Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 8.5 Chapter 6

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Towano Chikai’s Imagination Diary

“Ah, this is…”

It was something that happened on a certain holiday, in the late afternoon. I was cleaning my room, and since I had some free time, I decided to tidy up my closet as well. And that’s what I did, until I found a certain object.

“That reminds me. I put all my old notebooks in here.”

Several notebooks were hidden inside a small box. But these weren’t notebooks from my school or anything—They are my ‘Onii-chan notes’, containing all the fantasies I had ever thought of while I was thinking about my feelings for Onii-chan.

“And these are the very first ones I wrote…”

Yes, all these date back to when I was still a grade school student. Feeling nostalgic while reminiscing about that time, I remembered that all I could think of back then was Onii-chan, which made me feel ever-so-slightly flustered.

“R-Really… just how much do I like Onii-chan…”

Of course, so much that I can’t even put it into words…! Growing even more red while thinking about my embarrassing answer, I found myself unconsciously having started reading them already. Making excuses to myself like “I’m already done cleaning out the closet, after all…!”, I soon started to dive deeper into my fantasies from back then.

“…Ehe, ehehe.”

Soon after, a sloppy voice escaped my lips.

“I-I sure was innocent back then… Still, I haven’t changed all that much. I can still feel all the love for Onii-chan coming through!” I continued to go through the notes in a thoroughly pleased manner.

The notes were overflowing with things I wanted to do with Onii-chan, how I wanted him to pamper me, and all the pure love and affection a grade school kid like me could have felt. And that wasn’t the only reason I was so extremely pleased with myself.

“Ehehehe… Most of these fantasies have already become reality, after all!”

Exactly! Going on a date with Onii-chan, having him stroke my head, sleeping together with Onii-chan, even taking a bath together with Onii-chan… I had managed to experience all those things!

“Well, they all happened under the pretense of us gathering data for my novels, though… B-But that doesn’t change the fact that I had always dreamed about these things!” I said, as I confidently puffed out my chest in pride.

Although I felt like an idiot feeling superior towards my past self like this, this just shows that I’ve managed to grow! All the flirting with Onii-chan I could only have dreamed about has turned into reality!

“Ehehehe… But still, we really have come a long way. We’re finally like real siblings now!” My gaze dropped yet again to the notes.

Reading it now, it feels like the time when everything was all stiff between us must have been a lie… Well, the reason things ended up like this is because of my personality though… But there’s no mistaking that Onii-chan and I have taken important steps in the right direction.

“I-If we keep this up, getting married might not be too far off, right?!”

As I held the notes in my hands while lying on the bed, my legs started kicking up and down out of excitement. And I continued reminiscing. Back to when this relationship that Onii-chan and I currently have was nothing more than a fantasy for the past me. A little while before I asked Onii-chan to become my stand-in.

“I wonder what the past me would have thought if she knew about my current situation…?” I muttered.

In a certain sense, it was the time that I didn’t want to remember at all. Back when the distance between me and Onii-chan was at its greatest, and I felt like I was enveloped in darkness.

“I don’t even want to think about it…”

Maybe it was because I didn’t want to remember that time, or maybe because I was too stimulated by the old notes, but I could feel a kind of resistance to remembering it. Still, the memories slowly but steadily crept up to me… Back when I was in my second year of middle school, and Onii-chan in his third year of middle school…


Only the sound of the chopsticks tapping on the plates could be heard in the room. Onii-chan and I were eating dinner together. Father and Mother would be late that day because of their job, and eating together with Onii-chan was nothing out of the ordinary, but…



We both kept quiet, and the room was filled with an awkward atmosphere.

“…U-Umm, h-hey Suzuka.”

“What is it?”

“Well, um… It’s pretty hot today, right? How about we turn on the A/C?”

“I’m not particularly bothered by the heat.”

“Even though we’re in the middle of summer…? You’re pretty amazing.”

“Something of this level is no problem for me. But feel free.”

“…T-Then, I will…”

“That reminds me, when I came home from school, the A/C was still turned on. Please pull yourself together, Onii-chan.”

“…M-Maybe I don’t need it after all…”

Even though there were short-lived conversations like that, they ended more than quickly, and we continued to eat in silence. Thus the dinner would end, and Onii-chan would return to his room. Left behind, I sipped on my tea and got up to start washing the dishes, but…


In the next moment, a long sigh escaped from my mouth. I looked at the seat that Onii-chan had been sitting in a moment ago and hung my head.

“…Why can I only say it like that…?”

The first words I said were filled with self-loathing.

“I’m such an idiot…! Even when Onii-chan was the one to talk first…” I sank down on the table, burying my face in my arms.

Just a moment ago, I had been acting all calm and collected, but as soon as Onii-chan’s gone, I start regretting everything. I really hate this side of me. Onii-chan would surely be surprised if he saw me like this. But I can’t ever allow that to happen. It would make me look really uncool, and it’s embarrassing…


Another sigh escaped my lips… I really wanted to have a fun and interesting conversation with Onii-chan. I wanted to have at least one wholesome dinner together…

“…That’s right. A normal conversation should have been more, you know…”

While getting teary-eyed, I started fantasizing about the perfect conversation I could wish for.

Can I turn on the A/C, Suzuka?”

Sure, I don’t mind. Is it that hot for you?”

Yeah, I just start feeling all warm inside whenever I’m with you.”

Eh?! W-What do you mean by that…?!”

No, it’s nothing. Anyway, are you not comfortable with the A/C running?”

I-It’s not that bad, but there are times when I feel a slight chill.”

I see, then I’ll hold off on using it. I can’t make my precious little sister go through something like that.”

P-Precious?! No no no, I’m totally fine?! I-If you feel that warm, then feel free to turn it on!”

Really? Thank you, my adorable Suzuka…”


But don’t worry.”


If you really feel cold, then I’ll warm you up.”

Eh?! W-W-What do you mean by that…?!”

That should be obvious.”

“And with those words, Onii-chan would softly grab my shoulders and pull me closer to him—A development like that!”

Without realizing it, I found myself knocking on the table, going “Ehe! ehe!” at my own fantasies.

“…R-Really, Onii-chan is such a bad person! If he were to attack me like that, I wouldn’t be able to resist no matter what!”

Ehehehe! Bang! bang!

Ehehehe! Bang! bang!

…And things would continue to go like this until I regained my senses, and let out yet another sigh. W-Well, my imagination might have gotten the better of me back then, but that is basically what I’m wishing for. Still…

“…Why can’t I just be honest in front of Onii-chan…?”

Indeed. Because my personality doesn’t allow me to show my true feelings, something like that has never occurred even once, not even remotely. After that day, that moment, that second, when I said those horrible words to Onii-chan that I didn’t even mean, our relationship got worse and worse day by day. And even if I wanted to fix it, this rotten personality of mine wouldn’t allow it.

“…I should be the one to pull myself together…”

With a heavy heart, and an equally heavy body, I got up from my seat to start washing the dishes. This was my everyday life that had continued for years now.

“Onii-chan, I actually love you, you know…”

Those were the words I would forever be unable to say in front of the person himself. Even if I practiced them here and now, what good would it do if I never got them out of my lips?

“N-No, this isn’t the time to be depressed. I have to always keep moving forward in order to one day become Onii-chan’s wife.”

Trying to forcefully cheer myself up, I thought of measures for how to deal with this situation. Although I’ve been doing exactly that for years now.

“…At the very least, I should be the one to talk to Onii-chan first… And the topic to use then will be…”

That is how I would always try to prepare for my next chance, but things never work out that way. Funnily enough, while I was busy thinking about Onii-chan the entire time, washing the dishes ended quite quickly. I took off my apron, left the kitchen, and headed to the living room. When I remembered that he had been sitting on the sofa before dinner, I took a seat in the exact same spot.

“Being able to sit next to him and spend time together would be the greatest, I’m sure.”

As I muttered to myself, another fantasy appeared within my mind.

…You’re not going to come closer, Suzuka?”

Eh? B-But we’re plenty close already…!”

If we do it like this, we would be even closer, right?”

O-Onii-chan?! P-Putting your arm around my waist… So indecent…!”

Do you hate it?”

D-Don’t tease me with questions like that!”

…Something wonderful as that might happen! …In the meantime, I started to laugh as happily as before.

“But, as things stand right now, something like that will never happen…”

This time, I got control over myself fairly quickly. Faced by the cruel reality before me, I hung my head.


And then, I happened to realize that something was lying on the table.

“This is… One of those novels that Onii-chan was reading?”

…Yes, it should be one of those. If it’s something that’s related to Onii-chan, I can’t just overlook it. He was definitely reading that here before dinner started. And it wasn’t just any book, but the genre that Onii-chan likes the most—

“…Um, he called them ‘light novels’, right…?”

They seem to be some kind of shorter type of novel, although I’m not all too familiar with them. I know that Onii-chan loves them very much, and is always buying them in great quantities. He seems to be able to read them in the blink of an eye, too. And it’s not just a hobby, because he’s trying to become an author in this scene, and is always earnestly applying for writing contests at different publishers.

Onii-chan seems to really love them, and he’s always so lively while reading them. When I see the expression he makes while looking at them, I end up feeling jealous of the books, you know? Even when he’s talking about them, he always seems so energetic, and it makes us forget about our usually cold and stiff relationship. But, in the end, I don’t really understand what’s so great about them, and thanks to my inability to be honest, I end up acting cold yet again, ruining all of it…

“Uuuuu… Why am I like this…?” I once again hung my head in despair.

H-However… I can’t help it. I don’t know much about this sort of thing, and just giving some adequate answer is not something I can allow myself to do!

“T-That’s right. if I want to hold a proper conversation about it, I have to understand more about these novels,” I said, nodding to myself.

I realized then that if I started reading those novels myself, then I would be better at creating a topic I can talk with Onii-chan about. All this time I had tried avoiding it, but since I was pushed into a corner like this, I gave in and picked that novel up to read it.

“Um… The summary is… ‘A fantasy science-fiction romcom where the Demon Lord is reborn into today’s world and is romantically approached by the hero, an alien, and someone from another dimension. Will the protagonist be able to go on a date with his childhood friend like this?!’”


…………I can’t even imagine how the story goes after this summary.

I was a bit surprised, but I decided to not let it get to me, and started flipping the pages. The contents were just as stated in the summary, but…


I don’t really understand what’s so interesting about this. But Onii-chan enjoys himself very much while reading this, right? Although there was some speed-reading involved, I finished the whole novel. But even up until the very end, I was unsure why he likes this so much… Maybe I really can’t use this as an icebreaker…

When I reached the final page, something piqued my interest.

Sumeragi Fantasy Publishing is conducting another light novel contest!

Write your own story, and let’s aim for the debut together!

“…Ahh, I see. So Onii-chan is applying for this.”

…So the publishing company is asking for new authors to submit new novels so that they can release them. Although I like the idea of how that works, I can’t really bother to be interested in it. I closed the novel, put it back down where it was before, and let out a sigh.

…Using this novel as an icebreaker will surely be difficult. Once I arrived at that conclusion, I hung my head yet again.

“But trying to just go along with the conversation would feel like I’m deceiving Onii-chan.”

I would be betraying Onii-chan’s enthusiasm, and I wouldn’t be able to stand that.

“…Well, time to go back to my own room.”

Trying to refresh my feelings and my train of thought, I made my way back towards my room. I want to get closer to Onii-chan, but I don’t know how… No, even if I were to come up with a way, my personality would probably just ruin it. I always ends up hitting a dead end… Even after returning to my room, I realized the cruel reality of it, and I started feeling even more down about it.

In an attempt to cheer myself up, I took out a volume of my Onii-chan notes out of the deeper parts of my desk. I would normally do some homework or school stuff, but since I had already finished that before preparing for dinner, I was left with nothing to do now. And these notes aren’t for any sort of educational purposes at all.

—They are filled with fantasies of me and Onii-chan being lovey-dovey. I especially feel like writing even more than ever on days like these. Well… I also write these fantasies whenever I just felt a desire to, or when Onii-chan just looks so cool that my heart skips a beat…

B-Basically, I write these almost daily. This is part of the daily life of a little sister who loves her brother way too much!

“Now, what kind of fantasies will I come up with today?!”

…Anyway, writing these notes is my only saving grace in my daily life. I know that it’s just me escaping reality, but I can’t stop myself from wanting to at least spend some wonderful time with Onii-chan like this.

“La la la ~~~”

My somber feeling from just earlier seemed like a lie, and my pen was flying across the pages while I was lost in a gleeful mood. In my own world, I could be as lovey-dovey and honest as I wanted with Onii-chan. All the things that could never happen in reality are all written here in these notes.

“Alright… Today it’s as great as ever…”

After writing for a while, I let out a satisfied sigh as I read through everything. The event from before at the dinner was completely rewritten, and it was full of me and Onii-chan flirting with each other.

“Now, maybe some more…”

I wasn’t quite satisfied just yet, and I still felt like I wanted to write some more. Maybe even it up a bit today?

“Ah, I know…”

I remembered back to the last page in Onii-chan’s novel.

“Maybe I could write down my fantasies in the form of a novel?”

I just happened to think of it on a whim. I might as well, since I’ve never tried that before. Naturally, I had never written a novel myself in the first place. But it sounds pretty interesting. And to be honest, a love story between me and Onii-chan sounds wonderful, don’t you think?!

“A novel… So I guess that the story is pretty important?”

All my fantasies so far aren’t connected in any way; they’re just standalone events. A novel needs a complete story, though, right? Then what kind of story should I write? Naturally, the theme of it will be a little sister who loves her Onii-chan way too much. I mean, that’s how it’s supposed to be, right? No, any other theme than that would be unthinkable! But the question is how I can implement this into the story…

Well, seeing as I’ve never written a novel until now, I don’t know how to go about doing things. When I’m writing my usual notes, it’s not that important, but I want to write this properly… The best kind of plotline would be a story where the little sister can be as lovey-dovey as she wants with Onii-chan.

“…Ah, I know. The little sister would go to the same school as her Onii-chan, and they get closer to each other as different flirty events occur?” I blurted out the first idea that came to mind.

Naturally, that’s nothing more than a way to express my frustration that I can’t go to the same school as Onii-chan yet, but it still sounds pretty interesting, I believe?

“Not bad, if I do say so myself. Then, the start of it will be with the little sister finally entering the same school as her Onii-chan…”

As I let my pen run across the page, I started planning out the story, as well as thinking of the characters who would appear. The little sister loves her Onii-chan very much, but can’t be honest about it—No, since this is a novel, it doesn’t have to be too realistic.

“The little sister loves her Onii-chan, and she has a relatively honest personality, and the Onii-chan considers the little sister his most beloved existence!”

Ehehehe! Beloved little sister! Is there any combination of words that sounds better than that?! No, I doubt it! Both my hands and feet were pounding up and down out of excitement.

But if the siblings are like that from the very start, you might be wondering how I can make the story progress. However, in the face of a pure love story between brother and sister, that is but a trivial concern. After all, I would want to read this novel no matter what!

Continuing my story-building, I wrote ‘The little sister joins the same school as Onii-chan -> They can be all flirty and lovey-dovey as they want, with the school as the setting -> They are connected forever and ever’, coming up with the perfect story (I think they call this the plot?). Now then, the start of the novel…

—From today onward, new days will begin for me. After all, I will be starting to attend the same school as Onii-chan.

We’ll be going to the same school today, huh, Suzuka? (I couldn’t come up with a character name yet, so I just used my own name. There is no deeper meaning to it. *Author’s comment)

That’s right, Onii-chan… My dream has finally been fulfilled… My dream of being able to go to the same school as Onii-chan…”

Hm? Did you say something?”

N-No, it’s nothing.” (She does have an honest personality, but having a certain level of embarrassment is a good idea. *Author’s comment)

—When I tried to cover it up, Onii-chan showed me a fulfilling smile.

Is that so? It was also my dream to attend the same school as Suzuka.”

—And said those words to me right out of the blue.

Eh?! Y-You heard me just now?!”

I panicked with a bright red face, and…

Hm? What do you mean? I was voicing my thoughts out loud.”

—Onii-chan continued with his usual teasing smile. He sure likes to tease me, this Onii-chan! Even still, being teased like this filled me with a sense of happiness, and I blushed even more furiously. (Maybe it would be a good idea to have her avert her gaze out of embarrassment. Requires later confirmation. *Author’s comment)

…R-Really, I’m just as happy as you, Onii-chan…”


After I had written this far, I couldn’t hold back my excitement, and I started laughing. T-This is… pretty nice! That’s a pretty nice start, if I do say so myself! At the very least, I can barely hold myself back from the excitement! After reading through the few lines I wrote, I gave myself a satisfied nod. The content in itself isn’t all that different from my notes, but as a novel, and as the start of one to boot, I think that this sounds very intriguing.

“Just how should I have the siblings be lovey-dovey from now on…? And in what way will their relationship progress…? So this is the charm of a novel, I see!”

It had all started on a whim, but I was completely engrossed in my writing. I began to think on what kind of flirty scenes I wanted to put in there. Not standalone occurrences like before, but scenes that fit well with the flow of the story.

“Let’s see… A flirty scene on their way to school…! Maybe holding hands…! No, something even more bold, like clinging to his arm…! And once they arrive at school, they do have to separate, but then the little sister starts to feel lonely, and then Onii-chan tries to cheer her up…! Ehehehehe! Then they’ll be enjoying their lunch together…! With homemade lunch from the little sister, which is filled with lots of love for Onii-chan…! A-And then they could even feed each other?! Of course, they’ll be walking home together as well, right?! And their way home, it would turn into a small date…!”

With all these different events floating around inside my head, I realized something crucial.

“Isn’t it more important to think about what to do at the very end?”

…Yes, since this is a novel, it is crucial to think of a way to end it.

“What to do for the final part of it… That’s obvious!”

There’s only one thing that I could think of.

“F-For the end, there has to be a confession…! And it has to be from Onii-chan…!”

When I muttered that to myself, I could feel the blood rushing to my head. Just from imagining it, I could feel my head start to spin… I-I have to pull myself together…! It’s the important confession scene from Onii-chan…!

—For some reason, Onii-chan called me to the back of the school building. (The rooftop or the courtyard might also be nice, but I just felt like going with the back of the school building. The actual location will be decided on later. *Author’s comment)

—Once I arrived, Onii-chan looked straight at me. He normally looks cool, but right now he feels even more gallant than ever.

So you came, Suzuka.”

What happened, Onii-chan? Why did you call me to a place like this?”

The thing is, there is something that I definitely have to tell you.”


—Because the atmosphere around Onii-chan felt different than usual, my heart skipped a beat.

Something you need to tell me…?”

…I finally realized it after I started to attend the same school as you. I don’t want anyone to take you away from me.”

Eh… Ehhh?! W-What do you mean by that?!”

I want you to always stay my little sister. But it’s not just that…”


—Onii-chan looked like he had made up his mind about something, and he formed a fist with his hand…

Suzuka, I like you!”

I love you, too, Onii-chan!!!”

After writing this far, I was unable to hold back my excitement. I screamed that out loud while standing up, and I jumped onto my bed.

“Ehe, ehehe, ehehehehehehehe…!”

Tightly gripping my pillow, I started rolling around.

“Ehehe!” Roll, roll.

“Ehehe!” Roll, roll.

“T-The stimulus here is way too immense…! I’ve fantasized about Onii-chan confessing to me before, but writing this in a novel it makes it even more dramatic…!”

I feel like my brain is about to melt! No, it’s already melting! …Uuuu~~~! If something like this were to happen in reality, I might just die of happiness!

I continued to roll around on my bed like this for a while. But finally, I could feel my head cooling down a bit, as I stood up from my bed and shook my head to clear it.

“T-The confession in itself is a good thing, but the stimulus is way too strong…! If I feel like this just from trying to write it bit by bit, then I might faint if I write it for real…!”

Not to mention that Onii-chan confessing to me is both my greatest wish and my greatest fantasy, and it would feel wrong if I just wrote about it like this.

“A-Anyway, let’s give up on writing the confession scene at the very beginning. It would be bad if I were to run into Onii-chan with this weird smile on my face…!”

Telling that to myself, I walked over to my desk again. I decided to reserve the story about Onii-chan and me going to the same school (and the confession scene) for later. It would be better to write that later, and focus on something else for now.

“Being able to be this lovey-dovey with Onii-chan truly is wonderful, but maybe I should also take it a bit slower… What kind of flirting can I add here…?” I crossed my arms in thought.

…Hmm, what would work? I have confidence that I’m able to come up with multiple ways of being lovey-dovey with Onii-chan, but putting that into novel form is a bit more hard to achieve. Maybe I should aim for something more unpredictable. For example…

“M-Maybe married life between the little sister and the Onii-chan would work well as the theme…!” I muttered to myself, only to immediately start feeling hot.

N-No, wait a moment. I had problems with the confession just now, so jumping to a married-couple lifestyle might be a bit dangerous.

“I-I could technically add a honeymoon trip, or a wedding ceremony?! B-But that would be kind of unfeasible, right?!”

But my fantasies were already moving full speed towards those ideas, so I might as well try writing them down!

“Umm, for starters, Onii-chan and her become husband and wife, and about a year has passed? It’s around the time they’ve managed to calm down a bit, and the flirting has become more reserved. The little sister feels a degree of danger in that—No, I have to call her the wife now! Anyways, she goes searching for a solution to it… A story like that doesn’t sound too bad, right?!” I nodded to my glorious idea yet again.

…A wonderful story, yes. If there was a novel like that, it would immediately get printed in tremendous volume. Maybe it would even win the nobel prize in literature, don’t you think?! While I was excited like this, I immediately went to think of the details.

“T-They are married after all. You can be flirty in a different way from being normal siblings. You can even do this or that…!”

…Feeding each other is something more like what a married couple would do, right? A-And there won’t be a problem if you wanted to take a bath together, either! Well, not like there’s a problem if siblings did that, either!

“N-Not to mention that, as a married couple, you might do more than just wash each other’s body. There should be other ways to be flirty, right?”

…F-For example, let’s see… Maybe I would feed Onii-chan Valentine’s Day chocolate while in the bath?!

“The melted, hot chocolate, wrapping around my fingers… W-Wait, what kinds of indecent things am I thinking about?!”

I was wrapped in my fantasies there yet again, and I started feeling dizzy. T-This feels way too immoral…! What am I thinking…?! N-No, the idea in itself is wonderful, and this is something I would love to try once Onii-chan and I get married, okay?! H-Having Onii-chan… with my finger…!

“N-Not good. Let’s keep that idea on the back burner for now. The stimulus is too strong…!”

For now, I should probably write a short story of a normal evening as a married couple.

—On an evening of a certain day, after the Nagami Household finished their dinner, Onii-chan and the little sister spend some relaxing time alone. (I think that since they’re married, keeping the normal names should be fine. But if that’s too stimulating, then it might need some rewriting later. *Author’s comment)

It sure is a quiet night, Suzuka.”

Yes, that’s right, Onii-chan.”

—The little sister calmly responded while sitting on top of Onii-chan’s lap. Since they’re a married couple, this is something normal.

But it does seem a bit too calm. How about we watch some TV?”

Just being with Onii-chan like this is fulfilling enough for me.”

I see.”

—With these words, Onii-chan started softly patting me on the head. Feeling fulfilled during it, I leaned back against Onii-chan’s chest. Calm, soothing, lovey-dovey flirting like this the proof of being a married couple, after all.

—Time went on like this, and the night soon arrived.

Now then, how about we go to bed now?”

Is it already this late? I see, then let’s go sleep.”

—Feeling a bit lonely that this time had ended, I quickly cheered myself up, because I realized that Onii-chan and I would be sleeping together. We are a married couple, after all.

—But I could feel some deeper meaning behind Onii-chan’s words.

We’re going to sleep already?”

Eh? What do you mean by that?”

We’re married now, right? Isn’t there something else that we could do before that?”

W-W-W-What do you mean by that?”

—Onii-chan flashed me the greatest teasing smile ever and continued.

…Don’t you want some? You know, our own ki—”


The moment I arrived at that point, the inside of my head went white, and I felt like I was about to lose consciousness… W-W-W-W-W-What was I about to write there?! I-I-It just came out unconsciously?! K-Ki—-?! N-N-N-No way…!

“I-It’s way too early for that! I-I’ve never imagined that before in my fantasies…!”

My face went bright red, and I started panicking in response to my own thoughts. My arms and legs were flopping up and down, and I couldn’t bear it anymore. I jumped onto my bed yet again, rolling around furiously.

Roll roll roll roll…


And even after quite some time had passed after that, I still hadn’t quite recovered completely.

“I was about to write something totally unthinkable there…”

…T-This can’t go on like that. It’s way too early to write a married-couple lifestyle as the book’s theme.

“Uuu… it’s a shame, but I have to think about that when I’m a bit more grown-up.”

I decided to save that idea for later and started thinking about other themes.

“What should I do next?”

I finally managed to get up from the bed, and sat back down at the table. It shouldn’t be too extreme, but I still want the general idea of the story to be about being lovey-dovey with Onii-chan.

“…No, that just then might have been a bit too realistic.”

Then maybe I should take away the realism? This is a novel, after all, so that’s a very common theme.

“That sounds good. Then, umm… have the setting different from reality…”

I tried coming up with an idea with those parameters. In the end, what came to mind was that Onii-chan was a prince, and I was a princess.

“Siblings in a certain country, connected to each other through blood, and a story of them finding love in each other. It’s not too realistic, but the drama is more than sufficient.”

When I looked at my notes in my notebook, I gave a satisfied nod. Naturally, the main characters being siblings is necessary no matter the theme!

“E-Even if the characters end up lovey-dovey, they can’t go too far. Still, I have to make sure that the impact isn’t too great.”

Staying on high alert for that, I started writing again. For now, I’ll keep the flirting in mind, and I should try something that is only doable in a setting like this…

—The little sister spots her Onii-sama in the castle’s courtyard and dashes towards him. (I personally think that Onii-sama is the right way of addressing him. You barely ever use it except in times like these. Although I personally prefer ‘Onii-chan’ more. *Author’s comment)

Onii-sama, what are you doing in a place like this?”

Suzuka, you’re as cute as ever. You’re my most important existence.”

O-Onii-sama, please stop teasing me.”

—Onii-sama softly pat his little sister’s head, but his expression looked a bit dull. And the little sister immediately saw through that.

What happened with you, Onii-sama? You seem a bit troubled by something.”

…It seems like covering it up won’t work against you. The thing is, there has been talk about me getting engaged to a princess from a neighbouring country, and I’m a bit worried about that.”

E-Engagement?! You can’t!”

I don’t want to, either. The only person I’ve sworn my love to is you, Suzuka.”

—Onii-sama returned the little sister’s gaze with a serious expression on his face. After all, the two of them had already sworn eternal love for each other.

But I do have my responsibilities as a prince, as well.”

E-Even so, I don’t want to be separated from Onii-sama.”

…Then let’s leave the castle, Suzuka.”


I feel the same way. I won’t stand to be separated from you. My love for you is much more important than my duties as a prince.”

O-Onii-sama, it’s the same for me!”

…I see. Thank you. From now on, we’re not a prince and a princess anymore. We’re companions who have sworn eternal love to each other.”


Now Suzuka, let us vow towards the heavens above. Close your eyes…”

With those words, Onii-sama carefully lifts up her chin. Doing as she was told, the little sister closes her eyes, and soon after, she feels a soft sensation on her lips—

“—Wait, what am I writing again—?!” I returned to reality and let out a scream.

Before I had even become aware of it, the development had moved forward this much, and I panicked because I had already told myself that I didn’t want things to go this far.

“A-Again, the stimulus is too great, so I can’t write things like this…!”

Rereading what I had written up until now, I could feel my face burning up. Although it was just subconsciously, how did things end up like this…?! I had to take some deep breaths to calm myself down. F-For all the parts of it that are less realistic, my fantasies went more rampant…

“Maybe this sort of setting wasn’t a good idea after all. In the end, the prince and princess would have a romantic wedding, and what comes after that is…! Auuu…!”

T-This kind of story won’t work out. I feel like things would just go the same way as before if I kept writing. However, with this being the third failure of an idea in a row, I felt some kind of impending danger. I know that I don’t have to write a novel or anything, but I can’t leave now that I’ve seen all the possibilities. And now that I’ve decided on it, I will definitely come up with a novel, no matter how many ideas it takes.

But no matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t come up with a good idea at all. I felt like there were some scenarios that were plausible, but none of them really clicked with me.

“Hmm… This is pretty difficult…”

Quite some time passed as I wracked my brain for ideas. If I’m writing a novel, I want it to be something that reflects my fantasies, and the siblings have to be able to flirt to their hearts’ content. But I don’t know how to create such a solid story.

“When it comes to the Onii-chan notes, I can write them to no end…”

A novel is a story. It has a beginning and an end. Between those, I have to write a story about the two siblings.

“A beginning and an end… A beginning…” I whispered to myself.

But then, something popped into my mind. And that was—

—Those Onii-chan notes I had been writing all this time… What was the beginning of that?

I headed towards the closet that I kept these notes in, and I opened the box that contained my very first set of Onii-chan notes, assaulting me with a strong feeling of nostalgia.

“…Ahh, that’s right.”

When I read what was written there, I finally realized it. They were from back when I was in grade school. They were poorly-written, they were selfish fantasies, and above all, they were just my honest wishes. When I read them, I couldn’t help but smile. It made me wonder how I could have forgotten my original intentions.

“…Haha, I haven’t changed at all from back then…”

What was written there was nothing but the normal everyday events. They were just stories about Onii-chan and I spending our time together as normal siblings. But, when I was unable to achieve that… My very first fantasy was just me and Onii-chan going back to how we were before.

“But this is the origin of my Onii-chan notes—No, my own origin,” I gave a bitter smile.

How did I forget this? The story I had been wishing for all this time was to regain the bonds that the two of us once had.

“…Yes, that’s right…”

I closed the journal, feeling refreshed. At the same time, I knew that I had come up with the idea for my novel. A story about a little sister who can’t be honest, and a wonderful Onii-chan who are slowly growing closer to each other. Naturally, I can put all the flirting I want in the middle. But I’m fine with that.

I sat back at the table, feeling more relaxed than before, and once again picked up my pen. So this is what it feels like to finally understand what you want to write… I gave in to my feelings for Onii-chan, and was about to start writing, but I realized that I should probably think of a title first. That being said, I don’t have very good naming sense when it comes to things like that.

“Well, it doesn’t have to be a final title just yet, anyway. Umm…”

I wrote the following sentence without pausing.

The story of a little sister who loves her big brother way too much to cope.”


“And that novel that I happened to send in for the light novel contest won the grand prize…”

Looking up at the sky, I muttered those words. I felt immensely emotional, reminiscing back to that time. I closed the notebook and continued to clean the closet. Around that time, I felt a certain urge to say the following words to the past me.

“Don’t worry. I’ve grown, and I’ve managed to regain my relationship with Onii-chan and even move forward with it.”

…Well, my inability to be honest is still the same… B-But, I’ll work on that until the day comes when I don’t need the pretense of gathering data anymore. It’ll be just like in all the Onii-chan notes I’ve written! It’s not that far away! Probably!

“…………I’m home~”


I suddenly heard Onii-chan’s voice down at the entrance, which made me twitch in surprise. What bad timing…

“…But I have to go greet him.”

I quickly left my room and headed towards the entrance. But then, a certain thought made its way into my mind… M-Maybe now I could try to write all the ideas that I wasn’t able to back then? A-And maybe I could ask Onii-chan for help?!

Just from thinking that, I could feel my face growing hot, and I panicked ever so slightly. W-What am I thinking while going to greet Onii-chan…?! My face must be red enough for him to tell…!

“W-W-W-W-Welcome back, Onii-chan!”

“Yeah, I’m home—Huh? Did something happen?”

“N-No, nothing at all!”

“Okay, then… By the way, what will we be having for dinner today? I was looking around Akiba today, so I’m dying for some good food…”

As I tried to cover it up, I felt immense happiness just from being able to hold such an everyday conversation with Onii-chan.

“Y-Yes, today I was planning on some—”

And, although I was unable to say it to his face, I said it within my heart.

—I’ll definitely turn my fantasies into reality one day, so you’d better prepare yourself, my beloved Onii-chan!

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  2. Oh, look to where they were and where they are now. Hope things keep going forward for the two of them. Suzuka just needs to be honest and Yuu not dense.
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