Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 8.5 Chapter 3

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Towano Chikai’s Pink Exercise

“L-Look Onii-chan, your breathing is over the place. At times like these, you have to calmly breathe in and out…!”

“I-I know that! You don’t have to cling to me like that!”

“I-It’s to teach Onii-chan the right way to stretch…! Also, this is definitely only for collecting data. It’s not like I’m deliberately trying to cling to you or anything, so don’t get the wrong idea…!” Suzuka said, and I could feel her pressing herself against my back even harder.

While Suzuka’s voice counted “One, two, one, two…!”, I was honestly unable to properly focus on our main goal of collecting data. Instead, all I could think about was that soft feeling on my back, and a gentle scent wafting over.

“H-Hey, is there really a need for us to stick together like this? When you give assistance like this, shouldn’t you just gently push me down with your hand…?”

“T-That might be the norm, but right now, we’re collecting data,” Suzuka gave an immediate response to my doubts.

…Ugh, why does it always have to be for her data…? I can’t say no to that, can I? Since I’m her stand-in, I can’t deny any requests for help regarding light novels from her, so I can only give in and continue doing stretches… But I still can’t concentrate at all!

“Collecting data, you say?! If this is Towano Chikai’s way of collecting data, then there’s no way that I can miss out on it! I-I’m doing that as well!”

“You can’t, Himuro-san! If you did that, your chest would—No, nevermind! This is the duty of a little sister!”

“Then, maybe I can have Sensei do that for me, desu. Ufufu.”

“You can’t do it either!”

“If it’s the duty of a little sister, then Sakura should be able to do it, right? So please switch with her!”

“I’ve told you countless times that you aren’t Onii-chan’s little sister, Sakura-san!”

Mai, Double Peace-sensei, and Minazuki-san were all there, and the place was engulfed in chaos as per usual. While the girls were enthusiastically engaging in a discussion as to who could do what with me, I could only let out a tired “Why does it always end up like this…?” I resigned myself to my fate.

“S-So tired…”

This happened on a certain day.

Just like always, I was going along with Suzuka’s wish to gather data, and was sitting down in the entrance of our home.

“Really, Onii-chan is just… Please pull yourself together a bit more. How can you be tired after just a bit of data gathering? Is your stamina that low?”

Suzuka, who had returned with me, looked down at me with an exasperated expression on her face.

…You say that, but after all that flirting you forced me to go through, it’s obvious that both my physical and mental stamina would soon run low. Also, Mai and the others joined us as well, so that didn’t exactly help. As soon as they found out about us collecting data, Suzuka was adamant that they shouldn’t join, and everything just escalated from there… In short, it was the same as always. Really, can you blame me for being tired after all that?

“To be honest, I’m still lacking some data that I need. But since you’re so helpless, we’ll stop here today.”


But rather than being understanding, she scolded me even further… J-Just what kind of data are you lacking after all that…? Why do I feel like the amount of data you want to collect has been growing as of recently…?

“Yes, I still haven’t flirted enough yet… Ah, in the sense of gathering data, of course!”

While growing red and flustered, Suzuka continued.

“T-That being the case, I would like to advocate that we continue to collect data in the evening as well!”

“Please let me off the hook here… At this rate, I won’t be able to work on my own manuscript.”

Naturally, I tried to protest. Of course I want to help Suzuka improve her novel, but even I have my limits. Also, I feel like the ways that we’ll be gathering data will slowly start to increase at this rate…


When I gave my response, Suzuka pouted. That being said, she seemed to at least acknowledge that she was asking for something unreasonable, and she didn’t press me any further. If only she were this considerate during our actual data-gathering…

“Onii-chan really lacks stamina. This definitely is an alarming problem.”

Although she let me off the hook for data collecting, Suzuka still didn’t seem completely satisfied.

“I don’t really think that this is a problem… Well, I’m not part of any clubs, and since I’m the indoor type, I don’t have much confidence in my stamina, sure.”

“Speaking of clubs, the same is true for me, but I don’t get tired nearly as quickly as you do, Onii-chan.”

Even though she’s not part of any sport clubs, she’s pretty universally good at them. And she’s pretty tough. Maybe she gets all that endurance and stamina from doing housework and going shopping. Who knows?

“A-Anyway, no more data collecting for today, please. I want to go back to my room now.”

I tried to use this chance to quickly slip away from Suzuka’s grasp, but…

“Ah, I know!”

Suzuka looked like she had remembered something, then raised her voice, stopping me in my tracks.

“W-What is it?”

“I came up with something good. Onii-chan, we don’t have any school tomorrow, so how about we go to a comprehensive gym?”

“A comprehensive gym?”

When Suzuka suddenly said that, I found myself repeating it out of confusion.

“Yes, by visiting that, we can help Onii-chan with your lack of physical activity, and help you build up some stamina and endurance.”

“H-Hold on a second. I just told you that I’m an indoor type, so exercising is…”

“You also need stamina for your writing, don’t you? I think that this might be a good idea if you’re aiming to become a professional author.”

…Ugh, she’s not wrong about that. And I can’t say no, since she’s doing this out of goodwill for me. But…

“I-I don’t really like doing exercise anyway, and I’ll just do something about my lack of stamina myself…”

“You say that, but you don’t have any specific plan or regime to achieve that, right? I think that this might be a good change of pace, and you might even enjoy it.”

“But, going to a gym just for that…”

I still tried to talk my way out of it, which left Suzuka in silence for a short moment, but then…

“A-Also, we can use this to collect data, so it’s two birds with one stone.”

“E-Eh, collect data on what?”

“I-In my novel, the siblings will be visiting that place and exercising together, so I need some data for that scene!”

“A-Are you for real?!”

“Y-Yes! This is the perfect chance for that!”

“I-I see. But, I feel like the timing is a bit too perfect…”

“I-I-It’s probably just your imagination?! I-It’s not like I just thought of this on the spot?!” Suzuka spoke in a panic as she averted her eyes.

It really is fishy… but now that she’s calling it necessary in order to collect data, I can’t refuse anymore, huh?

“I get it. If it’s like that, then I can’t help it… Ugh, I really am bad with anything exercise-related, though.”

“I-It’s fine! I’ll be joining you with your training! N-Not in a weird way, but just to collect data, of course!”

After seeing Suzuka this happy about it, I could only comment with a “Take it easy on me.” I gave up on resisting.

“…I-I did it. I just happened to come up with that on the spot, but this went better than expected…! Not to mention that we could end up being lovey-dovey on a sports date…! Ehehe…!”

“By the way, this comprehensive gym or whatever—”

“Hya?! W-W-What is it?!”

“…Well, I was just wondering if we had something like that near us. I’m not all too familiar with that sort of thing.”

“T-There is, yes. I’ve checked a lot of places just in case Onii-chan and I might go on a date there in the future…!”


“D-Don’t get the wrong idea! I was just thinking that I would use this as a way to collect data, nothing more! Like an aquarium, a cafe, a ceremonial hall for our wedding, and many other places! Only for reference, nothing more!”

I-Is that so? Well, I expected nothing less from the real Towano Chikai, being so thorough with her data collecting… But still, there’s even a ceremonial wedding hall nearby? S-She’s not planning on dragging me there to gather data on marriage, right…?!

“A-Anyway, since that’s decided, we’ll be going there tomorrow to help you build up some stamina and endurance!”

“Alright. This time around, it’s also for my sake after all.”

“T-Thank you very much. Now then, I have to prepare the proper attire for our date—Not that! For our training tomorrow! So if you would excuse me!”

With those words, Suzuka turned to dash up the stairs, but…

“Ah, I forgot something important.”

She stopped her feet mid-way and turned around towards me.

“You have to keep this a secret from Himuro-san and the others, okay? At all costs.”

“Hm? Why is that?”

“It’s an important da—Event to collect data, so I would rather do it with just the two of us. I don’t want any chaos to ensue or anything.”

I see. That makes sense. One of the main reasons why I’m so tired all the time is because they always tend to obstruct us in some way.

“Alright. I’ll keep my mouth shut, even if they ask.”

“Please do. Now then, I have to prepare for tomorrow! I must ask that you do the same!”

Leaving those parting words, Suzuka disappeared up the stairs.

“She sure is motivated… Well, she’s pretty serious about anything that involves gathering data, after all.”

Muttering to myself, I headed to my own room, and that was the end of that.

Back to the present.

The following day, just as we had planned, we came to the gym, but…

“Hmmm, so this is what it looks like. It’s pretty big, alright.”

“How nice, desu! Just thinking that I will be dripping with sweat here together with Sensei makes my body boil up!”

“Yay! It’s Sakura’s first time doing sports with Sensei, so she’s really looking forward to it!”

For some reason unknown to me, it wasn’t just Suzuka and I. Mai, Double Peace-sensei, and even Minazuki-san had also joined us!

“…O-Onii-chan…! Even after I told you yesterday…!”

Naturally, I earned myself a glare from Suzuka… Listen, I know what you want to tell me, but even I couldn’t anticipate something like this, okay?!

Last night, Mai called me, just as I suspected. She had asked me about my plans tomorrow (aka today) and I had just told her that I was planning on staying at home, working like always… but when we were about to leave today, the three of them were already standing in front of our door!

“You were planning on collecting data on something like always, right? As your rival, I cannot overlook that!”

“I received a phone call from Mai, desu!! Really Sensei, if you’re going to collect data on something, at least tell me beforehand. I am your illustrator, after all, so it should be obvious that I should tag along if you want to gather data on something!”

“Since Sakura is Sensei’s future little sister, it’s only natural that she wants to help him with his novel in any way possible!”

—And there you have it.

Unable to cover it up anymore, we could only let destiny unfold as they naturally tagged along with our plans… Damn it, I underestimated Mai’s stalking abilities…! Suzuka’s face from back then, when she said “…Onii-chan, what is this about?”, still sends shivers down my spine. That sort of thing would be enough to make me wake up from a dream.

“Onii-chan is always just too careless! Even if you don’t tell them directly, they still find out one way or another! Maybe you should’ve just honestly told them that you were going to spend an intimate day with your little sister!”

“That would definitely give them the wrong idea about things, though!”

“A-Anyway, now that we’re here, we can’t help it anymore! All I can do is be as flirty with Onii-chan as I can, and attract all his attention!”

Ohh, Suzuka seems to be motivated… It’s great that I got through that without a long lecture, but I’m a bit scared to find out what’s going to happen from now on.

“Now then, let’s hurry inside!”

Suzuka finally beckoned us inside. Apparently, you can use this facility even if you’re not a registered member, and they even rent out training gear and clothes, which is pretty handy if you ask me. After we paid the entry fee, we headed to our respective changing rooms and put on gym clothes.

“H-How is it? I rented this. It doesn’t look too bad, does it?”

“It’s a bit tight on my chest though, desu.”

“How does it look, Sensei?!”

When we all joined together again, Mai, Double Peace-sensei, and Minazuki-san all immediately approached me. I see Mai in her gym clothes all the time at school, but this is kinda different, and it feels pretty unique… Also, I know that these clothes are made so that you can move easily, which means they’re pretty thin, but I can’t help it that my heart is beating faster…


“N-No, I wasn’t ogling them or anything?!”

When I noticed that Suzuka was staring at me, I quickly asserted my innocence.

“W-Well, that was one thing, but I was wondering what you thought about my appearance…”

“I-I don’t know… I think that it looks good you…?”

“I think that your reaction is a bit too weak.”

What kind of complaint is that?

“By the way, what kind of data were you going to collect today? I don’t think that sports-related things happen all too often in light novels,” Mai said.

“Is that so?” Minazuki-san asked.

“Light novels are something produced by otaku for otaku in most cases, and the world of sports is the exact opposite of the otaku world. So I’m a bit surprised that you chose this place!”

Although I don’t understand why she’s sounding so high and mighty about it, I can see where she’s coming from.

“Did you just indirectly admit that you’re bad at sports and exercising?”

“Wha—?! T-That’s not true at all! That was just an objective opinion and my reasoning behind it!”

Well, it’s not like I’m one to talk, either.

“No, that’s not quite right, Himuro-san,” Suzuka replied, “If you’re a light novel author, you should experience as much as you can to broaden your horizons. That’s what you said. Right, Onii-chan?”

“Eh? …Ah, yeah!”

I agreed with the opinion that the real Towano Chikai gave. Her glare still hurts, though.

“T-That’s true, I guess… You should always keep everything in your sights, even the rarest tropes and story elements… That’s Towano Chikai for you!”

Mai seemed to honestly believe me. Although I still don’t get why she looks so frustrated…

“That makes sense, desu! There’s a great difference between having experienced something directly or not!”

“Sakura agrees! Sensei really is amazing! You think about so much!”

They were all looking at me with gazes of admiration. Though it kind of hurt that I wasn’t actually the one who had thought of it, especially since I actually agreed with Mai. I was sure that this would be useful for my own novel as well, though, so I felt more motivated than ever to collect data.

“Then, what should we do first?”

I gazed over at Suzuka. She was the one who was actually going to decide what to do.

“I think that we should begin by doing some light stretches… So I’ll be assisting you with that, Onii-chan!”


“Phew! I think that should be enough stretching.”

After Suzuka gave me a helping hand, literally, she let out a satisfied sigh.

“…Uuugh, my body hurts already…”

“That means that your body is very stiff. I-It seems like we’ll have to practice even more from now on!”

Ignoring the fact that Suzuka is so happy, I can’t say anything back about that. My body is really stiff.

“Hmph! Sakura also wanted to help Sensei out! So what are we doing next?”

“Let’s see… I think that we should do some muscle training. What do you think, Onii-chan?”

“A-Ah, yeah, let’s do that.”

Muscle training, huh? I can’t say I’m really motivated for it, but it is among the most basic of basics. Hence, we headed towards a corner of the training room where there was a rack of dumbbells.

“So you use these things for muscle training, right? I really don’t like this…”

Mai wrapped her fingers around one of the dumbbells on display while making a disgusted expression. Well, I don’t really see the reason to collect data on this either. Apparently, neither did Suzuka, and she started thinking to herself. “Let’s see…” she said. Moments later, she suddenly raised her head, seeming to have thought of something.

“T-Then how about we switch things up and have Onii-chan carry me like a princess to increase his physical strength!”


Since Suzuka said something as ridiculous like that, I was left in shock.

“If you can strengthen your muscles and physical strength by holding something, then there shouldn’t be any need to use dumbbells or anything, right?! T-That way I’m more than enough! O-Of course, only so that Onii-chan can collect data…!”

N-No no no no! Carrying someone in a princess carry and heaving them up and down to train my muscles would make me nothing more than a pervert, you know?! Naturally, Suzuka is only thinking about the data-gathering side of things, but I’m sure that everyone else will disagree with her, right?

“W-What an amazing idea! That’s Towano Chikai’s little sister for you!”

“Imouto-san is amazing, desu! I would never have thought of that!”

“Uuuu… Suzuka-chan really is a genius! But Sakura won’t lose!”

Or so I thought, but their responses only left me in despair and confusion.

“That’s that, Onii-chan. Hurry up and carry me like a princess!”

“N-No, hold on! There’s no way I could do something suspicious like that, especially not in front of other people!”

The other people in this room are diligently training, you know? In the worst-case scenario, we might even get banned from this place, and there wouldn’t be any way we’d be able to defend ourselves if it came to that!

“H-Hmph… That might be true, but…”

Suzuka seemed aware that she was asking for the impossible, and she ground her teeth after hearing my complaint. She looked really frustrated.

“S-Shouldn’t that be fine? I wanted to try it too! For my own novel, of course!”

“Right, desu! Just thinking about Sensei carrying me like a princess gets me all hot. Haaah… Haaah…”

“Sakura too! Ah, maybe with a picture, even!”

When Mai and the others started approaching me, Suzuka twitched and changed her tune. “N-No, Onii-chan is right. We are better off doing this at home with just the two of us…”

Let’s just ignore that last part, yeah…

“T-Then, what else should we do—?”

“Sensei! Sensei! There are some interesting devices over there, desu!”

Double Peace-sensei suddenly called out to me while pointing at something.

“Hm? That’s… you use that to temper your abs.”

While I responded with that,

“Oh right. Sakura has seen that before! You use that to sleep!”

Minazuki-san said something completely different.

“Ohh, I thought that this was some S&M device, desu… Well, should we try it out while we’re here?”

“Eh? B-But, Onii-chan is going to train his muscles with me…”

“We’ve come here to try out lots of things we’ve never done before, right? Shouldn’t it be fine to do this, then, desu?”

Suzuka couldn’t find any reason that we shouldn’t do that, and she just grumbled to herself in silence. Most of the time, Double Peace-sensei is a flighty person, and it’s shocking that she’s the one to bring up something rational like this…

That being said, in times like these, we have to prioritize collecting data about new experiences.

“I-It seems like we can’t help it, then. Let’s use it.”

In the end, Suzuka also gave up, and we moved as a group towards that device to train your abs (I don’t know the official name). Since we weren’t very familiar with it, and since she brought it up, Double Peace-sensei was the one to try it out first.

“Fu fu fu, with my arms restrained like this, I might end up becoming Sensei’s animal after he trains me, desu!”

“Don’t say something outrageous like that with a smile! …A-Anyway, just start your weight training already.”

With a smile, Double Peace-sensei responded “I know, desu,” and started.

“…Phew… Mmm… Since I don’t do this often, it really is tough on my abs, desu…!”

Putting her legs on the device, Double Peace-sensei put her arms behind her back and started doing sit-ups. I see, so the device is there to help you keep the correct form.

“…Mmm… Haah…”


Double Peace-sensei’s moans and groans were more than embarrassing. And it wasn’t just that. Her well-endowed chest was shaking back and forth like crazy as she was doing sit-ups.

“Phew phew… it really is difficult in this position, desu.”

Her breasts were emphasized even more than usual…


She lifted her upper body, pressing against her knees, which deformed her breasts like crazy as she squished them in there. Adding that to the fact that she was moaning like crazy, and building up quite a sweat, it felt like I was watching something really dirty…

“O-Onii-chan?! What are you staring at her for?!”


However, in the next moment, I realized that Suzuka’s body was shaking in anger, and her intense glare was directed at me, which made me freeze in place.

“Just how perverted can you be…?!”

“Sensei is a boy, after all!”

Mai and Minazuki-san both replied in unison?! H-Hold on, I can’t help it, okay?! Any boy would react like I did! It’s not like I’m some perverted devil or anything!

“Haaaah… Haaah! So Sensei is looking at me with dirty eyes! I’m glad that I could help, desu! Haah haaaah…!”

Double Peace-sensei finished her sit-ups, and her shoulders were heaving up and down as she breathed roughly.

“N-No, it’s not like I was…!”

“H-Hmmmmpf…! Next will be me! Onii-chan, make sure to watch me closely—N-No, I mean to collect data!”

The next person to step forward was Suzuka, and she traded positions with Double Peace-sensei.

“…Phew… Phew!”

Suzuka started her training, immediately building up a good rhythm. Straight from the get-go, she was doing things far more smoothly than her predecessor Double Peace-sensei.

“…Huff… Onii… chan…! How… is it…?”

“Eh? H-How is what?”

“M-My appearance… while doing… sit-ups…!”

“Pretty amazing if you ask me. There’s no wasted energy in your movement.”

“T-That’s not… what I meant…! Compared to… Double Peace-sensei…!”

Suzuka directed her gaze at her chest… Ahh, well, I know what she wants to say. I’m well aware that she has a complex about her chest, which is why…

“…Those are some great sit-ups, yeah…”


“Yeah, Suzuka-chan is amazing! You really are good at sports!”


When Minazuki-san told her as well, Suzuka’s eyes opened wide. I mean, we were just praising her, so there’s no need to be so shocked about that…?

“Uuuuu…! T-This won’t do! We need something else to collect data!”

She suddenly jumped off the device and looked down at her feet with tears in her eyes.

“H-Hey, if we’re trying to gather data about things that we can only do here, how about this?”

While Suzuka was busy feeling down, this time it was Mai who tugged on my clothes. She was pointing at a device that you use to train your chest (I think the correct name is a chest press?).

“This is an essential part of an institution like this, but I’ve never used the machine before.”

“Yeah… I’ve never used it, either.”

“Really?! Then I’ll be the first one to experience it! Even before Towano Chikai! Hehe!”

Mai gave an arrogant response as she puffed out her chest. As always, her smile in this situation was nothing short of aggravating. Really, just do it then.

“Start with a light one, alright? We wouldn’t want you to get hurt or anything.”

“I-I know that… But, umm… t-t-t-thank you for worr—Ahh, it’s nothing! Just watch me, okay?!”

“Why are you suddenly angry at me?!”

As her face suddenly turned as red as a tomato, Mai stormed towards the chest press in anger and started to push it upwards.

“Here… we go! T-This is pretty heavy already…!”

The general idea behind this exercise was to grab the handles with a weight attached to them and continuously open and close the gap between them in front of you. It was a rather normal-looking exercise.

“One… Two…!”


The problem is… you know. Every time she pushed her arms together, her well-endowed chest was dramatically emphasized… Yeah.

“Y-Yuu?! Why are you looking away?!”

Y-You want to tell me to keep watching?! Your chest over there is way too dangerous! Not to mention that you’re building up quite a sweat, and combining that with your rough breathing makes this way too stimulating of an experience. There’s no way a high school boy like me could watch and keep his reason!

“Sensei, Sensei! Look over here, desu! Something crazy is happening with Mai’s chest! This is a good reference for another dirty situation. Thanks for the food!”

“Hold on?!”

While I’m busy trying not to pay too much attention to it, Double Peace-sensei is just saying it outright?!

“Eh? Chest? …Kyaa?!

When Mai finally realized her situation, she quickly let go of the handles and hid her chest with her hands.

“W-Where are you looking?! Will you ever stop ogling me, you pervert?!”

“N-No, it’s not like I…!”

“O-O-O-Onii-chan! You’re only allowed to look at me with perverted eyes like that!”

“Suzuka?! When did you recover?!”

“Sensei, should Sakura do it as well? Though she might not be able to compare to Enryuu-sensei’s breasts.”

“Give it a rest already! You’re only adding oil to the fire!”

“That’s Sensei for you, desu. Creating a fanservice event out of everything! I’m moved!”


All of a sudden, I’d turned into the bad guy again… I know that this should be standard fare by this point, but aren’t you taking things a bit too far this time around?!

“…E-Enough of the muscle training! We need to find a way to collect data that doesn’t emphasize the chest! Right, Onii-chan?!”

“Y-Yeah, you’re right…”

As things were about to escalate, Suzuka turned towards me in anger. I know that it’s up to you what we do to collect data, but why are you so obsessed with the chest part?

“…Still, I was careless. To think that both the stretching and muscle training would be a trap in disguise…”

“What are you talking about? A trap…?”

“Onii-chan, keep quiet for a second. Next time for sure, I’ll make him have eyes for me only—Nevermind that! I have to find a good way to collect data next!” Suzuka crossed her arms as she started nodding to herself.

“Here here! If it’s about collecting data, Sakura has an idea too!”

In that moment, Minazuki-san raised her hand happily.

“Over there is a basketball court! How about that?”

“Basketball? …I’m really bad at ball games, though…”

“Even if there’s people who are bad at it, with the five of us, we can’t do a proper match anyway, desu.”

Both Mai and Double Peace-sensei were hesitant, but Minazuki-san didn’t care about that and just dragged them along with a “Let’s just try it out!” When we arrived there…

“Sensei, could you stand in front of the hoop? You’ll fight against Sakura!”

“Eh? Fight?”

“A one-on-one with offense and defense! That way, everyone can go at their own pace, even if they’re not good at it!”

…I see. I’m not exactly good at ball games either, and this is definitely better than just one big team against another big team.

“…Suzuka? How about we try this?”

“…Well, with this, we might avoid any more of that chest emphasizing like we had before.”

For now, Suzuka gave her consent.

“Now here we go, Sensei!”

We started with Minazuki-san playing offense and me playing defense. She started by taking a low posture as she dribbled, and called out to me.

“Ehehe… You know, Sakura has played basketball before!”

“Ehhh?! That’s a bit unfair if you ask me?!”

“Everything is fair in the competitive world! And Sakura always aims for the win! If she wins, she’ll get a reward from Sensei!”

“I never heard anything about that?!”

After saying that, Minazuki-san set her eyes on the hoop and dashed towards me.


I tried to use my whole body as a guard, but she quickly turned her back to me, giving me no chance to steal the ball… U-Umm, why do I feel like she’s pushing her body against mine? Especially the area around her butt…! Ahh, I can’t dwell on weird thoughts! I need to focus on the game!

“What’s wrong, Sensei? Your moves have gotten dull!”

Shit…! If only I could steal the ball from her…! But every time I try to reach for it with my hands, I accidentally touch Minazuki-san’s body instead, leaving me flustered… Ugh, this is bad…!

“An opening!”

However, Minazuki-san managed to slip past me, and she headed for the hoop. After crouching down ever so slightly, she shot upwards… Is she trying to dunk it?!

“N-No way…!”

I barely managed to get in front of the hoop, but Minazuki-san’s jump was already too high for me to catch up—Huh?


“Woah, hold on?!”

Just when I thought that Minazuki-san wasn’t jumping all too high, she started falling down towards me. I tried to quickly fix my posture to catch her, but I didn’t manage to achieve that in time, and we both collapsed on the floor.

“Ouchies… A-Are you okay, Sensei?!”

“I-I’m okay… So hurry and get up…!”

Luckily, neither of us ended up with any major wounds, but I was lying upwards on the ground, and Minazuki-san had fallen with her backside right around my waist. Because she was wearing those short gym shorts she had rented, I could almost see that white fabric—Ahh, why am I camly describing it like this?!

“A-Apologies! It seems like the dunk didn’t work out! Sakura really wanted to get it on the first try, though!”

“F-First try? Didn’t you say you played basketball before?”

“Yes, only a bit though!” Minazuki-san stated with a bright smile.

…I-I feel like I’d end up the loser if I retorted here…

“S-Sakura-san?! What gave you the idea to just push down Onii-chan like that?!”

“Sakura failed at it, though! Ah, do you want to try it as well, Sakura-chan?”

“Uuu… I really want to… but my chest isn’t…! Uuuuu…!” Suzuka grit her teeth.

I don’t think that you’d end up like Minazuki-san, seeing that you’re a sports prodigy.

“O-Onii-chan, maybe collecting data this way really isn’t a good idea…! There must be something that suits you better! Right, Onii-chan?!”

“Y-Yeah?!” I panicked a bit as I agreed.

Apparently, Suzuka wasn’t done. That being said, nothing we had tried so far was to her liking, so what else could we even try?

“Then what do you want to do next? What do you think would be a good way to collect data?”


Since I was officially acting as Towano Chikai, Mai obviously directed that question at me, but since Suzuka was the one collecting the data, I didn’t know how to respond.

“…W-What can I do here to make Onii-chan pay attention to me…?”

I directed a sideways glance over at Suzuka, but she was busy mumbling something to herself… W-What should I do…?

“…Ah! I-I know! There’s a pool here!”

But then, Suzuka’s face shot up to look at a sign in front of her. When I looked, I saw the notice that they indeed had a warm water pool, and that it was usable at the moment.

“A swimsuit event is standard fare in light novels, but I’m not all that good at swimming…” commented Mai, slightly nervous.

“Bewitching Sensei with my erotic swimsuit is fine and all, but that pool is made for athletes, so we can’t exactly play in there, desu.”

“We’ll get scolded and thrown out. Also, Sakura isn’t exactly bad at swimming, but she’s not on the level of a pro either.”

Hearing that response, Suzuka’s eyes suddenly lit up with joy.

“I-Is that so? It seems like there won’t be anyone else who can teach Onii-chan how to swim, then!” She blurted out.

“Teach me?”

“Exactly. Collecting data is important, yes, but our main goal is to improve your stamina. Since the others aren’t all that experienced in swimming, either, I’ll have to act as your teacher. Don’t you think that’s a good idea, Onii-chan?!”

Suzuka’s gaze was clearly asking for affirmation from me, but before I could say anything, she continued. “Then it’s decided. We’ll collect data at the pool next!” All I could do was nod along.

“…Although everyone’s chests will stand out because of the swimsuit, there shouldn’t be any bikinis to rent, so we should be good still…! Also, being able to directly teach Onii-chan one-on-one is far better!”

“I see. We did want to train my stamina a bit, after all. I had completely forgotten about that.”

“Hya?! O-Of course! I just remembered, myself, but I thought that we could do it with this!”

…Hey. I feel like I heard something in there that I can’t ignore.

“Now then, next we’ll collect data on swimming, Onii-chan!”

But I wasn’t given the time to bring it up. Suzuka went on ahead towards the warm water pool. After renting the swimsuits and changing into them, we arrived at the poolside. Although all of them looked cute enough with their swimsuits to make my heart race, it wasn’t as much of an impact as it would have been if they were wearing bikinis. The swimsuits were more orthodox, and I could actually focus on the training.

“Mmm… It’s a bit tight on the chest area…”

“Bursting with energy, desu!”

That doesn’t mean that it all went flawlessly…!

“O-Onii-chan! Don’t ogle them like that! Let’s start our practice!”


In the meantime, Suzuka dragged me into the pool.

“…You say this is practice, but I can swim to a certain degree, you know?”

“T-That’s right. Then it might be a good idea to practice your backstrokes and butterfly. That will increase your stamina as well, I’m sure.”

“Eh, I don’t feel like that will necessarily help my stamina or anything…”

“Don’t forget that we’re collecting right now on two siblings practicing swimming together! A-Anyway, the two of us will start now, so you can do as you please, everyone!”

With those words, Suzuka pulled me to a lane a bit further away from the others.

“Umm… What exactly should I do?”

“I’ll be teaching you how to swim from the basics. Give both your body and heart to me.”

“Body and heart…”

“L-Listen. This is our situation. The older brother has said that he is bad at swimming, and the little sister, who is proficient at it, decides to teach him. Through that, their bonds deepen, and they end up flirting lots… Something like that!”

“This doesn’t really feel like something the characters inside the story would be doing, though?”

“I-I’ll come up with a reasonable explanation for it. Anyway, that’s how things are, so please focus on me, Onii-chan. T-To collect data of course!”

I’m still not really satisfied with this, but now that Suzuka is so adamant about it, I have to follow through as her stand-in.

“Then let’s practice how you move your legs first. For the butterfly, you’ll use the dolphin kick.”

While I was holding Suzuka’s hands, I assumed the position she wanted me to and began practicing how to move my legs. Since it wasn’t the usual butterfly movement, it was more difficult than I had expected.

“…T-This is pretty complicated… Don’t let go of my hand, alright? I don’t want to sink.”

“Ehe, ehehe… Onii-chan is relying on me…! Onii-chan is focused on me right now…! We can finally collect data, just the two of us…!”

“H-Hold your hands still, will you…?!”

While we exchanged words like that, I felt like I was slowly making progress thanks to Suzuka’s proficient teaching.

“You’re getting better, Onii-chan. Although you might be building up stamina with this, we can’t forget to get lovey-dovey to collect data…!”

“So you say, but what exactly do you have in mind?”

“I’m assuming that it has to be some sudden occurrence… For example, I happen to get anemia, and am about to drown, and you immediately come to my rescue after having just barely learned how to swim!”

“That’s pretty difficult, if you ask me!”

“And then! And then! You barely manage to pull me out of the water, but I’m still unconscious, so you give me m-m-m-mouth-to-mouth resuscitation…! When I finally wake up, I softly cling to Onii-chan’s half-naked body and then… Ehehehehehe…!”

“You’re not planning on doing that in reality, right?! Not even to collect data, right?!”

Suzuka apparently felt embarrassed by her own idea, because she let out a loose laugh as she started twisting and turning her body… If you’re going to bug out like that, then don’t come up with such a crazy idea in the first place…

“Hey, Yuu! Come here and teach us as well!”

“Uwah?! W-What do you want?!”

In that moment, Mai and the others, who were supposed to be training in a different lane, suddenly appeared next to me.

“I’d like to experience the situation where Sensei collects data as well, desu!”

“It’s unfair that Suzuka-chan is hogging all the attention! Sakura also wants Sensei to teach her!”

And this is how it always goes… Now the situation is going to spiral out of control—

“…Ah?! W-What are you doing, Onii-chan?! We’re still in the middle of practicing, you know! Now, come swim over here with the technique that I just taught you!”

Suzuka returned to her senses and called out to me from the middle of the pool. In order to escape from Mai and the others, and also so as to not stir up any more of Suzuka’s anger, I separated from the wall and swam towards her… S-Since I hadn’t learned how to move my arms yet, my legs would have to do…!


But, in the very next moment, an intense pain ran through my leg. It felt like something was stinging my leg, and I was unable to move it anymore. I twisted my body in pain.


“Ugh…! Not good…!”

I panicked as I tried to push my face above the surface of the water, but to no avail.

…S-Shit…! My leg is cramping up…! It’s because I just started swimming at full force like that…!

“O-Onii-chan, hold onto me…!”

Trying my best to keep my head above the water, I could hear Suzuka’s distant voice between the splashing of the water and my frantic attempts to gasp for air. All I could do was wildly reach my hands towards the voice.

“Kya…?! O-Onii-chan, calm down…!”

But wasn’t quite enough. I continued to sink even deeper. As I slowly started to feel my consciousness fading away, Suzuka managed to support my body, and I could finally stand on my good leg.

“…Cough… Haah… haaah… I thought I was going to die…!”

I took some deep breaths, still in a panicked state.


“Ahh, thank you, Suzuka, you really saved m—”

And when I finally managed to calm down a bit, I finally realized just what kind of position the two of us were in. We were still in the middle lane of the pool, and I had my arms wrapped around Suzuka’s back while I frantically clung to her.


Although I couldn’t exactly help it in this situation, we were still talking about my little sister, so I hurriedly tried to separate from her. However…

“…P-Please wait a moment…!”

Right before I could, Suzuka started clinging to me, telling me not to let go of her.

“S-Suzuka?! Why…!”

“M-My swimsuit is…!”

Swimsuit…?—I wondered, but when I looked at Suzuka, I finally understood.

H-Her shoulder strings fell down…?! N-Not to mention both sides…! Is it because I panicked so much just then…?!

“I-It’s not completely off, but the area around my chest is…! If you let go of me now, you’ll be able to see…!”

Since I was using my body as a guard, she seemed to be safe for the moment. But that didn’t mean that the situation was safe.

“P-P-P-Please hold onto me like this until I fix my swimsuit…!”

That would mean that I’d be forced to feel that faint, but still-present softness on my chest—

“…H-How did things end up like this…?! Uuuuuuuuuu…!”

Every time Suzuka moved her body, I could feel that feeling even more directly and aggressively than before. The moment I realized what exactly I was copping a feel of, my head overheated—

“…Alright, this should be fine now—Eh, Onii-chan?!”

And I couldn’t do anything other than sink deeper into the pool.

“I-I’m really sorry about today… I realized that I’ve been lacking exercise. Quite painfully so.”

After that incident, we stopped collecting data, and once we returned home, Onii-chan spoke to me with an apologetic expression.

“I guess I have to train some more on my own, and not just during gym class at school… It’s just as you said. Maybe I’ll go to the gym a bit more frequently.”

More sports dates with Onii-chan?!—I thought. I was ecstatic about it at first, but…

“…No, there’s no need for that. Let’s just forget about our plans to help you gain more stamina, Onii-chan.”

I turned down Onii-chan’s suggestion.

“Anyway, I’ll be going back to my room… I have to, well, write down the data while it’s fresh…” I said, almost sounding like I was trying to run away.

Behind my back, I could hear Onii-chan’s detached “S-She must still be angry about what happened before.” I didn’t have the time nor the composure to calmly soothe his fears. All I could do was jump head-first into my bed the second I closed the door to my room behind me.

“Uuuuuu…! I’m so embarrasseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed…!”

Kicking my legs up and down, I pushed my bright-red face into my pillow… Uuuu…! Doing something like that in front of Onii-chan…!

“I-I can’t…! I can’t go there again… Not with him…! I would be reminded of what happened today…!” I rolled around on my bed.

Although I really wanted to go on another date like that, my heart wouldn’t be able to take it…! Everyone would know about it anyway, so we’d be obstructed like always, and that thing that happened before…!

“T-T-T-T-T-The stimulus is way too great…! Hugging him naked like that… It’s way too early for that…! Uuuu…! Uuuuuuuuu…Ehehehe…Uuuuuehehehaaahhhhhhhhh!”

I’m still not sure if I was crying or laughing back then, but my confused state continued for quite a while after that.

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