He Didn’t Want to Be the Center of Attention, Hence, after Defeating the Demon Lord, He Became Guild Master (LN) Volume 1 Chapter 3

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Haunted Mansion Atop the Capital’s Hill

1 – Intelligence Department Member and the Female Priest

Within [Silver Mug], there are members that specialize in information gathering. They always prick up their ears and listen in on the rumors around town, and they got into contact with information brokers and brought the information to my ears.

The other adventurers guilds had an information-gathering department as well, but the top guild, [White Goat] ignored the information department, and the department basically only existed in name. Information and requests were directly tied, so them cutting corners caused them to have a shortage of requests.

For my guild, I tried my best not to compete with other guilds for requests. I dug up requests from the information that the information department members brought to me, and I prioritized taking action on jobs that only my guild could do. In other words, I accepted requests from people that satisfy the condition and are aware of the password.

Today as well, during the night shift while I was drinking, a report from an information department member reached me.

“Ver-san, get me some ice-cold ale please~”

“Good work, Rieza-san.”

The one who sat on the seat beside me at the counter, who received the ale and was deliciously drinking it up, was Rieza from the information-gathering department. Originally, she worked as a maid at one of the information brokers on the 12th street, but I scouted her because I saw talent in her.

She was the same age as Mylarka, her short-cut hair fit her well, and she had an earring on her right ear. The earring enhanced her hearing ability, so it was a magic tool that catered to the information-gathering department. It was the first thing I made right after learning how to make it, but it seemed like she took a liking to it.

“Ah, It’s a bit late to ask, but is this seat beside you free?”

“Yeah, it’s free.”

“Ehehe, thanks. You’re just the same as usual aren’t you, master…no, mister patron?”

While giving her a bitter smile for her forced way of speaking, I poured the ale down my throat. Then, I brought the side dishes that Verlane served to my mouth. It was fresh cheese, which just came in today.

Just when I was about to recommend it to Rieza, she happily brought it to her mouth. She loved dairy stuff, so I guess these [Cloud Sheep Cheese] was something out of this world to her. The richness in taste and the umami was on a completely different level.

“Ver-san, hear me out here. So something like this happened today in the town…”

Rieza made it look like she was gossiping, but she was giving me the results of her information gathering.

The one who proposed to Manarina, Winsburg, didn’t learn from his mistake and tried to propose to other princesses, but the third princess was way too young, so he was dismissed.

The noble who treated the knight order like handymen, when he became unable to order the knights anymore, he started issuing requests to the guild.

About the request that the noble brought in, seems there was a ghost in the mansion of a property that he bought for cheap, so it was a request to exterminate it. But his request was refused, and the noble gave up on it and let it go, seemed like it was now an open mansion.

“Ah, and also… seems like Manarina-sama was advised to get married by his highness, but she flatly refused. It seems like a certain someone affected her, you know.

“fufu… that is interesting. Seems like the mister over there is not to be underestimated.”

It wasn’t like she really needed to get married to succeed the throne or anything, but if she tried to preserve her chastity for me, I might need to indirectly question her opinion of me. If I were to do something like that, Mylarka will look at me with her eyes full of contempt again, though.

“Oh yeah, did you hear, wifey?”

“Wifey… are you referring to me? It is true that I do not intend to be master’s hidden mistress, though. Perhaps you are trying to butter me up? Rieza-san really is exceptional.”

“I didn’t think that much into it, but thanks~”

“Don’t call yourself my wife just like that”, was about to leave my throat, but I’m acting as someone who was just drinking next to them, so I couldn’t do anything but stay silent.

“weeell you see, within the outskirts of the capital’s church district, there’s an orphanage, right? Seems like the director of the orphanage is bedridden, the kids were worried. I heard the oldest child of the orphanage is acting as the director now, but it seems like they’re being overwhelmed.”

“My condolences… the director, did they contract some kind of disease?”

“As for that, it’s unknown. Seems like their condition’s been bad for a while, but it got especially worse recently… ah, she’s a girl called Yuphiel Manafroze by the way.”

Yuphiel Manafroze. It’s been a while since the last time I’ve heard that name. Her soft and gentle laugh, I remembered her wearing her loosely oversized priestess clothes.

She said, “My name’s pretty long, so please shorten it and call me that” and Eileen gave her a nickname. Taking the first syllable of her first and last names, [Yuma] became her nickname—with the title of [Silent Priest] she was a member of the Demon Lord Subjugation Team.

Yuma got sick. If Mylarka wasn’t aware of this fact, that meant her condition just recently got worse.

“Yuphiel-san’s father, the archbishop of the Church of Albein, can’t publicly put up a request in the guild, but I believe he wants to cure his daughter, whatever the method may be… I heard her mother is nursing her, for now.”

Rieza was aware of my relationship with Yuma, which was probably the reason why she told me this.

“Well then, I’ll take my leave here. I’m exhausted as heck today, I wanna sleep quietly at home.”

“Yes, I look forward to your next visit.”

Bidding farewell to Verlane, Rieza walked slowly out of the bar while being tipsy.

Around here, there was a [Silver Mug]-owned apartment house, it served as the dormitory for guild members. A so-called company dorm. I lived in the bar’s second floor, along with Verlane.

“…Dear customer, did you hear? Rieza-san, she called me [Wifey]. Does that mean I’m overflowing with wife-like appeal, even though I’m just the bar’s shopkeeper? Dear customer, what do you think?”

It was unclear what the hell the connection between shopkeeper and wife was, but it seemed like Verlane is happy.

Ever since the lap pillow incident, she, under the pretense of taking back her talisman, was waiting for an opportunity to entice me. If she attempts it sloppily, she won’t be able to become my true wife. So she’s attempting it without negligence.

And so the day rolled over. During the bar’s afternoon break time, I went out of the bar from the back door, and headed to a certain place.

Within the capital, there were twelve streets that run from north to south, they were named in numerical order starting from the west, and they had varying characteristics.

The first street was designated as the [Church district]. Walking to the far-away church district would be painful, so I rode on a carriage that was making a round trip, and it took about an hour to reach my destination.

The church district was, as its name suggested, a district that had an assembly of Albein church facilities. The chapels that the people visited to pray, and also, convents for priests to practice their teachings—while giving the many buildings along the side of the road a glance, I continued to walk, and I finally reached the orphanage.

There was a chapel beside the orphanage. Yuma has been acting as both the priest and also the director for a while. On top of studying to be the next archbishop, as well. It wasn’t strange for her to keel over due to exhaustion. In the orphanage’s backyard there were some children messing around. The young priestess that was watching over them walked over to me.

“Good afternoon. What can I do for you?”

“I want to meet the director here, can I meet them directly?”

“If it’s the director, she is in the chapel over there. but she has been unwell recently, so meeting her face-to-face is…”

“I’m Yuma’s… Yuphiel-san’s old friend. I’m acquainted with Mylarka Iris.”

“Mylarka Iris… {Sweet Disaster}’s friend…?!”

The female priest showed an expression of surprise on her face. I thought if I did this I would be able to meet her, but Mylarka’s name really was powerful. It seemed like she has been visiting this place, so I suppose this priestess was acquainted with her.

“W-Well then, I will go call Yuphiel-sama. Please wait a moment.”

The priestess went to the chapel in a panic. If it’s Yuma, she should have already noticed that I’ve come here.

Unsurprisingly, the priestess came back and asked me to follow her, and she guided me to the chapel where Yuma was in.

Entering it, I saw the form of a priestess praying in front of a deity statue.

Under the shining rays of the sun, pouring down from the window on the ceiling, she was silently praying. I was wondering if it was fine to approach her, but after I steeled my resolve and started walking, the priestess turned around.

Afterwards, she showed me the same smile just like the old days. She raised both of her hands and gave me a greeting while slowly waving them.

“Dick-san, Long time no see. I saw a prophecy, so I knew you were coming.”

“That sure is amazing… What kind of prophecy was it?”

“…That’s a secret. God’s will isn’t something to be shared with other people so easily.”

She put a finger in front of her mouth while she said that. She was as tiny as ever, but as expected, her height increased along with her age. I couldn’t call her childish anymore. The priestess clothes using white as a base, it gently highlighted her small curves.

“…Did you lose weight? Even though we haven’t met for a long time, I can tell.”

“Cough… Dick-san, you heard about me being bedridden and decided to visit me, didn’t you?”

“You saw through it, huh. Well, if I sent a messenger instead, Mylarka and the others will call me an asshole after all.”

“Thank you. Dick-san has always been so kind, even though you acted like you didn’t care about other people.”

“If I didn’t care about others, I wouldn’t run something like a guild. It’s just that, I don’t want to stand out.”

Saying my old catchphrase, Yuma laughed happily.

Even though with a glance it seemed like she was healthily conversing, I couldn’t deny that she looked unwell.

Compared to the usual Yuma, she didn’t have her usual weirdness, the Yuma that I know of wasn’t this perfect image of a saint.

“The orphanage, Is it going well?”

“Yes, there were too many people coming, so I consulted father and we’re planning to build another orphanage.”

“Even though you’re already so busy, won’t it be difficult? Forcing yourself even when you’re tired is bad for your body, you know.”

If it’s the usual Yuma, [Putting souls to rest]. But from the current Yuma, there was no indication of that word ever coming out.

It was something weird. Her being so obsessed with putting souls to rest, Without saying she wants to appease my soul, even though we haven’t met in a while, It was insanely abnormal. No, normally you wouldn’t say that, but it was abnormal for the Yuma that I recognize.

“Work and study is important and all, but isn’t it fine to enjoy yourself once in a while?”

“…But the capital’s so peaceful. There’s nothing happening, nothing stirs my soul here.”

After Yuma said that, silence ensues.

As expected—the reason why she has been feeling unwell, it was because she hasn’t been putting souls to rest.

“Ever since coming back to the capital, um… Have you not been able to do it? [Putting souls to rest]?”

“… H-How did you…?”

“Nah, it’s clear as day, you loved saying how much you wanted to put souls to rest all day long, but now you aren’t saying anything remotely unusual. Something like that, it really doesn’t fit Yuma after all.”

“…The King worked hard to achieve this peace, and also he still won’t let me handle memorial services. Unlike while I was still adventuring, P…Putting…Putting souls to rest… I’m unable to do it anymore.”

While Yuma was trying to say {Putting souls to rest}, she stuttered with hesitation, she was starving to put souls to rest— so if she were to admit it, she probably wouldn’t be able to hold herself back anymore, I assumed it was something like that.

“…But…aah… if you say it like that… I would remember. I want to appease Dick-san’s soul… I’m fine with just a tiny bit, so…”

“W-Wait… I’m still alive. Appeasing a living soul, what are you trying to do?”

“Forcing you to the realm of the gods… Holy magic… Ascension…”

“W…Yu-Yuma, calm down. One day after I’ve lived my life, I’ll let you appease my soul. So, for now, put it on hold or something…ah.”

Her eyes were entranced, and Yuma’s eyes while she was approaching me bit by bit had life back in them.

—As expected, she has been losing weight. After I breathed a sigh of relief, I sat myself down on one of the chapel’s seats, and took out a present from a leather bag that I brought for Yuma’s sake.

“Does the chapel prohibit food and drinks? If so, then let’s move somewhere else.”

“No, it’s fine… Dick-san, is it for me…?”

“Yeah. Anyway, you need to nourish yourself… it’s not alcohol, so you can drink it without worries.”

After I opened the bottle cork, I poured it in a glass so that it wouldn’t spill.

[Drop of Serenity]. An elf-original medicinal drink, it was made from mixing natural remedies, and in order to make it easy to drink, some taste was added.”

Yuma sat on the seat next to me, and took the glass. And then, she gently brought the glass to her lips.

“hn…hah… it smelled, so I thought it tastes bitter. But it was sweet and easy to drink.”

“Even for medicine, Taste is important after all. Well, think of it as a high-class potion.”

“Yes… it made my body all warm. It also feels really relaxing…”

It was said the more tired you get, the more effective it became, it seemed like it was extremely effective on Yuma.

Drinking the Drop of Serenity had the effect of giving appetite, so for the priestess who was prohibited to eat meat I brought an edible baguette sandwich, and some fruit juice.

“If you’re fine with these go ahead and eat. It’s a pretty popular snack in my bar.”

“…Yes. After drinking the medicine, it’s a bit shameful, but I felt a bit hungry.”

Yuma peeled the wrapping of the sandwich, and nom, she bit into it. watching a lady eat was a bit improper, so I moved my sights to the statue.

“nom… Delicious. Dick-san, it sure takes you back, doesn’t it. Even at the time we were on a trip to subjugate the demon lord, there was a time when we had a meal like this. At that time, Dick-san asked a nearby farmer for a strawberry, right?”

“Strawberry…? now that you mention it, it’s Yuma’s favorite, huh.”

“I’ve liked it ever since Dick-san gave me one. hn… but, this juice is sour-sweet and delicious.”

Yuma happily drank the grape juice while gazing at me. I took out the baguette sandwich that I planned to eat later, and while being bashful due to her gaze, I bit into it.

2 – Shady Mansion and the Archbishop Couple

After meeting Yuma, I came up with something that she could do; I immediately headed to a certain place.

Going north from the church district, there was a hill where it was possible to look down on to the capital from. There were some noble mansions built around there, but I had business with one of them.

What Rieza mentioned, the mansion where ghosts appeared in. Surrounded by high walls, the years’ done quite a number on it, but the building was well done so it didn’t seem too worn-out.

On the first floor there were 8 rooms, a dining room, and a bathroom. On the second floor there were 12 rooms just like a big mansion. Even compared to the other noble residences in the capital, this was on a whole other scale.

Selling this off for just a thousand gold coins, and the owner also left the mansion in less than a week, and told the real estate agent to pay in parts. There were some things that bothered me, but it was 1/20th of the average price on the market, so buyers appearing again and again wasn’t unreasonable.

Though destroying the mansion and rebuilding it wasn’t out of the equation, why did the noble who bought it let it go and never came back? Maybe something extremely frightening happened to them?

“…That being said, I don’t sense the presence of a single ghost here.”

Without thinking I spoke to myself. Ghosts appeared regardless of day and night, but I didn’t sense any wicked presence in that house.

Maybe for some reason the ghosts didn’t gather during the day, but when it became night time, some trouble occurs. For that, I summoned a member of the information gathering department of the guild in this district, and asked him. It was fine for me to investigate it myself, but more importantly, the client this time around wanted it to be a clean [Request Completion].

Even if it was difficult, making Yuma’s father, who was the archbishop, make a request, was probably the best course of action.

—And so, two days later.

I gave an order to a guild member to give information about [Silver Mug] to a close associate of the archbishop, and induce them to consider putting up a request at our guild, but the response came immediately.

Not long after night shift started, a huge man and a woman entered—the both of them were wearing an overcoat, the color matched the day of the week, which was a yellow ocher1 color. The reason why there were a lot of plain colors was because I picked colors that didn’t leave a lasting impression.

They approached Verlane who was at the counter. The huge man left his hood as is, but looking at the face inside it, I predicted he was more or less 50 years old. He had white facial hair, and had darkish skin with sharp eyes. He was so big that he made the woman who accompanied him look like a child—looking at her facial features, I assume she was around her twenties. She had a well-featured face, and had a soft smile on it.

This woman had a similar air to someone, I could more or less guess who. Yuma—Yuphiel Manafroze. She was a blood relative, or more precisely…

“… I would like to request [Milk]. Otherwise, [Something that I can only drink here, your recommended liquor] then.”

“Understood. Would you like [This store’s special blend?]”

“I would like to drink alcohol, but due to certain reasons I am unable to do so. Please leave out the Shusei2 and give me [An original just for me] please.

Even though she was unable to drink alcohol, she knew the passwords and said them—at that point, I’ve concluded who these two were.

“Then, please let me prepare some drinks that do not utilize alcohol.”

“Please excuse us, both my husband and I, due to our occupation, we are unable to drink alcohol… I am really sorry for our rudeness.”

It seemed like these two are a married couple. And also, the woman resembled Yuma—which meant.

“My name is Grenadine Manafroze. I would like to consult you about my daughter.”

“I am Grenadine’s wife, Fenna. I came here to this establishment to ask you on how to cure my daughter’s sickness…”

Who would have expected, that Yuma’s father—Archbishop Grenadine-san, and his wife Fenna-san, for the two of them to visit personally.

I guess that just showed how worried they were about their daughter’s well-being. He was supposed to be an archbishop, but with his huge build and his appearance that looked like a fighter’s, he made me wonder if he was an ex-monk or something. I suppose Yuma resembled her mother more.

“Well then, I have confirmed the password, so let us get straight to the point. The one you refer to as your daughter, she is Yuphiel-sama, correct? I have heard she gained glory from being in the Demon Lord Subjugation Team and is one of the heroes.”

“My daughter had natural talent. Guiding lost souls, purifying polluted lands using her ability, in this country… no, no one in this world can match her.”

“Ever since she was a child, she was never one to ask help from her parents. After succeeding in the demon lord subjugation, and even after opening an orphanage, the management was going well… but recently, she had no appetite for food, and she started sighing a lot more. Even though I was already worried about her, she suddenly fainted…even the doctor didn’t know what was the cause, and didn’t say anything else but to let her rest.”

Tears started flowing down Fenna-san’s face, and she tried to contain them with her handkerchief. Even while being worried about his wife, Grenadine brought the [Sacred Pear with Spring Water mix] that Verlane served to his mouth. As indicated by its name, it was a fruit juice mixed from a pear from a mountain that was regarded as a sacred place by the Albein religion, and with spring water that could be found from that same mountain. It was a drink that the believers of the church could easily receive.

“My daughter said that she was satisfied with her job, and she had put extra effort in order to succeed me. For that kind of daughter to feel unwell, it must mean she was attacked by an illness that even the doctors can’t identify…”

“I beg of you… Yuphiel, my daughter, please, please help her…!”

This man and woman who served god, they sought aid from this run-down guild. But that was probably because they heard this guild was able to accomplish any request brought to it.

The two of them came here as a last resort. As for me, I wanted to bring her back to health without having my participation in this matter exposed. Our goals aligned.

“I understand. For this guild, nothing is impossible. We will find out the reason for Yuphiel-sama’s crumbling health, and will certainly cure her.”

“…I have no words to describe my gratefulness. Those blessed by god, we who are able to use healing magic, not being able to save a single girl… it is too pitiful. Even then, we don’t want to lose our daughter.”

I already know the cause, if it’s me, then I can definitely bring Yuma back to health.

Thus, that mansion that had spirits popping up in it, I needed to direct Yuma and the others to it.

“Your worry for your daughter’s health, I can sympathize with it. Still, please rest assured. Yuphiel-sama will have to sleep somewhere else for one or two days. But by doing that, her physical condition will improve.”

“Muu… My daughter, though part of it was due to my influence, is really zealous about her work. Needing to go away from the children, I don’t know if she will agree to it…”

“I will tell Yuphiel myself. The place where my daughter will go to, can I visit…?”

“It is within the capital, therefore, if you are worried, we will make it so you will be able to contact her whenever.”

It wasn’t a lie, but if they found out she was staying in a haunted mansion, it would instead make them worry. Due to that, leaving that detail out was for the best.

But if Yuma found out there are spirits in the mansion, she will definitely release her maximum power as the [Silent Priest], and display unrivaled purification power. If that happened, I believe she can release pent-up stress and her condition will improve.

After the archbishop couple left, I called Mylarka and Eileen who were drinking at a different seat to come over. The two of them sat at the counter, and received an explanation of the circumstances from Verlane.

“So… Yuma’s condition is that bad, huh. She was still healthy the last time I met her, come to think of it her cheeks were visibly skinnier.”

“Uummm, I really want to do something for her…”

“Yes. For that, I would like to ask the two of you. Together with Yuphiel-sama, can I ask to you stay in a certain place?

“Staying over…? With Yuma, and Eileen, I’m supposed to?”

“Ah, so that’s what you meant. Something like going into a hot spring in order to relieve fatigue from working, right? Yuma-chan must be tired, so let’s bring her along. Uh-huh, that’s great! Gimme another serving of booze!”

Seems like Eileen’s starting to get excited, she ordered another serving of booze in a good mood. While drinking ale, I bit on some [Beans of Knowledge]. I’ll leave the rest to Mylarka and the others, was what I wanted to do, but—.

I didn’t notice it, but Mylarka stood up from her seat, and put her hand on my shoulder.

“You mister drunkard, why are you making a face like this is some random people’s problem?”

“N-No… ladies, spending the night outside with friends, it sure seems fun, huh. Pay me no mind and just…”

“eeh—… ah that’s right, right now you’re a customer. Then I’ll say it to mister [Customer], drinking in the bar is fine and all, but changing places is also pretty nice y’know.”

“I-I’m able to relax the most in this bar.”

“Ooh, I swayed your heart a bit. It’s fine even if you don’t force yourself y’know, we’ll welcome you whenever you wanna come. Ah, but there’s no point in saying something like this to a mere [Customer], huh. Ahaha☆”

It already seemed like she was just inviting normally, she just can’t play dumb, can she. Nevertheless, Mylarka still had her hand on my shoulder.

“Regarding the sleepover place, I’ll have you explain it later in detail… do you understand, mister drunkard?”

“For the explanations, Please receive them over here. Of course, [Master] will be with us, so do not worry. For now, please relax and enjoy the liquor.”

Verlane presented the liquor that she blended to Mylarka. She was completely addicted to the blends that I made. She didn’t actually say even a single word of “I like it,” though.

“hn… Delicious.”

“Mylarka, Isn’t this the first time we’re gonna go out together? I really, really can’t wait.”

“…That’s true. I guess we can consider it a job-well-done trip. It’s not unreasonable to treat it as a moment to rest our minds.”

It was a mansion where ghosts appeared, though if it’s Mylarka and Eileen then they don’t have a reason to be scared.

—or rather, if they didn’t come out it’ll be bad. Letting Yuma stay there alone was a bit eh, so as her friend, I gathered the best members, but I wonder how will it play out.

If it took a wrong turn and the mansion was destroyed, it’ll be troublesome, so I guess I should be watching over them.

“Eh? It’s not a hot spring? A mansion on the hill over in the northwest? Hmph… is the bath huge there? Are there tons of booze?”

“…Something’s bothering me, but whatever. It’ll be fine as long as you take responsibility.”

Mylarka sent me a sidelong glance while saying that. “Then I’ll take responsibility for it,” though without actually saying that, I drank the still pretty cold ale.

3 – The Three Heroes’ Sleepover and the Masked Butler

After closing up the shop, Mylarka and Eileen received an explanation about the mansion that they and Yuma will stay in. The guild bought a mansion planning to use it as a health facility, and I want them to research how comfortable it is—was what I told them.

“There’s something in that mansion isn’t there? Bringing Yuma along means…”

“Ah, I got it. Maybe ghosts appear?”

“The two of you are really sharp, huh. Master, It appears leaving holes in the explanation is too tall of an order.”

After the shop closes Verlane’s tone returns to her demon lord tone, but Mylarka and Eileen were used to it. Verlane’s true identity, the two of them were well-acquainted with her original personality.

“I understand the circumstances, but… Dick, it’ll be fine as long as you stay the night first, no?”

“If I do that it’ll lose its meaning. It’s the reason why Yuma’s condition got worse, we need to let her release some stress.”

“Eh, what’s this? Why would Yuma get better if she stays the night there?”

“If it’s Yuma we’re talking about, [I want to put souls to rest] is something like her catchphrase, I guess. What I’m saying is, that place has some bad history.”

The genius professor splendidly saw through my scheme. But I couldn’t really just go with Yuma there with just the two of us, so I needed to get the two of them to come somehow.

“If Yuma goes to that mansion she can put souls to rest? Does that mean lost spirits live there? Waaaa, it’s kinda exciting.”

“Even though you’re so strong, are you bad with those kind of stories?”

“Will somebody like Mylarka be okay? She might scream and blow the whole mansion away.”

“I don’t like getting scared all of a sudden, so I’d like to ask for anything but that. But if I really did something as reckless as that, my reputation will… Why are you laughing? Dick.”

“Nothing, I just remembered, during our demon lord subjugation trip, we passed through a cave filled with undead. When the wraith came out from below our feet…”

“Ugh…S-Stop. When the wraith touched me it felt cold, it felt so repulsive. It absorbs our life force, right?”

A Wraith was a spirit-type magic beast, so they could go through walls and floors. There was a time when one suddenly came out of Mylarka’s feet and then she screamed, and then she hugged me because I was nearby. Sending someone like her in a haunted mansion for the sake of a friend, it wasn’t like I felt no guilt doing that.

“It seems like master is troubled whether or not it is fine for him to join a girls-only sleepover”

“Wai… don’t you dare explain it as “You’re a guy so I guess it can’t be helped” like that.”

“But if Dick’s not there, it’ll be a pain in the ass to prepare rice and stuff.”

“I’m not the one in charge of the kitchen, though… I understand, I’ll give it to you straight. I want Yuma’s problem to be resolved, without Yuma realizing I took part in it.”

“There’s no real reason to hide it so I refuse. Just accompany us normally.”

For some reason the conversation’s going off the rails from the start—it became something like me welcoming them to my villa.

“If you need to no matter what, then how about concealing your identity? If it’s master, then you can do something like changing your voice with magic, correct?”

“So there’s a method like that. If it’s that, then it can proceed without Yuma finding out.”

“Hey hey, why do you need to hide it? Do you know his reason, Mylarka?”

Eileen purely asked such a question, and then Mylarka looked at me and she had a face that seemed like she found something fun.

“This guy doesn’t want people to think he did a good thing. A compliment-phobia disease.”

“I thought up how to best describe master’s personality, but it’s a rather apt description.”

“But in reality, Dick gets really happy when he gets praised, you know. That part, it’s rather cute, right?”

“When master does cute things sometimes, I feel like I want to spoil him… it’s nice.”

“Spoiling him… what in the world did you do? I don’t know how to feel about you spoiling this kind of man.”

Without being able to join in on the three’s conversation, while feeling like I was sitting on a bed of needles, I ran away from reality using liquor. Even though I didn’t plan on getting drunk, but if the liquor doesn’t kick in anytime soon I’ll feel troubled.

A few days later, after Yuma agreed on taking a break, I had Mylarka and Eileen invite her out.

Speaking of, since the morning of the day Yuma’s group was going to stay over, I entered the mansion along with a guild member, and prepared to welcome the guests—but from that moment, I realized the irregularity of this mansion.

It’s been a while since the owner left, but there wasn’t a single speck of dust, the cleaning was very thorough. There were no food ingredients as expected, so I asked the guild member to bring some in, the kitchenware were also in ready-to-use condition.

I had a thought where the ghosts were actually the mansion’s housekeepers, but I had no decisive evidence. I’ve made sure to check if there was somebody cleaning the place or not, so it left nothing but a strange feeling—if an expert like Yuma came, she would be able to clearly identify the ghosts’ actions.

And so it rolled over to the evening, Mylarka and Eileen brought Yuma along and arrived at the mansion.

I dressed like a butler who was managing the villa, I waited while wearing a uniform that I wasn’t used to. And then, in front of the mansion’s front door, I welcomed the three of them.

“…What the hell is that mask? Are you messing with us?”

“No, I cannot show you my face due to certain reasons. Lady Mylarka, Please come in without feeling reserved.”

The method I chose in order to hide my face, I wore a mask that hid the area around my eyes. Among the nobles, putting a mask on a servant’s face was a type of fashion, a popular trend, so my actions shouldn’t be out of place.

“Uwa, that looks cool. Di… wait no, mister butler. Please take care of us for today, kay? Did you prepare some delicious booze?”

“Yes, I have prepared the liquor; I have also prepared drinks which those who don’t drink can also enjoy.”

“That’s a relief; I need to obey the teachings, so I can’t consume except when used as seasoning in dishes.”

Yuma wasn’t in her bishop uniform, but she was in her everyday clothes, Mylarka and Eileen were the same. During our demon lord subjugation travels, she didn’t take off her priestess clothes except when sleeping, so it’s a breath of fresh air.

And so because of the mask’s effect, I produced a voice that sounded like I was a butler who was 10 years older. At the start I worried whether Yuma found out or not, but—

“You’re the one responsible for managing this place, right? Please take care of us for today.”

“Yes, I am called Sebas Dian.”

“Sebas Dian-san, huh. I am referred to as Yuphiel Manafroze.”

Eileen looked like she wanted to say something, but she pretended to not know anything. I felt like Mylarka’s gaze was stabbing me, if she revealed who I was, I would have no choice but to power through with my act. As a Masked Butler.

“This reservation came from Mylarka-sama, I thank you kindly.”

“Yeah, Please take care of us for today, okay? Yuma, he’s a specialist in taking care of other’s needs, so you can ask him for whatever you want.”

“Eh, is it really alright? Well then, guess I’m gonna ask him to massage my shoulders and feet.”

Eileen probably said that with no hidden intentions, but even if I was a Masked Butler now, my inside was still just a regular guy. Touching her body, even though a butler was just giving her a service, as expected you would usually hesitate—though not doing that was definitely one of her characteristics.

“…If Eileen-san wants to, maybe I’ll join in. If you really are such a superior butler, you won’t touch me anywhere weird, right?”

“Yes, I would never do anything that will inconvenience you young ladies. I swear on the name of the God of Albein.”

“So you knew that I’m someone from the Albein church. God will always watch over Their subjects kindly.”

Yuma put her hands on her chest. That was something she did whenever she prayed.

This simple praying gesture, it had the effect of cleansing malice. I felt the air around me change, it felt somewhat lighter. As expected, there was something here.

“…The presence of a soul being appeased… dregs of a ghost… I can feel it just a tiny bit, but… no…”

“Yuma, what’s wrong?”

“No, Nothing. It’s a pretty common thing, but I just felt that this mansion only had good spirits. Souls like this, they are fine even if they aren’t returned to heaven.”

—As expected, even though I didn’t feel anything.

Just now, Yuma definitely muttered [Dregs of a ghost]. It meant that good souls weren’t the only ones here, there was still something else.

“Now then, for now please let me guide you to your rooms. Until dinner preparations are done, please relax and take it easy.”

I politely bowed, and opened the doors to the mansion. At the surprising vastness of the entrance hall, they raised voices of astonishment.

“Waaa, what a big mansion… if it’s this big it just makes you wanna raise a big voice as well, don’cha think?”

“I understand where you’re coming from. Even compared to my house, it’s about a size bigger.”

“But I like attics, can I borrow one?”

Yuma liked places where spirits could live in easily, like attics and basements. I’ve investigated beforehand and found nothing, but if it’s Yuma then she might find something.

“There exists a room in the attic, but for today, I have prepared the same room for the three of you.”

“Is that so… then, can I look around this mansion later?”

“Yes, please do take a look wherever you please. There is also a room with a great art piece.”

Inside a room on the second floor, there were two works of art decorating it. though it is more fitting to call it being left behind, since the previous master was in such a panic.

“Yuma, it seems you’ve started feeling better ever since you entered this mansion, but don’t push yourself, alright?”

“Yes. Thanks for worrying about me, Mylarka-san.”

“Hey, first let’s just get Sebas-san to “Welcome” us. It’s our first break in a while. Oh yeah, you girls wanna go in the bath together later?”

“Er… I-I am… compared to everyone here, um…”

“There’s nothing to be conscious about, Yuma is still only 14 years old after all. Even when I was still 14 years old…”

The Mylarka from two years ago was certainly still in her growth period, comparing her to the current Yuma, they are about the same. But every individual’s growth spurt is different, so it was fine even if they didn’t worry about it too much in my opinion.

“…I completely forgot that you were here. Sebas, Pretend you didn’t hear anything just now.”

“Please don’t mind me, young ladies.”

“Yuma-chan, Don’t worry over something like that and join us. Let’s relax together for the first time in a while, okay?”

“O-Okay… I’ll take you up on the offer, then.”

I guided the three of them to the guest room on the second floor, then excused myself to prepare dinner—was how it was supposed to go.

“Sebas, where are you going? Have you already forgotten what Eileen told you to do?”

“erk… N-No, I have not forgotten it. Please forgive me for my discourtesy.”

The guest room had a separate bedroom and lounge, tables and chairs were placed in the lounge. I brewed some tea using Mylarka and Eileen’s favorite [Ripple Reef’s Leaf]. For Yuma who was banned from indulging in luxury items, I served [Sacred Pear with Spring Water Mix], the same drink I served to her parents.

“Now then… Sebas-san, can you please?”

After Eileen spun her arm to loosen its muscles, and bared her shoulders without moving from her seat. She’s trying to tell me to start from here, it seemed.

Even while on the way to subjugating the demon lord, when the girls accumulated a lot of fatigue, there were times I used healing magic while giving them a Shiatsu3. While remembering that, I put my hands on both of her shoulders and applied pressure on it.


“…Eileen, your voice is leaking out, you know.”

“Eh? Ack, R-Really… It’s because Di… Sebas-san’s… hngh…”

I didn’t want her suddenly blurting out “Dick”, so I’ll put my body and soul into it and let her taste a period of soothing comfort, there was no other way but to make her sleep soundly until dinner time.

“Dear customer, I am very sorry, but lying down face-down will make the treatment easier…”

“…Y-Yeah, I understand. Let me put down my drink, and then you can do it in order.”

“W-Well… Sebas is a butler, so he won’t do anything weird…”

“Yes, I will not do something like that. I swear on the name of God of Albein.”

“I really won’t do anything”, While trying to say that, I invited the Kingdom’s Strongest Martial Artist in the bedroom.

“…I, I am… one who serves God, so letting a male touch me is, well, not allowed… Except for the one who I’ve decided to give my heart to…”

“Yuma-chan, that’s fine. After all, Sebas san is actually…”

“Eileen, it’s fine so just go first. You’re clogging Sebas’s job.”

“Then I would like to go prepare food for dinner”, was what I wanted to say, but I held myself back, I moved to the bedroom, and moved in front of Eileen who was lying face-down, and I made up my mind.

If spirits of the dead were to come out during the night, there was nothing wrong with letting her rest her body for now. In order to pull the three of them in to the world of dreams, I became a vegetable, and for a short while, transformed into a treatment master.

4 – Soothing Treatment and the Young Girl in the Attic

Eileen and Mylarka fell into a deep slumber during the treatment. Yuma, who was last, was still being nervous, but she’s probably tired, so I had her let me do the treatment on her.

Without touching Yuma’s body while she sat on the bed, I held my hand forward and casted healing magic. As expected, compared to Eileen and Mylarka, Yuma who was extremely busy had the most fatigue built up. I got motivated to do the treatment, while thinking about how hard she worked despite having such a small frame. I needed to be careful to not touch her no matter what, though.

“…It feels incredibly good. Sebas-san, you’re capable of using healing magic, huh.”

“The necessary skills in order to welcome customers, I have more or less mastered them.”

If it was Yuma who has received my healing magic before, It wouldn’t be strange for her to notice it. But luckily, it didn’t seem like she noticed it.

“My treasured friend… no, comrade-in-arms, there was one who could use healing magic.”

“…Is that correct.”

“Yeah. They always, acted very coldly, but in reality, he thought about everyone around him the most. Even though I’m a priest I can’t use any healing magic, even so, they didn’t get angry, and always healed us with magic. I kept watching them and just like this, I wanted to become someone who could heal other people.”

The one Yuma’s talking about, it was probably me.

I didn’t know she thought about me like that, I’m happy that she was being honest, but all I can do right now, was simply being Sebas the Butler, and reply to Yuma.

“That person, they surely respect Yuma-sama. Because as a Priest, you put other people’s hearts at ease, it is a splendid job.”

“I-Is that so… I’m still inexperienced, so I haven’t really…”

“For Yuma-sama who is trying her best, I would also like to support you if you would allow it. Not just me, but everyone else, there are those who think so as well, no?… well then, the treatment is over.”

“Ah… O-Okay. My body got incredibly lighter, thank you so much…”

Yuma stood up, and said thanks whilst lowering her head.

The moment she thanked me, her shoulder-length hair swayed, Yuma pressed her hair down while acting bashful. That innocent behavior, the young girl from a long time ago didn’t change much.

“Then, I will begin preparations for dinner.”

“Thank you. I plan to relax until the two wake up.”

“Yes, Please enjoy yourself. Now then, please excuse me.”

While I was leaving the room while saying that, I heard someone’s footsteps at the end of the hallway.

There should be no-one here, except for me and those three. Even then, I was sure I heard it.

I headed towards the direction of the sound. Inside one of the twelve rooms on the second floor, Mylarka’s and the others’ room was on the east side.

On the west side, it should just be full of rooms that nobody used. Even after opening the doors there was nobody in the room, I also checked the room with the art pieces, but there was nobody there.

The only one left that I could think of—the attic room.

The stairs leading up to the attic room, it was on the west side of the mansion.

I’ve finished the investigation of the attic and the basement—however, night is approaching, maybe something changed.

A mansion haunted with ghosts. While I was personally experiencing the reason it’s called that, while feeling slightly nervous, I ascended the stairs that led to the attic room.

And then I opened the door, and entered the attic room—the evening light was seeping through the windows and illuminated a part of the room.

—While facing their back towards the setting sun, somebody stood there.

“…Who are you? How in the world did you enter this room?”

That person, they were walking over here. A young woman wearing a black dress—she was probably a noble.”

“…I believe this is the first time we’ve met. I am a relative of the former owner of this mansion.”

She held the hem of her skirt with her hands and bowed, a noble’s greeting. It seems like my prediction was correct.

This mansion’s former owner. Why was she in the attic? While I was searching this mansion with a guild member, where was she?

There were a mountain of things I wanted to ask, but more importantly, above all else.

It was as if she came out from a painting, the young woman’s otherworldly beauty, it snatched away my awareness.

5 – The Previous Owner and the Saint’s Revival

The young woman with braided smooth silver hair, even within the setting sun, it was noticeable, she looked at me with her different-colored left and right eyes. Blue and Gold—Golden eyes, they were supposed to only be possessed by demons.

“One of the former owner’s relatives… how many years ago are we talking about here?”

“About ten years ago. The Duke of Stollen, have you heard of them?”

The three duke houses that stood at the top within Albein Kingdom, Winsburg, Orleans, and lastly, Stollen. Of course I knew that name.

On the certificate when I bought this mansion, there were only names for the previous two owners. There was no obligation from the kingdom to trace further back than that.

“I’m the one who bought this mansion when it was put on the market. I’m called Dick Silver… but for a certain reason, I named myself Sebas to the customers who came here.”

“Yes, I’ve understood the situation. Everything that occurs within this mansion, I’m completely aware of it. It’s an authority granted to me by the previous owner of this mansion, so please forgive me. I have no intention to abuse it.”

As long as it’s within the mansion, she was aware of everything that happens. There existed magic which lets you collect information within a limited area, so it wasn’t anything strange.

If the area of effect was this whole mansion, then they might’ve plastered runes all over the place, or maybe the mansion’s whole property was within a gigantic magic circle, those were the possibilities I could think of.

“Why did the Stollen Family let go of this mansion? And you, why are you alone here?”

“I am Beatrice Stollen… One who bears the name Stollen. Anything more than that, is something I cannot say.”

“Is there a reason why? My previous questions weren’t answered, but people from the Stollen Family, are they able to go in and out from this mansion as they please?”

“No… I [Did not go in and out of this mansion at all].”

“…That’s impossible. At noon, we searched every nook and cranny within this mansion. Or maybe, there was a hiding place somewhere else?”

“I’ve been here all this time. Not only here, I’m present everywhere within this mansion.”

—Suddenly, I felt a chill run down my spine.

Not sneaking in from anywhere, being everywhere in this mansion, being aware of everything that went down within the mansion. The meaning of that nonsensical statement, if I were to surmise from that alone… she is—

“I need to watch this mansion… even if my relatives have left me, I won’t abandon my responsibility.”


Before I asked about it, I realized.

Beatrice’s condition, she was faintly transparent—at that moment, I finally realized that she was not a normal human.

“So you’re the spirit that made an appearance here… am I right?”

“…Yes. You came here with a priest with the power to cleanse impurity, correct?”

“She, she said she won’t purify harmless spirits. Beatrice… even if she did find you, she won’t immediately purify you, you know.”

“…The power she holds, I can feel she’s holding it back. If she liberated me, and even if the road to heaven appears in front of me, I cannot conform to it. I cannot let myself vanish yet.”

“If there are some circumstances, do you mind telling me about them? So the rumor that there were ghosts appearing in this mansion was true. I feel like you’re a bit different, though…”

Beatrice’s form was slowly fading. It seemed like she couldn’t sustain it as much as she likes.

“I just want to protect this mansion, so that my family can come back any time.”

After she finished those words, Beatrice became invisible.

The reason why the mansion was so thoroughly cleaned has been revealed. Beatrice did maintenance on this place so that her family could come back any time. Even so, I wondered if the Stollen Family who left this place would really come back.

I needed to meet Beatrice one more time. I needed to explain the situation to Mylarka and Eileen, and ask the expert Yuma on what to do.

It became time for dinner; Yuma woke up Mylarka and Eileen and brought them over.

Outside, the sun had already sunk; the inside of the room was illuminated using magic. At the end of a dining table big enough to fit ten people, Mylarka and Yuma sat next to each other, Eileen sat on the opposite side.

“Yuma-chan, you said there was a harmless spirit here, right? About that, can you still sense it now?”

“Yeah, even now it’s looking at us.”

“Always looking at us, I can’t really call it a nice feeling… is there nothing we can do?”

I told Mylarka about my meeting with Beatrice, but even after understanding the situation it didn’t seem to calm her down. Eileen didn’t have a care in the world, she put wine sauce on her roasted sheep, and brought it to her mouth deliciously.

“nom… hnnn! Delicious. I’m refreshed after receiving that Seitai too, eating delicious food, drinking booze, all that’s left is to get in the bath~”

“…I wonder if it’s fine. We’re most vulnerable during a bath… If we’re caught by surprise, I might cast magic reflexively.”

“If we’re together then it’s fine, I’ll make sure to keep watch. Cause usually when I’m washing my hair, I always feel like there’s something behind me, after all~”

“H-Hey… stop scaring me. There’s absolutely nothing there.”

Even though there was no reason to be wary right now, Mylarka peeked behind her. And only after confirming that it was safe, she brought the vegetable soup to her mouth using a spoon. She seemed like she was dieting, she ate small bits of meat and bread, and drank the liquor that Eileen mixed bit-by-bit.

“Dear customers, this mansion has a bit of “History”, so please be careful if you plan to leave your room during the night.”

“Urk… Please don’t say that at a time like this. If it’s on purpose then you sure are fearless, I’ll praise that.”

“Mylarka, Your hand that’s holding the spoon is trembling, though… eh? Don’t tell me, you’re actually scared?”

“I-I didn’t say I was scared, though? As long as Yuma’s here then no matter what comes out it’ll be fine.”

Mylarka brought up Yuma in the conversation, but Yuma didn’t really respond. While holding a glass filled with water with both of her hands, she slightly moved her lips.

“…I want to put them to rest… but they’re harmless… I don’t feel any malice, so putting them to rest is… not allowed… want… I want to put them to rest…”

“Eh… Yuma-chan, you wanna do something illegal? Is it something that you need Dick’s help with?”

“…Yes? I, did I say something?”

She completely had her eyes on something not allowed, but it seemed like Yuma didn’t realize it at all.

“This is serious… If we don’t do something quick, Yuma’s heart won’t be able to bear with it.”

“Eh… H-Heart? Did something happen to my heart?”

“Hmmm well, I think it’s been crazily piled up. If there’s this much built up, you usually get pissed off at everything. Yuma-chan’s the type to keep holding it in, so you need to let it out in one go.”

“Y-Yes… So I piled something up? What should I do?”

“The answer’s obvious. That Sebas over there, don’t think about anything else and just purify him and ascend him back to heaven.”

“D-Dear lady… did I do something impolite? Something that makes you want to return me to the land of the gods…?”

“N-No, the one I want to ascend to the heavens is… N-No, never mind…”

“As expected Yuma wants to ascend my soul—well, not as Sebas, but as Dick—back to the heavens, but no matter how you slice it, it’s not a respectable deed. If the thought ever crossed her mind that meant her heart is impure, I suppose.

“Yuma’s ascension feels really good, right? It seemed like it when you were ascending all those undead, after all.”

“There you go saying weird things again. Are you saying that you understand how the undead feel, Eileen?”

“No, There is nothing strange about that. It’s just as Eileen-san says.”


Yuma’s eyes seemed to be entranced again—just like when she approached me. To the current Yuma, it appeared topics about putting souls to rest stimulated her too much.

“Saving a soul meant releasing it from its attachments to the current world. So the feeling at that moment, based on our doctrine, it is expressed as [Exultation4]. To the priest who put them to rest as well, they can relish that moment. But the moment when you can feel the largest exultation is the moment when you guide a soul that resonates with yours. The only one whom my soul resonated with was…”

“Yu-Yuma… Calm down, I understand already, for now take a deep breath.”

“Huff… E-Eh? Mylarka-san, what in the world did I…”

“Even I realized that… Yuma-chan, you’re almost at your breaking point, aren’t you.”

“B-Breaking point… is that so? Sebas-san, am I almost at my breaking point?”

“A-Absolutely not. You have just preached an amazing lesson, Thank you so much.”

She did say if she ascended me it’ll feel like exultation, but what kind of feeling is exultation anyway? Based on Yuma’s current condition, I felt like it’s something that’s not good to teach other people about.

The dinnertime filled with troubles finally ended, after I finished cleaning up the dinner, I gazed at the courtyard from the mansion’s hallway on the first floor.

The sun had completely sunk, but outside there were pillars with magic, which lit up the darkness and maintained visibility outside. Still, there wasn’t the slightest hint of a ghost appearing.

Right now, the three girls were taking a bath. There was a bathroom on the mansion’s east side, I was currently on a slightly separated spot away from it, but I’ve prepared myself in case anything happens so I could instantly rush to the bathroom.

The noble who bought this mansion, they definitely left this mansion quickly.

If I explained Beatrice’s reason—while I kept thinking about that, I moved my gaze to the garden, which was supposed to have nothing there.

“…So you’ve made an appearance…!”

Even though there was no presence to speak of, there were several human silhouettes visible—those are spirits.

Even though they had the form of a human, their form was slightly transparently invisible, Ghosts. And like a black mist, with no set form, Ghasts. On top of that, the one that Mylarka couldn’t handle, Wraiths—as for their numbers, looking at them like this seemed like they were slightly increasing.



A shrill scream sounded. The sound seemed to be coming from the bathroom—it couldn’t be helped because it was an emergency, so I stepped inside the bathroom.

“Ladies, What happened… ooh?!”

“W-While washing my body, something suddenly came from the bot-…”

Mylarka jumped out while being bare-naked. To think it would be exactly while they were washing their bodies, she had bubbles of soap all over her body—thanks to that, her important parts were just barely hidden.

“Hyaa! Hoi! You, don’t get carried away just ‘cause I can’t hit you…!”

Within the bathroom, covered by the steam, Eileen unleashed kicks one after another at the ghosts. But just as she stated, even if she [Demonified], without a magic weapon, she wouldn’t be able to land a clean hit on the undead, Eileen’s attacks cut the air with no resistance.

Looking at her who only had a single towel wrapped on her waist, of course her upper half was visible as well—but as a pro I froze my heart, and switched my sights to Yuma who could break this deadlock.

However, she was just sitting on the floor, without doing anything—it’s been a while, so I thought she’d immediately want to put the souls

To rest, but I guess not.

“Ladies, It’s dangerous here! Please immediately escape, and prepare your…”

“…Wait, Sebas-san! If it’s Yuma-chan, she will definitely do it!”

“That’s true… Yuma, we need your help! At times like this, if it’s the usual you, then you would help us…! Stand up, Yuma!’

Eileen and Mylarka shouted. But Yuma was just sitting absentmindedly, while the ghosts drew closer to her—.

If they were actually about to touch her, I’ll be blowing away those ghosts instead of Yuma.

It was right after I decided to do that. The ghosts that were approaching Yuma, they were purified and disappeared.

The light which was covering her body, it was the light of purification. In fact, regardless of how skilled the priest was, they needed to chant a spell in order to purify the undead—however, Yuma was different.

[Silent Priest]. The reason she was called that—Because Yuma didn’t need to chant.

And also, the purification power was off the charts. Even in a cave full of undead, she alone could completely purify the whole place.

And it was for this reason, she attained an adventurer’s strength score of 101,180. Purifying undead, the young girl with the score of an SSS-rank with that one ability—that was, the true Yuphiel Manafroze

“Now, Let me appease you all… in God’s promised land, everyone is returned to how they once were. Just like a pure newborn baby.”

Yuma was simply putting her hands together in a prayer. But her limitless purification power, it indiscriminately showered every, each and every obstacle in its way, it expanded everywhere.

“H-How far is she going to purify… Lady Yuphiel, touching your body is…!”

As I asked using my butler-tone, Yuma smiled sweetly, and then she answered.

“…It’s exactly as what Eileen-san said. Putting souls to rest, It’s a really amazing feeling. I’ve forgotten about it for the longest time… I wonder why did I hold it in for so long. It’s something that I need in order to live… something incredibly, incredibly important…aah… even so, the one who I really want to appease is…”

—at that moment, I was touched by Yuma’s purification power. Eileen and Mylarka might have experienced the same fate as well.

Her power, Repelling the undead, returning them to the heavens, that wasn’t it’s only use. Even the soul of living beings, she could appease them. It was as if Yuma’s hand was giving your soul a head pat.

It wasn’t actually scary, It was simply a comfortable feeling. It was exactly as Yuma said, both the one on the receiving end and the giving end, they both feel the same sensation.

By the moment I came back to myself, the form of the ghosts that came from outside was nowhere to be found, her skin was blush-red, but without seeming tired, actually, her vigor got restored all at once, she was behaving energetically.

“Now… About Beatrice-san’s soul, I will have you explain it to appease it starting now. Sebas-san, Let’s head to the attic room, she is waiting over there.”

Although Yuma was saying that, I couldn’t look at her direction.

The saint who was suddenly revived, saying it like this may be inelegant. Even then, to her stark naked appearance, until the moment she noticed it as well, I swore to avert my gaze from her for a while.

6 – The Butler’s Conflict and Summoning Magic

Due to Yuma’s prayers, the ghosts were purified, and we headed out towards the quiet hallway. Even looking through the windows, there was not a single ghost to be found anywhere.

Thus, in order to be able to put a certain soul to rest, even while purifying the whole area, Yuma didn’t seem like she was going to just force Beatrice back to the heavens just like that, though.

“I have been waiting for you, Sebas-san.”

“Y-Yes. To be honest, this is the mansion’s problem, so I alone should be the one to…”

The three girls came out after putting on their clothes. All their faces were somewhat reddish, but as a true gentleman, I should just pretend I didn’t notice that.

“No need to be so modest, since we also want to see a ghost-person.”

“I wouldn’t be so agitated by mere ghosts, if only they didn’t take me by surprise like that. Now then, lead the way.”

It seemed like Mylarka took back her cool, but she’s still covering her chest. Compared to the other two, she was wearing more adult-like sleepwear, she had a gown on top of a negligee. I see, if she removed her hand in her current state, the thin fabric would make her figure clearly stand out.

“By the way Mylarka, did you prepare that negligee just for today?”

“T-This is what I normally wear. For what reason would I prepare something brand-new just for staying outside somewhere within the capital?”

“It has the air for an adult woman, it’s lovely… Meanwhile, I look just like a child.”

Yuma’s pajamas were a simple set of a short-sleeved shirt, and short pants. But exactly because of that, her growth over the past five years was visible. While she was wearing her priestess clothes, her body seemed slender under her clothes.

“Well then, Ladies, I shall guide you to the attic room,”

Yuma and Eileen started walking first, and took the stairs up to the second floor. Mylarka walked beside me, and started talking to me with a voice small enough so the other two won’t hear her.

“Yuma was focusing on putting the souls to rest, so it seems like she isn’t aware of it, but it doesn’t change the fact that you saw her naked, you know.”

“Kgh… Instead of Yuma thinking Sebas was the one who saw her, it might be better if I revealed my true… nah, she’ll probably still be shocked regardless of who saw her.”

Looking at me who was seriously worrying over it, Mylarka let out a “haah” sigh while looking displeased, and she hit my shoulder with a slap.

“If I were to say it, I’ll be meddling, so I won’t say anything. But well, go ahead and worry as much as possible. About something you don’t even need to think hard about.”

“W-What do you mean… or rather, I saw you too, does that mean I get to run scot-free?”

“I’ll annihilate that from your memory… is what I want to say, but I’ll overlook it just this once. Since the reason Yuma became healthy again, it is because you brought her here after all.”

Mylarka said that, and then she walked past me. I don’t plan to say that this was because of all the good deeds I’ve accumulated up to this day, but I guess like Mylarka let me off the hook this time because Yuma’s back to health.

The three of them caught up, and with the Master Key that I was holding, I opened the door to the attic room, and there was, exactly as Yuma said, Beatrice.

“Beatrice-sama, these people are Eileen-sama, Mylarka-sama, and lastly Yuma-sama.”

“Thank you for the introduction, Sebas-san. About our conversation about the situation being interrupted, I humbly apologize.”

Without doubting my butler-tone, she politely replied. It didn’t seem like she was being wary of us.

“Uwaaa… She’s a beauty alright. Guess “otherworldly” would fit someone like this, huh.”

“You… looking at the color of those eyes, I suppose you’re a demon. Don’t tell me, you’re the one who summoned those ghosts?”

The problem that I meant to ask, Mylarka said it in my place. But it was a question one step further than the one I had in mind.

“…It appears Sebas-san has already explained the matters regarding myself. I am called Beatrice Stollen.”

“The family name of the House of the Duke of Stollen… well then, what’s the meaning of that eye? Are you trying to say the Stollen family had ties with a demon?”

“Having ties… That is not true. Stollen sama was conducting research on a certain magic here.”

“Magic… That, could it possibly be, Summoning Magic?”

Research on it was still underway, but a human summoning a demon using magic, and enslaving them, such magic also existed. Its success rate is low, but depending on the situation, it seemed like you could summon a high-ranking demon.

“That is correct. I was summoned by the Summoning magic that Stollen-sama used, and was summoned as a warrior. I am of the [Wraith Queen] race.”

“A Wraith… You are? Umm, are you a monster that surprises people by coming out from the ground…?”

“If that’s the case, wouldn’t she disappear because of Yuma’s purification from a bit ago…?”

“Based on the contract made when I was summoned, I am bound to welcome the Stollen family’s relatives. Ever since then, I have never held any ill intent toward humans… I suppose that is the reason why Yuma-san let me go. Because a small while ago, my soul was also touched by Yuma-san’s power.”

A [Wraith Queen], they looked like a completely different race compared to the lower-ranked wraiths.

An undead that possessed feelings, and also able to have a conversation. For an existence like that to exist, I need to be careful. Magic was still not completely researched, and there were also some races that are still unknown to me.

“With this, I know the reason why ghosts gather in this mansion. A [Wraith Queen] is a female Wraith, that was why the ghosts gathered here.”

“…So, That’s why he, Duke Stollen, left Beatrice here and evacuated, huh. Summoning her and forging a contract with her, he certainly did some selfish things.”

“Even so, a contract is a contract. I was told to protect this mansion… Which is why I cannot let myself disappear. If you want me to go away no matter what, a fight is…”

Beatrice’s body was covered in bluish-white mana.

It seemed like she could use magic—Even though her body faded and vanished just this evening, for her wanting to try to use magic was…

“I believe undead share their life force and mana… if you use magic in your current state, you will disappear, you know.”

“Even so, I need to protect this mansion. Even if I were to disappear…”

At this rate, it’ll end with Beatrice getting purified. If that happens, the ghosts will stop gathering in this mansion. “But is it really fine?” I had a thought like that.

Not letting Beatrice die, and a method to finish this without needing to go into combat with her. While thinking that, I came up with a single idea that was worth a try.
“Beatrice-sama, I have a proposal… Beatrice-sama, you are a demon-race, correct?”

“Yes, I am of a rare race, why?”

“The one who governs the demon-race should be the demon lord. Compared to a contract with a human, won’t the demon lord’s influence win out…?”

“Unless the demon lord comes here in person, I don’t believe my contract could possibly be overwritten. They, according to the oath they made to the Demon Lord Subjugation Team, they are not allowed to leave their own land, I believe… and so, it is impossible to release my contract.”

—Which means, basically.

If only the demon lord was able to come here, they would be able to annul the contract made during a summoning, and it would be possible for Beatrice to be under the demon lord’s rule instead.

Mylarka, who realized what I was thinking, explained in my place.

“It’s a bit late to introduce myself again, but the three of us are a part of the Demon Lord Subjugation Team, you know. That’s why, Beatrice… in order to set you free, as long as we do it absolutely secretly, we can bring the demon lord here.”

“You three are, of the Demon Lord Subjugation Team… are you girls [Sweet Disaster], [Silent Priest], and [Bewitching Demonic Goddess]?”

“Ahaha… as I thought, that name’s pretty well-known, ain’t it…”

Eileen seemed to be embarrassed with her title and her face reddened into a blush. Everyone who saw her fighting style called her [Bewitching], but it seemed like being called bewitching was a bit much for her.

I will be preparing some accommodations in order to visit this mansion as Dick, so there was a chance that Beatrice might realize it—but in the early periods of the day, the chances for undead appearing were lower, so there was a chance she might not pay attention to me as Dick.

“As long as we get Yuma to put a barrier, we’d be able to suppress your power to gather ghosts. If we do that, even if the owner of this mansion were to change you’d be able to coexist, I believe… since i believe Sebas would also agree with that.”

“It is exactly as Lady Mylarka says. If you would give me the honor, from now on, I would like to welcome guests in this mansion

Beatrice didn’t give a reply, she appeared shocked.

While she didn’t say anything, tears fell from her eyes.
Abiding by the contract, she continued to wait for people from the Stollen Family who have yet to come. As for how much loneliness did she taste during all those long months and years, I could only imagine.

“…Really… for the me who only caused trouble to the humans, you will let me continue to live without purifying me?”

Yuma stepped forward to face Beatrice, Yuma, without saying anything, had the power of purification wrapped all around her body—but even while that Yuma approached her, Beatrice didn’t seem to be getting purified.

“How long you purely waited and prayed for the arrival of your master, I understood it very well. It’s not the time for your soul to be returned to the heavens yet.”


Beatrice who tried to keep her wave of emotions back, she fell on her knees and covered her face.

Yuma also got on her knees, and she hugged her from the front.

A Bishop was comforting a Wraith Queen. Looking at that hard-to-get scene, I felt glad bringing Yuma here.

Beatrice cried for some time, but after a while she calmed down, and stood up once more.

“I have shown you a shameful sight. Even though I have never cried in front of other people before…”

“It seems if you cry, your mana decreases… Beatrice-chan, you okay?”

“I am aware that I am in no position to ask this of you, but may you let me replenish my life force? Because at this rate if the next morning comes, I might disappear.”

Mylarka absolutely hated having her life force absorbed by a wraith. Eileen also said that it was crazy cold, and if she takes some from Yuma, she will definitely, without even the slightest bit of resistance, be purified.

I was the only option left—wait no, there was still Eileen. However, she faced my way and gave me a thumbs up.

“Sebas-san looks like he’s got a ton of mana, so it should be fine even if it gets absorbed a bit, right?”

“I thought I should provide her with mana, seeing as we are both girls… but sorry, I hate getting the chills.”

“I am grateful for your concern. If Sebas-san is fine with it, may I receive a share of your mana…?”

Even if she’s telling me she wants to absorb my mana, it was simply just touching hands, right? If it’s just that, then there was no problem. Even if she took some, it’ll be restored within a day, so it didn’t really matter.

“Certainly, if you are fine with my magic power, feel free to take as much as you desire.”

“…Then, let us do that later. Let me prepare for a little while, I will call you after I finish preparing.”

Beatrice’s form disappeared without warning. I guess absorbing someone’s life force required some preparations.

“With this, we’ve hit a stopping point… I can finally get some rest.”

“Mylarka, Yuma-chan, wanna just do the talks in our room? Since Yuma-chan’s also back to health.”
“Yes, certainly. Sebas-san, about Beatrice-san, please treat her with care.”

I removed my mask for the first time in a while, and after taking a bath, I relaxed in my room.

The long day was finally going to end. All that’s left was to supply Beatrice with some mana.

She said she’ll come after doing some preparations, but I wonder what is she preparing? While thinking that, after I drank some grape wine to relieve my thirst, I laid face up on the bed.

I stood up after staying like that for a while, I sensed someone’s presence inside the room.

The door didn’t open, so Beatrice probably went through the walls, and so I brought my body up.

And then I saw the thing that was in front of me, and my thought process came to a complete stop. Being illuminated by the light from the lantern, the one who was hugging their own body while standing and being embarrassed, it was Beatrice.

However, she didn’t wear a black dress. Her headdress was still there, but with fabric that was thinner than the one Mylarka wore, she was using a negligee that seemed transparent.

“B-Beatrice-sama… what happened to your clothes? If you don’t wear something over them…urk.”

I said that while getting up, but Beatrice only narrowed her blue and golden eyes and smiled.

I thought she could move by floating on the air, but she walked step by step towards me. And then, she moved her hands that covered her chest—within the lantern’s light, through the way-too-thin fabric, she blushed no different than how a human would.

“It is my first time absorbing life force from a man, but… Sebas-san… no, it will be my first time receiving life force from a Guild Master-sama, so as a Wraith Queen, I thought I might as well completely devote myself to the procedures.”

She knew of my true identity. If that’s the case, there was no reason for me to continue pretending as a butler—I prepared myself for the worst, and hung up my facade.

“So you already saw me ever since I started preparing, huh… even though you knew, you still went with the flow?”

With my change of tone, Beatrice smiled while her face reddened. Even though she should be an undead, looking at her behavior that was reminiscent of a young woman, it seemed like the demons are a profoundly mysterious race.

“’I don’t want the girls to find out my true identity’, was what I guessed. Rather, you don’t want to be found out by Yuma-san, correct? Because the other two, they already knew about Guild Master-sama.”

“…My name is Dick. To be honest, I run the guild called [Silver Mug]. About Yuma… she was in poor health, so I wanted to do something about it without letting her notice.”

“I believe she will find out one day. Yuma-san will definitely be happy because of your actions.”

“Even though I didn’t mean to do that… but, I guess you’re right. I plan to use this place as a recreation facility. So I’ll probably bring Yuma here again some other time, it’ll be too much of a pain to become a masked butler again, so I’ll have to reveal my true identity either way.”

“For today to be the only day for you to be a masked butler, it is such a waste in my opinion. It really suits you, you know.”

While Beatrice said that, she picked up the mask that was left on the chest beside the bed. And then, she put it on her face and showed it to me—all her gestures seemed to be very effective in leading a male astray.

And after Beatrice took off the mask, she seemed to have steeled her resolve, and walked towards me. And then, she held her right hand out towards me.

“Even so… Your face without the mask, it is a face that I want to look at forever.”

“I don’t think it’s something that great, though. One of my party members, his face is extraordinarily handsome, you know.”

“There’s something called “To each their own.” I like it, you know, Dick-san’s face.”

“I wondered how were you gonna absorb my life force, but… don’t tell me it’s something like how the succubi do things. It’s not, right?”

Beatrice didn’t say anything back. She stretched her hands towards the chest area of my pajamas, and undid a button.

“…I still don’t have the answer to my question.”

“For today, I will only touch you. It will definitely not hurt… however, absorbing it only through the hands take a long time, so…”

“E-Even if that’s the truth, even if you increase the surface area of the point of contact, with that bold of a… was it really fine?”

How she was going to absorb the life force out of me, even the dense me could arrive at a conclusion.

Beatrice undid another two of my buttons, and this time she touched the ribbon on her chest that held her negligee together. She pulled that, and it may have come to the point where I could see her naked body.

“Inside a mansion where nothing but ghosts visited, spending the night alone is too lonely, even for a Wraith Queen. That situation continued for another decade, so just a little bit…”

“…I see. If it’s like that then it can’t be helped.”

At that moment, I had a misunderstanding that I myself thought was stupid.

A Wraith Queen had no actual body, so they couldn’t be touched. So even if we slept together as she desired, there was no need to overthink this as a man and a woman sleeping together.

With a smooth motion, Beatrice undid her ribbon. And so the negligee opened, and it became a decoration that just stuck onto her body, it barely covered her bare-naked body.

“…All night long, I will have you give me a part of your life force slowly. It’s purely just for supplying me with life force, so there is no need for you to feel guilty towards the three in the other room.”

After explaining disinterestedly, Beatrice went even deeper, she was taking off her dress— but.

“I-It’s fine for that to stay. Take that off later.”

“…Yes. Dick-san… no, if Dick-sama wishes that to be so. Then, for starters, just a bit… If it feels uncomfortable, don’t hold it in and tell me.”

Beatrice’s hand stretched towards the nape of my neck, and so it touched. When she did that, the place where we touched had a burning sensation, Beatrice’s white skin faintly shone.

“Ugh… just now, did you take some?”

Beatrice brought the finger that touched my body to her mouth, and lick, she licked it.

“Hn… it’s sweet. But with just this much, I can’t maintain my body…”

“Is that right… then it can’t be helped. No need to hold back, just take as much as you need.”

“Yes. I have thought about having my fill until the morning comes, so no need to worry.”

“U-Until morning…? Isn’t it a bit long?”

Beatrice didn’t answer the important question. This time she slid her finger across my nape until my collar, and then she undid the rest of the buttons of my shirt.

7 – The Demon Lord’s Visit and the Re-contracting

Beatrice’s power to summon ghosts was blocked by the barrier that Yuma put up, and the fuss about the haunted mansion came to an end. Yuma and the others went back to their own houses in the morning, and after I escorted Yuma back, I returned to the guild house.

Verlane responded to my call, I told her to visit Beatrice’s mansion tomorrow during the evening, before the night ends.

Beatrice who waited in the dining room, upon seeing Verlane, bowed deeply.

“It is fine even if you do not lower your head, because I am no longer the demon lord. I have already given up my position to my little brother.”

“Verlane-sama, Abdicating…?”

“Umu. Since my rise to the throne as the queen, I’ve ruled for 30 years, huh… Beatrice’s relatives served me well. There’s no need to worry about your family, they didn’t go to war with the Demon Lord Subjugation Team, and I appointed them to command the rear guard.”

“…Including my family, the families in [Rokumakou]5 are supposed to be the shield that protects the demon lord. Why did you give them such an order…?”

Verlane went from her Elf form, back to her Dark Elf form, she disabled her Illusion magic. That dark skin and purple-colored hair, they were the reason why she looked like a succubus—If the normal elf form was the Virtuous Maid, then her current form was the Dark Maid, accurate to the letter.

“The Demon Lord Subjugation Team, ever since they arrived, so that the Rokumakou won’t face them, I did some elusive maneuvering in order to get them inside the Demon Kingdom. And then, splendidly, while the Rokumakou were absent in my castle, I challenged the subjugation team to a duel. When I did so politely, they trusted me, five humans who each had the power to put up a decent fight arrived, but to think they were all little boys and girls…”

“It’s been five years, since Dick-sama arrived at the demon lord’s place after a long struggle… I’ve heard about it from listening to the people who bought this mansion.”

“At that time I was about thirteen years old, if I remember correctly. Yuma was the youngest at nine years old.”

Even now, the oldest of the group, which was Cody and me are now eighteen years old—hearing that fact, Beatrice became speechless yet again, and Verlane seemed to be remembering about our battle, since she had an impressed look.

“Dick… no, There was no more reason to hide it, so I guess I’ll call you master. I left an important item for a demon lord in his care. In order to take it back, I’m showing him my sincerity.”

“Did that mean Verlane-sama became contracted to Dick-sama to become his servant?”

“…I want to keep it a secret, but I’ll just tell you that it’s something similar to that.”

“No, we shouldn’t have a contract, but… we didn’t, right? Something like making a written contract, I don’t remember doing that at all.”

“N-No. Dick-sama…”

“Beatrice, leaving that aside, it’s about the aftereffects of cancelling a contract with a human, but you will return under my command. In essence, you will also be under master’s command, but are you okay with that?”

Verlane advanced the conversation naturally. Trying to mislead Beatrice about a contract—that possibly meant that Verlane might have made a contract behind my back.

When and where, did such a thing happen? While thinking about it, I finally found one.

Yes, [Demon Lord’s Talisman]. It was the only item that firmly bound Verlane and me.

“…Hm? N-No, I didn’t have any intention of controlling… then, doesn’t that mean you only changed owners, while still being a servant to humans?”

“Don’t you think there’s a chance that she might say “It’s okay”? She’s a Wraith Queen who has tasted master’s mana, why do you think she would want to separate from you so easily? Saying it like this may make her want it even more, but master’s mana, it’s something that feels nice just by being near it, you know.”

“Verlane-sama, anything more than that is, um… Dick-sama’s mana which is overflowing from this body, I’ll become sensitive to it, so…”

Beatrice chose to bind a summoning contract with me.

I thought even if I wanted to scout her it would be at another opportunity, but if it’s like that then the conversation’s taken a 180 degree turn.

“Well then, let us start. If you bound a contract, then you will be able to transfer your mana when master’s mana has run out. In addition, when being summoned by master, regardless of the time or place you will have to fulfill it. Even so, are you fine with that?”

“If Dick-sama is fine with it… then I would like to bind a summoning contract…”

Beatrice’s face blushed red as she said that. I wonder if what does Verlane think about me contracting another demon—or maybe, that meant she was fine with living together.

“Verlane Elsane, borrowing the power of the ancient demons, I declare a re-contract. Annulling Beatrice’s old contract, with the new master of the contract, I bind you with Dick Silver…”


Verlane touched the base of Beatrice’s throat. After she did that, a bluish-white glittering mark emerged on her white skin. The same mark also emerged on the back of my hand. It was neither hot nor cold, there was a strange feeling that was exclusive to Summoning magic.

“With this I will engrave Beatrice’s true name anew. Beatrice Silver. Your name as Dick Silver’s servant, carve it upon thy soul.”

“…Beatrice Silver. My new name… I humbly accept it.”

The mark disappeared when the contract ritual ended. While Beatrice was rubbing the nape of her neck where the mark emerged from gently, she looked my way and seemed happy.

“With this, I became Dick-sama’s possession, huh…”

“It’s a summon and a contractor. It’s not such an imbalanced relationship.”

“fufu… I wonder. To Beatrice it might feel like she is half-alive again, but I’m also the same. Let us love and watch the master attentively together.”

“What the hell are you saying in this confusion… don’t think that I’ll easily show love to the two of you, now.”

Verlane and Beatrice happily laughed together. Overcoming the wall that was Former demon lord and servant, friendship bloomed between the two girls.

Two days after that, during the night, wearing the same overcoat as before, Yuma’s parents came. Grenadine-san gave me a [Talisman] that only a part of the Albein Church members received as my reward. With this, I’ll be able to borrow the church’s power anytime I want, and the church would give requests to my guild first.

The two of them said “We’ll leave the rest to the young ones.” And left while leaving Yuma behind. It seemed like I’m going to have to escort her back to the church district, but since I wanted to celebrate the completion of the request today, that wasn’t something to fuss over.

“Dick-san, may I sit next to you?”

Yuma who wasn’t wearing her priestess clothes, but clothes befitting that of a graceful lady from a well-off family, gave off a different impression. Even within this lively bar, being able to draw the attention of the other customers who were sitting at the counter, it was unnecessary to describe how lovely her appearance was.

“Thanks to you, I’m back to health. Father and Mother were both overjoyed, as well… I, to think I was so visibly unhealthy, I’m reflecting on it.”

“It’s not that big of a deal, though. If you don’t enjoy yourself, naturally the people around you will worry. Because Yuma is an important person to them.”

I’ve only realized it after saying that, but—even though I already disguised myself as a butler, Yuma already completely realized that I was the one who took care of her at the mansion.

“Dick-san, you were such a great butler. As expected, you sure can do anything.”

“Well I guess it’s my loss… even though I thought I disguised myself pretty well there.”

“There’s no way I wouldn’t recognize Dick-san’s soul. I kept thinking about appeasing Dick-san’s soul during the last five years, you know…?”

Even without drinking, Yuma’s eyes had a seductively warm gaze, like she was drunk. Verlane did my mana had a nice feel to it, but to think Yuma would get drunk from soul waves.

“But as expected, Yuphiel-sama’s power is extraordinary. It was your first time putting souls to rest for the first time in a while, so you even purified the whole capital…”

It was exactly as Verlane said, Yuma who released her power for the first time in a while, she purified not only the mansion’s surroundings, but the whole capital of evil spirits and miasma-types.

“The church would go out of business, so I was told to not overdo it. Since the donations the church got from purifying ghosts were essential in managing the church.”

“I see… then, that means it’s fine as long as it’s outside the capital, huh.”

“Yes. That’s why… as long as I use this, I won’t need to worry about causing trouble to the church.”

After saying that, the item that Yuma took out from the bag that she brought was… I feel like I’ve seen it before, however it’s different to the mask that I’ve used before.


“May I tell you a bit of a secret story…?”

Yuma quickly drew close to me, and said that in a soft voice. She said it in a slightly sleep-inducing kind voice, but it was also an intoxicatingly sweet voice, to the point it made you want to convert to the church even in a place like this.

“If I am found out as a priestess from the Albein-sect, I will need to receive the donations from putting souls to rest… that’s why, using this mask, I will become a masked priestess. If I do that, I will be able to put souls to rest without receiving any money.”

“…Are you serious?”

“Yes, I am serious. Going outside the capital as a masked priestess, I will be regularly helping the villagers troubled by ghosts. But if I do that, it’ll create a space in time where I won’t be able to take care of the orphanage, so I’ll need to prepare first before doing that.”

“Is that so… That is… a pretty good idea, actually. If Yuma is that eager, then I’ll support it. The others will probably help as well.”

“Waaaa… If it’s like that, then we’ll be able to go on an adventure again, with everyone. That’s wonderful…♪”

If she wanted to go on an adventure with us that much, that must mean she’s bored of her unchanging daily life.

Boredom is the origin of illnesses. I shouldn’t be satisfied with Yuma only returning to health, I planned to make her partake in fun activities, so she won’t be bored.

“Now then, in order to celebrate Yuphiel-sama returning to health, and so that you will become a regular here from now. Would you like to drink this?”

While saying that, the item that Verlane presented was something that Yuma who still cannot drink liquor could enjoy, something that can give her the taste of adults, a blend of [Summer Strawberry] without shusei.

“T-This… strawberries, aren’t strawberries only harvestable during spring?”

“Master searched for a strawberry that could be harvested during early summer, it only arrived recently. Yuphiel-sama, do you like strawberries?”

“Y-Yes… I reaaally love it. Dick-san, was it because I said I liked strawberries so…”

“Well, I wonder. If it’s your favorite food then good, it’s my recently-developed blend of various strawberries. Only putting in the strawberry juice and strawberry jam, there is also smooth yoghurt.”

The three of us, including Verlane, toasted our drinks. Yuma’s eyes were glittering due to the smell of strawberries, she held the glass with both of her hands and brought it to her mouth.

“Thank you for the drink…hnm. It tastes a bit adult-like, huh… it’s very delicious.”

In two years, I’ll be able to drink together with Yuma. At that time, I wonder how will she grow—I thought that while being completely ignorant, Yuma was having a pleasant chat with Verlane, and enjoying the Summer Strawberry blend.

—Two weeks after that.

On a village located in the southwest part of the Alvinas royal capital, a masked priestess, mage, and martial artist emerged. They saved the villagers troubled by ghosts, exterminated the magic beasts in the vicinity, and without naming themselves, they gallantly went home.

After that happened, they made an appearance every month in the villages around the capital.

Between the people, they were called the [Masked Saviors]; there being a fourth masked man who watched over them from far away, that was a well-known story among those who were aware.

8 – The Demon Lord’s Enticement Strategy ~Mana Transfer~

The first day after watching over Yuma and the others who acted as the [Masked Saviors]. I made sure they were retreating with my own eyes before going back to the guild.

I drank at the counter since the start of the night shift that day, but the clients weren’t coming. It wasn’t like customers who knew the passwords came by every day, that in itself wasn’t a problem, but—.

“Master, you’ve drunk amazingly today as well, huh.”

Verlane said, while cleaning up. She worked quickly as usual, if I were to slack off I’d run out of things to do—good grief, she sure is an employee without a single flaw.

“’Cause today I went outside the capital. I’ll start getting busy starting tomorrow.”

“Umu… I see. Well then, tonight, you’ll have to thoroughly rest, then.”

“hm…? Did you think ‘bout something?”

Verlane only answered with a smile, and she finished cleaning up, then headed to the store’s hall and gave a bow, and then took the stairs to the second floor.

And so the day ended without anything worth noting—was what I thought. Night, after getting into my own bed in my room, the door silently opened.

She came to take back her talisman, huh… well, I don’t really mind even if she found it and took it back, though…

While being unable to tell what will happen I held my breath, and the bed lightly creaked, an intruder was covering me from above.

“ack… W-What the hell…?!”

“fufu, as expected you were awake. I planned to end this while you were asleep, but if you’re awake then it can’t be helped.”

Verlane casted light magic, and lit the lantern. If she didn’t light up multiple lanterns, then the room would be pitch black, but for some reason, she only lit one up.

Within the flickering warm light, Verlane mounted me who was lying face-up and wrapped in a blanket. That said, she was the type to go to bed naked, but as expected, she had a negligee on—however, it was something that could be considered thin, it appeared horrifyingly seductive.

Verlane who only put the bare minimum amount of perfume during work, was right now clad in a faintly refreshing fragrance. Her womanly charms were drawn out all at once, to the point that it made me gulp reflexively.

“fufu… so you make those kind of reactions too. I haven’t lost my pride as a woman yet.”

“T-That’s great and all, but… mounting a man who was lying down, there’s gotta be a limit to being bold, you know.”

“…Y-You fool. Don’t say it so plainly… it’ll make me feel over-conscious…”

Verlane held her hands in front of her chest and blushed. The bottom edge of her negligee became dangerous, if it were to be turned up a bit more, I will be able to see something which I am not allowed to see.

“…It’s master’s fault, you know. Doing something like that with Beatrice…”

“N-No, I didn’t do anything past that. Sleeping together, that was just in order to share my mana.”

“Because you were told it was more efficient that way, you brought your bodies together, no…? Just because Beatrice only materialized her spirit form, doesn’t change the fact that you slept with a girl.”

Maybe she’s going to get mad at me—considering that, Verlane’s clothes sure didn’t give off a feeling that she was going to start preaching.

“…I am also one of master’s underlings. So if master shared his mana with Beatrice, then I’ll need to supply you with mine.”

“I’ve already recovered a lot, or rather, I’m almost back to full, though…”

“N-No. You went outside today, so you probably used some random magic. So you’re slightly exhausted. This ex-demon lord’s eyes are trustworthy.”

After the demon lord said that, she put her hand on my chest as if to ascertain it. I almost squirmed due to how ticklish it felt, but looking down at me being like that, the demon lord abruptly smiled—this was far too risky.

“…I’ll supply you with my mana. Caring to the master’s needs was one of a maid’s duties after all.”

Verlane quickly took my hand—though she hesitated for just a moment.

She pushed my hand onto her chest, which was pushing up the fabric of the negligee by quite a lot

“hng… hnguu…”

“urk… H-Hold on… you’re leaking sounds that you really shouldn’t leak, you know…!”

While doing it to herself, Verlane’s cheeks went up in a blush, and her long ears kept twitching.

Even though Verlane’s hands were quivering, she wasn’t letting go of my hand which she was pushing onto her chest.

“T-This is… in order to recover your mana. Beatrice did something on top of this, so… I can’t afford to… nh, fall behind…!”

“You’re tearing up, you know…? you shouldn’t push yourself.”

It appeared like I was trying to persuade her, but I wasn’t really thinking about that. Verlane’s burning sensation transmitted through her body—and also, the overwhelming feeling of the chest that was in my hands, even my iron-clad sense of self was crumbling.

“haah, haah… so, I’ll start it now. [Mana Supply]…!”

Together with Verlane’s chant, the mana from her body flowed over to me. Using my hand on her chest, my barely-not-full magic power was restored, and I started storing the extra magic power as a surplus.

It seemed like if you went over your magic power limit you could still store it. This was the first time I’ve received magic power from somebody, so I never thought something like this was possible—well, I’ve never casted magic one after the other continuously until my own mana was exhausted, though.

“hn… kuh… T-This sensation, all night with Beatrice… doing something like this, without any resistance… you sure are being fawned over by every single girl, aren’t you.”

“Was supplying mana really something like that…? I only let her take some of my mana, you know.”

“I-It’s nothing like that… If I flowed my magic power towards master’s, a bit of the excess flowed back… hng… it feels like my whole body is being filled with master, or something like that…”

“urk… D-Don’t say it like that. I also have some impulses…”

Verlane’s breathing got rougher, and even though she was sweating, she smiled as if she was pulling a prank.

“Master also tasted the same feeling I did, huh. If that’s the case, then I’m satisfied.”

If it continued even a little bit more, it would’ve been dangerous in a lot of different ways. But Verlane finally got off of me, and she sat on the bed with no strength at all.

“Please let me rest for a bit… master’s volume is so big, even someone like me got tired.”

“W-Well… I’ll just say good work. Go take a rest for however long you’d like.”

Verlane lied down softly, and gazed at my direction. Looking at our current situation, it was as if we were having a pillow talk, though that was something that I definitely won’t ever let out of my mouth.

1 Ochre (English) or ocher (American English) is a natural clay earth pigment, which is a mixture of ferric oxide and varying amounts of clay and sand. It ranges in colour from yellow to deep orange or brown. Basically pale brownish yellow.

2 Distilled alcohol.

3 hiatsu (指圧) is a form of Japanese bodywork based on concepts in traditional Chinese medicine. Shiatsu derives from a Japanese massage modality called anma. There is insufficient evidence that shiatsu is an effective medical treatment. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shiatsu)

4 Pure happiness due to achieving something.

5 Six Demon Dukes.

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