Kawaii Onnanoko ni Kouryaku Sareru no Wa Suki desu ka? Volume 1 Chapter 1

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Civil War

“…A nice morning.” Mikado opened his eyes, lying on his bed.

The morning of the Kitamikado Family starts early, at exactly 5 o’clock. Not a single second too early or too late. In all those years until he had arrived at his second year in high school, Kitamikado Mikado had never used an alarm clock. One could say that he himself was that alarm clock.

Waking up at the exact same time as before, he quickly went over to tend to his personal appearance. Inside Mikado’s sleeping room was also a study room, a bathroom and a washing place with a toilet, cut off from the hallway. Everything here was for Mikado’s personal use. For the Kitamikado Family, who would never allow themselves to show any weakness to an outsider, even an inappropriate sleeping face was out of the question. This place with diaries and poems was not allowed to be entered by anybody else. Being the successor of one of the five richest families in all of Japan, Mikado took perfect care of his outer appearance. He would neatly clothe himself, properly and carefully wash his face, tidy his hair, and get a final check in with the mirror.

“Alright, it’s perfect.”

He was satisfied with his appearance. His features were emitting a severe strictness, not allowing any missteps. His lips, showed a strong will. His body, trained properly to show no neglect. Immaculate black hair, needing no work attended to it. It was the perfect countenance of a man from the Kitamikado Family, showing no shameful attitude towards anyone.

Mikado stepped towards the exit of his room, and softly put the palm of his hand on the door.

“I’m leaving.”

‘Fingerprints, voice-print and iris authenticated. Good morning, Kitamikado Mikado-sama. The gate will now be unlocked’

The moment the electronic voice said that, the door opened, and Mikado set foot into the hallway. Boasting over one hundred years of existence, this was the Kitamikado Mainfamily’s residence. Hence, the floor was filled with a rich scent of old wood, and the morning sun’s rays were entering through the large windows, warming up Mikado’s consciousness even further. In the several other rooms lining the hallway, the servants of the Kitamikado Family were already going about their jobs. Spotting Mikado as he walked past them, they all stopped their work, and gave a deep bow. Returning that greeting with a slight nod of his, Mikado continued to walk down the hallway, until he entered a wide, spacious dining room. There, his parents were already seated at the huge table.

“Good morning, Mikado.”

The man with a stern look on his face was the head of the Kitamikado Family. Outside of the family, he was acting as the chief secretary of a government party. If he judged one as evil, one would never be able to crawl up in the political world. That showed his immense influence.

“Did you sleep well, Mikado-san?”

The woman sitting across from the head of the family with a smile was the lady of the Kitamikado Family. She was the biological elder sister of the current prime minister. She was of a political family, who could crush political enemies without the slightest problems or fair reasoning.

“Good morning, Father, Mother.” Mikado took a seat in front of what other people would call monster parents.

The servants would lift up the covers of the food in front of them on the table, and prepare their breakfast. The dishes lined up next to each other consisted of vegetables with unmilled rice, seaweed, and several sorts of fish, making for the perfect Japanese breakfast. Although it might not look like much for a family of this rank, the ingredients were all of the highest quality.

“Then, the reciting.”

Both the lady and Mikado nodded at the head’s words.

“Irreproachable conduct, and even if your tail is grabbed, don’t let yourself get captured.”

“Irreproachable conduct, and even if your tail is grabbed, don’t let yourself get captured.”

“Irreproachable conduct, and even if your tail is grabbed, don’t let yourself get captured.”

In the midst of this festive atmosphere, the family tradition was recited. This was the very law that brought the Kitamikado Family to the place it was at now. Finishing that, the time of dining had begun. The head of the family would chew on his rice fifty times, and after sipping down his green tea, he turned over to ask Mikado.

“How is it, Mikado? Is everything going fine at school?”

Mikado returned a soft smile.

“Of course, everything is perfect. No matter the subject, I’m at the top of my class with my grades, my relationship with the teachers is very favorable, and I’m honing my network for when I become a politician after graduating.”

“Glad to hear that. Being able to seize hold of the human heart is the key to being a politician after all. But, don’t deepen your relationships with women too much. Love and affection is a great weakness. Ever since the old times, romance has not been allowed in the Kitamikado Family.”

The lady followed up the head’s words.

“You already have a fiance after all, Mikado-san. She is the most beneficial fiance for you when you will stand at the top of Japan. There is no need to be led astray by any short-lived temptations.”

The head furrowed his brows.

“That’s exactly it. Love is the origin of a scandal, the root of everything evil. Nobody is allowed to gain control over you, the aspiring light of Japan. There better not be anything that could turn into a scandal, okay?”

“…Of course not!”

Mikado had told the first lie ever in his life. Naturally, that tormented his good heart tremendously. Being assaulted with immense stress, he felt a sharp pain in his stomach, and blood started streaming out of his body. Mikado quickly caught said blood by drinking some hot water, and averted his gaze from his parents.

“Especially the Nanjou Family. They can never grab ahold of our weakness.”

The head added, to which the lady nodded.

“Yeah yeah, I heard that the daughter of the Nanjou Family has been growing to become quite the beauty, so you can’t give in to temptations, Mikado-san.”

“Haha…As if I would let that happen to me…”

Mikado had to pull on his own cheek, after that underwear clad figure of Kisa came flying back into his mind. In the meantime, the head of the family opened his mouth to give a heavy speech.

“Ever since the old days, the Kitamikado Family would act as the guiding light for Japan, while the Nanjou Family pulled the strings in the dark. I don’t know how many times blood has flowed between our families. Be it the fight at Sekigahara, or the more abstract power battle between us. If the Kitamikado Family were to be obliterated, then…”

“…Japan would be wrapped in darkness. I am well aware of that, Father.”

It would not be allowed for Kitamikado Mikado lose to Nanjou Kisa. If Mikado won against Kisa in the love game, he could finally finish the long civil war. The Nanjou Family would find it’s end, and Japan would no doubt be wrapped in eternal light.

The lady wrinkled her nose.

“I cannot explain why the Nanjou daughter would transfer to Mikado-san’s school…but it must be something incredibly dangerous. If it was me, I would feel worried even letting him attend the same school as her…”

“Don’t say that. It is surely a good chance for Mikado to get to know the enemy he will be fighting in the near future. The Nanjou family’s daughter must still be young and unripe, so her embodiment as evil incarnate should not be complete yet…It’s like an immunization.”

The head of the family showed a confident laugh.

That immunization was way too strong—muttered Mikado inside his heart. Just yesterday, that dangerous immunization almost spelled the death of him. He didn’t anticipate the event of Kisa using her own body to attack Mikado.

—Well, yesterday I was taken by surprise. Today I’m wary, so it will be different. Mikado was aware of his mission as a man of the Kitamikado Family, and even more so of the antagonism of the Nanjou Family.

Mikado straightened his back, and showed the most confident smile he could muster.

“Worry not. With me, a scandal, or obliteration is not possible. Definitely not.”

“Fufu, that is what I like to hear from the successor of the Kitamikado Family, Mikado-san.”

“Ha ha ha, what a righteous virgin you are.”

The expressions of Mikado’s parents loosened, as their gazes filled with trust. To not betray their expectations, only victory against Kisa was allowed for Mikado.

Mikado entered the second-year 2A’s classroom of Sousei Academy in a state of wariness. Immediately after her transfer, the enemy—Nanjou Kisa, was on the offensive.

From the early morning onwards, she had her hair in perfect condition and no wrinkles at all in her uniform. The morning sun dimly lit her perfectly arranged facial features, and a dignified stature was the crown of that. However, the glare in her eyes resembled the ones of a hunter, aiming at its prey. The classmates around her were unable to realize that state, and just normally exchanged greetings with her. They definitely had bad eyes.

After all, Mikado could only feel killing intent coming from Nanjou Kisa. So much that you wouldn’t expect it from her, after seeing her appearance. And now, said girl stood in front of Mikado’s seat, a grin decorating her expression.

“Good morning, Kitamikado-san.”

Still sitting in his seat, Mikado gazed at her in silence. He strained every muscle in his body, ready to intercept any sudden attack.

“My word, Kitamikado-san, you don’t have to be so scared of me.”

“I’m just on my guard.”

“There is no need for that though? We are fellow classmates after all.”

“I never once thought of you as my classmate.”

Before the standing of being classmates, they were enemies of a different family. In response to Mikado’s words, Kisa’s eyebrows twitched ever so slightly.

“How cruel of you to say that. After seeing me in that state yesterday.”

“…Stop with that talk in the classroom.”

“Nobody is listening right now. And, what are your impressions from yesterday? Do you want to see more?”

“Of course I don’t!”

To be honest, Mikado found himself wanting to see more. Defeat would not be allowed, yet he still couldn’t help but feel like he wanted to see more of Kisa’s naked body during this love game.

“After entering the changing room, you looked so entranced by my appearance though?”

“I wasn’t entranced or anything! Being shown that was nothing but a bother!”

“B-Bother…” Kisa quickly swallowed her words. And her teeth bit into her lips ever so softly.

“Ah, well…” Mikado felt like he might have said a bit too much there, and regretted his words.

And Kisa continued to glare at Mikado.

“Kitamikado-san, you were the first one that saw me like that, you know?! A bit of thanks would have been very nice of you! So much so that you should actually grovel on the floor and scream out ‘Thank you very much for that! I want to be your slave, Kisa-sama. I love you!’”

“What kind of proposition is that!? That would make me lose immediately!”

“Then, what about ‘Thank you very much! I will burn this sight into my eyes as I continue to fight!’, as you bow down?”

“That sounds like the phrase someone says last to never return back from the battlefield!”

Mikado found himself unable to apologize properly, seeing that Kisa started tearing up. If he wasn’t careful, he might say something that could indicate positive affection for her. For example, what if he said ‘It wasn’t actually a bother, but a blessing for my eyes’? Would that be treated as a sign of affection?

—N-No! It’s not like I am thinking that or anything! I didn’t think that she was crazy cute, or that I was about to lose my reason back then or something like that!

A dangerous situation, now that he was conscious of it. If he accepted his true feelings there, he would surely be unable to go against Kisa. And then, the saving grace came from a girl, their fellow classmate.

“I got Kisa-chan’s precious crying face! What a nice expression!”

From the camera the girl held, a flash of light escaped. In that second, Mikado hid his face behind a workbook of his, managing to escape being identifiable on this picture.

One of the secret Kitamikado Family techniques—Ashura’s thousand sheets hiding.

This technique was developed to always completely hide your expression from the paparazzi, no matter the situation. If one were on the level of the head of the family, you could even use the faces of the influential people around you with plates, blankets, and the other, hiding any sights of a secret meeting from the media.

In response to that action, his classmate, Kawaraya Kokage, showed a mighty pout.

“Come on, Mikado-kun! Why are you hiding your face!? I was about to take the perfect shot of Mikado-kun making Kisa-chan cry!”

“You need my approval to take a picture. If you’re that adamant, then take a picture of Nanjou.”

“Same goes for me. If you take a picture without my consent, you have to be prepared for your whole family to disappear.”


Kawaraya Kokage was glared at from both North and South. However, Mikado already knew that the girl held a certain danger. The Kawaraya Family’s bloodline has a long history of gathering information in the shadows. However, unlike the Nanjou Family that is proficient in using violence from the shadows, the Kawaraya Family’s weapon is information. It was on the level that they are able to sniff out the weak points of people in power. However, their essence is…to bring forth chaos.

They could just happen to lose an important secret message right after receiving it, sneak into somewhere as an information broker, only to set off nuclear weapons, bringing forth a change of the times by pure chance or rather, not just by chance.

The information of Oda Nobunaga being outnumbered at Honnoji temple was carelessly given to Akechi Mitsuhide, and the ones gaining the most from Nobunaga’s death was the Kawaraya Family. Then, they just happened to leak the location of Akechi Mitsuhide to the Toyotomi’s, ending his short-lived rule.

For the Kitamikado and Nanjou Family, who had a tendency to work with precise calculations, there was no other family that was more difficult to handle. And, Kokage was the pinnacle of that, striving to reach even higher levels of idiocy in her case.

—I can’t allow myself to get cornered…

With his heart being filled with wariness, Mikado gazed over at Kokage. Resting in her eyes was a cunning light. She had slightly pigmented, frizzy hair, and her facial features were overflowing with charm. Her seemingly fragile body quickly jumped back from Kisa, protecting her precious camera, with her well-endowed chest swaying greatly, gathering the gazes of her surroundings.

“And, what did you do to make Kisa-chan cry, Mikado-kun? I feel like I heard the word ‘changing room’ in there~?”

Kokage pushed a new SD card into her camera, and approached Mikado.

—I really can’t let down my guard around her!

Although unbeknownst to the other students, tracing the smell of a secret in the brewing, she was on the attack. She might have a cute appearance, but she shows no openings whatsoever. If she were to find out about the incident the day prior, or even the love game as a whole, Mikado was done for. The information about that scandal might get leaked on the news for all he knew.

And that was not an acceptable end for him.

With the family motto of the Kitamikado’s, never giving in even if they grabbed your weakness, he could not allow that scenario to become reality.

“Kawaraya…You don’t get to hear anything. And you didn’t hear anything, alright?”

Mikado gave Kokage’s shoulders an eagle like grip.

“I did hear something though! Like you having a secret conversation, in the middle of the classroom!”

“No, we haven’t done something as ridiculous as that…That’s just too idiotic…Why would the two at the top of the class, Nanjou and I, do something like that?”

“You’re trying to hide it so adamantly…So, it’s that, right?! Something happened, didn’t it?! Mikado-kun and Kisa-chan, together…in the changing room…?!” Kokage’s eyes were sparkling like never before.

—Shit, why is she so sharp!? At this rate, not even the love game, but my life in itself will be game over!

Mikado started to panic as he kept thinking.

“I didn’t think I would have to dirty my hands this quickly…” Kisa muttered something very dangerous.

But, Kokage just arrogantly put one hand on her chest, and announced.

“Hehe, my deduction is already complete! Basically, you found some buried treasure in the changing room, and now you’re fighting over how to split it up, right?! Mikado-kun says that he wants at least 30%, but Kisa-chan is adamant on getting 90%…!”

“I should be the one crying then!”

“No, I’d really cry if things ended up like that. I only take all or nothing.”

“Are you the sin of greed incarnate?!” Mikado yet again realized how scary the Nanjou Family was.

“So, how do you like my deduction?!”

Not knowing where she even took it out from, Kokage pushed a thin microphone towards Mikado and Kisa.

“Yes, it’s perfect. That’s Kawaraya-san alright…You saw right through us.”


Mikado furrowed his brows, but Kisa’s glare made him shut up.

“But, rather than some buried treasure, it was actually just a lost item. Though Kitamikado-san already brought it to the teacher’s office, so I sadly can’t show you.”

“Is that so…?”

“Yes, that’s how it is.”

“Weird…It smelt like it was actually something more grave, like it was important enough to influence the future of Japan…Shame…” With a grieving sigh, Kokage returned to her seat.

—You hit the bullseye, Kawaraya!

Although Mikado barely managed to survive this encounter, he couldn’t help but admire her sense of smell for this sort of stuff. She saw through the normal looking atmosphere, and felt the fight between light and dark.

After watching Kokage walk off to her seat, Kisa whispered to Mikado.

“Be thankful for this. Having our game end here would be boring, right?”

“I really don’t dislike a boring school life, you know…?”

Mikado’s shoulders dropped in frustration as he muttered that.

It was time for homeroom now. The homeroom teacher standing in front of the teacher’s desk looked over the students in front of him.

“Alright, since this a new term, we’ll be deciding on committee members now. Have you all already decided on something?”

Thus, the classroom got more noisy. At Sousei Academy, the committee member activities are done in pairs of twos, a boy and a girl. Available committees were the broadcasting committee, the public morals committee, the clean-up committee, and several others, but it all depends on luck for who you will get paired with. Naturally, the classmates were hoping for a small breeze of luck, in terms of experiencing youth with a member of the opposite sex during their jobs.

From the seat next to him, Kisa spoke out with a bright smile.

“It’d be great if we ended up as a pair, right, Kitamikado-san?”

“?!” Mikado’s body stiffened up at the sudden declaration of war.

Her words probably implied the following:

It’d be great if we ended up as a pair (so that I can move the love game in my direction), right, Kitamikado-san?

Something like that. Definitely.

Since these positions as committee members require paired work, their time together would increase heavily. At the same time, it would result in more chances for Kisa to go on the offensive. Naturally, that would mean more chances for Mikado as well, but now that she shows intent to form a pair, he could not let it get that far.

—Only a fool sets foot in the enemy’s field…I have to avoid this at all costs!

Mikado immediately judged that choosing the same committee as Kisa would be too dangerous. The most popular committee was the broadcasting committee, while the least popular ones were the clean-up committee and the library committee. Although he could limit their chances of ending up alone during their work time in the clean-up committee because of the wide area they had to cover, that would also heighten the risk of still pairing up together with her. On the other hand, if he chose the library committee, the boy-girl pairing would definitely end up alone during their work, but if he avoided grouping up with Kisa, Mikado felt he would be on the safer end.

—Seems like I’ll be taking the library office.

Mikado judged that, and returned a smile to Kisa. From the moment that she finished her sentence, to when his calculations ended, a mere second had passed. The successor of the Kitamikado Family could not allow himself to lose to the Nanjou Family’s scheme.

“What committee are you planning on joining, Kitamikado-san?”

“Hahaha…Let’s see, every single committee is very appealing, but I feel that, to emphasize the pride of the Kitamikado Family, I should pick the most worthy one, the broadcasting committee.”

“I see…Then, I will also join the broadcasting committee. Let’s both aim to be star announcers.”

“Yeah, let’s both do our best.”



Although they were laughing at each other, a cold atmosphere filled their midst. Counting the several students that raised their hands to apply for a committee, the homeroom teacher wrote down their respective names. And then, it was time.

“Next. Who wants to join the library committee?”


With a calm and collected voice, Mikado lifted his hand straight in the air.

“Meeeeeeeeeeee! Me me me me me me!”

A split-second later, a storm of girls followed suit, not quite as calm as Mikado whatsoever.

“What is going on?!” Mikado was astonished.

Joining the library committee brought a rather plain and mundane job with it, and it definitely should not be a popular position. As of right now, Mikado was the only person who raised his hand for this very committee. Even so, the girls in his class were going crazy.

Having been raised under a ban of any romance in his family, Mikado was unable to comprehend the feelings of girls. He was painfully aware of that, but he couldn’t imagine that this was all because of him. Hence, he carefully directed his gaze over at Kisa.

“Is this…some sort of scheme of yours…?”

“T-T-That’s right…”

Forming a fist with her hand, Kisa answered with a strained expression. In response, a shiver ran down Mikado’s spine.

“I don’t get what you’re planning with this…If you wanted to pin me down, there should be no meaning in raising the number of contestants…What are you thinking…?”

“Don’t ask me!”

Ahh, for crying out loud…!—Kisa muttered to herself, as she stomped her feet in frustration. In the meantime, the homeroom teacher let out an exasperated sigh.

“Really, you’re way to focussed. Well, it’s not like I don’t get where you’re coming from…”

As the teacher spoke those words, all the girls started fidgeting uncomfortably.

—An ordinary teacher has grasped the situation, while I haven’t?!

Mikado received quite the shock. So much that he rocketed up from his chair, and turned his gaze towards those girls.

“Why?! Why do you all want to join the library committee?! Explain it to me, please!” He screamed at the top of his lungs.

Then, the girls all awkwardly averted their gazes as they responded.

“Why…? Well…you know?”

“It’s a bit difficult to explain it to you…”

“I kind of don’t want you to understand…”

“But that oblivious side is also pretty cute…”

Their answers made Mikado panic even further.

—Cute?! So I, who will eventually stand at the top of Japan, am being treated as a mascot by my fellow classmates?! This is the blunder of a lifetime…!

Driven into madness because of the shock, his vigilance towards Kisa was disregarded for just a short moment. Using that, Kisa looked around the classroom, and announced.

“How cute of you all, wanting to marry into the Kitamikado Family. Just how greedy are you for their fortune?”

“Y-You’re wrong!”

“That’s not it!”

“It’s not about the fortune!”

The noisy female students complained.

“But, I can’t say I dislike that sort of thinking. If you get acquainted with Kitamikado-san, you might be able to gain a favour once he stands above you all.” Nanjou Kisa gave a faint snicker.

However, there was close to no goodwill to be found there. A dark, ominous aura was leaking out of her entire body, immense pressure filled the classroom.

If you don’t put down your hands, the gates of hell will open, you know?

Seemingly having grasped the message behind her actions and gaze, girl after girl slowly lowered her hand. In the end, the only girl that remained with her hand up was Kisa. Mikado’s eyes opened wide.

“Why…After saying all that, you won’t give in yourself?”

“My family is plenty rich on their own, so I don’t need the Kitamikado Family’s fortune. You shouldn’t get any misunderstandings from this, right?” Kisa gave a boastful smile.

“““Not fair!!!”””

The girls that had been deceived voiced their complaints. In response, the homeroom teacher scratched his head.

“T-Then, the library committee members will be Kitamikado and Nanjou. You better not start a fight, alright?”

“Naturally.” Kisa nodded, and gazed over at Mikado. “Let’s do our best together, Kitamikado-san (And welcome to my own field).”

“I feel like I heard some inner voice just now?!”

Although he was a mere seventeen years old, Mikado considered seeking out a doctor after this incident, but nothing worthwhile was found.

A single room in the Nanjou Family’s main residence—also known as the space of audition. Be it the main heads of a political family, or a crime organization, even swindlers and imposters, they all gather here to bring in requests for the head of the family, inside this room unable to be listened into from the outside. On top of that, the visitor has his heart rate, words, expressions, iris, and even fingerprints scanned and recorded, so quite the unfair situation in short.

Even so, these strong personalities in the dark side of Japan come here, prepared to pay large sums of money, wanting to receive the head’s knowledge. Today as well, the current head of the Nanjou Family, Nanjou Sai, sat in her leather chair, with a glint in her eye you wouldn’t expect from a 99 year old woman. The person sitting across from her was the next suspected head of the Nanjou Family, Kisa.

“And? How is your love game moving along?” Sai asked as she raised one eyebrow.

“There are no signs of Kitamikado-san falling for me. Rather, he seems more scared than anything.”

“It’s because you lack charm. And sex appeal to boot. Can’t you be a bit more aggressive with that Kitamikado brat?”

“We have just started after all. You can expect further progress in the future.” Kisa snickered ever so slightly.

“Go at it full force. If you can’t capture that brat, the family will choose your little sister as the successor.”

Hearing Sai’s words, Mizuki raised her voice.

“Eh, seriously?! Then I’ll use the family’s power to build McDonalds and Joyfull 1stores all throughout Japan! So that every person in Japan can always jabber on everywhere! So that every person in Japan can go eat wherever, whenever they want!”

Mizuki declared, as she laid on the carpet, focussed on her mobile game. As a second-year in middle school, she was paying around a million yen a month for her gacha.

“So this idiot will succeed the family…”

“We can only let this idiot succeed the family if you were to fail!”

Both Kisa and Sai had lots of things on their mind to complain about.

“I think that the Nanjou Family is sinking lower.”

“You just have to win against the Kitamikado brat. If it’s you, working your head around it won’t be a problem, right?”

Her gaze made you think that answering ‘Impossible’ here would cost you your life. And whilst receiving that intimidation, Kisa just continued.

“…For now, I plan to invest myself into biology and psychology papers, and build up a plan on how to best conquer him.”

“That won’t be enough. Use this as well.”

As Sai rang the doorbell, men dressed in black appeared from the door, put down a suitcase on the floor, and quickly opened the cover. Inside were several hundreds of books.

“This is…?”

“A manga, ‘Flower and Plum’, 10 years worth. Read this, and learn a bit about sex appeal.”

“Will a shoujo manga really end up being resourceful…?”

The old head of the family gave a deep nod at Kisa’s doubtful question.

“Naturally. By reading shoujo manga, you will understand everything about love.”

“Is that so…Shoujo manga are that influential I see.” Kisa muttered as she picked up one of those writings, with all of humanity’s wisdom hidden inside.

Although she had seen this as a form of amusement for the normal folk, her opinion was faulted.

“No need to worry, as long as you don’t fail, the Kitamikado brat will definitely fall for you.”

“I wonder about that.”

“Of course. In the end, love is an emotion, integrated in the genes of man…With someone unreachable for you, that desire grows even stronger. And, both the Kitamikado and Nanjou family have not once crossed paths in that way. The difference in genes is just too great. You know what I’m trying to say, right?”

“…You’re saying that the Kitamikado Family is drawn to us on a genetical level?”

Kisa certainly couldn’t appreciate that conclusion. If that was it, then what difference was there between her as a human, and a normal animal. No, humans are something that act on profound emotions, using their head to think. However, the head just denied Kisa’s wishful thinking.

“Exactly. Putting it in reverse, it means that you as well are charmed by the Kitamikado brat to a certain degree.”

“…………” Kisa’s body froze up.

Shee really didn’t want to base this feeling on her genes. She couldn’t get her eyes off him, she wanted to get his everything into her hands, so intensely that she could barely stand it. However, laying bare this feeling was not an option, in front of the family’s head.

“…Impossible. I have never once in my life been charmed by a man.” Kisa emphasized with a strong tone.

“Is that so? But, don’t you think that the Kitamikado brat isn’t that bad of a catch?”

—He definitely isn’t!

But, Kisa held back those words.

“N-No way. I hate that type of man the most.”

“…I wonder about that? I think that he is an impeccable specimen of a man.”

—That’s exactly right! He’s the perfect, wonderful example of how a man should be!

And yet, she held back those words.

“I am more disgusted by that than anything! J-Just by being close to him, I start feeling sick!”

She faked her expression, faked her words, and exclaimed the false truth.

“Is that so…?” Sai directed her gaze at Kisa, as if she wanted to see through her.

—A-Am I being doubted?

Kisa held her breath as she awaited Sai’s next words. From the depths of her resting gaze, Kisa felt immense pressure. Like a force that pushed you to confess. Just one finger of hers would be able to kill. Unable to stand the situation any longer, Kisa pushed the following words out of her throat.

“The successor of the Kitamikado Family is a boy my age…This is the perfect chance for me to grasp that weakness of theirs. It’s time to end the endless war between North and South.”

“Failure will not be allowed. If you were to fall into their hands…”

The head of the Nanjou family, Sai, threatened with a deep voice.

“Yes. I will use whatever trick I have at my disposal, and make Kitamikado Mikado fall for me.”

The girl announced, as she pressed one of the shoujo manga volumes against her chest.

During library committee work the following day, Kisa and Mikado ended up being made to organize and arrange books. As tension filled his body, Mikado stood in front of the library office, in the hallway. Next to him, Kisa lined up as she raised her chin. It was the same lovable appearance of hers as always, but fighting spirit was emitted from her shoulders. If he let down his guard once, he felt like he’d immediately lose his soul.

“So we can finally work together. I’m looking forward to it, Kitamikado-san.”


Receiving Kisa’s soft smile, Mikado gave an uncomfortable response. Originally, doing work together with a girl was not something he was used to, naturally. Even more so since it was Kisa of all people. However, all he could think of was staying wary of her.

“Well, when can we finally get inside? I feel like we’ve waited quite the time here outside already…”

“…Just give me a second.”

For today’s work, he had already prepared everything. To not let them end up alone, which could stir up a dangerous situation, he had a promise with a fellow library committee member of the class next door to theirs to help them out.

—I don’t know what she is plotting, but I won’t hand her the reigns that easily…!

Mikado pressed on the smartphone in his pocket. In return, Kisa muttered, as she gazed at the door.

“If this is about the person of the class next door, he can’t come.”

“…What do you mean?”

“The other committee member from the other class can’t come because their condition got worse.”

“Their condition got worse…?” Mikado furrowed his brows at Kisa’s words.

The same moment, his phone vibrated. He quickly took it out of his pocket, and gazed at the screen. Shown there was the name of the exact person he had asked to help today.

“Hello? What’s wrong?”

Mikado almost hurriedly pressed the answer button, only to receive a weakened voice from across the call.

I’m sorry…Kitamikado…I can’t come to the library office…I might be done for…

“What in the world happened?!”

Some people in black suits just appeared in the classroom, forcefully taking me with them, and took me away in some really expensive looking car…Haha, where will they take me now…?

“Abduction?!” Mikado’s heart froze as he glanced over at Kisa. However, she just kept her usual nonchalant smile.

—She’s the devil! Just so that it’ll end up with the two of us, she kidnapped a student!

Mikado held one hand in front of his mouth, and whispered.

“Calm down. I will definitely save you. Where are you now? Are you already out of the school gate?”

Ah, nah, I don’t need any saving. Just leave me

“…Huh? Are you being threatened or something?”

It’s not that. These people in black…are actually all super crazy beauties! When I tried to run away, they held me captive, and I could feel their breasts against my arms…Ahh, you understand, right?! As a fellow boy?!

“I sure don’t!”

Anyway, I’m done for! This isn’t betrayal or anything! I can’t go against my manly instincts! Sorry, Kitamikado!

And thus, the phone call ended.

“You traitor!”

“Pull yourself together, Kitamikado-san. I’ll get scared if someone next to me is screaming at his phone at the top of his lungs.”

Or so she said, but there was a faint glimmer in her eyes. And the origin of that was nothing other than joy.

—How scary, this Nanjou Family! She can even read my plans and preparations?

Mikado grit his teeth.

“Now, Kitamikado-san! Stop any futile resistance, and get inside the library office already! And then fall into my hands, hurry hurry!”

Kisa pulled on Mikado’s arm, into the room. At the same time, something metallic and mechanical fell out of the pocket of Kisa’s skirt, down unto the ground.



The two stayed in silence for a bit. This metallic object turned out to be a stun gun. If pressed against a body, you could release a strong electrical shock, leaving the other person immobile for a certain amount of time.

“Nanjou…Bringing a weapon inside the library office is not allowed.”

“It doesn’t state that anywhere in our school regulations!”

“Because nobody expects a person to bring a weapon onto school grounds!”

“If it’s not explicitly stated there, then I’m not doing anything forbidden here!”

“That doesn’t mean that it’s okay! This is common sense!”

“If I can’t bring a weapon with me, then they should be adding metal detectors at the school gate!”

“This is Japan, not America! What else do you have?!” Mikado stuck out his hands towards Kisa.

“I-I don’t have anything else! One stun-gun is all I could get!”

“So you don’t have something else stuck up in there?!”

Kisa averted her eyes. Resting her arm on the windowsill, she muttered as she gazed at the beautiful scenery.

“I’ll use my right to remain silent.”

“You don’t have a right like that! Just bring them out! If not, I’ll call the police, and our work today will be cancelled.”

“One or two officers can’t do much against the power of the Nanjou Family!”

“Then I’ll cancel the work without calling the police. I feel like my safety is in danger here, so I’ll go home!”

Sparks were flying between Mikado and Kisa as they argued in the middle of the hallway. If he was attacked head-on, Mikado had the confidence that he could handle a ruffian. However, that would be impossible if he was literally stun-gunned in the back, or worse, by a classmate.

“You know…I really think that people that can’t fulfill their job no matter the circumstances are the worst. You have to do your job as a committee member properly, even if your life is one the line.” Kisa said, as she blinked with her big, round eyes.

“I think that those who are ready to stun-gun their classmate are far worse. Hurry up and hand your other stuff over.” Mikado coldly ordered.

“Then just do a body check for all I care! You would need the guts for that, though. You, with no experience towards love and women?” Kisa puffed out her cheeks.

“Alright then. I’ll do a check.”

A verbal tit for tat. As Mikado approached, Kisa grew flustered.

“Eh, h-hold on, you’re…serious…?”

“You were the one that brought it up, right? I won’t hear any complaints about this.”

“W-Wait, I haven’t prepared myself…!”

“Stay still already.”

Mikado ran his hand into the pocket of Kisa’s skirt. He could feel the silky touch of fabric. Feel the voluptuous feeling of Kisa’s round thighs, right on his palm.

“Mmm…” Kisa’s body twitched.

“D-Don’t make a weird noise like that.”

“It’s because you’ve been touching me all indecently!”

“I did not!”

“Yes you did! You’re definitely thinking about something perverted, right?!”

“I’m not!”

It was a huge lie. He could feel the heat rise to his head.

“A-Accusing me of possessing just to touch a girl, what kind of animal are you!?” Kisa declared with a beet red face.

“Well…seems like I wasn’t accusing you without reason.”

Mikado pulled out his hand from Kisa’s skirt pocket, holding a syringe and adhesive in his hand, which quickly made Kisa stiffen up.

“What is wrong with that? A syringe isn’t a weapon. Every junkie has at least one on them, right!?”

“That’s also a crime! Are you a junkie?!”

“Don’t jest. Anyway, your body check is done with this I presume?”

“Not yet…”

Mikado ran his fingers through Kisa’s hair, because he felt he could see something shining in there, which was not her hair pin. As he did, he felt something hard, hidden amongst her hair.

“D-Don’t play with my hair that much…” Kisa shivered, holding back her embarrassment.

Seeing that, Mikado hurried with his actions. Continuously telling himself to calm down, he pulled out a long, thin object from her hair.

“…I thought so. What is this?”

As he pushed it in front of Kisa’s eyes, she furrowed her beautiful eyebrows.

“…A blowpipe. I was planning on hunting bears on the way home.”

“That’s gotta be a lie! The one being hunted will be me!”

“We do have some huge bears here. Close to the vicinity of the kindergarden.”

“There must have been several people that were eaten by that then!”

“Yes…several of my mothers…”

“You have multiple moms?!”

“Is this fine now?! You keep touching me without any definite proof, and we still haven’t started our work yet to begin with! Keep your sexual harrassment to a passable level!” Kisa glared at Mikado.

“You’re getting angry at me now?! Anyway, I’ll finish it off with this!”

Mikado spotted an unnatural looking thread, hanging out from Kisa’s collar. In response, Kisa took a step back.

“That’s the only thing I can’t allow. If you pull on this, my clothes will all fall down.”

“As if that would happen!” Mikado snapped, and pulled on the string hidden in her clothes.

In the end, he lined up that object, and the others from before, on the ground, and gazed at them. A stun-gun, a syringe, a blow pipe, adhesive, and now a rope.

“…So after you immobilized me with either the blow pipe or the stun-gun, you were going to inject me with sleeping medicine, using the syringe, close off the door with the adhesive to create a sealed-off space, tie me up with the rope, and keep me confined, right?”

“Are you a foreseer or something…?!” Kisa’s eyes opened wide.

Mikado sighed at her words, and picked up all the confiscated items. Though he didn’t know what she was planning after successfully confining him, he guessed that it wouldn’t be anything beneficial for him.

“You don’t have any more weapons, right?”

“Yeah, those were all the ‘weapons’ I have.”

“Seems like I need to do another body check?!”

“Is it really fine, doing that? A very problematic person is going to cross us in a second.”

Gazing over at the direction that Kisa was pointing at, he spotted Kawaramiya Kokage. She had her usual camera in both hands, looking around to search for her prey.


“I personally am not the one to stop you if you’re that keen on sexually harassing me in front of her, but what will everyone else think if a scandal like that gets released?” Kisa had a joyful smile on her lips, to which Mikado grit his teeth.

“Alright then…If you don’t have any more weapons, then it should be fine…”

“Fuuu…So we can finally start our work I see…”

“Who’s fault do you think it is that we’re this late!?”

“It’s my fault for dropping the stun-gun alright. I made the fault of realizing that I was holding onto weapons like these, so I apologize. I’ll make sure to learn from my mistake in the future.”

“Why do I get a bad feeling from your apology…?”

Feeling tired already, Mikado set foot into the library office. What entered his nose was the smell of old books and documents. And unfortunately, the room was completely void of any other human beings. Instead, it was filled with a large number of books, neatly lined up in tall shelves. Behind him, Kisa calmly closed the door.

—So this is…our battlefield.

To be correct, it was just a normal library office you could find anywhere. Although he lessened the danger by confiscating the weapons that Kisa had prepared, he still couldn’t let down his guard completely. From here on out, it was time for the main battle. For the future of the Kitamikado Family, and for Japan’s future all the like, he had to work at full force here. Along with hardening his determination, Mikado turned over to face Kisa.

“Alright then, let’s start organizing the…”

Taking a closer look, he could see that Kisa’s mouth was tightly shut, and her snow white legs were shaking ever so slightly.

“Don’t tell me…you’re nervous?”

“Eh?! A-As if that was the case! I am the hunter, and you are the prey, so it would be weird for me of all people to be nervous, right?! Impossible!” Kisa rattled on in panic.



Mikado made a dubious expression, and Kisa took a step back, bumping into the closed door with her back, sending a current through her body. The sight of her as she was slightly shaking, looking up at him, was akin to a terrified small animal.

“Your voice is a bit shaky though?”

“This is my normal voice! Ummm, we’ve been made responsible for the literature, arts, and linguistic shelves, right!?”

Kisa slipped past Mikado, and dashed towards the shelves behind him. Splitting up the work, they started organizing the books. Because the students are just bringing the borrowed books back in a nonchalant manner, the books on the shelves were often just barely in the right order, going from their registered numbers. Doing this kind of work might be simple, but it helped in calming down Mikado nonetheless. As soon they entered this room, the battle would be going at full force. And if he could, he would love to finish things right here, and have Kisa fall for him.

And to achieve that, he had the necessary tools with him. Just like how Kisa had hid things in her pockets during the body check, so did Mikado.

—For now…time to check the most promising spot.

Mikado took a small box out of his pocket. Taking the small spider inside between his fingers, he put it down at Kisa’s feet. It was a plan to protect the frightened Kisa by taking it away from her, showing his manliness. Naturally, he picked a non-poisonous spider. The final problem now was the question of if the successor of the scary Nanjou Family would actually be afraid of a spider like that.

Looking around the shelf, Kisa finally realized the presence of the spider. Her gaze was practically glued to the small enemy at her legs right now.

—So a spider really isn’t enough to scare someone from the Nanjou Family!

It happened the moment Mikado gave up hope in this plan.

“……! ………?!” Kisa’s body started shaking.

Her eyes opened wide, and she pressed the books in her hand to her chest as she stiffened up. This wasn’t just on the level of being afraid. Those are symptoms of shock.

“H-Hey?! Are you that bad with spiders?!”

“I’m not! There is nothing that the successor of the Nanjou Family is bad with! After all, I will become the existence that will rule over the darkness—”

“Your eyes are dead though?!”

That reaction clearly surpassed Mikado’s expectations. With stiff movements, Kisa took out a switch from her sleeve, and was about to press it.

“F-Fufu…Now that it’s come to this, I will press this switch, and…”

“What switch is that?! Also, you had another weapon?!”

“It’s fine, with this, everything will be solved…I will save all students from their suffering…”

“You’ll save them from the rest of their life as well!”

“No, they will be sent to another world…Yes, the ending will be a new beginning for them…”

“I really don’t know what you’re talking about, but hold on just a second!”

Mikado stole the switch from her hand, picked up the spider, and put it out of the window, setting it free.

—Maybe I should have a bomb defusing commando go through the building later…

As Mikado was thinking that, Kisa sank onto the ground. Her eyes were watery, and she looked at Mikado like she had seen a saint.

“T-Thank you, Kitamikado-san…To save your enemy like this, you really are kind…”


A sharp pain ran through Mikado’s chest. For one: because Kisa’s weakened state shot straight through his heart like a cupid’s arrow. For the other reason: the immense burden of having made a girl cry, which greatly contradicted what he had been taught at the Kitamikado Family.

“I-It wasn’t that big of a deal…”

“No, that’s not true. If it was me, I would have used the other person’s fear against them, and only saved them when they were on the brink of collapsing. Naturally, unlike you, I would have prepared the spider myself,” Kisa said, as she shook her head.


Mikado had to press his hand onto his chest, in hopes of suppressing this grave sin that was weighing down on it.

“Really, thank you so much, Kitamikado-san…You are my hero…” Kisa softly announced, as she wiped away the tears on her cheek.

“I’m so sorry!”

Mikado bowed down to Kisa at full force. He seriously wanted her to stop with all this praising.

“Why are you apologizing?” Kisa showed surprise.

“Well…Anyway, I’m sorry…”

Mikado hereby swore not to resort to these sorts of underhanded tricks. It might be right up the Nanjou Family’s alley, but for the Kitamikado Family, reigning over the light, this was something they should never use, even as a last resort.

“You sure are weird, Kitamikado-san. But, let me apologize for putting a wrench into our work like this.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, Nanjou…The one that has to die here is me after all…”

“Why would you have to die? Anyway, I would like to organize those books up there, but I can’t reach it on my own, so could you hold the ladder for me?”


Mikado held onto a nearby leg of the ladder, while Kisa climbed up, holding the books in her hands. Midway, she gazed down at Mikado, and showed a fiendish smile. Immediately after, he realized her intentions.

—So that’s your plan!

—That is my plan indeed!

The two of them had suddenly managed to hold a conversation by just glaring at each other. From this position, if Kisa moved up only a bit more, Mikado would be able to see. And naturally, that was referring to her panties. In the Genpei war2, long past, it is said that the Nanjou Family sent women in their underwear figures to the battle field, gathering the attention of the enemy forces, and caused the ruin of the Heike Family. Basically, the panties of the Nanjou Family were their greatest weapon, the giant of Tartarus, sending souls to their grave. With just one pair of panties, it proved to be strong enough to decide the future of an entire clan.

—If I were to look at her panties, I would lose this fight…!

That’s what Mikado felt at that moment. Sexual desire, is but one of the many important factors when it comes to romantic feelings. The more one’s sexual lust heightens, the easier it is for one to lose their rational thinking, making them nothing more than an animal. In that sense, panties held infinite ways to attack. Kisa was already cute on her own, but if he were to find her panties in his field of view, her attack power would rise hundred-fold. With just the two of them in this isolated room, Mikado certainly didn’t have confidence that he would retain his reasoning, not to mention properly greeting her the next morning.

“He he he…But, you shouldn’t have taken me too lightly, Nanjou. I am already prepared for this.”


As Kisa opened her eyes in shock, Mikado pulled out yet another helpful item out of his pocket, an eye mask. Having his sight robbed by pitch black fabric, neither the panties, nor anything else was visible for him. The strongest wall against sexual desire. Even if the whole world was full of panties left right and center, as long as you didn’t see them, you couldn’t be led astray by them.

“Isn’t that a bit unfair?! And also pretty dangerous?!”

“There is no danger here! I’m perfectly holding onto it after all! Also, this eye mask is a custom order! Their light absorption is at 100%! Even if your panties were shining as bright as a supernova, I wouldn’t be able to see them…!” Mikado gave out a confident laugh, which was returned by the audible teeth-gritting of Kisa.

And that was to be expected. After all, their strongest weapon was blocked by Aegis, the strongest shield. With this victory, Mikado felt the sharp guilt slowly start to fade away.

“Can’t help it then,” Kisa sighed. “I’ll just finish this off up here and—Kya!”

“Nanjou?! You okay?!”

Being afraid that she might have lost her footing, Mikado took off the eye mask at mach speed. However, what entered his sight was a teasing smile of Kisa, as she looked down at him. And at the same time, he caught a clear view of her panties.

Black. Jet black. With laced lines.

“Grrrrr…!” Mikado took five million damage points and sank down onto the floor.

He desperately tried to hold himself back from panicking as Mikado cited recent yen courses. Then, Kisa stepped down, and showed a confident smile.

“Oh my, what’s wrong? Did you develop sexual desire for me by seeing my tights?”


“Yes, tights that simulate the fabric and looks of panties. Don’t tell me, the son of the Kitamikado Family, has mistaken tights for panties?”

“That’s not…”

Mikado received even more damage. Even if it was tights he was looking at, the second he had mistaken them as panties, they had equal damage parameters as a normal pair of panties. MIkado yet again realized that he could not forgive the Nanjou Family for their dirty tricks.

The two of them lined up next to each other again, and continued with their work. Now, the library office was wrapped in complete silence. All that could be heard was the sound of the books being moved, their footsteps, and the tumult from the courtyard, entering through the opened window. Being engrossed in her work, Kisa bumped into Mikado. Their contact was nothing but a slight touch of shoulders. But that was more than enough to make Mikado feel just how soft a girl’s body is, sending a shiver up his spine.

“Ah…I’m sorry.” Kisa separated from Mikado.

“I-It’s fine…”

Once again, silence filled the room. They acted like nothing happened, but Kisa’s ears started to redden up ever so slightly. Observing that, even Mikado felt a similar change in his own face. And yet, no words were spoken. Still, Mikado didn’t dislike this atmosphere. Even if this was a dangerous situation between people of the Kitamikado and Nanjou Families, right now, they were nothing more than a male and a female classmate.

“Nanjou…do you like reading books?”

Maybe that’s why he asked that question without thinking too much.

“Eh…you have interest in my private life?” With sparkling eyes, Kisa looked up at Mikado.

“I guess.”

“So basically, you’re admitting that you have fallen for me?”

“That’s not the case here.”

“But, you can’t help but want to know more about me, right?” Kisa grinned, as she pushed her face closer to Mikado’s.

“You sure get happy about the most ridiculous stuff.”

“I’m not happy at all. Yes, not at all. Why would I be happy about the first time that Kitamikado-san has asked me a personal question?”

Mikado felt like he could hear quiet humming from Kisa’s direction, and she seemed to be in a good mood all of a sudden.

—She’s happy about me asking her personal questions…? So basically, she has fallen for me?! No no, it’s too early to deduce that…Nanjou shouldn’t be that easy of an enemy…Ah, then maybe!

Maybe he was infected with this happiness, as Mikado felt the muscles in his cheeks relax. Controlling himself, he strained his face again.

“And, what is it now? Do you read, or not? This is just a chat between classmates.”

“Well, I do read quite a bit. Like the ‘Arsène Lupin’ series, or the ‘Hannibal Lecter’ series, or even Goethe’s ‘Faust’. During summer vacation a while ago, I read the whole Encyclopedia of ‘Frauds of Old and Present between East and West’ in one night. Girl strength is pretty amazing, right?”

“What do you mean by girl strength…?”

Mikado thought to himself that this seemed like quite the Nanjou Family like choice to make.

“And it seems like you really enjoy reading history books, Kitamikado-san.”

“Learning from the past is something essential for someone that will have to think of Japan’s future. But, why do you know about my interests?”

“A while ago, I saw you reading a history book written by Toynbee. And also when you were reading Josephus before.”

“You sure keep a good look out…Don’t tell me, you are in—”

“I’m not interested at all.”

An immediate answer. Like she had anticipated that sort of question in the first place.

“Then why are you so informed about my reading taste…?”

“I have the duty to know every human’s reading taste.”

“That sure is amazing!”

“Yes, and you are but one single existence of those six billion. Don’t think too highly of yourself. Just because you were lured into this love game with me doesn’t mean I think of you as any more special than anyone else. Yes, my interest in you is comparable to the attention I pay to the individual leaf of a tree I pass on the sidewalk. Did you get that?” Kisa had gotten incredibly talkative.

—Eh, maybe she really is interested in me?! That’s totally what this sounds like, right?!

Mikado found himself reading between the lines. Feeling the need to give his brain some fresh air to keep allowing the highest productivity, he took a deep breath. But, knowing that it was just the two of them here made him even more conscious, and made breathing only more difficult. And then, it happened.

Without any indication whatsoever, Kisa went on the attack.


Mikado was just planning on having a calm, and normal conversation, so he was taken by surprise. Feeling Kisa’s hand approach, all alarm systems in his body were screaming. However, Mikado’s highly developed danger-sensing system didn’t allow a fatal hit, as he dodged. Following that, Kisa’s hand slammed against the wall behind him, creating a loud bang.

“What are you planning…?”

Mikado put his wariness level of Kisa on max, and took some distance from her.

—Damn it, I let my guard down because I confiscated all her weapons! I should have anticipated that she knows hand-to-hand combat!

Mikado grit his teeth in regret. Meanwhile, Kisa fixed her ruffled hair, and slowly raised her head. Her eyes, gazing at Mikado, were the eyes of a predator. Her canines, almost pulsated with a lust for blood.

“Kitamikado-san, have you ever heard of a kabe-don…?” Kisa muttered in a deep voice.

“Kabe-don…? A composition of Haydn?”

A classic musical composition started to float up in Mikado’s brain. But, Kisa only returned a teasing smile.

“Oh my…you don’t even know something fundamental like that, I didn’t expect that. Seems like winning the love-game will be an easy feat.”

“Does a terminology like that really exist, I wonder…? I learned about 400 Japanese dictionaries by heart, and I don’t remember ever reading about a ‘kabe-don’…”

Truth be told, he wanted to look up that word right now with his smartphone, but his pride wouldn’t allow that. And also, Mikado couldn’t just take his attention away from Kisa, who was sending waves of killing intent at him this very moment.

“Japanese dictionaries! Now that makes me laugh.”

“Why are you laughing…”

“What do you understand about life by reading Japanese dictionaries. Do you understand what the people around you think? No I learned around this kabe-don in a much more sophisticated genre of books…They hold the entire wisdom of humanity and the truth of this world……Shoujo manga!”

“Shoujo manga…you say?!”

Being forced to stay away from anything related to love and relationships, shoujo manga was a genre of literary work that he was never allowed to come in contact with, making ita legendary weapon like the spear of Longinus.

With a confident smile, Kisa laid bare her knowledge.

“And according to this wisdom, a kabe-don is the strongest weapon when it comes to love and relationships. You push the other person against the wall, leaving no room to escape, and finish it off with ‘Become mine’, then you’ll have complete reign over the other person.”

“T-To think that such a strong mind control skill existed…!”

Mikado felt a grave sense of danger. The Kitamikado Family excelled at influencing the public opinion, but that was just for the great masses. Anything concerning singular effective methods against a member of the opposite sex, Mikado did not know.

“Now, Kitamikado-san, prepare yourself. Today will mark the final day of your life as a free human being…Yes, you will become my slave…!”

Kisa kicked off the ground, and danced through the air with her delicate body. With insane speed, she closed their distance in a fragment of a second, and Kisa’s fist flew past Mikado.

“…Ugh!” At the same time, Mikado jumped away.

However, Kisa had already anticipated Mikado’s escape route, and closed in on him even further. Mikado now ran through the library office, with Kisa chasing after him. Only the sounds of a hand ramming against a wall, and their breaths, slowly but steadily getting rougher, were heard in the room.

—Fast…At this rate, I’ll receive that kabe-don eventually…!

Mikado panicked. As the successor of the Kitamikado Family, he could not allow himself to be mind-controlled by one of the Nanjou Family. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to face his ancestors, and he would most certainly cut open his stomach to repent.

“Offence is the best defense, huh…!?”

At the same time as Mikado dodged another kabe-don attempt of Kisa, Mikado pushed his body around, and approached Kisa, bringing his palms forward. As someone who is meant to do well in both school and sports, Kitamikado Mikado’s hands quickly flew through the air, as if there was no resistance in the air at all. Cutting through several strands of Kisa’s beautiful hair with the following wind pressure, he rammed his fist against the wall behind her. At the same time of the bang, the wall was slightly carved into, making audible cracks.

But, Kisa wasn’t quite done yet. The immediate second before it came to the kabe-don, she pushed towards Mikado’s chest, slipping past him with a nimble evasion.

—The first one to pull a kabe-don will be the winner here!

At a bit of distance away from each other, they exchanged glares. The calm and soothing atmosphere from before had disappeared elsewhere, and the library office was a full-fledged battlefield at this point.

As her shoulders were going up and down because of her rough breathing, Kisa pushed out the words that broke the silence.

“H-Hooh childish, aren’t…you…Kitamikado-san…?Can you really call yourself a gentleman, using the advantage of your stronger body against a fumbling, weak girl like me…?”

“Sorry, but if I don’t give it my all, Japan will fall to ruin…So I can’t hold back against the Nanjou Family, even if it’s a girl…”

Kisa mustered up all the strength she had, and pushed her palms forwards. So did Mikado, in order to intercept her. As a result, their hands intertwined. The moment he felt the girl’s softness, something akin to an electric current ran through Mikado’s body.



The two of them let out a shriek, and quickly separated. Mikado could feel his head getting hotter by the second. And Kisa’s face was slowly approaching the redness of a tomato.

“L-Let’s stop defending with our hands…it doesn’t seem like…that’s a good idea…”

“Y-Yeah, that fight just now was way too dangerous…”

So that they wouldn’t die of shame before they knew the results, the two of them defined a short rule during this intervention. Mikado took the stance of Ushiwakamaru when he defeated Benkei3. Pushing forward his left hand, he lifted up his right, ready to intercept attacks from any point. On top of that, he heightened his senses to the limit, trying to anticipate from where the girl would attack next.

“…You’re playing a battle of stamina I see.” Kisa slipped into the shadow of a bookshelf.

Mikado quickly chased after her, but he lost sight of Kisa.

“Where did she run off to?!”

Mikado frantically looked around his surroundings. Neither a voice, nor footsteps could be heard. Not even the faint sound of breathing. Kisa had completely disappeared without a trace.

—Where did she…What is she plotting…?

As his heart was beating under immense pressure, he carefully retreated. He had a premonition that the next move would spell victory or defeat. In front of him was a large shelf, striking a daunting pose. Will she attack from the left, or from the right? Mikado’s thoughts ran wild. However, before Mikado could think any more, Kisa came flying down from ‘above’.


This being completely outside of Mikado’s speculations, his reaction was severely delayed. Unable to escape thanks to that deadly delay, Kisa hands were attacking him head-on. Both her hands were slipping past his shoulders, ramming against the wall behind him. Being closed off on both sides, there was no room for him to get away. And forcefully pushing a small statured girl like her was also morally impossible.

“It’s checkmate…Now, become mine!”

Desperate to not let him get away, Kisa was clinging to Mikado. Her breathing was more than rough, as she was gasping for air, and her face was beet red as she looked down at him. As her soft body was being pressed against his body, he could almost directly feel two bulges, hitting his chest. On top of that, his brain cells were assaulted by a sweet fragrance, akin to a beautiful flower. Maybe because she jumped onto the ground from that height, Kisa’s legs were shaking. No matter who the enemy was, ending up in such a situation with a beauty like Kisa, the destructive force resulting from that would be able to send anyone up to the heavens.

—I can’t run away here. Because of a lot of reasons!

Mikado’s rational thinking was slowly approaching it’s limits. However, once he gives in, and grows conscious of it, that would be the end. Straining his mental strength, he put on a stern expression. Just by doing that, all the calories he had taken in today were being burned at an excessive speed. That was yet another secret technique the Kitamikado Family had developed, to survive in the political world filled with sly foxes—Iron Mask (Kioku ni Gozaimasen).

“A-And? Did you finally fall in love with me? You’re totally charmed by me, aren’t you? Do you not want to…pat me on the head?” Kisa forced herself to ask.

Maybe she was embarrassed about doing this, but her cheeks went ripe red like an apple, and her eyes grew watery.

—I want to hug her so badly!

Mikado desperately tried to hold back the urges that welled up inside him. Also, this wasn’t about falling in love with her or whatever. The current Kitamikado Mikado…had already been charmed by Nanjou Kisa a long time ago. Even before she introduced the love game, she had always been in his eye. However, it would not be acceptable for a boy from the Kitamikado Family to fall in love with a girl from the Nanjou Family. Not to mention that having feelings for the enemy was a great failure of his and anything love-related was prohibited anyway since he was promised a fiance a long time ago.

That’s why, Mikado swore to take this love to the grave with him if he had to. Even so, Kisa approached him with the love game. She bet their own futures, as well as the future of their respective families, and Japan as a whole, in this ultimate love game, where the winner would be able to gain everything of the loser’s. And now, all Mikado could do was hold back his love struck heart, and have Kisa fall for him, becoming his slave.

“Heh, as if I would fall for you just because of this. So this kabe-don or whatever isn’t that great of a mind control trick, I see.”

Yet another lie on his side. Being tightly embraced by Kisa like this, Mikado’s guard, and mind, was about to crack into pieces.

“H-Hurry up and be charmed by me! You idiot! Fall in love with me!”

In a slightly panicked manner, Kisa hit her head countless times on Mikado’s chest.

“H-Haha…whatever you try, it’s all for naught…I won’t crumble from an attack of this level…”

Once again, a great lie. Every time her small, adorable head hit him, the fragrance of her hair was assaulting his reason, lowering his defenses.

—I want to push her down!!!

He leveled up from the wish to hug her.

Inside this desolated library office, it was just the two of them. A young boy and girl. According to the rules, Kisa was not allowed to complain if he did so. However, at the same time, it would show his desire for her. The game would end, with Mikado’s loss, and while he was being held in Kisa’s sweet arms, Japan would be wrapped in darkness.

—That kind of future might not be so bad after all, Mikado found himself thinking, as he quickly moved to push those thoughts out of his head. Once he gave in, it would all be over. Gaining the best women, and the best future is exactly what a man of the Kitamikado Family should strive for.

“…Sorry about this, but I’ll be going on the counterattack now!”


Mikado grabbed Kisa’s wrists, turning their positions around, and was now pressing Kisa’s back against the wall. Pressing his own hands against the wall now, he brought his face closer to Kisa.

“Kisa…Stop with the futile resistance, and become mine.”

“…………!!!” Kisa’s body twitched.

Calling her by her first name was a special trick to increase the shock value. Seeing as Kisa must have taken quite a lot of damage by this, as well as receiving a kabe-don, Mikado hoped that this would be the finishing move. However…

“H-Hmpf…I don’t feel anything with that kind of approach…If you want to win my heart over, you have to whisper more aggressive words of love inside my ear,” or so she said, but her ears were bright red.

Averting her eyes to definitely not make eye contact with Mikado, she tightly shut her lips.

—This is…I might actually be able to finish it here?! I have to press on!

To not let this chance slip, Mikado attacked even more.

“Is that so? You sure look pretty red to me. Are you sure your heart isn’t beating like crazy right now?”

“T-That’s not the cashe!”

She bit her tongue, which made her blush even further. However, that had dealt an equal amount of damage to Mikado.

—She bit her tongue! That steely-eyed superhuman Kisa did! She’s so embarrassed by being inside my arms, and went ‘Cashe!’

The words that slowly but steadily attacking his reason were echoing in the back of his head. Feeling that this would reach critical levels at this rate, Mikado quickly separated. Kisa sank onto the ground, while Mikado had to take a knee because the damage was too great for him to keep him. Both their faces were burning up at this point.

“A-At this rate, we won’t get any work done…”

“W-What, you’re saying we should take an intermission here…?”

“We can’t help it…Let’s stop today’s game…”

“Well…it would be bad if we didn’t finish our job after all…”

A truce was established for now. Though he didn’t know about Kisa’s leftover mental endurance, since Mikado himself was close to death, he felt glad that it ended here. And now, they had resumed their work, organizing the books yet again. The heat of their bodies had started to cool down, and Mikado was able to move more smoothly now. Like this, the job in the library committee was actually really enjoyable.

Back in middle school, Mikado had entered the student council in order to practice for when he would succeed the family business, which of course didn’t allow any failure there. But doing this here now, without any pressure from the family, felt very refreshing for him.

“Hey…” Kisa muttered, as she pushed a book into the shelf.


Because they were in a truce from their game, Mikado answered without paying too much mind to it.

“…Do you hate the fact that you’re working here together with me in a committee that much…?”


Kisa continued to look at the back cover of the book, talking to him without making eye contact.

“I don’t…hate doing this, together with Kitamikado-san…”


Mikado held his words. There were so many things he wanted to tell her. So many feelings, they were about to spill out. But, a Kitamikado would never tell a Nanjou about these, even if heaven and earth were reversed.

“…I don’t…hate it. I don’t hate talking with you…In the sense of being classmates, so don’t misinterpret anything.”

“I-I also only meant it as classmates! Of course I did!”

Mikado metKisa’s incoming glare. Before he could even admire her beauty, Kisa immediately averted her face again. She once again tried to put a book inside the shelf, but she couldn’t quite reach it. Seeing her like this, she was like a normal, feeble girl. Not the successor of the Nanjou Family, controlling everything with shady measures from the darkness, but just a normal classmate. Hence, Mikado quietly took the book, and put it back where it belonged for her.


Although a short sound of surprise leaked from Kisa’s mouth, she kept quiet, and continued her own work. At the same time, her beautiful skin was red all over. After being taken off-guard by that for a second, Mikado continued himself.

‘It is time to leave the school. All the students that are still present are to make their way home now.’

The school-interior broadcast filled the silence, as Mikado and Kisa both lifted their heads. Before they realized it, the sky outside had started to be colored in a bitter orange color.

“It’s this late already, huh!?”

“I didn’t realize at all!”

If one thought they were just too focussed on their work, then that certainly wasn’t the case. At the very least, Mikado was constantly watching Kisa’s every move. But anyway, the two of them hurriedly finished their work. They gathered their belongings, and they were about to step out of the room. Outside from the windows on the hallway side, Mikado spotted the figure of Kawaraya Kokage. She was sitting properly on a chair she had brought with her, in the middle of the hallway, holding ready her usual camera. Kisa and Mikado were sticking to the door of the room, whispering to each other.

“Did she catch wind of our game after all…? And now she’s hoping for the big scoop?”

“I don’t think that’s it. Look at that.”

Kisa pointed at the sack next to Kokage, standing on the floor.

“A sack…? And a pretty big one at that…”

Santa Claus would probably need one like that.

“She’s probably thinking that we found some buried treasure here in the library office. And with that information, she is mostly likely going to ask for a share to keep quiet about it.”

“What kind of rip off is that!? Also, she still believes that story?!”

“Women rather prefer their feelings over logic….Although I only believe in my own brain, and nothing more.”

“Yeah, I can totally see that.”

Mikado could imagine that not a lot of girly ingredients were put into Kisa. So much that you’d think she came from the roots of a tree. Kisa bit into the nail of her thumb.

“Now this is troublesome…It would be problematic if she bothered us during our game, so I guess that all I can do is call the workers at home, and make them develop an anesthetic gas…!”

“No need to go that far! It’s your classmate, not a terrorist!”

“Then I’ll take care of this myself. With this anesthesia gun…”

“So you still had a weapon hidden somewhere?! And listen to me, I’m telling you not to use that on a classmate!”

The gun that Kisa snuck out of her uniform was immediately confiscated by Mikado. He could feel Kisa’s faint warmth, still lingering there. Feeling her raw body heat like that made Mikado receive damage yet again.

“Then what should we do?! If you don’t have any other idea, then just keep quiet!” Kisa glared at Mikado.

“That’s simple. Come here.”


Mikado grabbed the perplexed Kisa’s wrist, and dashed out of the library office.

“Ahhh! You finally came out! Kisa-chan, Mikado-kun, where is the buried treasure—” Kokage jumped up from the chair.

“What are we going to do?!”

“We’re just going to run away, that’s all!”

Mikado pulled Kisa by the hand, and ran in the opposite direction of Kokage. Since he felt too embarrassed to hold her hand, he held on to her sleeve as he led her along. But, Kisa properly followed him. The sound of their footsteps resounded loudly as they dashed down the stairs, paired with their gasps for air. The two of them left the school building at full speed. Slipping past the students that had sports club activities until now, they left the school gate behind them, running down an empty road, with no people around.

Kisa had already let go of Mikado’s hand, but still desperately kept chasing after him. Her hair was illuminated by the setting sun, and her skirt was fluttering up and down.

“H-Hold on, Kitamikado-san…D-Don’t speed up like that…”

“Ah, sorry. But we’re almost safe!”

Mikado carried Kisa’s bag for her, which slowed down his speed by quite a bit. It was so heavy that he was a bit perplexed as to what was inside there. However, he didn’t have the time to ask, as they just chased after the setting sun.

—Somehow, this is pretty…fun.

Mikado thought, while running away with Kisa. It felt like they were doing something they shouldn’t, making his heart beat faster not just because of the physical activity. The other person was part of the family he had to hate the most, and his life was on the line during this love game, but none of that mattered right now.

Time passed on for a bit like this, until their school was in the far distance, and they arrived at a riverbank. Next to the river bank was a small street, and on the other side was a railway. Commuting salary men were stepping on the train, and leaving it, almost creating a sort of shadow play against the setting sun.

“We should be fine coming this far…Doesn’t look like Kokage followed us this far.” Mikado stopped his feet and looked around.

There was no sight of other people around them, and only the sound of the passing train and the sound of the river flowing past them could be heard.

“Haaa…Haaaa…” Kisa put her hands on her knees, and took some deep breaths.

Her beautiful hair was ruffled, and the ribbon on her uniform had gotten a bit loose in the process of running away. The sweat on her breathtaking skin looked like small pearls, and she was akin to a goddess that had just finished her bath.

“R-Really…Don’t make me do any crazy physical labour like that…I’m not used to that…”

“So anything mental work related is your forte? I’d advise you to do some sport once in a while, otherwise your head will suffer from it.”

“It won’t, I tell you. My head is number one in Japan after all.” Kisa puffed out her cheeks, as she got her bag handed to by Mikado.

“I have to call my chauffeurs, they’re probably waiting at the school gate.”

“I came via train today, so I’m fine…but it’d be better if we aren’t seen together.”

“Y-Yeah…let’s split up here.”

Though Mikado felt slightly reluctant to part, it would be a bit bothersome if the chauffeurs of the Kitamikado Family met Kisa like this. His parents weren’t aware of the love game after all, and if they found out about their own son spending time with the enemy’s daughter for a longer period of time, he’d never hear the end of it.

“I did pull back for today…But I won’t hold back tomorrow, okay?” Kisa tightly grasped her school bag.

“Y-Yeah, same here.”

That was all the fun they could have. After this, the game would restart yet again.

“…Then, see you. You can look forward to tomorrow.”

“…Yeah, see you. And, I definitely won’t lose against you.”

After separating from Mikado, Kisa hurried to a road alongside a long line of trees. Being wrapped in the shadows of said trees as she crouched down, she pushed one hand onto her chest.

—I-I thought my heart was going to stop…

It wasn’t because they were running away from Kokage. Even before that, when it was just the two of them in the library office, she was so nervous she could barely think straight. To calm herself down, she lightly tapped her burning hot cheeks with her hands. But, her hands were so hot that it didn’t help at all.

“Being alone with him is that dangerous, huh…”

Her chastity, and even more so, her heart in general. Just by being together with him, her brain felt like it was turning into mush, and it was a lot of trouble to keep the cool beauty act up.

“Are you okay? Are you feeling unwell?”

A passing woman called out to Kisa in a worried manner.

“I-I’m fine! I was just feeling a bit sick!”

Kisa hurriedly got up, and ran away from that spot. Cutting through the assaulting wind on whilst running, she felt herself cool down a bit. Even though the love game was introduced from her side, and even though she thought up a mountain of strategies for this, Kisa felt it was more like she was being toyed around with by Mikado.

1Seems to be some sort of Japanese restaurant.

21180-1185: War between the Genji and the Heike > Genpei

3Minamoto no Yoshitsune vs Musashibô Benkei, around the 12th century

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