Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 9 Prologue

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A faint voice leaked out of my mouth. I was lying on top of my bed, tightly gripping my stuffed toy. And my expression was probably not very ladylike… But who can blame me for that right now? After all—

“Finally…! Onii-chan finally said that he would write a little sister novel, you know?! Of course I would be happy about that!”

That’s right! Onii-chan finally decided that the novels he’ll be sending in for light novel contests will have the little sister theme!

“Siblings stories written by Onii-chan—No, a story of the two of us being lovey-dovey…! I can’t wait…!”

Naturally, I will collect all the data that Onii-chan needs! We’ll be flirting all day long in order to create the greatest novel ever, right?! When I thought of the days that lie ahead, I let out another “Ehehehe…” Luckily, nobody was around to hear it. But just this once, I don’t care if I don’t look ladylike! Ehehe!

…Time passed with me in this state of fulfillment and happiness, but I realized something. Onii-chan might soon be winning the grand prize of a light novel contest himself. He had managed to get through the preliminaries, after all, and he’s even been in contact with that publisher recently, so there’s no doubt that his skill as an author has grown. Now that he’s decided on the theme that he wants to use in his novel, there’s plenty of chances for him to achieve his dream of debuting. No, I believe in Onii-chan. He’ll definitely make it!

“…But then he’ll stop being my stand-in…”

When I was reminded of this possibility, I felt a rush a loneliness assaulting me. However, I knew that from the very start, and having Onii-chan’s dream granted takes the utmost priority. I might be unable to keep going as a light novel author, but if it’s for his sake, I don’t mind at all—I thought that to myself and nodded along.

And then I lost myself in my fantasies again, thinking about the days that would soon come. Onii-chan, for your sake, and for my own, let’s be even more lovey-dovey and flirty than ever.

1 thought on “Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 9 Prologue

  1. Could somebody explain why Suzuka can’t come out as a bona-fide light novel writer even now? It was only because of her former school rules that prohibited working part-time for her, right? Now that she and her onii-chan are in the same school, they are subject to the same rules. If he is allowed to write light novels, then why can’t she? Even without the need for a stand-in they could continue their so called “collecting data” together, right?


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