Kou 2 Time Leaped (LN) Volume 1 Chapter 11

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Lunch Break and Sana’s Anxiety

And thus, the month has changed to May.

Sana and I have officially joined the Home Economics Club, and Hiiragi-chan became the club’s advisor.

In order to deepen our friendship with Ii-san, Sana and I would always visit the home economics room together during lunch break.

Incidentally, it has been awhile since I have had a matching bento with Sana.

With other people around, I won’t be able to eat Hiiragi-chan’s bentos. Much less, there’s no way I can let her feed me either.

Inside the room waiting for us was Ii-san.

Sana called out.

“Hello, Kana-chan.”

Kana-chan? Ohh, Ii-san. Wait, since when did Sana get so friendly with Ii-san?

As expected from Ii-san’s proper manners, she quickly stood up and bowed to us.

“Good afternoon.”

Her voice was as gentle as always.

While eating our bentos, Sana and Ii-san would have conversations about how far they’ve progressed in a game and how to clear them.

I felt like an outsider in the group, so it made me feel a bit lonely.

Hmm, Kana-chan… I wonder if it’s that same Kana-chan.

Ten years later, I’ve heard that name a couple times from Sana.

There was a senpai I knew by that name at my company, someone from the same high-school…

“Ah, that’s it!”

“Onii-san, please don’t shout so suddenly.”

I didn’t know anything about Ii-san’s past.

Back then when I was a high-school student, I graduated without knowing about her existence.

Even Sana shouldn’t have known.

As far as I know, Sana was a loner during high-school, so she wasn’t acquainted with any of the students.

However, at the company Sana joined, there is a Kana-chan, or Ii-san.

“Is this what they call fate?”

“Umm, are you okay? You’ve been muttering for awhile now.”

Sana was looking at me strangely, but there is nothing to be concerned of.

I grasped Ii-san’s petite hands.

“Eek! Wh- what….”

“Ii-san, I’m leaving Sana up to you. She may have a bad mouth at times, is also shy, and has tiny breasts, but she’s really not a bad person!”

“What are you doing, Onii-san!? Also, what does this have to do with Sana’s breasts!?”

Sana pulled me up by the belt in order to make me stand up and sit back down.

“Can’t you tell Kana-chan is startled and stiff because of you!”

Ah, she’s right. Her face was completely red and frozen.

“It’s because you grabbed her hand so suddenly!”

“Ahh, sorry about that.”

As her older brother, since my little sister will be in her care from now on, my grown-up’s rational sense was telling me to properly greet her.

“Is everyone here?”

Hiiragi-chan shows up whilst sweetly smiling at us.

She looks like a teacher that wants to closen the relationship with her students.

Sana is a little insightful of Hiiragi-chan. It’s not like Hiiragi-chan has shown any red flags, so what gives?

“Sensei, are you going to eat two bentos?”

“Oh, this?”

She actually brought it still!? That bento only has fried food inside it!

Even though I told her that I would not need a bento today because I’d be eating with everyone else.

I wouldn’t be able to explain to Sana and Ii-san about why I am eating Hiiragi-chan’s homemade bento.

“What are you doing!?”

Me being disturbed from the completely obvious mistake, Hiiragi-chan made an “oops” face as she had just noticed her own mistake.

Sana was staring at the beautifully wrapped bento with a blue handkerchief with a very suspicious look on her face.

“Uhh, I accidentally made a second one, so I brought it and thought that maybe everyone would like to try some of it…”

Made it on accident!? What are you, a mom!?

My face was spelling out, “I even told you yesterday morning that I wouldn’t need anymore bentos!”

“Hiiragi-sensei’s homemade bento? Wow, it looks so good!”

I can do this. I’ll have to follow this lead as best as I can.

My phone began to vibrate. It was a text message from Sana.

Why would you send me a text message when I’m right in front of you?

“This is Sensei trying to seduce you with her cooking! Don’t be fooled by her, Onii-san!”

“Don’t be fooled” she says? It’s not particularly bad to be fooled by amazing cooking you know.

In fact, I don’t even think you can make fried eggs.

Hiiragi-chan placed her bento on top of the table and insisted that we all try a bite of it.

Well, if it’s just fried stuff in there, you can always make up the excuse of ‘I got ahead of myself and made too much, tehe~’ or something like that.

As we removed the lid from the bento, what appeared before us was a perfect balance of rice and side dishes; it was a completely normal bento.

What is this!?

Why did you make this for today!?

Hiiragi-chan also had that ‘Oops’ expression on her face.

The side dishes contained fried chicken, hamburger steak, omelettes, etc. No matter what you think, this is a boy’s dream bento.

Uh oh. Sana is staring at the bento with cold sharp eyes. Looking down, my hand slowly began closing in on the bento.

My phone vibrated. It’s another text message.

“This bento was clearly made for you, Sei-kun! No matter how you think about it, this is the dirty work of a woman! It’s the charm of a family-oriented woman that can cook!”

She’s starting to figure it out…

“To-today, I had various leftover ingredients, so I used all of them to make this bento. More food though, right?”

Don’t just ask me!

If I said yes, they’d find out that I normally see your lunch box.

Work with me, not against me!

Then, Ii-san went to reach out with her chopsticks, picking up some food of Hiiragi-chan’s lunch.

“It’s delicious… Sa-chan, Sensei’s bento is really good!”

Nice, Ii-san!

“You think so? If Kana-chan says so then…”

Sana took a gaping bite of the food.

She even told me not to be fooled from her cooking… This girl…

“How is my bento, Sana-chan?”

“It- it’s okay. Even Sana can make something like this.”

Stop lying.

Why are you trying to compete with her?

Hiiragi-chan, with a smilingly grin, looked at the obstinate Sana and laughed.

‘Here, Sanada-kun, you try it as well’ Hiiragi-chan pressured me, and I grabbed a bite of hers, while eating from mine.

Yup. As always, it is delicious.

In the end, the girls ate as much as they could from their own bentos, and I finished the remaining leftovers.

That night, I was waiting for the usual phone call from Hiiragi-chan. She called around 8:30PM.

And of course, it’s about today’s club meeting.

“Sensei, that was a little dangerous today, so can you please be more careful in the future?”

“I told you it’s not ‘Sensei’ when it’s just the two of us; it’s ‘Haruka-san.’ I also thought today was quite dangerous, so I am reflecting on my actions.”

Yeah, I feel like this was pretty dangerous today.

“Also, Sana is already suspecting you of liking me…”

“Kya~ I’ve been caught~”

You sound like you’re enjoying this…

“Well, you haven’t actually be caught quite yet, but it will be if you are caught. She has stranger anxiety, but seems to be cautious of you.”

“Stranger anxiety? I don’t think that’s the main reason here. I believe it’s because a female seems to be trying to steal away her lovable big brother from her.”

Lovable big brother, huh?

Apparently it looks that way to someone from the same sex as Hiiragi-chan.

“Sana-chan is very cute. She has a pretty face, she’s willful, and she’s trying to protect you from me because she’s wary.”

She’s cute?

“It’s pretty late, so I’m going to go to bed. Good night and I’ll see you tomorrow at school.”

I heard the sound of a kiss through the phone.

Hmm, for the first time in my life, I was looking forward to attending school the next day.

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