Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 5 Chapter 2

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Maka-sensei’s Summer Banquet

Ahh, the sun is so dazzling…Gazing outside from the car window, I started feeling hot. Even though we put on the A/C in the car, huh.

“Hey hey, Shiya-paisen, can I put on some music?”

“Sure sure, Manasshii. Give me some hype music!”

“Leave it to me, I’ll play some music that’s really popular with the fangirls right now!”

Nui tapped around on her smartphone for a bit, sitting on the passenger’s seat in the front row, and turned up some unnecessarily energetic, flashy music. I feel like Nui and Shiya-chan really resemble each other. They’re always so energetic, almost noisy. While the buoyant music filled the car interior, Shiya-chan gleefully focussed on her driving. The car she was driving was rather big, being able to fit around 7 people in the interior, a land rover of sorts.And it wasn’t her own own car, but the car owned by the Keimi Household’s father.

“I’m surprised that your father lent you the car. Isn’t this car pretty important to him? Is he really fine with you driving it, Shiya-chan?”

“Hey hey, Mako. You shouldn’t underestimate your friendly neighbourhood Onee-san like this. I took money from my parents to properly get a license, and am now driving around in the car from my parents, so can’t you trust me a bit more?”

“…Well, I guess.”

As of right now, she’s not overdoing it with the speed, and she isn’t making any dangerous turns either after all. But, sitting in the same car driven by a childhood friend, I can’t help but feel a bit nervous. Ever since she was young, Shiya-chan had always had tendencies to be a birdbrain at times. That incident before with Karen-kaichou mainly happened because Shiya-chan was the trigger for it after all…

“It’s fine, Sai-kun. I’m watching her as well, so if anything happens I’ll quickly take over the steering wheel to save the day!”

“Says the person with no driver’s license. Nui…I can’t lie, but having you sit in the passenger seat like this is pretty scary in itself.”

“Shouldn’t you be glad to have a gravure idol like her sit in the passenger seat in the first place? Right, Manasshii?”

“Right, Shiya-paisen~”

“…You sure have gotten close while I wasn’t there…”

Even though Nui and Shiya-chan were supposed to never have had this much contact before today, they’re talking like they’ve known each other for months. Well, it’s probably because they are very similar to each other.

Shiya-chan had her bright chestnut-colored, long hair waved today, wearing a cutsew that showed her shoulders, with a long skirt. Nui on her part had her normal semi-long hairstyle with her red hair, also wearing a cutsew that revealed even more of her shoulders, a tank-top inside, and hot pants, exposing her thighs. The Shiya-chan that had a university debut, and next to her an active JK gravure idol, Nui. Truth be told, their style was great, and everyone would agree that they looked really styled-up.

“Sensei, Sensei. I thought that the driving would be stressful on Kagome-chan, but she seems to be doing pretty fine.”

“There’s no way that Kagome could be stressed by anything. After all, she’s living at our house like she’s been there since the beginning. Also, stop with the cat punches!”

Sitting in the second row of the car were Miharu, Shinju Muku—aka Kuu, and me. I was made to sit between them, while Kuu had a carry bag on her lap, with Kagome in it. Said Saigi Kagome was just rolling around inside there, not paying any attention to what was happening outside.

Kuu had her marine blue hair bound up into a bob on the side of her head, wearing a short-sleeved white blouse, with a mini skirt. Miharu’s black hair was the same as always, put up behind her head in the form of a ponytail. Talking about her clothes, she was yet again wearing the long-sleeved hoodie, half pants that reached until the lower part of her knees. I can’t lie, she kind of looked like a boy in that. Apparently, Kagome was very keen on not letting Miharu pay any more money into the social games she was playing, as she continuously gave her cat punches. Good job, keep doing that!

“Shinju Muku, how about I take the cat back to me. There’s still space back here.”

In the last row, sitting behind us was Jinsho Karen-kaichou. Her long, black hair was as radiant as ever, shining with a slight blue tone, wearing something like a rich lady’s one-piece that reached down to her knees, which fit her pretty well.

“It’s okay, Karen-oneechan. I want to keep hugging Kagome like this.”

“Also, Kaichou-san, that outfit of yours is pretty girly. You sure are motivated, aren’t you?”

“Motivated?! Wait, Saigi Miharu, this is just something that Raiha—A friend of mine forced me to buy when we went out shopping. I really wanted some more plain, comfortable clothes, but since I don’t have many anyways, she pushed me into a corner, and I didn’t have any other choice…!”

What a lengthy explanation. On a side note, Sekiya Raiha is a part-time worker at the cat cafe ‘Nekoranya’ that Maka-sensei’s father is managing, as well as a high school student that was raised in the same cloister like Kaichou.

“Well, not like Miharu cares about Kaichou-san’s clothes anyway.”

“Don’t say that! Saigi Makoto, make sure to properly educate your little sister!”

“…I’m planning to look after her at least until she’s at the age where she could be counted as an adult.”

“What meaning is there if you’re not mentally an adult…”

I cannot agree more, but someone like me cannot do anything against this inevitable fate.

“No, should I just put more effort in it…? I mean, I’m working really hard. I tried teaching her countless times, and I told her to take care of her own body and properly dress…”

“Onii-chan, your grades are the most average they can get, and you get scolded about your clothes every day by Kaichou-san.”

“…I’m sorry.”

An Onii-chan, apologizing to his little sister. As I am right now, I don’t have the right to complain to other people about not being grown-up.

“Hey now, no fighting back there. It’ll take a bit more time, so keep calm back there.”

“I know that. But, it still is pretty far away, that camping spot…Or no, it was a barbeque spot, right?”

Yes, the plan for today was to hold a barbeque, or BBQ for short. The final destination of this drive was a certain camping spot in another prefecture. Apparently, you can enjoy your BBQ there without having to stay the night in a tent. And of course, the one that came up with this plan was the normie university student Shiya-chan. Normally, there wouldn’t be a pretense to hold a BBQ, but just this once, Shiya-chan had one apparently.

“I think it’ll take another 30 minutes. It’s mostly a desolate spot, with few people, but pretty far away from us. Ah, Mako, are they properly following us?”

“Let me check…Ah, yeah, they are.”

I turned around, and checked the car that was driving directly after us through the car window. It was a black BMW. Since we were pretty close, I could clearly spot the face of the person in the driver’s seat. A beauty with a short-cut haircut, was opening and closing her mouth in a rhythmic manner. I’d assume that she’s singing something. To name her, it was the Seikadai Academy high school division’s Japanese teacher, Renku Hiyori-sensei.

“Seems like they’re getting pretty excited as well.”

The person sitting in the passenger seat next to Renku-sensei was an equal beauty, with brown, long hair. Obviously, it couldn’t be anyone but Maka-sensei. I mean, the pretense of this BBQ was Maka-sensei’s ‘Recover Celebration’. After one week of recovery, the bandage was taken off her hand, and she could live her normally daily life again, at least to a certain degree. Though she shouldn’t force herself just yet, she could even return to her workspace. This today is her first free day after that return, so it was decided that we’d be celebrating a bit.

“Maybe I should ride with her on the way back. Hiyo-tea is pretty amazing. A Bi-Em-Vi is pretty expensive, right? I want to try riding on that at least once!”

“Oh my, am I being betrayed here by my trusted Manashii?”

“Sorry, sorry, Shiya-paisen. Still she must get paid a lot as a teacher to be able to afford a car like that.”

“No, I don’t think their salary is that great…” I reflexively retorted.

Although it might not be the most expensive car in the world, Renku-sensei is still young. I guess this makes it another mystery about the already mysterious Renku-sensei. Also, she might have recovered, but just for safety measures, Maka-sensei isn’t driving yet. Her Fiat hasn’t returned from the repair yet either, and it can take a bit longer for all I care. Though, I’d really like to know how she asked Renku-sensei for this. I can see her explaining Shiya-chan’s party reason, but what about everyone from SID?

“…Hm? Oh, I’m getting a call.”

As I gazed at the screen, the person calling me was—

“Hello, Kisou-sa—Tenka-san, what’s wrong?”

‘The atmosphere is really heavy. Do something, you’re responsible.’

“I don’t remember doing anything that would make me responsible for this.”

It seems as she’s trying to not get the attention of Maka-sensei, but Tenka-san was whispering into the phone. Yes, as you probably have guessed already, Tenka-san is also tagging along, sitting in that BMW.

‘You chose those girls, and went to ride with the university girl, Saigi. I’ll resent you, until I die.’

“U-Until you die…?”

Apparently, she didn’t quite like the fact that I went to drive with the members of SID. Naturally, ‘she’ refers to Maka-sensei, not Tenka-san. In our car, it’s Shiya-chan, Karen-kaichou, Me, Nui, Miharu, Kuu, and Kagome (Ranked after age). In the BMW, it’s Renku-sensei, Maka-sensei, and Tenka-san (Equally ranked after age). Meaning, it’ll be 9 people and one cat that are heading to the BBQ place. Naturally, I cannot help but get a weird premonition from this…but I couldn’t escape since this was all planned for Maka-sensei. And everyone is well aware that I have too much free time on my hands…

It was…truly, the perfect weather for a BBQ. We could see guests here and there at the spot, already being busy with their own BBQ, but there weren’t too many people that it would make things uncomfortable. Right next to it, was a beautifully clean and clear flowing river, with people playing in it even. They were all so engrossed in playing that they didn’t pay any attention to the other customers, which I was really thankful for, seeing that Maka-sensei still shouldn’t be showing her face too openly in public.

“Mako, could you bring me that charcoal?”

“Yeah, this should be good right, Shiya-chan?”

I put down the box filled with charcoal at Shiya-chan’s feet. With her long hair down her back, she was working on the fire with fire tongs in her hand. Putting charcoal into the BBQ machine, a flashy flame started to burn upwards.

“Ohh, looking good so far.”

“It’s surprisingly difficult. With an amateur, the flame might disappear immediately. Once you get on my level though, you’ll be able to control it at your own will.”

“So you got used to going on BBQ trips thanks to your university debut, I see.”

“Don’t say university debut! Well, I can’t lie that they often do BBQ trips, making me think ‘Are you a spy of the BBQ industry?!’, you know.”

Seems like Shiya-chan isn’t aware that she’s already a full-fledged normie.

“Once you get into university, I’ll make it so that you get invited as well. At this point in time, I’ll get so many other girls to join as well, after all~”

“What’s with that implying way of phrasing it…”

“I wonder~ Well, don’t mind me. Anyway, I should be good here, so go help out Shiya-chan, Mako.”

“Alright, I’ll do that.”

Pretty close to us, Karen-kaichou was currently busy with cutting the vegetables, showing a rather serious expression.

“Karen-kaichou, let me help you. I’m pretty confident in my cooking skill.”

“…Hm? No, I’m fine doing this on my own. Back at the institution, we also have to cook for ourselves after all. Leave the cooking to me and Shiya-senpai.”

“But, aren’t you tired? You must have been studying a lot for the national mock exam.”

Because of the incident that Karen-kaichou caused just before summer break started, her position as a scholarship student is at stake. Since she needs this scholarship to keep studying at Seikadai’s university, she’s trying to obtain good results at the upcoming national mock exam. Though she has top grades in Seikadai, nationals are on a completely different level.

“We came here to take a break, didn’t we. There’s no need to be working even today, Kaichou.”

“I’m used to looking after the small kids at our institution. It’s much more calming for me if I see someone playing, so go and have fun with the others.”


It feels like Karen-kaichou grew a bit more calm and docile. Before, she was much scarier.

“Ahh, right, you can play with them, but no excessive body contact alright. This isn’t related in the slightest, but I am holding edged tools today.”

I saw a light flash in her eyes, as she held up the knife she was cutting the vegetables with….Umm, I take back what I said about her being docile. Man, Saigi-kun really doesn’t have any eye for people. In RPGs, monks or priests don’t have cutlery…Apparently, this nun (in training) doesn’t have any restrictions there.

“U-Um…I know, I have to look after Miharu and Kuu.”

While still being wary of Kaichou, I took steps back, trying not to show her my back, separating from that spot. Pretty close to there, closer to the BBQ spot, there was a tarp tent built up. The tarp felt like a roof more than anything, and beneath it, tables and chairs lined up that we rented.

“…Miharu, I was already guessing this, but you sure show no signs of helping out.”

“In Miharu’s service manual, it says ‘Flammable’ after all.”

My little sister was laying on a deck chair, playing with her smartphone. No matter if we’re at home, or somewhere outside, she is always the same, huh…Well, she might actually set fire to this whole area on accident, so I don’t mind that.

“Kuu, is Kagome doing fine?”

Our cat was resting on another chair, with Kuu sitting next to that on the ground, just gazing at her.

“Yes, she’s fine, Sensei. Kagome-chan looks like she’s really enjoying this, so I’m glad that we took her with us.”

“I see. Yeah, you didn’t want her to be left out after all.”

Although I was thinking of having Kagome look over the house, I decided to take her with us at Kuu’s request.

“Seems like…she’s not planning on running away.”

“I feel like Kagome-chan would just hop in the car herself once it’s time for us to leave.”

“If that happened, I’d be pretty doubtful if she’s not actually a cat with magical powers or something.”

Not like I have any way of denying that though. Well, this just means that there’s one less problem to worry about.

“You don’t have to worry about anything. I will properly look after Kagome-chan.”

“That’s great and all, but you should be careful as well, and not get too close to the river. Ah, Shiya-chan is currently working on the fire, so stay away from there for now. Also, no touching the knives.”

“Sensei, you’re way too protective! I’m already in my fifth year of grade school you know?!”

“But…you still look like a 3rd year…”

“There’s a great difference between them though! Wait a second, I know! Sensei! My breasts have been growing more and more recently!”

“Ahhh?! You don’t have to show me!”

Kuu started to get teary-eyed as she frantically opened up the buttons of her blouse, trying to show me.

“There’s other people around us, so you can’t just show me your breasts!”

“…But, there’s only girls around us?”

“Ah, now that you say it. No other boy in sight.”

All the other guests seemed to be university girls, like Shiya-chan. Now that I think about it, this place doesn’t have some ban on boys being here, right…?

“Hm? But, I feel like they’ve gotten bigger.”

“Uu…You think so as well…Sensei? Now I feel kind of embarrassed…”

“Can you decide already?”

Well, she is slowly but steadily getting into the complicated age. But instead of only checking with my eyes, I decided to reach out with my hand, and directly touch her chest.


“Nyan? Anyway, I did cop a feel before when we compared yours to Miharu’s chest but…Yeah, you’re catching up.”

“I-is that so! So I will slowly catch up to Miharu-oneechan! A five years wall between us nothing, I dare say!”

“What kind of weird phrasing is that…But, you sure are growing. Though I’m happy, I also feel a bit lonely.”

I kept my hand on her chest, and pat up and down. Albeit small, they gave off a soft feeling, and the two cute mounds that were entering my view at times were really cute.

“Fuah….Mmm…Nyaa…S-Sensei…I feel weird…”

“What? Are you getting a fever? Your face is ready, now that I look at it. You okay?”

“The one not being okay is you, Sai-kun!”

Suddenly, I was grabbed by the neck, and pulled backwards.

“W-What, oh it’s Nui. Look, Kuu is acting a bit weird—”

“Again, the weird one is you, Sai-kun! What are you groping the breasts of young girl like Kuu in public?!”

“Breasts…It’s Kuu we’re talking about, you know? She’s a fifth grader.”

“That makes it even worse! A total out! Kuu-tan, properly put on your clothes again!”

Weirdly enough, Nui was actually panicking quite a bit as she frantically buttoned up Kuu’s blouse.

“Eh, I’m totally okay with Sensei groping my chest though…in about five years…”

“Then you’ll be okay with it in a different way! Though Sai-kun will be limited!”

“I don’t really care, but this is pretty weird for you, Nui. No need to cause a ruckus like this.”

“W-Weird…I definitely should be in the right here…Sai-kun, come with me for a second. This time I will lecture you!”

“Ehh, Nui is lecturing me? Is the world going to end tomorrow?”

“You can do it, Sensei! I’ll go play with Kagome-chan.” Kuu waved her hand at me.

Nui pulled me by the hand, and took me to a nearby shadow next to a rock.

“Listen, Sai-kun. You can’t touch any unripe chest. If you need to cop a feel, then just ask me!”

“Yeah, I knew it beforehand, but this sure does not feel like a lecture.”

Even beneath the cutsew and tank-top, I could clearly catch glimpses of Nui’s well-developed chest. Though hearing this proposition from a gravure idol like her might make your heart shake, for better or worse, I managed to hold myself back.

“…Huh? That reminds me, Nui, didn’t you say you went to a photoshoot on Saipan1?”

“Ah, yeah I did!”

For a second, Nui’s eyes lit up—

“…A day trip.”

“A day trip?!”

Only for her to hang her head low in depression.

“I was looking forward to it so much, but then they tricked me! Boarding the plane first thing in the morning, quickly get the shot done, and then back to Japan in the evening! How would you feel?!”

“Pretty frantic if you as me…Did they want to save costs for staying the night or something?”

“Of course they did! They said that we had a lot of staff for it, so they made this a non-stop round trip! I didn’t have time to get a sunburn!”

“W-Well, that wouldn’t be beneficial for you anyway, getting a sunburn I mean. They say that a sunburn is a woman’s arch nemesis.”

“I really wanted Sai-kun to awaken to a tan fetish, and that plan just went poof, gone! Since Maka-tea and everyone from SID is fair-skinned already, I have to stand out in some way! Thanks for nothing, management!”

“That plan wouldn’t have worked even if it wasn’t a one-day trip…”

I really don’t care if you’re tanned or fair-skinned, really.

“Ehhh…But, staying the same as always won’t have enough destructive power. What should I do then.”

“Destructive power? What are you on about?”

“No no, don’t mind me. Oh right, I might just help out with the food a bit~”

“Nui, I don’t have any medicine with me for an upset stomach, so keep that in mind.”

“What do you take me for, Sai-kun?!”

A dangerous individual, what else? Naturally, I kept quiet about that, and just watched the teary-eyed Nui trott off into the distance…Well, it’s nothing new, but I feel like she might be planning something…

“You seem to be enjoying yourself…”


I heard an ominous sounding voice, as I reflexively stretched my back.

“M-Maka-sensei…How are you feeling?”

“Not bad, not bad. My right hand is almost back to normal, so I feel like I can bring up quite the power.”

Maka-sensei was having her right hand at me, as a dark, rumbling aura built up behind her back…Not good, I let down my guard. She saw me being flirty—Well, not exactly flirty, but she still saw me talking with Nui like this. I was expecting her to watch over the playing students, since they are teachers, although not on official duty right now. Ahh, since Nui and I disappeared, they probably realized it even quicker. Maka-sensei was wearing no-sleeved knitted garments, with a black tight mini skirt. Her two, dazzling long legs and thighs were almost too bright for my eyes. I really can’t see these clothes being made for outdoor activities like this—

“Today Sensei is in the main role, after all. Come on, take a seat.”

“What’s with you, so suddenly. But, you’re right, I am the protagonist today. We were driving in a different car, and Saigi-kun has mostly been avoiding me today…I’m not some hardcore masochist, you know?”

“Avoiding…I was helping Shiya-chan.”

“That university girl…She’s not content with just being referred to by -chan, but now she’s even keeping Saigi-kun to herself…”

“Aren’t you doing the same, Maka-sensei…”

“Shut up! Today is a celebration for me, so I’ll keep quiet for now, but if the girls from SID pull any mischief, then…Fufufu.”

“Finish your sentence, please! Covering up with your laugh is scary!”

While laughing, Maka-sensei walked away.

“…Ah, that reminds me, Saigi-kun”

Or so I thought, when she suddenly turned around.

“The truth is…I went on a BBQ before during my university days, but I never learned how to put on the fire…or how to grill the meat and vegetables. I’d probably just turn the food itself into charcoal.”

“You really are clumsy in the weirdest spots…It’s fine, Shiya-chan and Kaichou are taking care of it.”

“I don’t even have the confidence to properly split up the food on the respective plates…”

“E-Even that? I-It’s fine, you are the protagonist today, so I’ll do the rest.”

“I’m glad…I really can’t live my life without you Saigi-kun.”

“You’re over exaggerating…”

After I gave Maka-sensei a bitter smile, she turned around and walked away for good. Even if she’s not planning anything, she still takes a lot of attention. Just for today, I have to take care of her again…

The BBQ was great. I really am not the outdoor type, but eating delicious meat beneath the blue sky on a great day like this wasn’t too bad. I feel like I can finally understand why normies are so hooked on BBQ. Wait…Aren’t I kind of a normie right now…? I’m surrounded by girls, and all of them are beauties without question. At least they look like beauties.

“Now then, since that’s done, let’s move on to the next part!”

“Yahooo! It’s finally time for the real deal!”

The second we finished cleaning things up, Shiya-chan and Nui suddenly started to get noisy. Well, they were pretty energetic during the BBQ as well.

“Hm? Real deal…? There’s more?”

I really thought that the BBQ was the end.

“Hehe, Sai-kun. Now it’s my time as a producer! Everyone, let’s go!”

Nui said in an arrogant tone, as the girls all headed back to the car. What’s going on…? All I could do was play with Kagome until they returned—

“Okayy, thanks for waiting! Sai-kun, look at this!”

“What is it now…Woah?!”

Nui, who came walking towards me from the car—was wearing a swimsuit. It was a similar one I had seen before, when I helped her with her gravure idol photoshoot, a white bikini. And yet again, her well-endowed breasts, one part of why she is so popular as a gravure idol, were about to burst out of the bikini top. Every time she took a small step, her chest was shaking very flashy.

“N-Nui? Why are you wearing a swimsuit?”

“We can swim in the river here, you know. So of course, we’d use that opportunity!”


Nui stood in front of me, taking erotic positions you’d see in a magazine with her. Even if know what’s inside that rocking bod, I couldn’t help but be flustered…Why, Nui’s an idiot though…Is this what she meant with ‘destructive power’…?

“Sai-kun, aren’t you thinking something rude again? What else but erotic thoughts could you be having, with me standing in front of you like this?” Nui got noisy as she walked forward.

If she keeps moving like that, anybody would eventually give in to those breasts—

“S-Sensei. How does this swimsuit look…?”

“Even Kuu…”

The next girl that appeared in front of me was Kuu. She was wearing a pastel pink one-piece type of a swimsuit, with a frilly skirt. I have to say, it really looked cute on Kuu.

“Yeah, you look adorable. We took you to the pool last year, but this swimsuit is different I see.”

“T-The one from last year is a bit tight around my chest…”

“Ahhhh…Well, it’s good if you’re growing.”

As a 5th grader, she might still be small, but she definitely shows signs of growing.

“Hey, Sai-kun! Why is your reaction so different from mine?! You’re a lolicon?! A lolicon, right?!”

“Hey now, don’t scream out stuff that would get me arrested.”

“…I crushed Nui-oneesan. I won against an active gravure idol…!” Kuu formed a fist with her right hand, striking a victory pose.

“Y-You…! You can’t fangirl about lolis nowadays! Just looking at them with a weird gaze will get you arrested! But, you can do whatever you want with me, whenever you want, and the police can’t say anything!” (sounds like a plan to me)

“Alright, let’s keep it at that!”

Nui was starting to get worked up a little bit too much there. Also, treasure yourself a bit more.

“Kuu, go play with Nui-oneesan. Look over her so that she doesn’t do anything weird.”

“I-I understand. I’ll give it my best, and look after Nui-oneesan.”

“…Weird, where is my respect corresponding to my age…”

Though Nui truly made a hateful expression, Kuu didn’t mind that and pulled her by the hand, onwards to the river. Fuu…Good thing the dangerous individual Nui was the first one to appear…

“Uuuu…I’ve never worn a swimsuit before…”

“Yes yes, you said that countless times before, but you have to enjoy your life some more, Karen-chan. You’re rocking a good body there, so not wearing a swimsuit is a crime! Such a perverted body should be shown!”

“P-Perverted…Saigi Makoto tends to tease me about it, but Shiya-senpai, you’re even more rude!”

“Well yeah, I’m something like a master to Mako after all.”


The next ones that appeared…Karen-kaichou and Shiya-chan, huh. Karen-kaichou was wearing a cool and soothing blue bikini. That being said, she was getting close to Nui’s chest size, so looking directly at her would not be good for my health. Especially the mole on her right chest, it really would destroy my reasoning. Shiya-chan on the other side rather kept it cute with hers, a bikini with a flower pattern, with a pareo around her hip. And she’s rather big in the chest area as well…

“Look at Mako, closely observing us! And Karen-chan’s breasts especially!”

“W-Why are you happy about that! Hey, Saigi Makoto, don’t stare too much!”

“…Karen-kaichou, I already said this before with your nun uniform, but your swimsuit figure really is indecent…”

“Don’t say indecent! I’d rather have you call me sexy!”

Oops, she got angry at me. But, I can’t help but voice my honest impressions. She really gives off a lot of sex appeal.

“…A-Ahh, that girl didn’t follow us! Really, all these kids are so troublesome to take care of!”

Suddenly, Shiya-chan turned around on her heel and walked away. After that was Karen-kaichou, walking to the river as her breasts were swaying left and right. Normally Karen-kaichou was always brimming with confidence, but once it gets into the being sexy part, she always crumbles.

“Gyaa, Shii-chan, let Miharu go! Miharu wants to live inside the car for the rest of her life!”

“Haru, just give up. I’ll cut the A/C either way, so you’ll burn up inside the car.”


Miharu was almost brought to tears as she was pulled along by Shiya-chan.

“It says in Miharu’s service manual to ‘Not expose her to too much sunlight’, you know.”

Babbling on about something incomprehensible as always, my little sister was wearing a blue-white striped bikini top, with hot pants beneath that. Looking at her with this swimsuit on, she really is flat… (FLAT IS JUSTICE)

“Well, I’m used to seeing your naked breasts even, so I don’t feel any shock from this~”

“Onii-chan, Miharu anticipated that response, but it’s still frustrating.” Miharu threw me a sharp glare.

“I really can’t tell if you’re close siblings or not, really.”

Since Shiya-chan knew us from the time we were still young, she knows that we always took a bath together until fairly recently. I mean, there were often times where Shiya-chan even joined us for a bath. But, that’s all in the past.

“Now, this should be everyone. Ah, Mako, you’ll be wearing a swimsuit as well. Be thankful to Onee-sama for preparing one.”

Opening the bag that Shiya-chan pushed towards me, I found a familiar looking swimsuit in there.

“I should have properly locked up my room, so why does Shiya-chan…”

“I had someone work together with me. Also, I was really looking forward to seeing your stash of porn, but I couldn’t find anything. Curse today’s technology, being able to store all the data!”

“Um, Shiya-chan? I’d like to retort here, so could you stop with the new revelations one after another?”

She didn’t just selfishly steal my swimsuit, but also went searching through my room. Also, she probably doesn’t need to tell me, but I can guess this certain someone that was working together with her.

“Hm? Shiya-chan, where’s Maka-sensei…Renku-sensei, and Tenka-san?”

“Well, Maka-sama went off with that small cute girl somewhere! Ahh, I really was looking forward to seeing Maka-sama’s swimsuit! Just for that, I went to buy a new smartphone with a triple camera, to get the perfect quality!”

“…Shiya-chan, let’s use the money from your part-time job properly from now on.”

Shiya-chan was a rather plain JK, but after meeting Maka-sensei, she decided to become more like her, changing her hair color and everything.

“Ah, Renku-sensei said that a swimsuit is a total no-go. If we really wanted her to, we should contact her manager.”

“Is Renku-sensei some celebrity now?”

I knew it before, but there really are way too many tiring and bothersome people around me…Anyway, Shiya-chan told me that Renku-sensei was relaxing at a nearby cafe.

“Maka-sama’s swimsuit might be too dazzling for my eyes, and end up making me blind, so I guess I’ll have to give up.”

“Good thinking…”

Shiya-chan has to drive us home as well, so I’d really appreciate it if she treasured her eyes. If she can’t…No, I don’t even want to think about the nightmare awaiting me.

“Go and change, Mako. Haru and I will be going on ahead!”

“Ehhh…It says ‘Do not get in contact with water’ in Miharu’s service manual though.”

My little sister really is a complicated living being to handle. Especially today, I feel like. Well, she hates being outside, so I should have anticipated that. But anyway, I went into the shadow, and finished changing.

“Hey, Mako! You’re late!”

“Oh, Sai-kun. Not bad, not bad~ But, get a tan, you’ll look even better!”

“N-No, being fair-skinned like that isn’t too bad either? Ah, not good…my heart is racing seeing someone else’s naked body, even though I already have god…”

“Sensei, hurry up! Uwa, nyan!”

“Alrighty, Kuu-chan, don’t fall over now. And Onii-chan, don’t get enchanted by a young girl’s swimsuit.”


What is this gal game like ‘Swimsuit party with beauties event!’ atmosphere. Everyone from SID was gleefully playing in the river. Luckily the water wasn’t too deep, so Kuu could play around with no problem whatsoever.

“Sai-kun, Sai-kun, the water is so cold, it feels really good! Come feel good together with us!”

“Hey Amanashi Nui! Don’t phrase it like that—Kyan!”

Getting splashed with water by Nui, Karen-kaichou let out a cute shriek.

“Ahahahaha, although I might lose a bit in terms of studying, being outdoors is my specialty!”

“A bit…? Oho, so you’re trying to start a fight with me?”

Running her hand through her long black hair, Karen-kaichou closed in on Nui.

“Who cares about that…Miharu doesn’t want to get wrapped up in this…Ahh, Kuu-chan, protect Miharu.”

“Kya, Miharu-oneechan, you’re heavy!”

Miharu clung to Kuu from behind her back. Well, as long as they’re having fun.

“Alright, since Mako is here now, I’ll go over there for a bit. Mako, Karen-chan or Manasshii are fine, but no laying your hands on little girls, okay?”

“I won’t lay my hands on anybody!”

“Ahaha, I allow you to cheat, since I’m a grown adult!”


Shiya-chan waved her hand at me, and walked off somewhere.

“Now then, Saigi Makoto. Since only the original SID members remain.”

“Yeah, I feel like that, recently, Sai-kun’s been treating us rather roughly.”

“S-Sensei…If you don’t pay a bit more attention to me, even I’ll start sulking?”


Karen-kaichou, Nui, and Kuu, all wet from the river water, approached me. Only Miharu, flashing a ‘I can’t be bothered’ expression, was resting at a nearby rock. Hmm…I feel like getting away from them might be impossible…

“Sorry for making you wait, Saigi-kun!”

And then, a beauty appeared, bringing light to my approaching despair. Running her fingers through her brown hair, she came walking towards us like a model on a catwalk.

“Since this girl here really hated the idea of wearing a swimsuit, I had to force her a bit.”

“…There was no need to force me like that.”

Following Maka-sensei was Tenka-san. Apparently, they had some interior fighting, which made them run late. Maka-sensei was wearing a flashy red bikini, heavily emphasizing her large E-cups, making them look even bigger than usual. Not to mention her plump thighs, a sight to behold. No matter how often I see her like this, I can’t help but admire her great style.

Tenka-san…was wearing a school swimsuit for some reason. Having a small stature for being a second-year in high school, with breasts that wouldn’t lose much against her older sister…what is this sense of immorality?

“Uwah, Ten-chan, a school swimsuit?! How aggressive! Even I, as a gravure idol, have never worn one before!”

“C-Couldn’t help it. I don’t have any other swimsuits. Onee—Fujiki-sensei told me to bring one…J-Just let me leave!”

“No leaving. Kisou-san, you have to learn to communicate with your surroundings a bit better.”


Maka-sensei grabbed Tenka-san’s wrist, and pulled her towards the river. Woah…Leaving aside Maka-sensei, even Tenka-san’s chest was swaying so much. Tenka-san was trying to hide her body in embarrassment, but because of that, her breasts were emphasized even more. Really, did they plan this just to stimulate me or something?

“S-Saigi…Don’t stare too much…That gaze…you have to see it for yourself…”

Now this is a side I haven’t seen of Tenka-san before. Well, this clumsy and flustered side is probably in the Fujiki Household’s blood.

“Now then…Let’s enjoy ourselves, Saigi-kun~”

“I-I’m not going to enjoy myself…!”

The both of them lined up in front of me, leaning forward to show the valley of their chests. Well, Tenka-san was just doing the same pose as Maka-sensei because she was forced to.

“Grr…Maka-tea, your grown-up appeal…It’ll take another year until I can catch up…”

“Rather, Fujiki-sensei has been getting rather bolder…Oh Lord, will you forgive this person?”

“S-Sensei…I won’t give in just because you two are going out…!”

“Onii-chan’s gotten in a lot of trouble, huh. All you had to do was forever take care of Miharu.”

Behind the beautiful sisters, the members of SID followed. What kind of view is this, the mid-game bosses lining up after the final boss. Either way, none of them are bosses that I will be able to surpass…Welp, I was looking forward to some normal, relaxing fun, but looks like that was too much to ask for I suppose

Or so I thought, but it was actually pretty enjoyable. The water of the river was cold, and felt really good, and everyone was playing like little kids. Well, Kuu still is a kid. And Nui might have the body of an adult, but she has the brain of a child.

“Maybe I’m paying it too much mind…All this SID stuff.”

Having gotten a bit tired, I was taking a walk a bit further away from everyone. Meanwhile, Maka-sensei, Tenka-san, and everyone from SID were gleefully playing around. Well, I say that, but with Miharu and Tenka-san being the indoor type, they were now laying at the tarp. Though I’d like to retort on the fact they’re having a bit too much fun on this, it does mean that SID won’t attack me, giving me some time to breathe.

Since only Karen-kaichou knows about Maka-sensei’s true identity, this is much more calm and collected than the usual ‘education’ of hers. And apparently, Maka-sensei is enjoying herself, while still acting as our guardian. Well, she was kind of locked up in her apartment for quite some time, so a lot of frustration and stress must have built up. Though truth be told, while relaxing like this, she is still keeping SID in check.

I guess that…me just playing around, not paying any mind to anything, probably turned into a wall for Maka-sensei. She might have some clumsy moments, but she’s clever enough. Even now, I’m in a ‘I can’t run away from Maka-sensei’ situation. When I had to say who was more troublesome to deal with, all of SID gathered or Maka-sensei, it’d probably be Maka-sensei. And this Maka-sensei here is acting as the unobtainable flower in front of others, trying not to harm me in any way.

“Heeey, what are you mumbling to yourself, Saigi!”

“Ah, Renku-sensei…Not good, was I talking too much.”

Renku-sensei had put down a chair close to the river, relaxing. Is she that much afraid of getting a sunburn? Why is she wearing long sleeves even in this heat?

“Renku-sensei, weren’t you supposed to be waiting at a nearby cafe?”

“More people arrived and it got noisier, so I ran away to this place. I’m a grown-up woman that loves the quiet, you know~”

“I was about to ask for your opinion on quietness.”

“Ha ha ha, as cheeky as ever, I see. By the way, you can just call me Hiyori-sensei. I mean, usually everyone is referring to me by that anyway~”

“It’d definitely be weird if I started referring to you like that.”

I am known as the Saigi that is always rebellious towards teachers.

“But you call MakaMaka ‘Maka-sensei’…? Then, call me Hiyo~”

“That’s a bit too much of a step-up…”

But, it really seems like nobody cares too much about me calling her ‘Maka-sensei’.


“Okie dokie. Any stiff way of referring to me is more of a bother than anything, since I’d rather be an easy and cheap to get along with Sensei, you know~”

“Cheap…Well, it’s fine. I’m probably just being a bother to your quietness now, so I’ll leave you alone.”

“It’s fine~ I’m here to look after everyone after all. Is MakaMaka enjoying herself at least?”

“Yes, she sure is. She must have been stressed out, not being able to leave her apartment all this time, so this is a good change of pace, I’m sure.”

“Hmmm, you know that she wasn’t able to leave after all, I see.”

“I-I happened to hear about it from Tenka-san. And I mean, I brought her the items she wanted, so of course I’d be interested in her situation.”

“Hmmm, is that sooo. From Kisou-chan~?”

Ah, her eyes are looking more doubtful than lax. I know that since I often have this sort of gaze.

“You’re not stalking MakaMaka just because she’s a beauty, are you~? You better not try to find out the color of her underwear every day, okay?”

“I’m not the clingy type of person to begin with…”

Well, I do know the color of her underwear on a daily basis almost. Rather, the one being clingy is Maka-sensei…

“Well, you’re just a shitty brat, but not necessarily a bad kid.”

“Shitty brat…”

Isn’t that basically the same as a bad kid?

“I feel like MakaMaka is pretty interested in that? Normally, your rehabilitation should be a job that nobody wants to take over, but she sure looks lively to me~”

“…Maybe Maka-sensei is just a workaholic? And she wants the work that’s rather lengthy and tedious to do. Though it might sound weird coming from me.”

“That might be it, yeah~ MakaMaka loves to challenge herself, ever since she was young.”

“…Ever since she was young?”

“Ah, that reminds me. That girl, Keimi-chan. She was walking upstream, on pretty unsteady feet. It’s pretty hot, so she’s gotta keep up her water supply. If she collapses, it’ll fall under my responsibility, and I’ll cry if they cut my wage~”

“…Shiya-chan is already a grown-up, so that wouldn’t fall under your responsibility though.”

“Just go. Here, I haven’t opened it yet.”

Hiyori-sensei stretched out a water bottle towards me. She’s clearly avoiding the previous topic, but…she’s a weird person to begin with.

“I’ll gladly do that, but…Hiyori-sensei, why did you suddenly bring up Maka-sensei?”

“As doubtful as always I see, Saigi. Wanting a reason for every conversation.”

While handing me the water bottle, she continued.

“Well, with such nice weather, I guess my mouth has gotten a bit loose, what can I say~ Normally adults don’t say any unnecessary stuff, see.”

“……Is that so.”

That really doesn’t explain much, but…Well, questioning her won’t help me much now that she’s like this. Guess I’ll go save my childhood friend.

Walking alongside the river for a while—

“Ah, there she is. Shiya-chan!”

Shiya-chan was sitting on a large rock, next to the river.

“Hey Mako, be a bit more quiet. You’ll scare away the fish.”

“Ah, sorry. But, why are you fishing here, Shiya-chan?”

Just when I was wondering where she went and what she was doing, this is quite the unexpected development. Still wearing her swimsuit, she was gazing at the fishing line, reaching out of the water surface.

“Here, have some water. Hiyori-sensei asked me to bring it to you.”

“Ahh, thank you. I’ve actually gotten a bit thirsty, so perfect timing.”

Shiya-chan accepted the bottle, and immediately gulped down almost half of it.

“Puwa, that feels great, feeling it run down your throat. I completely forgot to some, so you really saved me.”

“Glad to hear it. And, you’re fishing here?”

“Since fishing is allowed here, I thought I might as well. But, since the kids are playing back there, the fish are swimming away, so I had to separate a bit. River fish are pretty delicate, you know.”

“Is that so…”

I’m just guessing that she’s not used to fishing. Shiya-chan can be pretty crude and rash after all, I really can’t see her catching anything…

“Ah, I remembered! Back in middle school, Shiya-chan’s dad took us out to a fishing trip! Miharu was with us, right?”

“You forgot about that until now? Yeah, my father really loved fishing, so he wanted to teach it to his daughter as well. Though, I really wasn’t interested all that much. That’s why I forced Mako and Haru to come with me, so that I wouldn’t be bored too much.”

“For that reason?!”

Well, Shiya-chan was always treating me like a pet, or a toy.

“How many times did we even go there. It was pretty fun, but we eventually stopped going there, right.”

“Since I never showed any signs of actually wanting to go there myself, my father stopped pulling me there.”

“…So, why did you start fishing now?”

“If it’s with everyone, there are things I can’t tell Mako, right?” Shiya-chan lifted up the fishing rod.

“…So you weren’t fishing for the fish, but for me?”

“Good thing my childhood friend understands me that well.” She grinned, and tapped me on the shoulder. “Hey, Mako. You understand why I decided to participate in SID, right?”

“…Uuu, you’re coming straight at me, huh.”

So much happened with Maka-sensei’s accident that I completely forgot…Shiya-chan joined the SID LINE group, and started sending childhood pictures of me.

“Ah, I see. Maka-sensei isn’t a member of SID, and is still part of their LINE group. There must be some reason, so you decided to—”

“I’m a proper member of SID. I asked Karen-chan, and she let me in.”

“Uuu…How did you find out about SID’s existence?”

“I know everything about Karen-chan. That includes the suspicious organization that she is a part of.”

“Ugh…As always, I can’t underestimate this flow of information…!”

For some reason, SID isn’t even as secret as they make it out to be…!

“B-But, wait a second Shiya-chan! You and I are childhood friends…And right now, we’re private tutor and student, right?!”

“Isn’t that pretty good porn material and so on?”

“What are we talking about?!”

I’m not 18 yet, so I don’t know much about that topic! Yes, I’m not lying!

“Anyway, never mind that, I’m serious. I didn’t join SID for the laughs. If I did, Karen-chan would have probably found out, and kicked me out.”


I know that all the members from SID truly have genuine feelings for me. Nui, Kuu, and Karen-kaichou, I already heard their feelings, and although their group might be a bit fishy, I can’t deny the very reason of their existence. Because that would be too rude.

“Oh yeah, everyone from SID already did it with you, right?”

“They didn’t!”

“Hey hey, what are you thinking? I didn’t mean that.”

With a small giggle, Shiya-chan put down the fishing rod, walked around me, and hugged me from behind. It’s hot already, so why would she…No rather, why is my heart beating like this, even though she’s just an Onee-san I sometimes took a bath together with?

“I’m talking about a confession. A con-fes-sion…Fu~”


Pushing her head next to my ear, she faintly blew at it. A shock, akin to an electric current, ran through my body.

“I’ll go ahead and say it as well. Mako, Shiya-oneesan…likes you.”


So that’s why she got involved with SID—I had these assumptions from the moment she joined, but I was hoping that she was just joking and teasing me like she always had…

“Don’t jo—”

“It’s not a joke. I do like teasing you, but I will never deceive you. Naturally, Karen-kachen as well. Both Haru, who is like a little sister to me, and Kuusuke, a serious and diligent girl are in there as well, so we’re not joking around.”


“That’s where you stab in? I heard from Manasshii that your retorting skills have gotten better over the past few months, but you still have a lot to learn I see.”

“What are you talking about with Nui…?”

“Rather than that…I just confessed to you. Where’s my response?”


Even know, be it Nui, Kuu, or even Karen-kaichou, I haven’t given any of them a definite answer. It’s like I’m ‘keeping them warm’…

“Haha, I know, I know. You can’t answer immediately. Nom nom~”

“Woah…?! S-Shiya-chan…!”

She suddenly started softly biting into my ear. Ahh, Shiya-chan’s (self-proclaimed) charm point, her high canine is hitting me…!

“Mako sure is cute. Your looks didn’t change either these past few years.”

“Leave me alone. A-Are you saying that…you like me…because of my looks?”

“Now, I wonder? Maybe Maka-sama is interested in those cute parts of yours?”

“Uu…Y-You know even that.”

Right after I received the quadruple confession from SID, in order not to receive countless attacks and approaches from them, Maka-sensei and I started a fake relationship. Naturally that would mean that Shiya-chan also knows about us ‘dating’…

“Well, I know that the two of you aren’t just teacher and student. If not, you wouldn’t be nursing her like this.”

“What’s with that implying way of phrasing things…”

“I mean, isn’t this what your relationship is like? Well, seeing that Mako, who hates being deceived, and deceiving others, is telling lies like this, I guess that Onee-san is a bit happy that you’ve grown this much. My young boy has grown up.”

“I really don’t believe your confession yet, you know.”

Saigi-kun, time for a counterattack. I didn’t just take Maka-sensei’s education for nothing. I won’t be done in by an older woman that easily.

“Really? You think that my confession is just a lie? Or is it—”

“Alright, Shii-chan. Can you stop teasing Onii-chan like that.”


“Ah, Haru?”

Suddenly, my little sister’s face suddenly peaked around the corner of a nearby rock. Wearing her usual hoodie on top of her swimsuit, she was gazing at her smartphone.

“…Miharu, you shouldn’t walk while looking at your phone.”

“You’re retorting on that now? Everyone is looking for you, Onii-chan. Especially Maka-sensei, she seemed really serious.”

“Really serious, huh.”

She probably had problems holding up her unobtainable flower face. Really, I keep telling her that she has to be more careful. Not to mention that she still is gathering attention thanks to the video of the accident.

“Good on you to find us like this, Haru.”

“Ah, Miharu put a tracking device in Onii-chan’s smartphone, so she always knows where he is.”

“So you finally admit it! And that easily?!”

Ahhhhhhhhhh, that took way too long! This doubt I had for so long finally turned into reality!

“To be precise, it’s the ‘OPS’.”

“W-What’s OPS?”

I took out my phone, starting to look for an app or the like with that name.

“O (Onii-chan) P (Positioning) S (System). Or OPS in short.”

“No intention of hiding anything I see!”

“Ah, you don’t need to look for it. The icon is hidden, and Miharu set it so that it doesn’t show in your downloads either.”

“You keep throwing the cold hard truth at me…”

Since I don’t really use my smartphone all too much besides messaging, I wouldn’t even know how to look for something hidden like that…

“Don’t worry, The OPS that Miharu developed can only gather your GPS information, and access your camera, so it’s totally safe. No need to worry.”

“It’s not safe at all…Also, it has access to my camera even? Give me a break…”

Doesn’t this mean that she can record sounds with the camera…?

“…Hm? Miharu, when you’re at home, and you’re only on your smartphone, does this mean…”

“Miharu is also playing social games, but she often checks OPS. She sometimes checks where Onii-chan has been, or looking at the camera and the pictures you sent.”

“What about my privacy?!”

“Just a joke. Miharu put in that function for the camera, but she’s not using it.”

“So you’re not denying that you’re checking my location…”

It’s pretty normal I’d say for parents to always look where their kid is going around. But, isn’t this going a bit too far?

“Ohh, Haru, you’re pretty good with all this technical stuff then?”

“You’ll eventually get to a level like this if you just play around with your smartphone all day.”

“I-Is that so…?”

Her knowledge might actually be on a whole other level from what I originally anticipated? To think that she’d make an original app like that…

“By the way, Makoto-kun, Shiya-kun. Miharu took the freedom to overhear your conversation just now.”

“Why did you suddenly turn into some dandy old man?”

“Onii-chan, you shouldn’t doubt Shii-chan too much. It’s true that she mostly treats you like a toy, and she loves teasing you even if that’s a demerit for you…and she might have done some bad things in the past.”

“Um, Haru, why did this suddenly turn into a diss?”


Miharu walked forwards, and stopped between me and Shiya-chan.

“Since forever ago, Shii-chan was always focussed on Onii-chan. When Onii-chan was deceived by Kouko-sensei, and ended up hating teachers, Shii-chan went to complain to her, right?”

“H-Haru, why do you know that?”


Ehh, what’s with that. I never heard about that either.

“And it’s not just that. When Onii-chan was in middle school, a student from another school was in trouble with a teacher, so she marched in there immediately.”

“Again, why do you know that?!”

Incidentally, Shiya-chan was pretty surprised at all the knowledge that Miharu was holding. But, I heard about that story myself. It’s the story that happened when Karen-kaichou and I first met back then. I really don’t remember telling Miharu about that…

“Shii-chan, you were warned by your own school back then, right? That’s why your mother knows, hence why Miharu knows.”

“Were you always this close with my parents, Haru…?”

Shiya-chan was perplexed at the sudden reveal. I wasn’t as much, seeing that the Saigi Household and Keimi Household had been neighbours in our flat since forever, so of course our families are pretty close.

“Miharu, why do you even have all this proactive information gathered like that…”

“The one that holds control over the flow of information holds control over the entire world.”

“Are you aiming for world domination or something?!”

No, never mind that, I really didn’t expect my slowpoke of a little sister to be this diligent. She sure doesn’t waste her talent…

“And also, Shii-chan, you—”

“Waahh, Haru, you have even more?!”

“Since Onii-chan is so doubtful, you have to tell him everything or he won’t believe you. He’s been stuck on Kouko-sensei for ten years plus, you know.”

“Stuck on…”

I’m questioning if my little sister doesn’t actually hate me.

“The reason you didn’t get in contact with Onii-chan after you got into university is because you were afraid that he wouldn’t grow, and only stick to you, right? That’s why you took your distance from him.”

“I didn’t tell Mama about that!”

Shiya-chan went completely red, grabbing Miharu’s shoulders, and shaking her. Miharu on her part just stayed expressionless as before.

“Yeah, this just now was Miharu’s speculation. But, seeing that reaction, seems like she was right?”


Woah, Shiya-chan is at a loss. This is similar to back at Karen-kaichou’s incident…Might she actually be pretty weak-willed…?

“Well, just as Shii-chan knows a lot about us, Miharu knows about her. It’s pretty easy to arrive at that conclusion. The only one that can’t, is this doubtful Onii-chan, unable to understand a girl’s heart.” Miharu threw me a cold stare.

Yeah, seems like my doubtfulness is not helping in that regard…

“I-I’ll go fishing a bit more upstream! This time I’ll definitely catch some sweetfish!”

Suddenly, Shiya-chan picked up the fishing rod, and ran away.

“…Umm, does this river actually have sweetfish?”

“Even if it does, Shii-chan can’t catch them anyway. You have to be cool while fishing after all.”

Yeah, Shiya-chan’s condition is the farthest thing away from cool right now.

“Hmmm…So Shii-chan kept quiet about that…”

“…Hm? Miharu, are you in a bad mood or something?”


Without responding me, Miharu just averted her gaze, and started to operate her smartphone again. To see my little sister, who barely can’t be arsed to do anything besides rolling around all day, push Shiya-chan into a corner like this, I feel like this isn’t the last of this.

“…Should we go after her. It’d be bad if she fell into the river like this.”

“Yeah, let’s do that.”

Though I’m interested as to why Miharu is in a bad mood, she won’t respond to me, so further asking won’t do me any good. Either way, Shiya-chan is like an older sister for the two of us. No matter how complicated things might get, we’re still worried about her.

“Fu, what a pain, during this heat.”

Miharu complained, as she took my hand. This sure takes me back to when we were still small…Holding hands with my little sister like this isn’t so bad once in a while, I guess.

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