in the calculation, his adventurer’s strength couldn’t even reach the average A-rank’s 10,000. That is because most requests calls for the adventurer to have a high amount of strength, making them primarily focus on raising their combat power.

Although just owning the title of a duke already gave him quite a high score, which was 6000 points. Even if his status as a duke and his combat power were combined, his score was pretty low, that was because of his numerous relationships with other women, which caused him to be resented by a lot of people, which caused points to be deducted from him.

Going back to his combat power, even just a difference of 1000 points would result in a huge difference, an almost impossible gap to fill in combat. Even if it was a difference of 500 points, there was no way to win unless you had an accomplice.

Having a combat power of 700 from swordsmanship alone, Princess Manarina has trained more than the average amateur. It seemed like she had some talent for the sword, but against Winsburg who had a score of 800 with just swordsmanship, it is clear that there is almost no chance for her to win.

However, that is only the case if Princess Manarina received no back up at all.

Without making a single sound, I started the preparation to cast my magic. I’ve realized that in order to complete this request, this was unavoidable. All that’s left is to put it into effect.

Not letting the self-proclaimed attendant—Princess Manarina herself notice what I was doing.

“Shopkeep, give me some milk.”

“Understood. Please wait a moment.”

“…Milk? Does that mean you’ve taken my words into consideration, and became worried about your body?”

The self-proclaimed attendant was making a curious face.

I took the glass filled with milk, stretched my hand towards it without being noticed, and slid it atop the counter. That glass filled to the brim with milk, stopped perfectly in front of the self-proclaimed attendant without spilling a single drop.

“Young lady, this is yours. My treat, go ahead and drink.”

“Gh… M,Milk was a password, I didn’t say that to…”

“Based on your appearance, you’re still not old enough to drink yet. It’s destiny that we’re sitting on the same counter”.

“T-This… Don’t treat me like a kid! It’s irritating!”

Seems like because I treated her like a kid, she’s pissed off— although I expected that kind of reaction, based on what happened here, the milk was the best option. I needed to get her to drink at least a mouthful of it, somehow.

“Customer, Please forgive me for my discourtesy… I have forgotten to serve you a drink, if you could accept the treat of that mister over there, I would also be happy.”

The demon lord said humbly, towards the self-proclaimed attendant who was about to leave her seat, she glanced at me with her face flushed red with embarrassment— and then grabbed the glass filled with milk.

“…Cold. To tell you the truth, I just got thirsty. Sorry for trying to leave my seat, let us please continue discussing my request.”

She sat back on her seat, held the glass, brought it to her mouth— and drank the milk.

Although it seemed like she really was thirsty, maybe it’s just a princess’s etiquette, but she only drank two mouthfuls.

Nevertheless, that was fine. At this moment, it was fine to say that the request was mostly completed— If she really is [Princess Manarina herself] just as I predicted.

“I shall give you a suggestion. I’ve already understood enough of the request’s details. What we suggest you to do is, [Propose a duel to Duke Winsburg], in order to break up the wedding.”

“T-That is… with her strength alone, to win against that man is…”

“In order to make her win, we will make the proper arrangements. Please tell the princess that all she has to do is, without worry, proceed to duel.”

“…Seriously, how would something like that ever… that man, are you going to poison him?”

“We [Silver Mug], after clearing the requests given to us, would never do something that would cause future problems to our client. We won’t do something that would leave a bad influence on the princess, so please rest assured.”

Even though she has only been on reception duty for a month, the demon lord explained precisely what was on my mind. I would even call it flawless.

“…I understand. I will trust you, and also, the [Silver Mug]. As for the reward…”

Regarding that as well, I’ve already relayed it to the demon lord. Something I thought of ever since I identified her as the princess—although Cody’s exhausted face also popped up in my head.

That the nobles misused the authority they received from the king, and treated the knight order like servants—and because of that, Cody suffered through a lot.

Although they should’ve used their own resources to exterminate the demons around their territory, instead they borrowed the knight order. Seeing Cody’s pitiful state after cleaning up small fries was something I cannot stand.

“Regarding the order of the knights, please don’t let the nobles have the power to order them around. Please propose that to the king. That is our condition. They are exhausted because the nobles kept using them as replacement for adventurers. The adventurer’s jobs also decreased because of that.”

“The order of the knights… That’s right. If the nobles are truly being unreasonable, the princess will definitely push your proposal to the king. That’s still not enough, so I’ll also give you something right now as advance payment. Consider it as part of my gratitude, please accept it.”

After saying that, the “Self-proclaimed attendant” put a silver pendant on the counter—it was something passed down within Albein’s royal family, The [Royal family’s crest].

Without thinking, I almost stared at the pendant. Just having a connection to the royal family through this job was already great, but suddenly a national treasure-grade item popped up.

Within Albein Kingdom there were five locations, they contained relics from ancient times. The [Royal family’s crest] was one of the relics. It was something that would make adventurers who liked to collect rare items water at the mouth—Even if I wanted to get my hands on it, I expected it to be much farther in the future.

“Is this fine? To leave this in our care is…”

“The princess’s life, it can be said you people are changing it for the better. Taking that into account, something equivalent to her life is a suitable reward. Otherwise, I won’t be able to call it even.”

It was an item that I wanted so badly I could taste it—even so.

Instead of taking it here and now just like that, I wanted to talk with the princess once more after we break up her engagement.

I gave my order to the demon lord. What suited her at this moment, was not milk.

Something to cheer her up, right before her once in a lifetime life-changing event.

“…This is… Are you sure? Mr. Customer.”

“Yeah, It’s alright. Ordering milk for you just now and treating you like a kid, sorry for that.”

“N,No. About that, I was also acting immature.”

While the princess was apologizing to me, because of what I ordered, the demon lord went to the kitchen to go bring something that wasn’t meant to be served to the general public.

And after finishing the blend, she came back, and put a glass in front of the princess.

“This is…?”

“It’s from that customer over there. This, Shusei3 was distilled and is something that even underage customers can drink, please enjoy it without any worries.”

The liquor that filled the cup was, a sake with half of it colored white, and another half pink. Moreover, atop of it was something that symbolizes zeal and success, a red petal. The flower message wasn’t something that the [Self-proclaimed attendant] needed, but if it’s for the [Princess] then it’s a different story.

“…Beautiful…this, is it really fine to drink it…?”

The demon lord nods, and Princess Manarina brought the glass filled with alcohol to her lips. and finally, looked at the glass in astonishment.

“Delicious… I thought you were a boorish and thoughtless man, but to think you knew of liquor with such a delicate taste.”

Without showing much of a reaction, I gulped down my delicious ale boorishly.

Still, she hasn’t realized what I’m going to do in order to clear her request yet—so there’s no reason for her to be too grateful to me.

Even though I believed that to be true, seems like the [Fermented mare’s milk with a millennial peach split] impressed her more than I thought

The princess stood up from her seat, closed in on me, and held her glass out to me. After having done that much, there was no way I could continue pretending to ignore her— I gave her a bitter smile, and toasted her small glass with my large jockey.
“Although the milk from before was indeed delicious, If you gave me this liquor first, I would be more impressed you know.”

“er… It, It’s not like that, I wasn’t trying to hit on you. It was just because we were sitting on the same counter, it was destiny…”

“Yeah, I get it. I just felt like saying it… Mister Drunkard.”
Until then I couldn’t see much of her face from the side, but now seeing a princess’s smile from up front, no words of flattery would be able to match her elegance, that was how charming she was.

3 – The First Princess and Sweet Disaster

We decided that the [Royal family’s crest] would be given to us after the request was successfully completed, 3 days have passed since we accepted the request.

The news of Princess Manarina’s duel against Duke Winsburg that ended in her victory has reached me.

How was she able to win against someone when her combat power was 1,000 points lower? You might ask.

I used the magic that I relied on the most during the demon lord subjugation—Enhancement magic.4

Enhancement magic can also be cast on food and drinks. Taking advantage of this one way or another, without being noticed by the target, just letting them eat or drink something that has had enhancement magic casted on it means I can enhance them.

I had the princess drink milk that was granted enhancement magic, and temporarily increased her combat power by 1,000 points. The fermented mare’s milk was also enhanced with physical enhancement, while the split peach was enhanced with increased magic resistance, Princess Manarina had a 500 score advantage and easily turned the battle around and won against Duke Winsburg in a sword-only duel.

Her victory scene was also confirmed by one of my guild members. Princess Manarina had her long brown hair tied up to a single strand5, and equipped with light armor the color of silver while proposing the duel, she calmly struck Winsburg’s sabre out of his hand in a single hit, and made the people watching the battle, including the king and the nobles, extremely surprised.

This wasn’t a crime(doping) but it was enhancement(power). I also did this to some of my adventurers who were still weak, which made it seem like my guild had some ability-enhancing alcohol and side dishes and resulted in adventurers gathering.

It must have been difficult for the self-proclaimed attendant to sneak out of the imperial castle, so I guess it’ll be a little while before I’ll be able to meet her again.

“Dick, If you knew she was the princess, why didn’t you say anything?”

After she cleared the high-difficulty quest I threw at her, Eileen went straight to the guild. If she joined my guild, it would be known as [The guild that has the demon lord subjugation team’s martial artist], so I had her take up requests as a free adventurer.

After she became 17 years old, she grew from [Boing Boing] to [Bursting] level, she may be the usual muscle-brained martial artist, but even though she doesn’t seem like it, she was a great cook. Sometimes she even helps out in the kitchen. For that reason, she was somewhat like an employee.

Because my cooking ability was just so-so, when the cook I hired was taking a break, sometimes I had her help me prepare dinner. Even I don’t drink 24 hours every day of the year.

“The princess was hiding her origins, if I didn’t pretend that I didn’t realize there would be no meaning to her disguise.”

“Ah, I see~. But I wonder what’s gonna happen from now. That earl whateversburg, he’s stuck in bed from the shock.”

“He’s not an earl, he’s a duke. That’s because he rushed his marriage with the princess, which resulted in dissatisfaction from the women he has relationships with. Although it was his own fault, it must be a bloodbath at his place right around now.”

Although the demon lord had free time until her evening work shift, she still helps out from time to time. She was pretty good at peeling vegetables, Eileen also worked hard in order to not lose to her, so my workload decreased which was great.

Due to the relationship between the nobles and the knight order, Cody was in a dilemma, however due to Princess Manarina’s proposal to the king, the amount of meddling that the nobles could do have dramatically decreased. Thanks to that, the amount of jobs circulating in the adventurer’s guild also increased, and business was booming, was what the [Black Lion]’s guild master told me.

“But hey, there’s the rumor that Princess Manarina was a real knockout of a beauty. Seems like when she turns into an adult she’ll show her face in a public event, won’t there be more marriage proposals for her?”

“There’s no way she will accept anyone’s marriage proposal. She’s been enlightened of master’s charm after all.”

“Why would that… I was just drinking beside her. She probably already forgot all “about me. And also, she identified herself as a mere attendant while she was here.”

While saying that, her charming face, which was overflowing with beauty, was still burnt in my eyes.

Nevertheless, Even though she gave me such a striking impression, she was not the first.

It was when I first met Mylarka. [You’re still coming even though you’re just a luggage carrier, you really are an annoying man, aren’t you?] the moment she said that, I was captivated by her, and was happy to be able to travel together.

She only had interest for Annihilation magic and small animals, men were just a potato on the side of the road to her. Even so, she was a girl with unmatched beauty, after the end of the demon lord subjugation, I heard a rumor that Mylarka got countless date requests since then.

However, not even one of them could penetrate the impregnable fortress that was Mylarka, [You don’t interest me one bit, and you will never do until the end of time.] was her signature phrase while rejecting them one by one.

One year ago, after my relationship with Eileen was misunderstood, I haven’t seen Mylarka since then. The time when she used to come in from time to time to grumble about her problems, sometimes I reminisce about those times.

“Come to think of it, the school that the first princess attends is…”

“…hm? Did you say something, Eileen?”

“Ahaha, nuh-uh, nothing. I was just worried about something for a bit.”

“What the… now I’m curious. If you don’t tell me, I won’t be able to concentrate on other stuff.”

“Mu, as expected the demon girl is really good at getting master’s attention. I need to learn from her.”

I was interested in knowing what Eileen was talking about, and asked her many times after that, but she didn’t answer me at all.

And while we were having small talk, even though the closed sign should’ve been outside the door, the doorbell rung.

“Eh? A customer came in?”

“I can’t let them find out that I’m not just a drunk here. Demon lord, go check for a bit.”

While the demon lord was attending to the customers, Eileen and I silently peeked—and then.

There were two women using an overcoat, the hoods were hiding their face. One of them, was Princess Manarina— and then, the other one.

“Customer, we’re still preparing to open, but how may I help you?”

“The one in charge of the [Silver Mug]… Call Dick Silver out. Trying to hide him is pointless.”

Even though it was one year ago, she didn’t change at all.

Always being rude to me, but I’ve always liked to hear it, her comfortable voice that’s like the sound of a ringing bell in my ears.

She took off her hood, and then her golden-colored hair that was hidden inside flowed down. Even without looking at her earrings that sealed her off-the-charts magic power, I already knew who she was from her voice alone

Mylarka Iris. Two years ago, she became an instructor in the magic academy, with her intelligence and beauty, and also her constantly stern personality, and because of the terror of her Annihilation magic experiments, she was still called [Sweet Disaster].

Rather, her appearance wasn’t that of a child anymore—she was a proper woman. To the extent that it can be said that all the men in the magic academy were once in love with Mylarka, now that her beautiful face turned 16 years old, it was so perfect to the point it was detestable. Even in a bar in a run-down place like this, with her dazzling presence, she crossed her arms just like in the old days, and with the twin items riding on her crossed arms meant that she overcame her old complex.

Somebody like her, why did she come to visit me with the first princess? I can faintly imagine why, but with her eyes that looked like it contained burning flames, meant that she had something against me.

4 – The End of the Misunderstanding and the Truth of the First Princess

“Mylarka, why are you being so aggressive to Dick-sama?”

The princess took off her hood and showed her face, and asked Mylarka with a confused look. Mylarka breathed a sigh, and started to explain the situation.

“I saw Manarina’s and that duke’s duel. Normally, Manarina winning against that man, while taking into account the difference in combat power, would be impossible. . But, within a short time window Manarina became stronger, and defeated that man. The only one who could possibly do that is… Dick. Nobody else but you.”

As expected of a fellow hero party member, even if I erased my presence she still found out. I accepted my fate, and went out to stand in front of Mylarka. The princess was surprised to see me, but she smiled right afterwards while embarrassed. Seems like her impression of me changed completely.

Mylarka looked at me while still crossing her arms. Her chest resting on her arm is very dreadfully tempting me, but I went against the temptation, and forced myself to look at Mylarka’s face. She’s mad, her eyes are scary, but I can’t escape.

“Addressing the princess by her name, Mylarka, What kind of relationship do you have with her?”

“I’m Manarina’s teacher. She attends the Magic Academy… she attends my seminars. She can’t use magic, so I needed to start teaching her from there though.

Even if they had talent in magic, there were definitely some who took a year to learn magic, and there were also people who learnt it in a day. I can barely sense any magic from Princess Manarina, so she has more aptitude for the blade rather than magic.

“I’m sorry for lying about my origins the other day… My true name is, Manarina Lila Albein. But looking at Dick-sama’s reaction, seems like you already knew.”

“Ah… N,No. I was just confident in my prediction because of what Mylarka said, that’s all.”

“Liar, because you’re always like this, I get irritated just by looking at you.”

She kept flinging sharp words mercilessly—If I didn’t have at least a little part in me that treats a beautiful girl’s verbal abuse as a reward, I probably would’ve received irreparable mental damage.

“Mylarka has helped me a lot in the Magic Academy. In fact, she was the one who informed me about this guild.”

“If I knew it would become something like this, I wouldn’t have told you. Dick, I believed that you had at least a little bit of sense in you, but turns out you’re just a beast.”

“A,A beast… What the hell did I even do?”

Looking at the me that really didn’t know what was happening, Mylarka had a face that said “Are you stupid?”. Looking at me with a face like that makes me feel like I wanna die, so I hoped she would refrain from doing that.

“The method that Dick used to make Manarina win is a pitfall. The news of Manarina being stronger than Duke Winsburg is spreading. If she needed to show her strength one more time, she’ll need to meet Dick once more. It’s just like an antlion pit, luring Manarina who didn’t know any better with that method… You pervert. Perverted Dick.”

While making sure Manarina doesn’t realize what I did, I cleared the request— that plan was mercilessly destroyed by Mylarka.

“You’ll lie in wait for Manarina in the antlion pit, and then… W,While she’s helpless, you’ll stab her with her stinger, won’t you?

“Wha, Wait wait! That story, it’s only the case if I had some ulterior motives for the princess. I just treated her to some liquor, and I asked her how was she feeling, that’s really it.”

“…I wonder.”

Why was Mylarka so obstinate about this, why was she so aggressive towards me? As for the reason, only one thing comes to mind.

One year ago, while I was nursing Eileen who became drunk for the first time, Mylarka had a huge misunderstanding, she thought that I and Eileen were in a man-to-woman relationship.

IF I were to say right at this moment “I don’t want you butting in”, then Mylarka might… well since we’re adults that won’t happen I guess.

I’ve only seen Mylarka shed tears three times. When we finished the demon lord subjugation, when she finished her stay in my guild house and went back to her house, and when she saw Eileen and me. If I made her cry then I would be the one taking damage, so I’ll try to resolve this without making her cry somehow.

—and while I was thinking that. Eileen was hiding her presence, and sneaked around to Mylarka’s back.

What was she thinking? She reached her arms from Mylarka’s back and took hold of Mylarka’s bountiful breasts.


“hmhm… Well well. Mylarka, did yours grow more than mine?”
“J,Jeez… Eileen, you really, really have no delicacy…”

Having escaped from Eileen’s grip, she fixed her clothes. Moreover, while her cheeks were flushed red, she moved her eyes to my direction. I didn’t know what kind of face I should be making.

“…Dick isn’t interested in me at all. After all, he and Eileen…”

The conversation was heading straight to its core. While thinking that I need to fix the misunderstanding somehow, time passed—if it were to come from me it would just sound like excuses, after all.

But Eileen was laughing like she wasn’t involved at all.

“Ah, that? When I first started drinking, the alcohol got to me. And then I asked Dick to rub my back for me. That’s it right, Dick?”

“Y,Yeah… She was feeling sick because of her drinking frenzy, when she started to strip I was surprised as well, you know.”

“I was kinda drunk so I don’t remember it all that well, but did I really do that? My bad~”

It might seem like this conversation was prepared beforehand, but that was the truth.

But seeing Eileen’s bare skin, and becoming conscious of her, wasn’t something I could make an excuse for.

Without looking towards us, Mylarka had a displeased expression for some reason. As expected, did she think we were lying?

The one who mediated for us was Manarina who was silently listening to our conversation.

“Those two don’t look like they’re lying. Mylarka, why don’t you just believe them?”

“I,I would… Even if the two of them really were in that kind of a relationship, I would give them my blessings. Dick and Eileen are a match for each other after all, it wasn’t anything strange…”

Mylarka was always like that. Although her speech manners were always horrible, she always thought of all of us as friends during the journey.

Misunderstandings being misunderstandings, it was no good to leave them be. It was for Eileen’s honor as well.

“Eileen also has the right to choose her own partner. If she sticks around me so much, it’ll bother…”

And while I was saying that, the mood changed. For some reason the demon lord, Eileen, Mylarka, and even Princess Manarina, they were all concentrating their sights on me.

“Although I already knew he had this kind of personality. It would be fine for you to have some more confidence in yourself.”

“Because you’re always trying to be humble, that’s the reason why this situation happened. You really are an annoying man.”

“Wha… Why are you trash talking me? Even though the problem was about to be solved beautifully.”

“Master, It’s only natural for this to happen. Even princess Manarina is baffled right now.”

“N,No… I, um… Dick-sama’s modesty has always caught my eye, ever since I first saw him five years ago.”

Princess Manarina said that, while being red to the tip of her ears, she totally looked like a maiden in love.

“…Five years ago, you said? Wait, you remembered that? Princess.”

“Th, There’s no need to be so polite with me. Please call me by my name, Hero Dick-sama. Ever since the day five years ago when you had an audience with the king, there was no way I could forget that name.”

Five years ago, The princess standing by while I was having an audience with the king. That princess was the First Princess Manarina herself, she gazed at me, and it seems like I left a good impression on her.

There was no way something that convenient could be real. Even though it should be, it actually happened—it’s like pulling the winning ticket in a lottery.

“N,No… I didn’t really do anything, the reason I was able to become a guild master was also because I was pitiful… didn’t it seem like that? It did, right?”
“Yeah, you were being modest, but you really were counted as a member of the demon lord subjugation you know?”

“If he really did think that you only arrived to the demon lord’s castle and didn’t do anything, even if it was a guild that’s falling apart, there’s no way he would give the position of guild master to you. Dick really is naïve.”

“Dick-sama only showed a little bit of his achievements, always trying to be modest. But if anyone paid attention they would notice. That within the demon lord subjugation team, you were somebody indispensable.”

With Princess Manarina’s words, the demon lord nodded. Saying that it was so obvious, I would appreciate it if you would stop. It was so embarrassing to the me that thought it would never be exposed, if there was a hole I would’ve jumped right into it.

“Even when we reunited in this bar, you… let yourself be seen as a man who started pitifully drinking his problems away, yet you still earnestly listened to my request. When you ordered the milk, it seemed to say that you wouldn’t bother with a child like me, I was saddened… but right after that, you ordered such a fascinating drink. Did you realize how happy I was, at that moment?”

Although I remembered that smile— if it’s towards someone you always wanted to meet again for the last five years, the meaning completely changed.

Princess Manarina reached her hands inside her sleeves. And then, from there she took out the [Royal family’s crest] that she hid, and put it on my hands, then she held my hands tightly.

“This is my thanks for this matter. To be honest, just this isn’t enough, but… if in the future there are requests where you might need it, being useful to Dick-sama then would be enough to pay back my debt.”

“…I-If the princess says so… No, It’s fine without honorifics right? Umm, if there’s anything that I need the royalty’s help with, I’ll be in your care.”

“Yes. If it’s for Dick-sama, I would do anything…”

Even if you say that, just resisting the demon lord’s offensive was hard enough already—but if even Princess Manarina joins in, I wonder how long will I last.

“Hey~ Mylarka, it’s fine to be mad at Dick, you know? Since he’s always like this.”

“I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, but Dick’s still as gutless as usual. I wonder if I should come visit sometime and be a regular here again.”

It seemed like the relationship between Eileen and Mylarka, was safely restored— and after that, we had a drinking party to celebrate the accomplishment of the request, Now all that was left was for me to survive the concentrated fire from the girls. The demon lord and I prepared everyone’s drinks. And after everyone’s portions are lined up, I received everyone’s gazes, and reluctantly, really really reluctantly, I took the lead.

“Then… for our reunion, for Princess Manarina, to congratulate many things. Cheers!”


5 – Five Years’ Worth of Questions

After night shift started, I unusually sat in the customer’s seat drinking together with a crowd, with Mylarka, Eileen, and Manarina. Sometimes the demon lord came by to bring us some food and drinks—but maybe she was being considerate, since she didn’t join in on our conversation, she was mostly serving the other customers.


“Mylarka…Dick… Reconciling, Glad… fwah…”

It hasn’t been long since we started drinking, but they may have been affected by the atmosphere around here and got drunk, Manarina and Eileen were sleeping on top of the table.

The still awake Mylarka finished her drink, so I took her glass.

“If I drink any more I won’t be able to escort Manarina, some juice is fine.”

“In case you get a hangover tomorrow, I should probably make some herbal drinks. They’re pretty refreshing, you know.”

“Yes, Please. That considerate side of yours, it’s so nice that it’s admirable.”

I didn’t really know if she was complimenting me or something— I just gave her a bitter smile, and then I went to the kitchen and quickly prepared drinks for 4 people, and returned to my seat.

“…Beautiful. It smells nice as well… What kind of ingredients did you use?”

“Well, drink and find out.”

“A guessing game, eh… nn. This is… Cureberry?”

“Ooh, nicely guessed. I thought that the cureberry would sober you up. Since you’re an academy professor, you use your eyes a lot, don’t you?

“…You’re, really…”

Mylarka was trying to say something, but she stopped midway, and then she brought the glass to her mouth once more.

Her white throat glugged deeply, was how it moved—I really shouldn’t be staring, but I was charmed by her anyway.

“…Hey. Dick, Why do you not want to stand out that much?”

“hm? It’s not a big reason, but…”

“There’s no way that’s true. Somebody as clever as you, being able to rebuild this guild easily, and helping Manarina… being somebody who’s able to do that much, why would you choose such a roundabout method? Although you were able to receive a decent position, your ideal shouldn’t be so easily achievable.”

Mylarka was looking at me, her eyes full of gentleness. I didn’t have a proper response for this, was what I tried to convey with my eyes.

“Please listen to this thinking that it’s a made-up story. Within some mountain village in the sticks, there was a child who was stupidly strong from the first time they opened their eyes, they had no awareness of their own absurd strength.”

Mylarka stayed silent and listened carefully without doing anything else. While I was admiring her honesty all over again, I continued the story.

“That child, they were told by their family to never use their strength. They obeyed and lived peacefully, but at one point, there was a magic beast that suddenly showed itself near the village. In order to let their friend escape, the child picked up a wooden stick, and single-handedly fought the magic beast with their self-taught fighting style and repelled it.”

“…That child, did they receive any injuries?”

“I guess they were lucky, they didn’t receive a single scratch. Although, there was one thing that happened which he never expected.”

“…That child… Became all alone, didn’t they.”

Mylarka said. I didn’t say anything. I thought she would be able to guess the rest of the story herself, but when she actually guessed the truth, I couldn’t laugh it off as easily as I thought.

“Being someone that was able to defeat a magic beast that scared even the adult hunters with a mere stick, everyone in the village, they interacted with the child as if they were dealing with a blister. The child was isolated from the village, so they spent most of their time in the mountains. As long as they stayed in the mountains, they wouldn’t need to be fettered by the villagers, after all.”

After speaking that much, I brought my glass cup to my mouth. Mylarka looked like she wasn’t sure on what to say. Trying to cause her that look was not my intention at all.

However, after she took a sip of her drink in order to calm down, Maybe it’s because of the alcohol, or maybe it’s because the room was pretty hot, but her cheeks were getting red.

“That child’s sorrow was because they were late in meeting people similar to them. Using their powers when they must, I can really appreciate that. Instead of running away without doing anything, that’s much more heroic, isn’t it?”

“…Well, It was just a made-up story though.”

“That’s why, I’ll say it as if it’s made-up. And so, now I understand the reason why you don’t want to stand out so much. So that’s why you chose such a method.”

As long as I prepared beforehand, and as long as I pay close enough attention, I can finish it without standing out.

But not making the best use of the gifts I’ve received, and rotting slowly in the dark was something I would like to avoid. Even if you say that it’s contradictory, I wanted to choose that method.

“…Hey, at times like this, I should pour you a drink. Even if it’s just you, care for some more drinks?”

“Having Mylarka pour me a drink is… Maybe tomorrow is gonna rain Annihilation magic.”

“Your silly talk, I’ll forgive it just this once. For today just forget everything and drink.”

While saying that, Mylarka laughed by herself, it was extremely rare for her to be so upfront.

“… If you always act like that, honestly, you won’t have any enemies wherever you go.”

“Oh, but I never had any enemies. Though if it’s against someone as meticulous and flawless as you, I might struggle a bit.”

Today’s Mylarka was in a good mood—although I can’t calm down without her abusive words, this wasn’t bad either. After that, I drank the liquor that Mylarka poured for me while having small talk with her. What we were doing, in the time we didn’t meet,—although we didn’t talk about everything, just talking about a part of it was something I held dear.

6 – The Demon Lord’s Enticement Strategy ~Lap Pillow~

Everyone went home, and it was late at night after closing down the shop. On the second floor the freeloading demon lord entered the bath first, and I got out of the bath after submerging myself. I poured the lemon-flavored soda bottle into a glass, took out some ice from the cold storage, and drank it in one gulp. Rehydrating after getting out of the bath was important after all.

And so I sat on the sofa, while taking a breather—someone put their hand on my shoulder.

“hm… W-What the. I thought you were already sleep-“

While trying to say that, I realized. Because Mylarka came I forgot all about it, that was, something that the demon lord did every time something like this happens.

“After the requests start settling down, I need to reward master. F-For that purpose…This time, I prepared this plan…”

I felt a terribly evil presence—on the collar of her sleep-use shirt, the bare white elf skin of the demon lord was laid bare.

“I don’t really want to look, but… What kind of clothes are you wearing right now…?”

“Not wanting to look isn’t really a nice thing to say now is it. I am currently wearing clothes meant for sleepwear, though…?”

I slowly turned to look over my shoulder. And over there was—where the hell did she get something like that? Or maybe she brought it with her from the start. Above her negligee6, for some reason the demon lord was wearing an apron. Around her chest, there was a very cute heart mark.

“W-Why… Apron is, what…”

“E-Even if you ask me why… The one that the master frequents, there’s one in the grocery store, right? The madam there, she told me that these clothes make men happy.”

The demon lord put her hands on her chest, and was proud for some reason. But because the bottom part of the negligee was short, her charming white legs were dazzling—there was also the heart mark on her chest, I simply can’t look straight at her.

“fufu… While master was flirting with the demon girl and Mylarka-dono, your eyes were sparkling, even if you tried to hide it, I noticed, you see?”

“W-What are you implying?”

“Master became independent from a young age, so I can see that you’re starving for motherly love. It would’ve been alright for you to be a bit more honest, you know?”

The demon lord’s face reddened. I don’t even need to guess this one, she definitely drank some alcohol while I was in the bath. In order to tempt me.

“…My mom said that I separated from her pretty quickly, you know.”

“If that’s the case, then you must want to be spoiled by a woman other than your mother. No matter how proper a man is, they are weak to being spoiled. That’s what I believe, at least.”

While the demon lord was saying that, she sat beside me. And then, she stared at me without saying anything.


Still looking at the me who finally asked, with a smile that seemed to say she caught a fish, she lightly patted her knees while saying.

“Master, feel free to use my lap as a pillow.”

“Wha… N-No… It’s already time for me to sleep, I need to wake up in time or else…”

“mu… It was a lot of trouble to prepare these clothes, you know. Indulging a little bit is fine, no?”

In order to take back her amulet, she tried to charm me. While I was saying that, she protested that it was what she herself decided to do.

Her apron, and her soft thighs that was peeking through her short negligee—if I rested my head on top of it, it might become dangerous.

“…Indulging a little bit is fine, no?”

“D-Don’t say it twice. I understand… Then just a bit.”

The moment I replied, the demon lord became happy. I lay on the sofa, my head being on top of the demon lord’s lap.

The lap that received me was so soft to the point that I felt pomf.

Pomf, her crazy softness reacted to my head lying on top of it. It left such a deep impression on me, and as if to further solidify the fact that I was inexperienced with women, my facial expression was stiff solid.

“…N-Nice … You did better than I expected. You’re pretty good.”

“If you’re drunk, I’ll sober you up later. Or should I do it now?”

“mh,mu…I got drunk in order to put some grit in me, if you do that, it’ll make my actions meaningless…”

For being so bold, the demon lord can get really shy sometimes, though I already knew that from our interactions so far.

Though, if everyone from the demon lord subjugation team saw me like this right now, I wonder what would happen. if they don’t believe that we’re just living together and think that we’re having an immoral relationship—.

“Master, This isn’t the end.”


The demon lord held my head, and turned it up.

Right in front of my face, there were two abundant puffs, it’s as if they were twin mountains, in between them, the demon lord was looking at me while smiling—I almost forgot that this was an act to tempt me.

“Good boy, good boy… While I do this, even a strong man looks weak… “

She patted my head, it felt indescribably good. But if I were to continue listening to the demon lord it would be troublesome, so I covered my eyes with one of my arms.

“Although it more or less affected me, If it’s done without conviction then it can’t really be called spoiling me.”

“You’re pretty stubborn… I thought really hard about it, though… as expected of master, I need to think up a better plan…”

Although the demon lord was seriously thinking about that, honestly, there was a part of me that thought it felt amazing.

While I keep telling myself “Just a little bit more” I fascinatingly look at the demon lord seriously worrying over it, without getting up from her lap pillow.

1 Beer Mug

2 Also known as Kumis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kumis

3 “Also called Ethyl alcohol and is the main ingredient of the liquor which brings about drunkenness. 13 to 18% of alcohol is included in typical Japanese “sake”, and this type of “sake” is said to contain the highest alcohol content among breweries.”

4 Was called buff magic in the prologue, decided to switch to Enhancement magic.

5 Pretty much like a ponytail.

6 A woman’s light dressing gown, typically made of a filmy, soft fabric.

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