Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Comedy Volume 1 Prologue

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“Hey, you’re Kachi-san from 1-E right?”

How does one pinpoint that exact moment they fell in love?

Sure, there will be those with enough romantic experience who might say that it’s something you can tell from observation, but honestly, I wondered if that was just them assuming that they could.

After all, I had never believed that love was something you fall in.

“You are…”

She was a little surprised when she turned around, but then for some reason she broke into a smile.

It was just a coincidence.

With my penchant for taking the scenic route, I had opted against travelling the shortest route to the station and instead taken the long way along the river bank.

My reasons were simple. I had no club or cram school to go to, so I had no real reason to hurry. Taking the long route would also be more relaxing.

That was how Kachi Shirokusa ended up passing me by on her bicycle.

We weren’t in the same class or anything, but I had heard the rumours many times before.

–About her being a novelist.

Someone from the same grade, but already an accomplished author. A person from a completely different dimension.

An incredible beauty, but with an equally aloof personality to match. She was always said to be seen alone, divorced from her surroundings – even projecting an aura of self-centeredness so strong her whole world seemed to revolve only around herself. There was more than enough there to pique anybody’s interest.

That’s why I tried reading her novels. And to be completely honest, I was blown away.

I began to wish to talk to her.

But even alone she was too conspicuous a target. Talking to someone who no one talks to at all would be an incredible spectacle. Just imagining it was enough to make the coward in me freeze, and every day I hesitated and hesitated until eventually putting off the matter till the next.

When the time finally came it was truly a coincidence.

After passing me she had parked her bicycle by the side of the road and climbed the stairs going up the embankment.

She apparently felt like gazing at the river.

With no one around, it was the perfect opportunity to finally talk – an opportunity I felt I would never get again.

Rebuking my racing heart, sweating palms, and the part of me which had decided to again give up and try another day – I finally spoke, saying those words at the start.

“Maru-kun from Class G, if I’m not mistaken?”


I was completely taken aback. With my average test scores, middling looks and ordinary athletic ability, I didn’t think there was a chance she would actually know me.

“Was I wrong?”

“Oh, no no! Y-You’re right! I’m Maru! Maru Sueharu from Class G! I surprised you knew!”

“Well, I think I can put a name to most of the faces of the people in my grade.”

I should have expected no less from a genius who made her literary debut in the first year of high school. She was on a different level.

“So… was there something you wanted?”

Her long, beautiful black hair trailed in the wind.

I mustn’t get distracted. Her iciness is legendary. If I blank out here-

“So you called out to me for no reason then? You must be mocking me. I’m afraid you must have mistaken me for a mannequin in a window display. Please, if you’re just going to stare, do me a favour and leave.”

A stream of merciless words would be the response.

In school I had seen the dejected figures of multiple boys, laid low in much the same fashion, so many times before.

Those luscious lips seemed to wait expectantly for me to succumb to the same despondency.

However, suppressing my anxiety and telling myself I that didn’t have any impure intentions, I spat my next words out in one go.

“–Your book. I read it.”

Her eyebrows twitched.

“… My book?”

“Yup, Kachi-san’s.”

She took a deep breath and looked at me with expectant eyes.

“… May I know your thoughts?”

The plot of the novel swirled in my mind.

The protagonist was an eleven-year-old girl called Mashiro. She was clumsy and introverted. Being constantly bullied, she stopped going to school and locked herself in a world of her own imagination. In a world where it was unclear where reality stopped and fantasy began, she met a bright and cheerful boy of the same age called Haruto.

From a literary perspective, what shone most was Kachi’s ability to masterfully tackle the sensitive subject matter of bullying straight on. Using surreal description and metaphor, she was able to vividly depict Mashiro’s suffering and the path to her salvation.

Mashiro received the gift of courage from Haruto, and when Haruto disappeared after Mashiro finally broke through the stigma of her bullying, the scene unknowingly brought me to tears.

Yes, that was why. While I could never find the best words like a critic might, I had to convey my feelings – my true feelings I let my gut tell her instead.

“It was incredible. I was really moved.”

Her hand went to her mouth and her eyes widened.

Tears began welling up in the corners of her eyes. It seemed that made her far more happy than I had imagined it would.

As her cool façade which some even called coldhearted crumbled, she grinned.

“–Thank you. Hearing you say that makes me really happy. I’m really glad… that I tried as hard as I did up till now.”

After that nothing really happened and our conversation ended.

I remember the joy and satisfaction I felt at long last being able to say the things I had wanted to for so long.

But that wasn’t all. I kept her smiling face in my memory as well.

I began to want to talk to her again.

Having finally been able to talk to the book’s author, I really should have talked more about the parts I liked particularly. Things I liked about the characters perhaps, or which scenes I felt were especially emotional.

I was in the midst of those thoughts when I realised I was just finding excuses for myself to talk to her. More than the novel or anything really, I just really wanted to talk to her.

That’s when I realised again that, wait, I might just maybe be falling in love with her.

“No no, there’s no way.”

Yeah, isn’t falling in love for the first time supposed to feel a lot more amazing than this? Like being too excited to sleep or turning red in the face and being too embarrassed to speak? That hasn’t happened to me, and sure, she’s hot, but I can’t have fallen in love with her just because of that, right?

By the time I was thinking those things I had already been completely consumed by the poison.

That’s right, poison.

Love was not something you fell in. It was something that made its way around your body, slowly eating at you from the inside – or so I thought anyway.

It was something you wouldn’t notice at first until it had invaded every corner of your person, by which it was already too late.

In the winter of my first year in high school, I was afflicted by the poison of love.

My first love.

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  1. Ryusviel Thanatos 10. October 2019 — 01:27

    Already seen this coming. Thank you for picking this up.


  2. Ryusviel Thanatos 10. October 2019 — 01:31

    Please let the LSBH win, author 😦


  3. I’m rooting for the mc.

    Thanks for the chapter


    1. Lali~Ho!


  4. Thanks for picking up this! I had been interested in this series. My interest amplified further when they released this light novel voiced trailer at Dengeki Bunko twitter. Childhood friend vs First Love Romantic Comedy start! Thanks for the chapter.


  5. — Thanks for picking this up~ ^^.
    —– Thanks for the prologue~!!!

    Whew.. looking forward to this..!! 🙂


  6. hope ull keep on writing such novels, looking forward to this one!! : )


  7. Looks ok. Thanks for translating this! 😀


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