Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 8.5 Chapter 2

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Towano Chikai’s Online Game Chronicles

“Careful, Suzuka!”


I was left unable to defend against the monster’s attack, so Onii-chan used his own body to shield me.



The monster’s claws dug deep into Onii-chan’s body, but he still managed to fight back and strike it down.

“Are you okay, Onii-chan?! I’ll help you recover…!”

Supporting Onii-chan’s body with my own, I started casting some healing magic.


Thanks to my magic, Onii-chan’s life was spared… Thank God. If something happened to Onii-chan, I would…!

“Hey Suzuka, why are you crying?”

“I-I mean…! If something happened to you…!”

“I’m fine. I won’t die that easily. It’s my job to protect you, after all.”

Onii-chan held a comforting smile, trying to ease my worries.

“So come on, start smiling again,” he said, as he started to pat me on the head.

His hand was so big and warm, which made me feel very relaxed.

Ehe… Ehehehe…

“…Yeah, my wounds have been healed thanks to your magic. It’d be great if your magic could fix your crybaby tendencies, right?”

“W-Whatever! I don’t care anymore!”

Onii-chan threw me a teasing smile, and I started feeling embarrassed and averted my face. I’d rather not be teased by him, but hearing my beloved Onii-chan laugh makes me feel all fluffy inside.

“…Oh, look, there’s a fountain of restoration over there. Let’s get in there.”

After walking through the forest for a short while, Onii-chan came to a sudden halt.

“We’re both exhausted from the fight, right? Let’s enter it together.”

“B-Bathing together…!”

When I imagined the scene that would unfold, my face flushed bright red. However, Onii-chan flashed another teasing smile.

“What’s there to be embarrassed about? We’re siblings. Right, Suzuka?”

“B-B-B-B-But…! M-M-More than siblings…!”

“Ahh, right now, we siblings are—lovers, right?”

“Hauuu… Hauuuu…!”

My face went as red as a tomato at the word ‘lovers’, and I lost my ability to speak.

“If we’re lovers, bathing in there together shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

“B-But, t-t-t-t-that’s…!”


Onii-chan looked at my face, which was still as red as ever, and his passionate gaze made me feel like pins and needles were running all over my body. Onii-chan softly put his hand on my shoulders—B-But, I can’t say any more than that! O-Onii-chan and I are lovers, so there are no more words needed! After all, in this fantasy world, we can even marry like it’s the most normal thing in the world…! Ehe, ehehe—


“Ehehe, ehehehehehe”

“U-Umm, Suzuka-san…?”

Why did she suddenly start bugging out…?

I, Nagami Yuu, was unable to understand this sudden change in my little sister, Suzuka. I could only watch her in confusion. Anyway, let me clarify the situation I’m in right now.

It was currently a bit before 10 o’clock in the evening. Suzuka and I were sitting next to each other in my room, with two laptops lined up next to each other, playing an online game together. Why did it come to this, you ask? Well, I was just minding my own business, writing another novel that I was planning to send in to another light novel contest, when Suzuka suddenly stormed in and asked me to play an online game with her.

“H-Hey, come back to your senses already. We were going to write down our ‘Experience Records’ from here, right?”

“…Ehe? …Ha?!”

Suzuka finally returned to reality, and just when I thought she was looking at me with a red face, she quickly averted her eyes.

“I-I-I-I-I-I’m sorry! I was a bit lost in my fantas—Excuse me!! So focused on the game!”

Suzuka suddenly panicked a bit, and after taking a deep breath, she finally calmed down.

“What kind of situation were we in just then…?”

“…We were fighting in the tutorial, and now they’re explaining the function of the fountain of restoration.”

I pointed to the screen. In response, Suzuka let out a flustered “T-That’s right!” Her cheeks were getting a bit red… What happened?

Anyway, the reason that Suzuka had wanted to play an online game with me was for the aforementioned ‘Experience Records’. Apparently, she had received an email from our editor Shinozaki-san asking her to write a report on her gameplay experience for the ‘Lunatic Realism’ online game, or ‘Lunaria’ for short. And, since she’s a complete newcomer when it comes to online games, she asked for my assistance.

“Still, I’m surprised that you get requests like that as a professional light novel author.”

“I-I was also surprised, but it’s great that I can be lovey-dovey with Onii—Nevermind! I thought that maybe we could use this to collect some data, so I agreed!”

As soon as she says that it’s to collect data, I don’t have any choice but to assist as her stand-in. Also, since I’m normally a completely unreliable older brother, I’ll jump at any chance to help her out, really. Otherwise, she’d probably never stop hating me.

“A-And Shinozaki-san sent us two codes, after all! She even wrote in her email that ‘You can feel free to play this with your Imouto-san and deepen your bonds with her… Fufufu…’, so we might as well!”

“She sure doesn’t change!”

“W-We can’t help it. She thinks of Towano Chikai as a little sister-loving person.”

That’s because you were possessed by something, and ended up writing that little sister novel. Since I’m the public face for the light novel author Towano Chikai, it can’t really be helped, but having people think that I’m lusting after my little sister is still pretty tough.

“B-But, this might be good luck for us. Since we have two codes, I can play this game together with Onii-chan.”

“…Well, I’m not completely satisfied, but I’ll just leave it at that.”

In the end, I had no other choice but to help her out.

“Umm… Thanks to this fountain, we completely recovered.”

My gaze turned towards the game on the screen again. There, our respective fully-customized characters had finished resting in the fountain of restoration.

“B-Bathing together with Onii-chan like this…”


If you’re that embarrassed about it, then why did you make the character look like you in the first place? Suzuka had said “We have to write this report as detailed as possible, and fully experience this game. Making the character look like me is an important part of that,” so I gave up on arguing. By the way, we also named our characters “Yuu” and “Suzuka.” In the meantime, a fairy appeared around our characters in-game.

With this, you understand how to fight and restore health in this game, right?”

She seems to be serving the purpose of a tutorial character, and she’s been following us ever since we logged in.

Then I believe it’s time to dive into the special system.”

“Hm? What special system?”

The fairy’s words surprised me a bit.

You two are a couple, right? There’s actually a dedicated in-game couple system.”


When she suddenly mentioned something as ridiculous as that, I couldn’t hold back my voice.


“T-The thing is, the codes that Shinozaki-san sent me were codes specifically for couples.”

“I never heard anything about that, though…”

“I don’t really understand it that well, myself, but since we used them… umm… we’ll be playing the game as a couple…!”

…So basically, it’s like a special account? Still, it’s an online game, and we’re playing as a couple ingame… and it’s with my real little sister. I feel like there’s a hidden motive behind Shinozaki-san’s request…

“I-It might be sudden, but this is for work, right?! I’m not thinking of this as a chance at all! Using this to collect data for my novel is the only benefit to me, and it’s definitely not like I want to experience being a couple with Onii-chan!”

“I-I get it already!”

For some reason, Suzuka got really agitated as she tried to explain herself… Well, considering that she hates her older brother, she must be putting up with this for the sake of her job, so I won’t complain any further.

“…Still, what is this couple system about?”

The goal is to strengthen your flirting even further! We call it the Flirty Burst!”


I found myself complaining aloud at what the fairy had said..

“F-Flirty burst…! Becoming stronger with the power of love… I like it!”


But Suzuka actually happened to like it, it seems. Maybe my taste is just old-fashioned?

Let’s try it out right now. Come on, Suzuka. Cling to Yuu.”

Ignoring how confused I felt, the fairy continued explaining.

“C-Cling to Onii-chan?! S-Something great as—No, something as indecent as that…!”

“C-Calm down, this is just an ingame emote—”

I tried explaining it to Suzuka, but before I could finish my sentence…

“E-E-E-Excuse me!”

Suzuka suddenly jumped on me and started hugging me tightly. Not in the game, though. In reality.



When I found myself being hugged like that, I was left speechless, frozen in place. Suzuka was being Suzuka like always. Her eyes were firmly shut and she had a red face. She was quivering slightly, and she showed no signs of separating from me whatsoever.

“……” “………”

A few minutes passed like that, until…

“U-Umm… Is it still not happening…?!”

When I heard Suzuka’s shaky voice, I returned to reality.

“Ah… Well…! The fairy wasn’t talking about hugging me in real life…!”

“…Eh? What do you mean by that?”

“You can hug other characters in-game. The fairy was referring to that…”

I desperately tried to explain while keeping my beating heart in check, and a moment after she wore a confused expression…


With a tomato-red face, she quickly separated from me.

“I-If something like that is possible, then tell me about it at the start!”

“I’m sorry?!”

“…I-I just did that with Onii-chan…! I-It was so embarrassing… but it wasn’t too bad…! Ahhh, but it was so indecent…!”

Suzuka was muttering to herself as she held her head in her hands. She’d probably keep doing that even if I called out to her.

After a bit, she finally calmed down, and she spoke up again with a red face. “…I-I’m sorry. I didn’t think that you could do that in the game…!”

“W-Well, as a newcomer to online games, there’s no way you could know about that, so let’s just forget about it, okay?”

“T-That’s right.”

‘What’s wrong? Hurry up and do it!’

“Can you read the atmosphere a bit?!”

…After clearing my throat to calm myself down, I taught Suzuka how to do the emote.

“…Ah, we’re really hugging each other in the game.”

While watching the in-game Suzuka cling to Yuu, the real Suzuka’s cheeks were slightly flushed. Since the characters looked almost identical to the two of us us, I remembered what had just happened, and I could feel my face getting hot. Right when I was thinking that…

This is the flirty boost!”

As soon as the fairy spoke those words, Yuu started glowing. Ohh? This is…!

During the flirty burst, your attack power gets a tremendous boost! Try it out!”

Several clawed monsters suddenly appeared before us. When I tried attacking them, unlike before when they took four hits to kill, I could now defeat them with just two.

“Double the damage? Seriously? Isn’t this more like breaking the balance of the game more than anything?”

However, that flirty burst is just a momentary buff, so it wears off immediately.”

I-I see… I seems like the buff has already disappeared.

“D-Defeat the enemy with the power of love…! This is the strength of Onii-chan and I when we work together…!”

Suzuka was just gazing at the screen, going ‘ehehe ehehe.’ Kind of scary, if you ask me.

“…Still, Shinozaki-san really asked us to try out a weird game.”

While I was busy showing the game a bitter smile, the fairy once again spoke with a grin on her face.

There’s actually an even stronger form of the flirty burst! We call it the Flirty Burst EX!”

“How cheap!!”

Naturally, my reply couldn’t reach her, and the fairy continued her explanation.

If you get even more lovey-dovey and flirty, you can get even stronger! It boosts your attack strength by a factor of four!”

“The way it’s done, the name, and the effect… Everything is so simple and cheap!”

“T-There’s even more…?!”

While I was busy letting out a sigh, Suzuka showed the exact opposite reaction. She seemed to be more curious than ever.

“W-What should we do to get stronger?! Ah, umm, of course, this isn’t my actual wish or anything, but just necessary data for the report—” Suzuka asked the screen.

You use an even more daring emote! Like a lap pillow!”


Although she seemed quite shocked, Suzuka sought out the lap pillow emote at a speed you wouldn’t have expected from a first-timer, and input the command for it.

“……Ugh.” “……Hauuu…”

We were now watching Suzuka give Yuu a lap pillow on the screen. Let me tell you, it was really awkward.

“U-Umm… Onii-chan.”

“W-What is it?”

“T-There is absolutely no ulterior motive behind this, but, um… in order to write the report more efficiently, I feel like we need to become even more like the characters on the screen.”

“Y-Yeah, and?”

“T-That’s why… I really don’t want to do this but…! I think that we need to do this lap pillow as well…!”

“So you’re saying that we should… do it?”

“D-Don’t get the wrong idea?! I really don’t want to do this, but this is all to collect data?!”

Suzuka was frantically waving her hands at me and approaching me with a red face.

“W-We can’t, after all?” she said with a slightly worried expression, looking up at me.

Of course, getting a lap pillow from my real sister is an absolute no-go for me, but it would break my heart to say no to Suzuka now, so I just silently nodded.

“I-I have prepared myself…!”

With those words, Suzuka waited for me as she sat down on the floor. Her movement as stiff as a robot, she waved her hand at me, begging me to come over… Really, is there anything I won’t do for her data?

“H-Here I go…”

I received confirmation from Suzuka in the form of a nod, and I slowly lowered my head onto her thighs.

“Hya…! Nyauu…!”

While I listened to her soft moans, my head slowly started to fill with weird thoughts.

…H-Her thighs are so soft! T-This isn’t good! But I have to calm down… they belong to my little sister…!

I tried to constantly remind myself of the fact that it was Suzuka’s thighs I was using, but…

“O-Onii-chan…! Could you not fidget like that, please…! Hyau….! I-It’s tickling…!”

I heard a soft, bewitching voice from above, rendering my ability to think calmly useless.

After a bit, Suzuka spoke up again. “…T-That should be enough, Onii-chan.”

“I-I see…”

I got up at Suzuka’s command, and while both of us felt really awkward, we focused on the game again. On the screen, Yuu was still receiving the lap pillow as he was wrapped in a red light. The fairy was unable to read the atmosphere like always, and was talking again in an energetic voice. “This is the flirty burst EX! Now your attack damage is four times higher!”

With this, I’ve finished explaining the systems of the game. All that’s left is to practice… But before that, you’ll receive equipment according to your class.”

“Oh, that’d be great.”

“But we’re already wearing clothes, aren’t we?”

“What we’re wearing totally feels like beginner stuff, though.”

As the two of us were talking, the fairy used something that seemed to be magic, and our clothes changed in an instant. Since I was a fighter, I received an armor and shield, while Suzuka changed into a white robe and wand, since she was a healer class.

“T-The skirt is too short…”

“Yeah, you’re right. You look less like a priest and more like a magical girl. But you look pretty cute in that.”


In that moment, Suzuka looked like she remembered something and she suddenly lifted her head.

“What’s wrong, Suzuka?”

“U-Umm, Onii-chan, could you wait a moment?”

She got up all of a sudden and stormed out of the room. I assumed that she wanted to get something to drink, but she took quite some time to come back.

“What is she do—ing?!”

The sound of the door opening interrupted me mid-sentence, and when I turned towards her, I lost my ability to speak momentarily.

“Please don’t stare at me like that…”

As to why that happened, it was because Suzuka was wearing a similar outfit to her in-game version. To be precise, she was wearing frilly, cute, pure-white clothes, with a miniskirt and knee-socks. Although she didn’t have a magic wand, it still really looked good on her.

“W… W-W-Why?!”

“A-All to collect data, of course! It’s certainly not like I want Onii-chan to call me cute or anything. This is all just to experience something similar to the game!” Suzuka tried to explain herself.

That’s the true Towano Chikai for you. She’s so thorough with everything data-related… I guess?

“S-So, how is it…?”

“E-Eh, how is what?”

“Like I said! It’s not that big of a deal or anything, but… Do I look… umm… as cute as in the game…?!”

“A-Ah…! Yeah, you, uh, look really cute. I think it suits you…!”

For some reason, I stuttered while responding. Maybe because this time it wasn’t in the game, but my real little sister.

“I-Is that so? Ehe, ehehe, ehehehehe…”

“B-But where did you get clothes like those?!”

I asked her in a flustered manner to hide my embarrassment and discomfort.

“Oh, Double Peace-san brought these with her once, and she left them here.”

“Ah, that explains a lot…”

Thinking about it, this really looks like cosplay, so it can only be from her. As a side note, this “Double Peace-san” is actually the illustrator who draws the illustrations for Suzuka’s light novel. Her full name is actually Ahegao Double Peace.

Now it’s time to make your way through the first forest with everything you’ve learned!” The fairy in the game said.

Feeling motivated, Suzuka sat back down in front of her laptop again.

“Let’s go, Onii-chan. W-We’ll move forward with the Flirty Burst that we learned.”

“I think that we need to save that for truly strong opponents—”

By the way, from here on out, enemies will be balanced against your flirty burst, so you’ll probably need to use that all the time to progress~”


I feel like there’s something going on here…

Also, Suzuka can receive a flirty burst from Yuu, as well! Try using ‘head pat’ on her!”

“H-Head patting?! O-Onii-chan, let’s try that! N-Naturally, to collect data!”


…Well, like this, the two of us starting moving forward with the techniques that we had learned.


“…Whew, we flirted a lo—Not that! We finally managed to get through the first forest.”


For some reason unbeknownst to me, Suzuka was in high spirits, while I could barely muster up enough strength to respond.

After all that happened, we somehow managed to make it through the first area. We had been assaulted the entire time by unnecessarily strong enemies like the fairy had predicted, but we finally made it to the first city.

“Wow… There’s so many people. This must be the heart of the city.”

We arrived at a large, open area. A lot of people were gathered here, and there were lots of stands and booths around us.

“…But there are a lot of people here. Won’t we get separated?”

“Then how about we form a party?”

“A party?”

“It’s like an in-game group. With that, we won’t get separated no matter what.”

“So there was a mechanic like that. A group together with Onii-chan…! Let’s do it right now!”

“Right-click on my character, and request a party formation.”

Shortly after, a status screen appeared in front of me, saying ‘Suzuka asked you to form a party together.’ I quickly accepted.

“This is indeed very convenient.”

Suzuka commented with a slight smile, until she suddenly leapt forward and glared at the screen.

“T-This is…!”

Her body was shaking furiously. When I checked her screen, I saw several commands beneath my character’s name, and her mouse cursor was currently dead-center on the ‘Marry’ option.

“M-Marry…?! Y-You can do something like that…?!”

“There are online games that allow systems like that—”

“L-Let’s do it! Let’s get married!”

Before I could finish my explanation, Suzuka had already jumped towards me. But immediately after that…

“O-Of course, only to collect data. Not to mention that we started this game as a couple, so we have to look at all the possibilities. It’s definitely not because I want to marry Onii-chan, so don’t get the wrong idea about that.”

She averted her face with a pout… Even though I keep telling her that I won’t get the wrong idea.

“A-Anyway. I’m surprised that you can marry in this game. I definitely have to collect some data on this. There’s no other meaning to it, naturally.”

While still looking away from me, Suzuka went to click the option.


But, soon after, she tilted her head in confusion.

“What happened?”

“I can’t request it. Even though it seems to be working fine otherwise.”

“Hm? Let me see.”

When I looked at my own screen, there was no message or anything that Suzuka had requested something like that. But, when I looked at Suzuka’s screen, I immediately understood why.

“Ahh, I see.”

“W-What’s wrong?”

“In order to marry, you need an item called ‘Engagement Rings’. If you don’t have that, it won’t work.”

I pointed at the screen where it said that.

“…You’re right. And where can we get these engagement rings?!”

“The item… Let’s see.”

I opened up the wiki homepage on my phone.

“…Apparently, an NPC in the church sells them. But since you can also craft them if you level up a skill, it’s apparently cheaper to buy them from player stalls.”

“So there might be a chance that we can buy them around here. Can we look at the product lineup around here? Ah, over there!”

Suzuka made her way to the stalls and started looking through the items on display.

“Onii-chan, help me search for it!”


When the little sister commands, the older brother obeys. This is the relationship that Suzuka and I have. Anyway… the item category should be ‘gift,’ right…? Woah, they even have hair accessories here… Ah, search for the ring now, the ring.

“T-There it is! The engagement ring!”

Suzuka pulled on my clothes and pointed at the screen. There, I could indeed see the rings.

“The price is… 50.000G, huh.”

“I only have 100…”

“Same here. That must be the starting amount. That’s a pretty high price.”

In response to my words, Suzuka seemed to be quite shocked as she muttered a sad “N-No way…” Suddenly, the fairy appeared again.

The Flirty Burst has a wide variety of bonuses. It’s not just a power-up in battle. You’ll also be able to get discounts or bonuses when buying and selling items.”

“Eh? Seriously?”

“If that’s the case, then we have to do the flirty burst right now…!”

The in-game Suzuka clung to Yuu’s back. Immediately after, my character went into the flirty burst state.

“Now, Onii-chan!”

“I-I get it! Umm… the price is…”

I once again checked the ring in the store.

“45.000G… Hold on, this is barely any cheaper!”

If it was too strong, it would break the balance of the game, after all.”

As the fairy offered a meta explanation, I could only give up and nod in agreement.

…Thinking about it, there’s no way that you could get a 50.000G item for just 200G by hugging each other.

“Uuuu… But what can we do then?”

“W-Well, I doubt that this marriage mechanic is supposed to be achievable this early in the game anyway, so let’s forget about it for now and go do something else, alright?”

I tried to offer a plan for what to do from then, but Suzuka just shook her head.

“N-No, let’s save up the money.”


“I-It’s not like I desperately want to marry Onii-chan or anything! It’s just, umm, in order to collect data, I think that we have to try out every option in the game, don’t you think?”

“T-That might be true…”

“Exactly. That’s the main reason, and there’s definitely no deeper meaning to this, but, um, I say that we make it our goal to buy these rings as we research the game, okay?”

Feeling some kind of pressure emanating from Suzuka, I just nodded along in silence.

“So how can you earn money in this game?”

“The most orthodox way would be to defeat enemies and pick up money and loot. Maybe while going on a quest.”

“I don’t really understand it that much, but it feels like that will take some time…”

I mean, we barely started the game, so I can’t imagine that there would be a method to earn great amounts of money this early.

“What should we do about this…?”

Suzuka walked along as she wracked her mind. I followed her obediently, and soon we arrived at a large gathering of people.

“Hm? Some sort of event?”

“O-Oh…! Maybe there’s a way to earn money over there! Let’s check it out, Onii-chan,” Suzuka said, and made her way to the mass of people. However, her feet came to a sudden halt soon after.

“O-Onii-chan, this is…!”

She pointed at the screen, telling me to take a look… But why would she—Huh?


While I understood the scene in front of me, I was at a loss for words.

I’ll say it as many times as it takes! Towano Chikai’s novel is godly! You definitely won’t regret it, so go buy and read it immediately! You have my guarantee as his number one fan! The URL is—

For some reason, a player was preaching on the street, trying sell Towano Chikai’s novel! Not to mention that her character name was ‘Towano Chikai LOVE’, which already made me feel kind of disgusted.

As I mentioned before, Towano Chikai is Suzuka’s pen name. Since she’s so popular, I’d imagine that there would be people naming themselves after her. However, that ‘LOVE’ part at the end was way too crazy to ignore, and the fact that she’s street preaching in an online game like this… Not to mention there’s one more thing about her that stood out.

“O-Onii-chan, this female character and her reddish brown hair… It feels like I’ve seen her before.”

It seems that Suzuka also noticed. Just as she said, I also felt like the character’s outer appearance was familiar to me. Although she was wearing a pointy witch hat with a black mantle, her face… and her calling herself my number one fan…?

Hm? Yuu? And Suzuka? These character names…”

At that moment, Towano Chikai LOVE also spotted our names. So she really is…?!

Come here for a second!”

Pulling us out of the mass of people, she took us with her to a deserted place.

You… are you Mai…?”

It really is Yuu! And Suzuka-san! Why are you here?!”

S-So it really is Himuro-san… Why are you playing this game…?!”

Suzuka was extremely surprised to find Mai here, and it was the same for me.

Himuro Mai was my classmate as well as a professional light novel author. Her pen name was Enryuu Homura. She was also, without a doubt, quite the beauty. She’s the self-proclaimed number one fan of Towano Chikai, and she’s already set foot in stalking territory. She’s on the clumsy side, though, so it’s not really dangerous. It’s more troublesome than anything. Still… why is she here?

We received a request to write a report on this game by my editor, so we decided to play it.”

Same for me! And since I was already here, I thought that I might as well advertise your novel!”

Towano Chikai LOVE—or rather, Mai—did an emote where she puffed out her chest… No ill-intentions at all.

Now listen! Even watching from the outside, that was crazy embarrassing!”

W-What about it? I’m your number one fan, so let me do my work! Also, it wasn’t just me…”

…Hmmm? Did I just hear something very ominous?

…What do you mean by that?”

Come over here. You’ll see.”

Guided by Mai, we moved to a different location.

“I have a really bad feeling about this…”

Suzuka muttered from next to me. After a bit of time passed, we were greeted by a similar mass of people—

The charm of Towano Chikai’s novel is undoubtedly the impressive, yet secret, pervertedness that’s hidden between the lines, desu! If you enjoy fiendish perverted stuff like me, you’ll definitely enjoy it!”

In the midst of that, we spotted a blonde-haired, niche-looking, bikini-warrior-wearing character, also street preaching?! A-And, this name…!

“Isn’t that Double Peace-sensei?!”

“I-I thought so…!”

When we saw yet another person we recognized, both Suzuka and I let out a sigh.

Ohhh, Sensei! It must be destiny that we met in a place like this, desu!”

Just like the real Double Peace-sensei, the character on the screen called out to us… Really, why do we run into people like this all the time…?!

Are you also here to collect data or something, Double Peace-sensei?”

No, I heard that this game has very detailed character creation, so I wanted to make myself look all dirty with that, desu!”

Ah, that sounds like her…

And when I saw Mai, I thought that making everyone realize how great Sensei’s novel was would make you happy, so I joined in, desu!”

T-Those two are…! Both in reality and in game, they sure don’t change…!

Still, I feel really lucky to have met Sensei and Imouto-san here, desu!”

“Ugh… it was just the two of us, so why did we have to get interrupted like this?”

Suzuka was the exact opposite of the delighted Double Peace-sensei, looking as if she was about to cry.

Hey, Yuu, let’s work together! How about it? Our goal to write a report is the same, after all.”

That’s right! Let’s do that, desu.”

Both Mai and Double Peace-sensei suggested the same thing, and I agreed that it would be a good idea, seeing that this was an online game, but…

No, I feel bad for declining like this, but the two of us have a different goal. That goal is to earn money as quickly as possible.”

Before I could respond, Suzuka had already turned them down.

“W-We have to buy these engagement rings to collect data after all. But let’s keep that a secret from the two of them, okay?” Suzuka warned me with a red face.

…Truth be told, I didn’t want to know what would happen if the two of them found out about me and Suzuka wanting to buy engagement rings… All this time, they’ve been treating me like the kind of perverted older brother who would do dirty things to his little sister, so if they find out that I was planning on marrying my little sister, even if it’s just in-game, they’d never let me hear the end of it.

Is there something you want to buy?”

There was a really strong weapon, so we thought that we should save up for that.”

Hence, I covered up that fact with a lie of mine.

You want to money, huh? If that’s the case, then let’s all go to a dungeon together, desu!”

However, Double Peace-sensei completely disregarded my intentions, and brought up her own idea.

Rather than going alone with just the two of you, we can team up and earn money faster by conquering a dungeon together, desu!”

“…Conquering a dungeon?” Suzuka asked me.

“Ahhh… Basically, we’d target a monster stronghold. Although it might be a bit tough for us, we’ll be able to get a lot of loot that we can sell.”

“It’s decided! Let’s go there immediately!”

The color in Suzuka’s eyes changed. But just when she was about to agree to Double Peace-sensei’s idea, Suzuka stopped herself.

“…Ah, but if those two come with us… My time together with Onii-chan will…!”

For some reason, she hesitated. And after she had thought about it for a while…

Can we earn around 50.000G in there?”

Including boss drops, I think it should barely be enough for that, yeah.”

When she received that response from Mai, Suzuka thought for a bit, and finally let out a sigh.

“…Can’t help it. Let’s team up with them and go to the dungeon.”

“Y-Yeah… But why were you hesitating like that?”

What problem is there if we can play with everyone and earn money faster…?

Now then, Double Peace-san, could you guide us to that dungeon place?”

OK, desu! Let’s do our best to conquer the dungeon!”

Nice idea. This will be good data for my report.”

While the girls were getting fired up in their chat, I had a sudden realization, and typed it out.

We’ve barely started the game, though. Can we go to a dungeon this early?”

No problem, desu! The dungeon difficulty is scaled to the player level.”

Ohh, that’s a nice system.

Our classes are also pretty balanced. Suzuka-san is a healer and I’m a mage, while Yuu and the perverted illustrator are fighters.”

Now that she mentions it, that’s actually the case. If we all go through the dungeon together, it’ll be great reference for Suzuka’s report, and we can earn money and get data. Two birds with one stone.

Huh? That’s not quite right, Mai. I am not a fighter, desu.”

Eh? Then what is that armor for?”

I’m wearing this because it looks perverted, desu! I’m a freeloader!”

I don’t remember there being a class named that, though…”

While retorting, I checked her status screen. When I did, it said Paladin in her class description, forcing me to take a second look out of shock.

Wasn’t paladin an advanced class that you shouldn’t able to take in the beginning?!”

Ahh, that’s right, I bought a class-change item with real money, desu. This class had such perverted equipment. It was great, desu!”

So you’re the type of person who uses real money… But, if you’re such a strong class, then going through the dungeon should be pretty easy.”

Ah, well, I only bought perverted-looking equipment, so I’m actually not strong at all. I haven’t been leveling at all either, desu!”

What a horrendous playstyle,” snarked Mai.

I couldn’t agree with her more. That was actually just ridiculous. Still, when I looked at the bikini armor she was wearing, I could still tell that it was rather strong. That’s a fantasy world for you.

“…Onii-chan, what exactly are you staring at?”

I suddenly heard a cold voice next to me, making me sit up straight out of fear. When I looked over, Suzuka was glaring at me with tears in her eyes.

“O-Onii-chan really is a dirty demon…! It’s almost like you’re drooling while looking at her…!”

“It’s a misunderstanding! I was just checking the stats of her armor!”

“S-So are you saying that her equipment isn’t indecent?!”

…Ugh! That’s the same logic Double Peace-sensei always uses…!

“For crying out loud, Onii-chan really is a perverted demon lord…!”

Uuuu… Why does it always end up with me being the bad guy?

“A-Anyway, staring at other people like that is rude. So please, umm… I really don’t want to, but I’ll take that role and wear those clothes.”

“Huh? …E-Ehhh?!”

“O-Only in the game, though! I’ll just become the victim who garners Onii-chan’s lustful gazes!”

With a bright red face, Suzuka started typing “Please lend me that armor.”

“H-Hold on! You can’t wear that amor in the first place!”

I tried to stop her, and indeed, she came to a sudden stop.

“…W-What do you mean by that? It’s true that my character’s chest might be lacking a bit, but…!”

“T-That’s not what I meant! You’re a healer, so you can’t wear her equipment!”

“No way…?! So I really don’t have the qualifications to wear it…?!” Suzuka let out a scream of agony.

…Why are you looking at Double Peace-sensei’s character with such envy in your eyes? Also, I see you patting your chest in-game there, Suzuka. Why is that function even implemented into the game?


Now then, let’s attack the dungeon!”

With Double Peace-sensei guiding us, we set foot inside the dungeon.

“Onii-chan, what should I do while we’re here?”

“Well, since you’re a healer, you have to make sure that we don’t die to the monsters by using your healing magic.”

“I-I understand. I won’t let Onii-chan die!”

While exchanging a few words like that, we made our way deeper into the dungeon. The enemies that appeared before us were fairly strong, but with everyone’s combined strength, we managed to defeat them all. The dungeon level was probably being scaled down because of Suzuka and I.

Hey, Yuu, there’s more enemies coming.”

Sorry, I’ll be more careful.”

There’s sadly no fanservice events happening here, so be sure to protect me, desu!”

I’m wasn’t hoping for that, anyway! Also, you’re a fighter like me, so you should be the one doing the protecting!”

“O-Onii-chan, you’re way too clingy with them! Come here and do the flirty burst with me!”

“We’re in the middle of our fight, so we have no time for that at all! Also, pay attention! I need healing! I’ll die at this rate!”

Though it became a bit chaotic in the middle, we managed to get through fairly safely. We raised our levels, learned some more skills, and started to stand our ground evenly against the stronger enemies in the depths of the dungeon.

“Onii-chan, the enemies are dropping more and more money!”

“Yeah, as well as materials that we can sell.”

If we kept this pace up, we might be able to afford the rings. Suzuka seemed to have felt the same, because she started giggling to herself, muttering “Engagement rings… Ehehehe.” She seemed super pleased.

In the meantime, we were smoothly making progress. We defeated several bosses inside the dungeon, and after around thirty minutes had passed, we made it to the last boss.

“It’s finally time. Once we defeat him, Onii-chan and I can…! Let’s go!”

“O-Oh, you sure are motivated.”

I sure didn’t expect Suzuka to get so absorbed in the game, but that’s very much appreciated, considering how we’re gathering data for the report.

What kind of boss will we be dealing with?”

Mai asked inside the game.

Umm, let me see, desu.”

In front of us, some distance away, something gigantic appeared. With a plopping sound, we saw something drop down from the ceiling, followed by some transparent liquid gathering in one place—Ah, this is…!

Oh right, it’s a Huge Slime.”

Before she could finish typing her message, the Huge Slime came storming to attack Double Peace-sensei. Not good! Her HP bar is already in the red after that last attack!

“T-This is a strong one! I’ll attract its attention, so you go heal Double Peace-sensei!”


I shouted rushed instructions at Suzuka and separated from them to act as the enemy’s target. After barely avoiding death, Double Peace-sensei’s health bar was regenerating thanks to Suzuka’s magic, and thanks to Mai’s magic, the enemy’s health bar was slowly but steadily shrinking. However…

“Shit, what’s happening?! His attacks hurt like crazy!”

“I can’t catch up with the healing! And your shield is about to break…!”

Just what you’d expect from the last boss of a dungeon. Its damage output wasn’t something to be trifled with.

Ahh, so much HP! It feels like it’s not getting lower at all!”

Just what you’d expect from one of the most perverted enemies in fantasy worlds aside from orcs, desu!”

Mai was desperately trying to cut down the boss’s HP, while Double Peace-sensei was busy talking about something weird again. Anyway, our battle continued with difficulties, but it started to feel like we could actually do this.

Double Peace-sensei! Take my role as tank for a second!”

OK, desu!”

We smoothly switched our roles, and I started to see the path to victory. The enemy’s HP gauge was slowly shrinking, and I could feel myself growing more tense, like I could feel the victory within my grasp.

“Ah… Eh?!”

But while I was thinking that, Suzuka suddenly froze up next to me.

“H-Hey, what are you doing? Continue with the healing!”

“W-Why is Double Peace-sensei doing that…”

…W-What happened with Suzuka? When I looked at the screen next to me, however, I had a similar reaction, and I swallowed my breath. After all…

“Why did Double Peace-san’s character suddenly get naked like that?!!!”

Just as Suzuka had said, Double Peace-sensei’s in-game character had lost the bikini armor, and now only the underwear was left.

My armor was destroyed, desu!”

And then, it finally clicked in my head. Does this slime have an attack that lowers the durability of equipment?! Let me check my equipment… There it is! My equipment’s durability is closing in on zero!

This development is a typical slime event, desu!”

The next moment, Double Peace-sensei suddenly sounded rather delighted at the situation, completely engulfed by the slime this time around. It didn’t stop there. The slime slowly crept towards Mai.

Kyaaaa! D-Don’t come here, you perverted slime! I don’t want to look like that in front of Yuu!”

Mai was engulfed in some kind of liquid (which seemed to be the armor destroying fluid), and she soon ended up only in her underwear as well.

Naturally, I tried to make my way to her rescue, but…

“Don’t look, Onii-chan!”


Suzuka’s arms suddenly wrapped around my head, cutting off my view.

“Woah?! What are you doing?!”

“You can’t look! They’re both naked!”

“This isn’t the time to be saying that, though! Also if you’re over here, then your healing magic will…!”

When I looked at the screen through the gaps of her fingers, I saw Suzuka’s character just standing there. Not to mention, the slime was slowly approaching her.

Plop! (The sound of the liquid hitting Suzuka)

“Nyaaaaaaa?! M-Me too…?! D-D-D-Don’t look, Onii-chan!”

“C-Calm down! This isn’t you in real life, but just a character in the game!”

“It’s basically the same!!!”

Suzuka hurriedly hid her character, snuggling up behind mine… N-Not good! Now we’ve lost even Suzuka after Mai and Double Peace-sensei. And the enemy is still approaching.

Full party wipe. The moment I realized our situation, I could only resign myself and wait for the end… Until—

“W-What’s going on?!”

Suddenly, my in-game character started glowing while I was still being hugged tightly by Suzuka’s. The text that appeared on the buff icon was—‘Flirty Burst MAX’?!


Suzuka apparently didn’t realize that her actions had triggered this buff. Meanwhile, the boss was approaching us even more, readying the final attack to annihilate us.

“Ahh, whatever! It’s make or break now!”

I ignored my defenses and started readying my attack skill. Though my HP was slowly being chipped away, I managed to hold my ground thanks to the buff, while I kept slashing away at the boss.

—Please make it in time!


Right before my HP reached zero, the boss’s body collapsed.

“I-I did it…!”

Gazing at the defeated enemy in front of me, I let out a sigh of relief. After a few joy-filled moments filled passed, I turned around to put my hand on Suzuka’s shoulder. While she slowly and carefully raised her head, I called out to her with a soft voice and a bitter smile.

“…We won. With the power of love!”

For some reason, though, Suzuka didn’t like that at all. She just started screaming “W-W-W-What kind of embarrassing things are you saying?!” at me… Weren’t you the one who said that at the beginning?


“With this, we can buy the engagement rings! Yay!”

After turning our loot into money, and checking that we had the necessary 50.000G, Suzuka immediately headed towards the shopping area again.

After all of that happened, we resurrected Mai and Double Peace-sensei and returned to the city. Since it was already pretty late, our group split up, and Suzuka and I headed back towards where we had seen the rings before.

“W-We bought them…!”

After we found the item again and bought it, Suzuka let out a relieved sigh. Though she immediately started shaking her head as if to rid her mind of some thoughts. She headed over to me, requesting the marriage. However…

“W-Why won’t it work?!”

Even though we were holding the required item, a status message popped up, saying “You cannot get married to this character,” which left Suzuka in shock.

“I-Is this some kind of bug…?!”

“Oh, there’s another message below it.”

Umm, let’s see… “Suzuka and Yuu are siblings, so they can’t get married.”


“…This might be because we made our characters have that relationship when we created them…”

I was confused as to why an online game offered an option like that, but this was probably the reason why.

“No way…! What do you mean that siblings can’t get married?!”

“Siblings can’t marry in reality, you know?!”

“This is a game, so that should be fine!” Suzuka was trembling with anger, but she finally gave up and all the strength left her shoulders. “Uuuuu…”

“I-I don’t think that you have to be so depressed about it. You got enough data for your report, right?”

“That might be true, but… I really wanted to do this…” Suzuka muttered with tears in her eyes.

She might be depressed that she can’t collect all the data she wanted… I feel bad that she’s such a perfectionist. That being said, if it’s impossible within the system itself, then there’s nothing we can do, really.


But… well…

When I looked at Suzuka, who was making such a sad and hurt expression, I could feel my chest filling with a gloomy feeling… Normally I’m just an unreliable older brother, and that’s true, sure… but I still am her older brother. That’s why I want to do something for her. As her older brother, I can’t stand to see my little sister be so sad, and it’s my duty to save her in any way possible.

…Then what should I do here?

“Ah, I know…”

A certain thought crossed my mind, and I once again headed towards that stall from before to get a hair accessory that I had seen earlier that day.

“Here, put this on.”

I sent her the hair accessory via the gift option, and Suzuka accepted, though she seemed completely confused.

“Umm… What is this…?”

“A present for you.”

“A-A present?! From Onii-chan to me…?! W-Why?”

“You know, um… Although we might not be able to marry in the game, we can still become lovers in a certain sense.”

“L-L-L-L… Lovers?!”

“Ah, don’t get the wrong idea, though! This was just to cheer you up, and I’m not thinking that at all or anything, okay?!”

…Ahh, she’ll definitely think that I’m disgusting again…!

“A-Anyway, this is also something you can do in online games! So I thought that maybe this would be good reference…”

At the very end, my voice completely disappeared and I ended up muttering… Was this all just unnecessary meddling on my part?

“O-Onii-chan did that for me…!”

But Suzuka just blankly stared at the screen, her face as red as a tomato, until…

“Ehehehe…! L-Lovers…!”

She suddenly started laughing to herself.

“U-Umm, Suzuka-san?”

“Hya?! I-I-I-I-It’s nothing! Um, umm! It’s true that we weren’t able to marry, but this isn’t so bad either, yes!”

“I-Is that so? I’m glad to hear that.”

Then why are you looking at me with a pout on your face?

“…T-Thank you very much, Onii-chan.”

Finally, Suzuka once again looked at me, showing me a smile. It was mixed with a slight bit of embarrassment, but she seemed happy. It was a wonderful smile to look at.

…Well, if she’s smiling now, then that must’ve been the right decision. Maybe I managed to act more like an older brother?


“Ehe… Ehehehe… A present from Onii-chan…! Ehehehehehe…!”

After I returned to my room, I once again booted up the game, and I spent time gazing at my character, who was now equipped with the hair ornament. I know that I’ve been acting like this for a while now, but can you really blame me…?! It’s a present from Onii-chan, you know?! Ehe, ehehe, ehehehe!

“N-No no, no matter how happy I might be, I can’t just look at it forever. I have to write that report…!”

Hence, I booted up my writing software. What did I experience during the game…?

—Onii-chan softly whispers ‘I love you’ into my ear, as he carefully puts the hair ornament on my head, and ever-so-slowly raises my chin with his hand—


Before I realized it, I had written down my flirty fantasies instead of the actual report…

“T-This is no different from the usual Onii-chan notes I write!”

I furiously shook my head to rid myself of the thoughts, but all I could think of was Onii-chan.

…Uuuu, it’s because you made me so happy that I can’t focus, Onii-chan…! W-Well, it’s not like I hated what he did, but—

“…Hey, Suzuka?”

“?! O-Onii-chan?! W-W-W-W-Why are you in my room?!”

“Ah, well, I did knock, but you didn’t respond at all… Here, you forgot your mouse pad.”

“I-I-I-I-Is that so?!”

I was nearly scared to death when Onii-chan poked his head into my room. If he were to see fantasies written down like this, it’d be the death of me. I closed the writing software just in case.

“Hm? Are you still playing the game?”

What appeared on the screen now was the game again, so I quickly thought of a way to cover it up.

“Y-Yes! It was pretty fun, so I thought I wanted to play some more!”

“I-Is that so? But it’s pretty late, so don’t overdo it, or you’ll get addicted, okay?”

With those words, Onii-chan left my room, and I was finally able to breathe again.

…T-That was way too close for comfort… But, Onii-chan? You don’t have to worry about me getting addicted. After all, I’m already an Onii-chan addict—Ahh, what am I even saying!


Unable to contain the embarrassment of my own thoughts, I jumped onto the bed and rolled around on top of it for a while.

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