Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 5 Chapter 1

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Maka-sensei’s Holidays

A certain day, when summer break had just started—

Seikadai Academy’s high school division’s English teacher, Fujiki Maka, had left for a teacher’s trip in another prefecture, driving her beloved red fiat. Crossing the prefectural border on the highway, driving down the normal street, that’s where it happened. A car that was driving towards Maka-sensei’s red fiat suddenly slipped off it’s own side, suddenly driving towards Maka-sensei. Apparently, said driver was hammering the gas, not able to come to a stop even after stomping those breaks. Luckily, the driver managed to avoid a direct confrontation—but sadly, the timing was off, and the driver would drive into a group of high school students on their way come from club. As a counter reaction, where you would normally hit the brakes, Maka-sensei accelerated even more. And of course, that wasn’t just a mistake in the heat of the moment.

Sensei turned the steering wheel, with the position of a swordsman’s weapon, ready to intercept a vertical strike, throwing the car into the other driver’s, slightly altering the direction it went. Thanks to that, it slipped past very closely to those high school students, driving into a field near the road. Although the Fiat was spinning, it came to a quick halt, luckily not hitting any other cars. A bystander that happened to spot that with their phone out took a video of this, and uploaded this short incident to the video website ‘Youtsube’. Thanks to that, everyone could admire her quick reaction and divine driving skill. Even the view counts were quickly passing the millions. Naturally, I watched it as well. Although it barely lasted a few seconds, it was quite skillfully recorded.

“…Quite the spectacle to watch, yes. Not only the high school students, but also the driver was fine.”

“Yes, that’s all that matters.”

“What do you mean ‘that’s all that matters’?! Why did you do something dangerous as that?!”

“E-Ehh…Are you mad at me, Saigi-kun?”

“Of course I am!”

I had Maka-sensei sit down on the sofa, while I was on my knees, on the floor. I’m actually lecturing her right now, but I can’t have an injured person like her sit on the floor.

“I agree that what you did was very formidable, but what would have happened if things didn’t work?! Although things went fine this time, but…!”

“I-I’m sorry, Saigi-kun…It’s not like I was playing cool or anything, I just happened to do it before realizing it…”


Weirdly enough, Maka-sensei didn’t try to talk back. But, that doesn’t mean that I was done quite yet. Back when Kisou-san heard about the accident—not to mention from Maka-sensei’s…her own father, she was breaking out in tears. And for me, thinking that something worse might have happened, I even felt my heart stop for a second. Well, just the wound on her wrist is enough for Kisou-san, who truly looks up to Maka-sensei, to receive a shock I wouldn’t be able to understand probably.

“…It’s not just me, but also Kisou-san, and Sensei’s father as well, we were all worried. Not counting all the students at school.

“I-I know that. Once I’ve fully recovered, I’m planning on apologizing to all of them for making them worry.”

Maybe it’s because of her erotic negligé she was wearing, but seeing her being this apologetic, I couldn’t stay mad any longer.

“…Well, besides from going to see them, I don’t think there’s anything that you have to apologize for.”

“That won’t do. I did worry them all after all…”

“If that helps you deal with it all…How’s it looking with your wrist?”

“A-Ahh, well, it still hurts a bit, but it’s gotten much better. Look—Ouch!”

“Ahhhhh, what are you doing?!”

Maka-sensei tried to wave her right hand at me, but her face distorted in pain shortly after. The only person that suffered any sort of injury from the accident was Maka-sensei. While ramming the other car, she hurt her wrist as she was holding the steering wheel apparently. It was a relatively light injury, which should heal in about ten days, but until that bandage is gone, she couldn’t properly use her right hand. Naturally, she received proper inspection and treatment of her injury at a hospital. A true blessing in disguise that there wasn’t anything worse.

“Don’t force yourself like that. You got off the hook with a slight injury, so don’t force it and make it worse.”

“The flank of my Fiat was dented though…Ahh, I wonder if I can get it back to normal. The repair apparently takes a month. It might be an import car, but it still takes far too long if you ask me!”

“Yeah, I’m sure it will be repaired …”

Probably the greatest victim of that whole situation was the red Fiat. Still, just as Maka-sensei stated, things didn’t look so grim. Just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to gaze at her profile from the passenger seat.

“You can’t drive for a while anymore anyway, so isn’t it fine? The doctor said it himself, you need rest more than anything else right now.”

“I know that. I did get a week off as well.”

Apparently, teachers have a different summer vacation than us students. Though I barely know much…but there seems to be a reason for it.

“That reminds me, what about you-know-what?”

“Ah, hey, Saigi-kun…!”

I picked up the remote from the low table in the living room, and turned on the TV. Right now, a broadband show was running.

‘My body just moved on it’s own. Being a teacher myself, I’m happy that those students got away without any injuries.’

In front of several microphones pointed at her, Maka-sensei was giving her side of the story.

“…Phew, they’re showing it today again.”

“Kyaaa! Don’t look, Saigi-kun!”

As Maka-sense jumped at me in an attempt to steal back the remote, I showed unexpectedly skillful reactions, and separated from her.

“Maka-sensei, calm down! No rampant movement! Stay!”


That’s Maka-sensei for you, quickly reacting to my scream. She just froze up, sitting on the sofa.

“Also, there’s no need to rush after all this time. I’ve seen it countless times already.”

“Uuu…Saigi-kun, you teaser…” Maka-sensei beautifully puffed out her cheeks.

This childlike behaviour in front of me was the exact opposite of the calm beauty shown on the TV screen right now. After the accident, Maka-sensei was immediately hospitalized, but that didn’t save her from all the media rushing in on her. Well, couldn’t blame that, after all those views it got on Youtsube. Receiving the permission from the school, Maka-sensei agreed for an interview, and this is what’s being broadcasted basically everywhere.

“Seeing myself on TV like this, I feel like an idiot…Also, it’s been three days since the incident, so why are they still showing this…?”

“Maybe because they don’t have any better material right now? The video on Youtsube is still getting tons of views each day after all.”

“I did pull a Youtsuber debut, but to think that I would go viral yet again…”

Oh right, something like that happened. To save the cat cafe ‘Nekoranya’, we uploaded a video of cat ears maid Maka-chan on Youtsube.

“Your face has sold pretty well, I’d say. You’re better off being more careful, or there’ll be some scandal soon.”

“Public mass media sure are scary nowadays…” Maka-sensei gazed at herself in the TV show with a troubled expression.

Well…she has the face of an actress…and if you don’t know what’s inside that body of hers, you’d be deceived with her looks. With that driving technique, and this beauty, there’s no way the mass media wouldn’t be all over her.

“Sensei, you’ll be able to enjoy your holidays a bit like this, right? But, it would be bad to just walk around outside, wouldn’t it.”

“Probably, yes. Though I’m happy that I’m not being blamed for anything.”

“That’s good to hear. Being arrested for saving people isn’t a laughing matter.”

“Well, I don’t mind if the school can use this story for their own good, but too much of a rukus would be troublesome.”

“Then you just have to lay low for a bit. Well, there’s not much to do with that hand of yours anyway, right?”

“Yes, it still hurts pretty badly. I can’t hold a pen, and just from typing on the keyboard, my skin vibrates, so working is impossible.”

“Ehhh…That sounds tough.”

Doesn’t that mean that working as a teacher isn’t possible right now?

“I had you bring my materials for me, but that was probably for nothing. I’m sorry about that.”

“I had enough time on my hands, so it’s fine.”

“Once the training was done, I was supposed to handle the supplementary lessons for the 3rd years, but I can’t even write on the blackboard.”

“I thought you got away with a slight injury, but it seems more difficult than I anticipated…”

“…Yea, it’s a big deal. Uu…Uuuuuu…”


She held her head with her free left hand.

“My job! Let me do my job at least! Ahhhhhhhh!”

“Were you always that much of a workaholic?!”

What kind of development is this! She’s hurt more about this than the actual injury?!

“…Ahh, I’m sorry for screaming out like that. I mean, I know that I have to recuperate. Yes, I won’t even go outside during my break. And I can only finish my shopping online.”

“If there’s anything you need, just tell me and I’ll buy it. I’ll take care of the other things as well.”

“Eh? Saigi-kun will?”

“Of course. You can just relax, Maka-sensei. It might sound cheeky, but how about you just forget about your job for a while?”

“S-So basically…You’ll be taking care of me?”

“I’m living right next to you after all. I can just call Shiya-chan to look after Miharu and Kagome.”

“T-Three dishes every day, and a nap together with Saigi-kun…! A summer vacation with you…! Are you serious…!”


Maka-sensei jumped up from the sofa, tightly embracing me…The almost direct feeling of her 88cm breasts through the thin negligé! Directly pressing on me! …Maybe I judged too quickly? But, the impact of Kisou-san’s tears and her words are still stuck in my chest—

Maka-sensei is the direct neighbour of our Saigi Household. The technical owner of this apartment is still Maka-sensei’s father, but since he lives in his cat cafe ‘Nekoranya’, he’s barely home at all. I came to Nekoranya a few times, and I haven’t even met him there. After his failure in management before, he’s apparently doing pretty badly with other people. Maybe we’re pretty close.

“This should do it, I guess.”

Properly grilling the pork, lettuce and onions, and cool it down with some tomatoes. With a good volume, it looks pretty delicious, I had to say. It’s a classic summer menu for the Saigi Household, and one of the recipes I’m pretty proud of.

“Maka-sensei, it’s done.”

“My cute Saigi-kun is bringing me dinner…I’m so happy…!”

As I moved from the kitchen to the living room, Maka-sensei was sitting in front of the low table, her eyes sparkling. On a side note, the negligé was too appealing, so I had Maka-sensei change. This time she was wearing a loose t-shirt, and short pants, revealing her thighs. With a style like hers, even if she was wearing the most plain private clothes like this, the stimulus was too much. Putting down the food and some rice on the table, I lined up plates for the two of us.

“Saigi-kun, I knew you were doing everything household related, but you sure know your way around it.”

“When you were making breakfast in that naked—Excuse me, with that apron on, it looked good to me as well, you know?”

Maka-sensei might be a clutz at times, but the general rule of thumb is that she’s doing good at everything if she’s with other people.

“Until my father started shutting himself in the cafe, I was taking care of most of the housework.”

“Ohh, you must have been busy.”

Didn’t she tell me before that she was part-time jobbing like crazy during her high school time…’So much that it’s weird for her to still be alive’ or something along those lines…There’s gotta be limits as to how much you can overwork yourself.

“I couldn’t help it, my father was being haunted by debts here and there. I think of myself as lucky,for not having been sold off to Hong Kong.”

“Didn’t you use the exact same example but with Macao?!”

Hong Kong and Macao are beautiful tourist spots, and not an epicenter for crime!

“W-Well, anything, it’s been busy, I guess. Rather than that, let’s enjoy the food.”

“Yes, thank you very much for this. If you would.”

“Huh? If I would…?”

“I can’t use my chopsticks right now, you know? You have to feed me.”


N-Not good…I let down my guard. I should have prepared something that is edible with a spoon and a fork…!

“You don’t need to hesitate that much. We already went through this, right?”

“That doesn’t mean I can thoroughly enjoy it the second time.”

Still, the fact that she will have trouble eating like this still remains. Hence, while observing her, I went to pick up some meat and vegetables from the plate, and pushed it towards her.

“H-Here…Open wide…”

“Ahhhhnn…Mmm…Delicious. Gazing at Saigi-kun like this, I would keep eating forever!”

“Don’t make me the side dish here!”

Rather, enjoy the actual side dish I prepared.

“Now, next one. I have to eat a lot, so that I get back to full health soon.”

“…I’m slowly starting to think that I made the wrong decision here.”

But, having no other option, I went to pick up meat and vegetables again, bringing it closer to Maka-sensei’s mouth.

“Mmm…Yeah, so delicious. Some rice, some rice too!”

“Yes yes, wait a second.”

I never fed Miharu or Kuu like this before. Feeding someone food like this has only happened twice now in my life, and it was the same person both times, an older beautiful teacher. Just…What is going on in my life? Well, until the end of the dinner, I still had no idea.

“Thanks for the food! Ahh, that was delicious…The best dinner in my life so far!”

“I’m really worried about how your life has gone so far…Well, I’m happy if you enjoyed it.”

To think that just eating dinner would lead into something exciting like this. Not to mention…will I be forced to feed her three times a day for a whole week now…? Will my heart survive until her hand is completely healed?

The second day of my adventurous duty to take care of my homeroom teacher—

For breakfast, I prepared a simple toast, edible even with her left hand. See, I’m learning.

“My…So embarrassing…”


And today again, she was in her lax private attire. This time around, her face was flushed, going “Ahnn…” as her body was twisting and turning.

“…You should be able to do the laundry with one hand, right?!”

“I can’t change it when it’s difficult!”

I can’t say anything back to that… I was despairing as I was standing in front of the washing machine in the changing area before the bath. Since she’s living alone, she seems to be pretty used to doing the laundry. But, the laundry in this casket is also from yesterday…

“Are you really telling me to wash this…?”

“It’s really embarrassing…but if it’s Saigi-kun, I don’t mind…”

It didn’t seem too much of a joke, as Maka-sensei started blushing. And the same was for my own face I think. After all, the item on top of the pile was the negligé from yesterday…!

“R-Rather than the negligé, can I just wash the underwear?!”

“I wasn’t wearing a bra though?”

“So you’re the no-bra type when you’re at home I see…”

“No, only when it’s just Saigi-kun and me, then I don’t wear one.”

“You better fix that bad habit!”

Ahh, that feeling of her pressing her breasts on me in the classroom comes back to me…

“But, think about this. If things end up with me stripping in front of you, I have to properly pick out a bra, and that takes time. And then, eureka! It came to me! If I don’t wear one from the beginning, I can enjoy myself, and Saigi-kun is happy. Right?”

“There’s so much I’d like to retort on there!”

“Since I’m trying to recover from the accident, more relaxing clothes make it easier for me. A bra is bad for my body.”

“I really can’t argue against that…Though I don’t feel like this is related to your injury in the slightest…”

Is she not wearing a bra beneath that t-shirt either…? Though I feel like I can see a string of a camisole peeking over her shoulder.

“Also, I gotta give you some sort of service~ This time, by wearing some light clothes~”

“I came here to help you purely out of goodwill, so I don’t need any service for that.”

“You say that, as you’re taking care of me, wearing a t-shirt and shorts, that’s quite the service for me.”

“I didn’t wear this with that kind of intention! I’m always wearing this during the summer!”

“A-Are you okay? If you walk around with those clothes, you might get abducted by some weird women.”

“Are you one to talk?”

Just where does she see any value in those plain clothes of mine…

“A-Anyway…I never washed Miharu’s sports bra and panties, so I’d rather not ruin your negligé in any way! I’ll leave that to you!”

“Ehhh, but you’re supposed to be caring for me, right?”

“I’ll do the cleaning, so I’ll leave the rest to you!”

Without waiting for her response, I dashed out of the changing area. Though taking care of the laundry might be a bit tough with one hand, I’ll just ignore that for now. First is…cleaning, cleaning…with that, there won’t be any lewd development, right? I moved to the living room, picking up the wireless vacuum cleaner. Maka-sensei’s apartment was similar to ours, a normal combined living room, dining room, and kitchen, with three other rooms. A bit too big for just her and her father if you ask me. Besides Maka-sensei’s room, and the almost empty Maka Papa room, there’s one that’s not even being used. Talking about Maka-sensei’s room, I never really set foot in there.

“Ah, Saigi-kun.”


Maka-sensei suddenly poked out the changing room with her head.

“I’m thankful that you’ll take care of the cleaning, but you can’t enter my bedroom, alright? It’s a teacher’s room after all. It would be troublesome if a student saw that.”

“Y-Yes, I know that. It’s a woman’s room, so I won’t just enter.”

“You really can’t, okay? No matter what happens, okay?”


—If you’re that adamant on it, I can’t help but want to check now. Maybe there’s some sort of secret in her room? Well, I guess that her bedroom being normal would be more suspicious than anything. Ahh…my Saigi SuspicionTM is awakening again…

“She didn’t put any pictures of me on your walls, did she? …No no, that would be way too meta.”

That being said, I can’t completely factor that out, which shows how scary Maka-sensei can be. But for now, I decided to shake off this curiosity, and focussed on the cleaning. You could technically use the vacuum cleaner with one hand, but by using both, things sure went much more pleasant.

“Can’t think of anything unnecessary, and just take care of Maka-sensei…Oh right.”

I took out my smartphone that I had stuffed in my pockets, and operated it. I had received a message while I didn’t check—

‘Maka-tea was in the news again this morning! She’s slowly but steadily becoming more famous than me!’

“…………Nui, don’t cry.”

Amanashi Nui is my classmate, as well as a high school girl gravure idol. She was very popular to begin with, but after a certain breakthrough in her career, she had been getting more and more jobs. Hearing the talk about Maka-sensei’s accident, she barged into our apartment for some reason, making a pretty big ruckus. Nui really took a liking to Maka-sensei after that incident…

‘Curse you, Maka-tea. Trying to be more famous than me! I won’t forgive you!’

…Or did she…?

“Saigi-kun, Saigi-kun, do you have a second.”

As I was busy cleaning the entrance, Maka-sensei waved me over as she was standing in the living room. Did she already finish the laundry?

“Perfect timing, I just finished cleaning. What is it?”

I moved over to the living room, putting down the vacuum cleaner near the charging station.

“I finished the laundry. And since you got angry at me just now, I thought of asking you to help me.”

“Huh? What are we talking about again?”

Maka-sensei sat down on the floor…and, what is she holding there?

“I decided to wear bras even when I’m together with you, Saigi-kun. That being said, could you help me put on the bra?”

“Gyaaa?! What are you doing?!”

Without giving me any warning, Maka-sensei just took off that loose t-shirt she was wearing. Her long, brown hair slowly fell down onto her pure white back. and she pulled it towards her chest.

“It’s pretty difficult to put on a bra with just one hand. So I was hoping that you could help me.”

“A-Are you serious…? Shouldn’t you be able to put it on with one hand?”

“How about you try it with one hand then?”

Still with her back pointed towards me, Maka-sensei reached out to me with the bra in her hand. It was a very adult one, black, with laces, with a commendable size, fit for the E-cups that Maka-sensei has.

“What meaning is there?! I never even put one on with both hands, so how would I be able to do it with just one! Also…are we really doing this?”

“Saigi-kun, I might be on vacation right now, but there is one job that I cannot neglect. That is, your ‘education’, see.”

“Just go take a break from that as well!”

“It’s my most important project that I am working on. Just think of this as ‘summer supplementary lessons’.”

“Summer supplementary lessons…”

While being the topic of all the mass media, this beautiful teacher is giving one of her students a private lesson…Really, I only get bad vibes from this.

“Also, weren’t you supposed to be putting on a bra for your little sister all the time?”

“She can do it herself since she’s wearing a sports bra!”

“You sure know a lot about the bra situation with your little sister…Anyway, hurry up, will you.”

“Are you serious…” I swallowed my saliva.

Reading myself, I slowly moved forward to start putting the bra on for her. I tried not to look at her front as much as possible, moving her arms through the straps. Uuu…the volume of her breasts is way too much…Getting these into the cups will be a difficult task. Not to mention that I can’t directly touch them. Trying neither to look at them, nor grope them…what kind of difficulty level is this! And with one hand!


Everytime the bra hit her chest, she let out a moan. Although this might just be acting on her side, it’s still bad for my heart…

“T-This should be fine, right? It is, right?!”

Though I’m not sure if her chest is actually in there, my mental stamina is at it’s limit here! Trying not to touch her back, I closed the hook.


Ah, this might have worked out pretty well? But, let’s keep it a secret that I used both hands there in the end.

“Hold on a second, Saigi-kun. Why are you this good at putting on a bra? I thought you weren’t doing it for Miharu-san?”

“Ehhh, you’re complaining even though I did a good job?”

Just when I made it through without touching her body!

“Y-You weren’t doing this for Amanashi-san or Jinsho-san, right…? Or don’t tell me, Muku-san is already wearing one, and you are…?”

“S-Sensei, don’t just turn towards me!”

Your breasts, wrapped in that way too erotic black bra…! And even with the bra, they’re shaking all over the place…!

“Ah, excuse me. B-But, you really were way too good at this!”

While holding the t-shirt she had taken off beforehand in front of her chest, Maka-sensei closed in on me.

“Even if you say that…Ahh, that reminds me, when Shiya-chan first started wearing a bra…I think it was in her first year of middle school. I remember she put me through lessons on how to properly put on a bra.”

“That university girl again…! She was seducing you even back in middle school…?!”

Says my homeroom teacher as she’s trying to seduce me.

“She’s looking after Miharu-san, isn’t she. Basically, she’s right next-doors…I need a wire and puppet, as well as the layout of this flat…”

“Hey hey, you’re not planning an assassination, are you?!”

I don’t need to be a detective to guess that she’s definitely about to do something really bad.

“I’m joking. Even I can’t pull off a perfect crime with just one hand.”

“So it’s just a problem because of that injury…”

Isn’t she kind of walking down the path of violence?

“Well, this is what I sow after not keeping up my guard against Keimi-san. But anyway, with this, you’ve cleared this problem of the summer supplementary lesson.”

“W-Well, thanks for that… Wait…’this problem’…? Why do I feel like this isn’t over yet…?”

“You can’t grow by just taking care of me for this one week, right? Time is precious.”

“I really feel like I don’t need to grow in that area…”

What merit is there if I turn into a professional at putting on bras? And here I was, foolishly hoping that taking care of Maka-sensei would be done without any problems…

“Woah, so hot…”

The eco bag filled with the items I bought during my shopping trip felt heavy. After lunch, I took a small walk to a nearby supermarket. Having bought the necessary ingredients and daily necessities, I was now on my way home. The temperature in Japan right now felt similar to my own body’s, and even I felt like eating ice cream while staying at home all day, just like Miharu does all day. However, I have the duty of caring for Maka-sensei right now, so shopping is my job.

“Sensei’s request was ‘Something that gives vigor’ right.”

That is way too vague if you ask me. All I could think of on the spot was some meat as a main dish. During this heat, I’d rather recommend something refreshing, you know. Also, the vigor part is so that she recovers from her injury as quickly as possible, right…? Why do I feel like things won’t end well for me, then…? Well, putting on a bra for her should have told me enough.

“Something that gives her vigor…but still is refreshing…isn’t there anything?”

“Stop with your muttering, Saigi. You look like a suspicious person.”

“Woah?! K-Kisou-san?”

Before I even realized it, Kisou-san had lined up next to me, giving me a tough glare. She had her long, brown hair in her usual twintails hairstyle, and although I couldn’t read her expression at all, her facial features were as beautiful to look at as ever. Wearing a frilly, cute one-piece, her small stature made her look like a doll. Since I normally saw her in her school uniform, this was quite the refreshing feeling.

“What’s that stare? So perverted, your glare.”

“S-Sorry, I was just a bit surprised, seeing you with these clothes. They really fit you.”

“…………Saigi, were you always that type of character? Praising every girl you see?”

Rarely enough, the expressionless’ Kisou-san’s cheeks color turned into a slight red. Gazing at her like this, she really is related to Maka-sensei.

“A-And…what did you want, Kisou-san? Ah, how are you feeling?”

Presumably because of the shock after hearing about Maka-sensei’s car accident, Kisou-san had developed a heavy fever.

“The fever went down, so I’m fine. Now I’m on my way to visit Onee-chan. I got some things for her, like meat.”

“I’m glad to hear that…But, bringing meat during a visit, that’s pretty innovative. Also, I’m on my way home from a shopping trip myself.”

Maka-sensei really likes meat. The first restaurant she ever took me to was a yakiniku shop after all. That’s what you’d expect from her biological little sister, she knows that Sensei likes meat.

“Perfect timing. Let me ask for your impression on this, Saigi. What do you think?”

Kisou-san opened the bag she was holding, taking out a pack of meat.

“Eh, isn’t this pretty expensive? Especially if you’re just on a visit…”

Though I didn’t know where she got it from, I immediately realized that this must have been some expensive Japanese black beef.

“I’m not lacking money. To make Onee-chan happy, this meat is nothing.”

“That’s not a phrase you’d normally hear from a high school student…”

Really, ‘I’m not lacking money’… I want to try saying that at least once in my life. Well, not having a part-time job, and getting fed through by our working parents, I can’t say much…

“Well, I’m sure that Maka-sensei will be happy about that. Should I make yours for her before mine?”

“That’d be great, Saigi. Thanks for looking after Onee-chan.”

“N-No, it’s something I blurted out in the heat of the moment, so…”

Being thanked so directly, from Kisou-san of all people, I was a bit flustered. Not to mention that, unlike most girls around me, Kisou-san is pretty difficult to read.

“…That reminds me, Kisou-san and I don’t have any connection from the past, right?”

“Huh? Connection?”

“Ah, sorry, that question must have been weird. Forget it, it’s fine.”

It’s because things turned out that I had some past connection with SID’s Nui and Karen-kaichou that I had forgotten about. With my Saigi SuspicionTM, I can’t help but think that there might be other people that fit that pattern. But anyway, we dropped that topic, and went our way to Maka-sensei’s apartment.

“I’m back!”

“Welcome home, Saigi-kun! You sure took your time! I was so lone—Ah, huh?! You picked up another girl already?!”

“This is your little sister you know?!”

“It’s fine. I’m used to these reactions from Onee-chan.”

“I’m just joking. Come on in, Tenka.”

Apparently even the very jealousy-driven Maka-sensei doesn’t harbour any ill-will towards her little sister. Accepting the ingredients that Kisou-san brought with her on her visit, I put it in the fridge, together with the things I bought.

“But, Tenka, aren’t you busy during summer break? I’m doing fine, so there’s no need to worry about me.”

“I am busy, but not busy enough that I have to miss out on visiting Onee-chan. I even left the personal care to Saigi, so this is the least I can do.”


Hmmm, pretty weird to see them talk all friendly and close like that. At school, they’re hiding the fact that they’re sisters after all. Though I have to say, I knew that Kisou-san was looking up to Maka-sensei, but Sensei is having an oddly kind expression on her face.

“Thanks for waiting, Kisou-san. Here, Sensei as well.”

Having taken care of the organization in the kitchen, I brought over two cups of cold barley tea, and put it down in front of them.

“Thank you, Saigi.”

“Sorry about this, Saigi-kun.”

“It’s fine. Do you want something else? I could ready some sweets or—”

“Ah, Saigi-kun, could you do me a favor and help me with my hair, having it down like this is too hot.”

“Ah, yes.”

I stood behind Maka-sensei, and accepted the hair tie she handed me. Well then, let’s make it a bit special today…

“Now then…”

After combing Maka-sensei’s hair a bit, I quickly moved my hands around it with the hair tie. Since I often do Miharu’s hair, I was pretty used to working with a woman’s hair.

“I’m done. How about this?”


After inspecting her new hairstyle in the handheld mirror, her face burned up with a strong red.

“Twintails with my age?! Ahh…I can’t look…!”

“You don’t have to say that much.” I gave a bitter smile.

Maka-sensei’s long brown hair was connected to the left and right of her head, hanging down. Or to put it simply, the same hairstyle that Kisou-san has.

“I’m a bit happy, having a matching hairstyle with Onee-chan.”

“I wouldn’t mind having a matching hairstyle, but twintails are a no-go! Saigi-kun! Please forgive me!”

“Just when I made you look so cute, you have to ruin it no matter what…?”

I tried throwing her dog eyes.

“Uuu…I-I really want to keep it, since Saigi-kun was the one that made it for me, but…Uuuu…Okay, I get it!”

“I’m glad to hear that. Then let me take a picture while we’re at it.”


“Kisou-san, can you cling a bit more to Sensei.”

“Of course.” Kisou-san gave an honest nod, and clung closer to her twintails Onee-chan.

Taking out my smartphone, I pointed it at them in a quick manner, and took a few shots. Just to make sure that I can savour this moment, two beautiful sisters with the same hairstyle. Yeah, even a beauty like Maka-sensei with overflowing grown-up charm looks cute with this hairstyle.

“Ahaha, this is really nice. Maka-sensei, please keep that hairstyle for the rest of today.”

“Saigi-kun…there are times when you really like to play with me…”

“…Rather, you’re always being clingy and lovey-dovey. What are you trying to show me here?” Kisou-san complained from the side lines.

“W-We’re not being lovey-dovey or anything!”

Though I feel like with our recent lifestyle, it seems like the distance between Maka-sensei and I had gotten smaller.

“R-Rather than that…With the two of you next to each other like this, you really look alike.”

I sat down in front of the two of them, gazing at the Maka-Tenka sisters combo. Maka-sensei had a pretty high stature as a woman, while Kisou-san was rather small, the exact opposite.

“I mean, we have the same parents. I think Tenka goes more after our mother though, with her small stature.”

“Ohh, that reminds me, your mother—”

“She retired after the marriage, but she was a former pro car racer.”


I had trouble holding myself back from spitting out the tea in my mouth after hearing Kisou-san’s words.

“C-Car racer? T-That explains a lot…”

“I feel like I’m being made fun of. My mother never taught me how to drive. Well, I do remember being very enthusiastic about driving with her when I was younger.”

“You probably unconsciously picked up her driving skills back then…I can’t tell if that’s good or bad.”

Because she has picked up those driving techniques, she saves a lot of people from heavy, or possibly even deadly, injuries after all.

“I’m also doing my driver’s license next year. I’m looking forward to it.”

“E-Ehh…Are you sure about that, Kisou-san…?”

“Y-Yeah, he’s right, Tenka! Cars are dangerous after all, and you might get hurt while driving!”

“…Why is Saigi also worried about me? Also, Onee-chan, you’re not one to talk.”

I mean, having been forced to drive in Maka-sensei’s Nightmare, I’m just worried that another devil like Sensei might be born, that’s all.

“B-But, Mother is not allowed to teach you. She thinks that doing a spin turn on the spot is what’s necessary after all.”

Here I have to agree with Kisou-san. You’re really not one to talk right now.

“Don’t worry, I’m a calm and relaxed driver.”

“T-Then that’s fine…Ah, it’s from Hiyori-sensei. Excuse me for a second.”

The moment Maka-sensei showed a relieved expression, her smartphone which she had put on the table suddenly vibrated. Picking that up, she returned to her own room.

“…Seems like she still can’t catch a break from her job even under this condition.”

“Working in a company-like system like this, it’s normal. No wonder you don’t understand it.”

While responding to me, Kisou-san started tapping on the small keyboard that was attached to her mobile phone.

“Again with your ‘Records of Love and Youth’…?”

“Yeah. I won’t show you though, Saigi.”

“Fine by me…”

Really, I wonder what she’s writing in there. Wait…Wasn’t a novel with that name the topic a while ago…?

“You’re just like my little sister, who’s always playing games.”

“But our reason is different, between Mii and me.”

“Mii? Is that supposed to be Miharu?”

Ah, right. I was so focussed on the accident that I completely forgot.

“You were talking with Miharu in front of the gate a while ago, right? You knew each other?”

“Mii is really persistent about observing your surroundings, and she got her eye on me.”

“That’s pretty scary…Both you and Miharu.”

There’s a lot of people around me, so why did she get hung up on Kisou-san?

“Can’t ignore her investigation skill. To think that she would sniff me out.”

“Sniff you out…”

And what exactly did Miharu grasp of Kisou-san…?

“Your little sister, cute and competent, although there might be a problem with her personality. Her brother, not cute nor competent, and even has a problem with his personality.”

“Your sentences aren’t really connected…?”

“Reflex, nothing more…”

Without giving too much explanation, Kisou-san continued to tap on her keyboard. Riddled with mysteries…

“But, I’m thankful to you, Saigi.”

“W-What’s with you, so suddenly?”

Kisou-san lowered her mobile phone, and quickly approached me. Her face, way too close.

“I was supposed to be the one looking after Onee-chan. Father is busy with his cat cafe, and mother can’t let go of her job.”

“Y-Yeah, that’s what I heard.”

Thanks to Maka-sensei’s PR operation before, Nekoranya was doing fine now with the amount of customers they were getting. Now that summer break arrived, that number went up even higher, and they’ve apparently gotten really busy. Sekiya-san even asked me for help, but I had to decline since I was busy with looking after Maka-sensei.

“I’m a bit busy, myself. One day, I will repay this debt.”

“Again, I brought this up myself. Having my homeroom teacher living directly next to me, I can’t just ignore her if she’s in trouble.”

“…Saigi is…a good guy?”

“This is just normal. Well, it’s a bit troublesome because of how she is…”

“Just ‘troublesome’? Onee-chan’s personality? You’re crazy.”

“Kisou-san?! Aren’t you going a bit too far here?!”

Also, could you let go of me already! Your breasts are completely pressing onto me, and they’re way too stimulating for a normal high school boy like me.

“We’re at the level where we meet outside school during the holidays. And you’re still adding san…Then, ‘Tenka-san’.”

“Huh?! The -san was the problem here?!”

At Seikadai Academy, you normally don’t often use ‘-kun’ or ‘-san’. Hence, using this, not to mention with the first name, was pretty rare, even amongst classmates.

“Repeat after me, ‘Tenka-san’.”


“If you’re that against it, I wouldn’t mind never letting you go—”

“Tenka-san! Yes, I will call you Tenka-san!”

I feel like this flow of events is similar to a certain teacher’s way of doing things.

“…W-What are you…!”


I didn’t realize it in time, but Maka-sensei had returned into the living room, and was already shaking massively as she stared at us.

“B-Being NTR’d by my little sister…! While I couldn’t move because of the accident, the two people I trust the most…!”

“You were just away for a few moments for a call, weren’t you?! And I wasn’t cheating or anything…!”

Wait, Sensei and I aren’t even going out, so there’s nobody to cheat and be cheated on!

“…I see, NTR’ing the boring boy from my beautiful older sister. Pretty cliché, but realistic. This might get interesting…?”

“What are you talking about, Kisou—Tenka-san! And don’t continue writing!”

“Don’t worry about it. I got what I wanted, some great material…Ah!”


Tenka-san almost dropped her phone, and quickly wrapped her hands around it to catch it. I did the same—when the two of us bumped into each other, collapsing.



I ended up lying on the floor, with Tenka-san clinging to me as she was above me. Immensely intense soft bulges were pressing against my face.

“God thing you had a cushion. Although it’s small, it still helped.”

“Tenka-san sure is small but has a huge ch—No, um, you’re pretty heavy, so could you get off?!”

“What were you about to say, just now? Any complaints about me, say now.”

“I-It’s nothing… Also, could you really get away from me, I can feel some crazy killing intent coming from behind my back!”

Rumble rumble, I could almost hear the air shake, as a dark aura started to build up behind Maka-sensei.


“C-Calm down, Maka-sensei! That just now was me being careless!”

Maka-sensei took a step towards Tenka-san, as I frantically stopped her.

“No, you wait, Saigi-kun. Don’t get the wrong idea!”

“Wha?! W-What are you on about?!”

Just when I started guessing what she was about to do, she frantically took off her t-shirt. Beneath that was the familiar sight of the black bra I had put on her before.

“Look closely, mine are still bigger than hers! Her’s just look like they are bigger because of her small stature!”

“Who cares about that?!”

Maka-sensei pushed her chest towards me, while comparing it to her little sister’s…No problem at all with that, right?!

“Ah, am I still losing? Haven’t I caught up, in size?”

“Show me them, Tenka.”

“Okay, Onee-chan.”


Tenka-san just nodded along Maka-sensei’s words, taking off her frilly one-piece, and opened up the chest part of the blouse beneath that. Wrapped in an unexpectedly fashy red bra, two big mountains appeared.

“T-Tenka-san, why are you just going along this?! Aren’t you forgetting about me being here?!”

“I even forget that you’re present when we’re in class.”

“…Well sorry for not having a stronger presence.”

No, that’s not the point here. Tenka-san isn’t supposed to be part of Maka-sensei’s education, nor is she a member of any fishy group like SID.

“Whatever Onee-chan says is absolute. But don’t stare too much, you perverted brute.”

“Isn’t Tenka-san the bigger pervert here…?”

“…’Tenka-san’ already, huh…Fu fu fu, Saigi-kun, even though I went out of my way to reduce the summer supplementary lessons, you sink your teeth into my little sister.”

“Don’t make it sound like I’m some demon!”

“Well, it’s fine. Comparing this to the university girl you call with -chan, this is nothing. Rather than that…Have a close look. Mine are bigger!”

“I keep losing against Onee-chan. But, with my chest size, I should be winning.”


The situation: Maka-sensei and Tenka-san, both beautiful blood-related little sisters, were now pushing their chest, only protected by their bras, right in front of my face. Just a few centimeters away from me, two pairs of giant bulges…!

“Now, a special question during your summer supplementary lesson. Answer me, between Tenka and me, who has a bigger chest. You are only allowed to touch my chest to check.”

“I know that Tenka-san knows about your true identity, but this is a bit too bold if you ask me?!”

I can’t tell which one is bigger just from a glance. Also, do the two of them know it themselves?

“What are you doing to Onee-chan, who’s acting rashly, while I’m looking away. What’s your plan, playing with the chest of someone else’s older sister?”

“I’m not playing with her chest or anything!”

It was the same expressionless Tenka-san. But, I could still see that her cheeks were flushed ever so slightly. Her flustered expression is pretty erotic alright…

“Hey! Just when I mustered up my courage to give you the permission to touch them! Why are you being entranced by Tenka!”

“Saigi is a boy after all, and maybe he prefers them young?”

“Tenka-san, don’t just pour more oil into the fire!”

Also, you two are getting way too excited over this—Ahh see, your breasts are already hitting my cheeks! Pushing them against me like this really doesn’t help me in figuring out which ones are bigger…Really, how long will this special lesson continue…I hope for not too long. Some people might be jealous about the situation I currently am in, but my stomach can only take so much of their heated battle…

“Hmm~~~ Hm hmm hmmmm~~~”

Having survived the heavenly hell without any great injuries (?), Tenka-san went home. On a side note, since Maka-sensei started begging me to change her hair from the twin tails with tears in her eyes, I had no other choice but to give in. As dinner ended, I quickly took care of the dishes, allowing me to relax for a bit. Zapping through the different TV channels, Maka-sensei was humming to herself. Luckily, her good mood seems to have returned, but I don’t feel like I can relax just yet…

I had Maka-sensei, who still was supposed to rest, sit on the sofa, while I took a slight bit of distance, sitting on the floor. At a distance where I would always be able to dodge. Although the other person is indeed a woman, we are talking about Maka-sensei here. I don’t believe for one second that I would get the upper hand in a battle of raw strength.

“You sure are in a good mood, Maka-sensei.”

“Having my mood ruined by something trivial is a real waste, you know. After all, I am currently living together with Saigi-kun. Something I have always dreamed of.”

“We’re not living together though?!”

“Ahh, yes, you’re going home for the night, right…Then maybe a commuting wife?”

“…I’d rather take the first option.”

It’s not like Maka-sensei’s injury is that grave that I would have to stay over. My home is right next to this after all, and I asked Shiya-chan to take a look after Miharu once she gets the time. Still, I am a bit worried about my little sister.

“Also, I feel like, with you being the hot topic of the mass media now, isn’t it pretty bad that a student is with you until this time of the day?”

“You’re saying that now? It’s fine, this flat is pretty old, but they have a strict security here, so no weird people can get in here. That’s why your parents can rest easy on their work as you and your little sister are living in this flat all by yourselves.”

“Is that…so?”

Incidentally, I never heard of any trouble occurring in this flat. Also, if it was me, I would already regard Miharu, Shiya-chan, and especially Maka-sensei as ‘weird people’.

“With nobody being able to get in and out that’s not a resident here, not to mention uninvited, I saw this as the perfect place to move to.”

“What are you implying?”

“Even if those kids from SID turn into stalkers, I have an iron wall to guard myself here. Nobody will be able to obstruct my lovey-dovey lifestyle with Saigi-kun.”

“…Well, there are one…no, two members of SID already living in this flat.”

“That reminds me, Miharu-san didn’t show any moves as of yet, right. No, is she the Trojan horse…?”

“I really don’t want to know what you’re thinking there, but Miharu really is only rolling around on the sofa all day. Even if Shiya-chan tries to teach her, she’s just running away. Really troublesome, I tell you.” I happened to sigh to my own words.

“…Saigi-kun, did you know? Miharu-san is actually pretty diligent at school. Apparently she’s never forgotten her homework even once.”

“Eh? My slothful little sister?”

“Though there seem to be times when she would just stop her calculations in the middle of class, and instead starts writing down the translations of long English sentences in hiragana.”

“Now that sounds like Miharu…”

That reminds me, these past few years, I’ve never actually seen Miharu study properly. Before, she would join when I was teaching Kuu, and I realized that she actually is really clever.

“Every single member of SID has some sort of knack to them. Amanashi-san, Muku-san…ahh, I remembered that with Jinsho-san…Seems like the cloister will be wrapped up in a tragedy soon…”

“Again, you’re definitely plotting something there, so please don’t!”

With ‘that’, she was probably referring to the time when Karen-kaichou kissed me…It might sound weird coming from me, but she must have been really jealous then.

“Though it might look like you put an end between the two of you, you’re wrong! This is just the first step for her, I’m sure!”

“I-I wonder about that…But, she said that she’ll stay in Seikadai, and use the next four years to aim for me.”

“How naive! She’s aiming for the time when you let down your guard! She even has more than half a year until she graduates, so there are still many chances for her to turn things around. Really, being the student council president, she’s trying to seduce her cute Kouhai…”

“Says the teacher that is trying to seduce her student…?”

“The difference is that Jinsho-san isn’t allowed, but I am.”

“I’m amazed you can say that without blinking twice…”

Is it really fine to let her roam freely as a teacher? Wouldn’t I be able to achieve world peace by locking her away in a room?

“Well, I still have time. I just have to come up with a good plan to take care of her if it comes down to it…”

“I feel like I’ll be turned into an accomplice for a tremendously dangerous plan…”

Well, as long as the others from SID don’t hold a grudge against us. Still, to think that I would be watching TV with my homeroom teacher, and during summer break of all times. The me from back in spring sure wouldn’t have anticipated a turn of events like this. We’d be holding idle talk while watching TV, sometimes typing something on our smartphones—



I was dozing off for a second, only to look over at Maka-sensei, finding her asleep. She was showing me her completely guardless sleeping face, as she was lying sideways on the sofa. Never expected to see this kind of face from the Unobtainable Flower. Not to mention that this isn’t even the first time I’m seeing it.

“Sensei…Sensei. If you’re going to sleep, go back to your bedroom.”

“N-No…Good job Makato…Keep toddling like that…”

“…Your dream from back then has a continuation?”

The Makato from back then, who was only able to drink her mother’s milk, grew so much that he could even walk now, huh. No, before that, who even is Makato.

“Maka-sensei, you can’t sleep on the sofa. Sensei…Wow, she’s not waking up at all…”

Maybe she really is the type to not wake up again anytime soon once she’s sound asleep. Back when she fell asleep while drunk, no matter how much I tried to wake her up by shaking her, she didn’t show any response. Probably a deep sleeper.

“H-Hmm…What to do…”

Though Maka-sensei might be relatively light to carry, I’m not too confident in my muscles. Wait…even if I was to carry her…Isn’t this a pattern where I definitely have to enter her bedroom?

“Sensei, Maka-sensei, I’ll enter, okay?”

“Mmmmm…Welu kamuuu (Welcome)…Come on…in…”

Lending a shoulder to Maka-sensei, she somehow made it to the bedroom on her own two feet. She even gave rather erotic sounding responses for no apparent reason. This person really doesn’t give her surroundings too much of a thought. Anyway, I couldn’t help it, and since I technically received her permission, I allowed myself to enter.

“Excuse me…”

Still lending Maka-sensei my shoulder, I carefully opened the door—


The second I entered Sensei’s private sanctuary…

“T-This is…Woah…”

In a certain sense, it was just as I had anticipated. However, it also passed my wildest expectations. To keep it short, it was pure chaos. I can’t even set foot normally in Miharu’s room with all her games, but this is even worse. The room was decorated with a bed and a desk,a dresser, and bookshelves. To begin with, there are countless books here. But, about half of the books weren’t sorted in the shelves, but just randomly scattered on the ground. It almost felt like there was no room in the selves anymore, and they all just ended up thrown around once done with them. How many hundreds of books are here…No, thousands? Or even more?

“Over there, it’s full to the brim with English reference books, right? Are there so many different editions?”

Some of those even I have at home. Still, all the books that entered my eye had post-it notes in them, with the paper being worn out and crumbly, clearly having been used one too many times.

“This is…Huh? A classic literature workbook? Over there is…physics? Why does she even have books for subjects that she’s not responsible for?”

Naturally, the English related books were clearly more in number, but the amount of workbooks and reference book for other subjects weren’t losing that much either. Isn’t this basically for every single subject that we have?

“Ah, can I pass through here…?”

Though the towers of books were all around me, reaching up to my head even, there were a few spots where I could see the floor. A line that went straight to the table or bed…I guess. Having no confidence that I would be able to carry Sensei, I left her at the door, and moved forward on my own.

“This is…A book about the theory of education? A reference book for teachers, I guess.”

Besides teachers, or someone that aspired to be one, this book probably had no value to anyone.

“T-This is way too crazy…How much does she read? Ah, even fashion magazines. Maybe as a break. Well, it makes sense that she has other books just for enjoyment—”

Ah, no…The magazines that were open, scattered around, all had words and corrections written in red. At school, she’s always wearing a suit, or a plain blouse and skirt during the summer, but she apparently keeps a good research on current fashion trends.

“Well…She is the Unobtainable Flower after all…She might meet a student even during her holidays, so she has to keep up her act even then.”

I’ve seen Maka-sensei’s private clothes a lot of times already, and she always had a great sense. Besides fashion, there’s even these young girl magazines, saying what is popular right now.

“What’s this on the desk…? Notebooks? What was she writing about?”

With several notebooks piled up, I opened one out of a whim.

“Amanashi Nui, consistently a Seikadai student ever since the grade school division. Results from the first end-of-term exam in her second year…An analysis after comparing her past grades—Wait, this is data from the students that she’s responsible for?”

Woah, I really shouldn’t be seeing this! I mean, I knew the gist of the situation around her grades before, and although I’m glad that there’s no other private information in there…No, never mind! It really was a blessing in disguise that I happened to flip on Nui’s page, really. Is she doing this only for this class, or for every student that she’s teaching english to…? Giving it another quick glance, it wasn’t just an analysis for the present, but also assumptions and expectations for Nui’s future studies.

“Zzz…Makato also needs a younger brother, or younger sister, right…? Fufufufufu…”


Maka-sensei, who I had left at the door, was giving off some weird sleep-talk again. You wouldn’t even be able to imagine that just from her sleeping face right now, but apparently Maka-sensei is always working this hard, huh. It’s been two years since she became a full-fledged member of society, and not even one and a half years ever since she started teaching. All in all, around three years of preparation for becoming a teacher, I’d say, counting back from her university days. Just in that rather short amount of time, her room has turned into such a mess, after all the studying she did…This doesn’t doesn’t compare at all to someone like me, who’d start studying just before the exams.


I always regarded her as a beautiful Onee-san, a bit weird in the head…Well, that certainly isn’t wrong, but this overwhelming scenery here speaks for itself. I realized this countless times already ever since the past spring, but Maka-sensei is a good teacher. And, on top of being a good teacher, she doesn’t back down from the immense effort it takes to be a teacher.

“Mmmm…I know, I have to change…The negligé…Where is it…”


Maka-sensei suddenly got up, and started making her way through the small openings on the floor, towards the closet on wobbly feet. Also, her eyes aren’t even open. She’s still half-asleep?


Opening the door of the closet, something fell down towards her at great momentum. Well, the only thing that could come flying out of the closet were clothes though.


“Ahh! Are you okay, Sensei?!”

The overflowing clothes pushed down Sensei. Inside there, I spotted familiar costumes like the cheerleader girl outfit, the apron, a maid uniform, a swimsuit, the bunny girl costume, and even Seikadai’s high school division’s girl uniform. Not to mention that there were even other costumes I haven’t seen before, like a shrine maiden’s attire, or a nurse’s uniform…

“S-Saigi-kun, can you help me out here…”

“Sensei…What’s with this amount of clothes…?” I grabbed Maka-sensei by the hand, and pulled her out of the mountain of clothes that she was buried under.

“T-This is what you would call a maiden’s secret. Bad taste of you to gaze at the contents of a woman’s closet, you know.”

“…Well, I’m glad to see that you’re finally awake.”

Maka-sensei had finally opened her eyes, and her cheeks started to be colored in a faint red. Apparently, she’s using the ‘Convenient Maiden Mode’ right now.

“I-I’m still half asleep. There’s a trick to opening the closet. Carefully open the door, hold back the clothes that are about to fall out, and grab whatever you need.”

“…Let’s just throw away the unnecessary stuff like the cheerleader outfit or the maid uniform. You’re not going to wear it again, right?”

“W-Wait! Although I might have worn these clothes before to seduce you, depending on the situation, I can technically reuse them to make your heart flutter again!”

“What are you on about…”

“…Ah?! Forget about that, why are you even in my bedroom, Saigi-kun?!”

“That sure took you long enough to realize!”

This time, she had definitely woken up for sure.

“Y-You’ve seen my room right…N-No way…so embarrassing…”

“Well, I have to agree that this line-up of clothes is taking it a bit too far…”

“That’s not what I meant! I mean, that’s also a part of it but…Having my room seen like this still is embarrassing!”

“…All I can see is that you are working really hard. I don’t think you should be embarrassed about somebody seeing this.”

“I still am! I can’t properly put it into words, but it’s still embarrassing!”

So someone else seeing how hard she is working is bad…? Seems like even a person like her can feel normal emotions like embarrassment.

“Saigi-kun, are you thinking something rude again?”

“I would never.”

She sure is sharp for having only truly woken up a few seconds ago.

“A-Anyway, forget everything that you’ve seen. Ahh, I’d rather have you see me completely naked.”

“Don’t start stripping now!”

“Saigi-kun, what exactly do you think of me? I wouldn’t strip in front of you without any important reason!”

“How about you just never strip in the first place, no matter the reason?!”

Ah, this is tiresome to retort on everything. Just because you’d rather be seen naked than having your room seen doesn’t mean that you have to strip.

“I’d really love to keep discussing on that topic, but can I say one thing?”

“Ehh, there’s something else?”

“Well…When I was hit by the avalanche of clothes, I feel like I heard a snap in my right hand. On top of that, it’s throbbing in pain now.”

“A-Are you okay?!”

Not good, I was so overwhelmed with the scenery of this room that I had forgotten about Maka-sensei still not being back to full health! Alright, first I have to take her of her, above everything else. She has to hurry and go back to her job after all.

Yeah, after seeing this room, I yet again realized how hard she is actually working as a teacher. Only her, only her as a teacher, I cannot ever underestimate. I don’t want her to quit her precious job just because of the feelings that she has for me—


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