Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 9 Epilogue

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“Soon… Just a few more minutes…!”

Constantly glancing at the clock on my computer screen, I nervously walked around the room. I know that what I’m doing doesn’t help time pass any faster, but I can’t help it.

“Hmm, it seems like there’s a bit more time left… I wonder if Onii-chan finally managed to win the grand prize…” I muttered as I clicked the refresh button on the browser page.

This is all I’ve been doing for the past few minutes, but there’s still no sign of the results. That was to be expected, of course, since the announcement wasn’t so soon. Even still, I couldn’t just sit there and calmly wait.

…After all, today is the day when we get to find out if Onii-chan managed to win the grand prize. His novel has made it to the final round, and in around ten minutes, we’ll get the results.

“…How could I calm down now?” I kept pacing the room.

It’s true that there have been times when Onii-chan’s novel made it to the final round. But sadly, it’s never been quite enough for him to grasp victory, and he lost, forcing me to go cheer him up—Naturally, that isn’t a bad thing in itself, since it allowed us to get even closer, and once he cheered up again, he looked as cool as ever, making my heart beat faster—

“Ah, what indecent things am I thinking about?!”

I quickly shook my head to rid myself of these thoughts. In just those few seconds, I came up with a hundred different ways to spoil Onii-chan lots, but that will have to wait until later…!

A-Anyway. Onii-chan has already missed the grand prize before after getting this far, so I’m not really uneasy this time around. Also…

“This time, it feels like something is different.”

I feel like something special will happen when the results get announced. Naturally, I have a basis for that. Two weeks ago, Onii-chan was in a phone call. I couldn’t quite hear everything, but it must have been someone other than Himuro-san or Shinozaki-san. I suspect that it might have been an editor from the publisher that’s running the contest. I feel like the chances for that are pretty high. Though when I asked Onii-chan about it, he never gave me any details.

…To be exact, Onii-chan has told me almost nothing concerning the light novel contest this time. I don’t know much of anything about the phone call he was on, or about the novel he submitted in general. All I’d heard was that he had finished his little sister novel, but no matter how much I asked about it, he wouldn’t tell me any of the details. When I think back to it, something is definitely off. Why won’t he tell me anything? It’s the little sister novel I’ve been waiting for so long. Of course I want to know all about it!

But, in the end, I heard nothing. And like that, the novel made it to the final round. I’m assuming (and also hoping) that the contents are so overflowing with love for little sisters that he’s too embarrassed to show me. Yes, that has to be it.

It doesn’t matter too much, because once the results are announced, Onii-chan will definitely let me read his novel. I’ve mentally prepared myself to indulge in that masterpiece, so holding off for a bit longer should be fine… Ehehehe…

I glanced at the clock again. This might be the first time that the ticking of time ever felt this slow. But finally, it came. At the exact moment the time on the clock changed, I clicked the refresh button as fast as I could and ran my eyes over the homepage, scanning for Onii-chan’s novel.

…Where is it…? Where is it…?! After a short moment passed, I found it.

Grand Prize: ‘The story of my little sister and I’ — Author: YU.


There’s no mistaking it! This is Onii-chan’s pen name! And the title is clearly that of a little sister novel! So basically…!

“O-Onii-chan finally did it…!!!”

The moment I made sure of that, my vision grew blurry. After all this time, after all of his hard work, his dream was finally realized…!

“I’m so happy for you, Onii-chan…!”

I was as happy as I would be about myself. No, Onii-chan and I are one and the same, so of course I would be delighted! Congratulations, Onii-chan! Feeling overwhelmed, I had to take a quick seat.

But after that first wave of happiness passed, I felt a tinge of sadness as well… With this, he’ll finally become an author. That means that he’ll stop being my stand-in. Naturally, that means that my time as a light novel author will come to an end. This is something I’ve been preparing myself for since the beginning, but now that it’s finally come, I can’t help but feel a bit dejected. I felt the urge to reminiscence about what had happened during all this time.

We were lovey-dovey, flirty, and we even made up… It was a precious time I will definitely never forget, in all my life. Those days will remain confined in the past. But before I could dwell on it too deeply, that sadness vanished as well, and my happiness for Onii-chan returned. This is something that I’ve already come to terms with, so dwelling on it for too long won’t do me any good.

“After all, my wonderful days together with Onii-chan will continue, just in a different way.”

Exactly. We’ll be very busy from now on. As his little sister, I have to support Onii-chan in his job. After all, he’s a proper little-sister-novel author now! From now on, I will have to be the one to support him during his data collecting! Ehehe…! Fantasizing about what was to come, I couldn’t hold back my laughter.

“…Ah, that’s right, I have to hurry and congratulate Onii-chan!”

I quickly returned to my senses and dashed out of my room, searching for Onii-chan. Right now, he’s probably jumping for joy.


I completely forgot to knock and just barged into his room.

“…Yes, thank you very much…”

I happened to catch Onii-chan while he was about to finish the phone call he was on. But who… Ah, it must be someone from the editorial department, no doubt. He did win the grand prize, after all, so they must have wanted to contact him as quickly as possible.

“O-Onii-chan, congratulations!”

Onii-chan must be grinning right now, I’m sure! He might even be so overwhelmed by emotion that he’ll suddenly embrace me! Ehehe, ehehehehe…!

“Ahh, Suzuka.”

Or so I thought, but Onii-chan was acting the same as usual… H-Huh? What’s wrong? Where’s all the joy and happiness I expected? I waited in confusion, expecting him to jump for me at any second, but that never happened. There’s no change in the atmosphere either. Why is he so calm? His wish was granted, so shouldn’t he be happier? Why is he not saying anything? And first and foremost… Why does his smile look so sad and dejected?


I realized, something was off. I couldn’t describe what it was, but something was making me pause. W-What is this? Onii-chan, say something… I grew worried. It seemed like Onii-chan had realized that, as he slowly opened his mouth.

“Hey Suzuka…”

The moment I heard his voice, I knew that something incredibly bad had happened. And he immediately gave fruit to my fears. A set of unbelievable words followed—

“I turned down the grand prize…”

3 thoughts on “Ore Ga Suki Nano Wa Imouto Dakedo Imouto Janai Volume 9 Epilogue

  1. How does he dare to turn down the prize, this was a moment I was expecting since the beggining.
    Yeah, he wants to hide the feelings he has and whatnot, I know, sigh.
    Thanks for translating!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. if he rejected the prize for hiding his feelings it would be the worst garbage the whole plot so far.


    1. He’s afraid to be hated by her, quite understandably. He’s also sacrificing his best shot at happiness for the sake of happiness of his little sister, as far as he understands it. Because IRL he would never be able to grant her the happiness she deserves. Stupid? Perhaps. Still not something easy to do.


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