Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 5 Chapter 3

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Maka-sensei’s steamy travelling mood

And there was a hot spring inn. There, gods of the Sengoku period1, who proudly fought in the wars for their families and friends, went to soothe their wounds, and refresh their tired bodies—Well, not as much, but it still is a pretty famous hot spring, I heard. Though a hot spring’s main season runs from fall to winter, there’s also a lot of people that like to visit one during the summer. Especially now, during nationwide summer break, getting a reservation is no easy feat.

“H-Hmmm…” I groaned, as I looked around inside the inn.

It should be difficult, yes, but we still managed to get one room, thanks to our good luck, I’d call it. Something similar happened before, so I can’t tell if this is good or bad luck actually.

A Japanese room, able to fit eight people. We were nine people in total, plus a cat, so quite a big group. Couldn’t complain that there wasn’t a room big enough for us, plus we could take the cat in. After all that playing at the river, we got too focussed, and missed our timing to go home. Since the two drivers were tired as well, we held off of a long drive for today, and looked for a place to stay over. Everyone went to call around several inns, and luckily, we managed to find this one. Sitted in a certain mountain, it felt like an inn that was mostly meant for distinguished families. Naturally, the pay for it wasn’t anything to ignore, our two adults quickly agreed to pay. However—

Maka-sensei, the members of SID, Tenka-san, and Hiyori-sensei were all tending their skin, which had been under the heavy influence of UV rays. Now they were all sitting on top of the tatami mats.

“Umm, I’ll just go sleep in the car. It should be big enough for me.”

“No you won’t. If someone is sleeping in the car, it will be me.”

“You’re still recovering from your injury, Maka-sensei! And you’re a woman!”

“Either way, we can’t have a student sleep in the car with two teachers present. Students always go first.”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s just like MakaMaka says. Well, we can fit nine people plus the kitty in here. Saigi might be a boy, but just this once, we can’t change anything.”

It didn’t seem like the two teachers were going to step down from their opinion. Student and teacher, adult and child, boy and girl, either way, the two teachers didn’t mind it that a boy like me was sleeping in the same room as them.

“Uuu…I wonder if the lord, who I’ve sworn my body to, will forgive me for sharing a bed with a boy…”

Sharing a bed…?

“Alrighto, let’s go check out the hot spring, Sai-kun! Wanna join me?” (YES PLS)

“No thanks. Nui, you can’t swim in a hot spring anyway. Also, no wearing a towel while stepping in, that’s bad manners. Properly close your eyes when you’re washing your hair, because it’ll ouchie ouchie, okay?”

“Sai-kun is mocking me!”

“My, Amanashi-san learned a new word today ‘to mock’ As a Japanese teacher, I can’t be happier about this~”

“And now Hiyo-tea is joining in! I even learned the proverb ‘Be called an idiot one too many times, and you’ll turn into one’, you know!”

“Before I thought that ‘Nui might actually be pretty clever’, but I guess I’ll take that back.”

“Noooo! Those words are like my shining ray in despair! Ahh, forget it, I’ll go enter the hot spring! And I’ll keep my eyes open while washing my hair!”

Nui went to grab the contents of her bag in an aggravated manner, and stormed out of the room.

“Ah, Nui, you dropped your phone…Well, she’s already gone. Guess she won’t need her smartphone anyway.”

Ah, it’s even turned on.

“…This is…?”

The screen was locked, but the background…It was the selfie we took together on the day she confessed to me. Seeing that she’s using this of all pictures…it must be really important to her.


A lot of time has passed since that confession, but I still haven’t given her a proper response. Even right now, I’m just running away—

“Saigi Makoto, what’s wrong? You can just put the smartphone away for her.”

“A-Ah, yeah.”

The lock screen had already disappeared, and now what I was staring at was just a black screen. There’s one thing I’m interested in…but since we’re all together now, I guess I’ll keep it in the back of my mind for a while.

“Um, anyone is fine, but could you look after Nui? I’m worried that she might get kicked out if she causes too much of a ruckus.”

“…Can’t help it. Saigi Miharu, Shinju Muku, come with me. I’m used to looking after younger girls.”

“Uuu…I don’t want to…But now that we’ve played in the river, I can’t help it…”

Kuu hates baths like a cat. Though, she must have sweated a lot today, so she’ll definitely take one, even if I have to force her.

“…Wait, huh? Miharu is sleeping.”

My little sister, who was rumbling around in her bag a few seconds ago, had now completely fallen asleep.

“She doesn’t have any endurance at all. Well, not like I’m one to talk. How about we just let her sleep for a while? She can take a bath later once she wakes up.”

“Yeah, you can enter the hot spring around the clock. What are you going to do, Kisou Tenka?”

“I’ll rest a bit longer. Don’t worry, I’ll take one later.”

“I see. Then, Shinju Muku, let’s go.”

Kaichou pulled Kuu after her, and left the room. Once the room was three people less, it really was more spacious, allowing me to take a breather.

“Ahh, I’ll go take a bath as well. What about you, Maka-sensei?”

“The room finally got a bit more open, so the adult group will go take a break. Both Hiyori-sensei and Keimi-san are tired from all the driving, so I’ll go enter together with them later.”

“I understand. Then, I’ll go on ahead.

We hadn’t planned on staying over for the night, but I’m glad I brought some change of clothes. Now then, time to enjoy myself a bit.

Holding a towel and a change of clothes, I stepped out of the room, and walked down the hallway. We only chose this inn so that we had a room to stay in, but the atmosphere it gives off is really nice. It’s a quiet and simple inn that I really enjoy.

“Alright, the man’s bath is here…Wait, huh? It’s currently being cleaned…?”

“Ah, Dear Guest, I’m very sorry. We have another bath over there, so please feel free to use that.”

“Ahh, is that so. Thank you very much.”

Giving my thanks to an employee that was passing me, I headed to the bath further down the hallway.

“Ohh, so in here. Pretty convenient, you can put up a sign that says ‘In Use’…Wait, mixed bathing?!”

“There are a lot of guests that prefer to use one bath as a family. However, there is no problem if you prefer to enter alone.”

“A-Ah, okay…”

The employee returns. I just heard that employee mumble “That kid is cute…” as she passed me, but was there someone cute like that around?

“If I’m using it, it’s probably good manners to quickly finish my bath, so let’s do that.”

I can still take my time in the men’s bath later. That being said, I gave it a quick check if really nobody was inside. At times like these, one of those lucky pervert moments tend to happen here, so I have to be careful. Nevermind Maka-sensei or the girls from SID, this happening with an unrelated woman would be more than just awkward.

“Yeah, seems fine…Then let’s go in.”

Taking off my clothes in the changing room, I headed further to the bath. It was an open-air bath, and you could see the mountains in the distance. It had already gotten dark, so the mountains weren’t able to be seen anymore, which was a shame. On the other hand, the moon and starry sky were now in full sight, and after having washed myself off, I entered the bath, and gazed up at the sky.

“Haaaa~ This is the best…”

After the BBQ and playing in the river, my body sure had gotten tired. Now, I could feel all the exhaustion washing away with the slight waves of the water as I moved my body. I have to get out quickly again, but this pleasant warmth is keeping me prisoner…

“Ahh, so you were here, Saigi-kun.”

“Maka-sensei?! So you really came?!”

“What do you mean by that?!” She puffed out her cheeks in a sulking manner.

Naturally, entering the bath, she was completely naked—the important parts only hidden by a full-body towel.

“I mean, going from past patterns, 9 out of 10 times something like this would happen in mixed bathing springs.”

“Indeed. I have no intention of showing my naked body to another man besides Saigi-kun.”

Fixing her expression, Maka-sensei walked towards the hot spring. I panicked, and quickly averted my gaze from her. Her slim shoulders, and barely visible thighs, were way too blinding.

“Listening to a passing employee, I heard that a boy that fits your description entered the mix bathing.”

“That employee again…!”

“I already took a shower inside the room. It’d be bad if I stayed too long in the mixed bath. I’d get a lot of attention.”

“I-Is that so…”

I guess that girls also show envy towards the naked bodies of other girls. Maka-sensei has a nice style, and beautiful skin, so I guess she’s right.

“Now then, if you excuse me. Haaa…this feels really great…”


As I peeked to my side, Maka-sensei had properly put away the towel, and sank into the water. Since the water was more milky white than transparent, and with the hot steam rising up, I couldn’t really see much, but…I can spot more than half of her well-endowed chest, and her exposed shoulders are playing with my reasoning even more than usual.

“M-Maka-sensei, isn’t this pretty dangerous? Today, we even have Hiyori-sensei with us.”

“Hiyori-sensei just started drinking in the room, so she won’t be coming anytime soon.”

“…You didn’t recommended her to do so, did you?”

“An open-hair bath beneath the starry sky is the best…And I even have Saigi-kun with me.”

“Please deny my assumption!”

“By the way, you suddenly call Hiyori-sensei ‘Hiyori-sensei’ don’t you, Saigi-kun.”

“I didn’t expect you to miss that…Well, she herself asked me to.”

“…Well, it’s fine. You’re also calling me by name. This will actually turn into good camouflage.”

…To think that she of all people would allow this.

“R-Rather than that, Sensei. Forgetting about Hiyori-sensei, what if the others join us…”

“I already paid for this, so let me enjoy myself for a little bit. Since we’re lovers in the heads of SID, doing it like this is much more believable, right?”

“Wah, Sensei…”

While still keeping her body underwater, Maka-sensei slowly was closing in on me. Ahh, her breasts are right in front of me!

“K-Karen-kaichou doesn’t believe that story anymore, you know—Waaaaah!”

Maka-sensei sat down next to me—grabbed my shoulders, and pulled me close. Hugging me from behind, she made me sit on her lap.

“Ahh, this really is calming…I wouldn’t mind paying three times the price for this.”

“Again, I’m not some bonus or anything!”

And I’m so expensive?!

“Mmm~~~ Let me hug you~”


Maka-sensei clung to me even tighter, and her two soft bulges were wrapping around my head.

“What, you’re surprised from this, after all that has happened?”

“That doesn’t matter! I’ll never get used to this!”

“…Really, you never forget to retort on anything I see…”

Ahh, this soft, spongy sensation, hitting my head and cheeks! Even the feeling of her tips—Sometimes, I can see pink spots entering my view!

“Fufu, even though you like my breasts that much. When I was still injured, you never helped me with my baths. No need for that at all, you know.”

“…I wanted to face the difficulty and grow.”

“…Why do you feel more like a teacher now.”

No matter what you say, helping you take a bath is impossible for me. She should’ve been able to wash her body albeit having only one hand, and things would have ended in a lot of ways besides a proper bath if I helped her out.

“Well, being able to enjoy this situation together with Saigi-kun, I’ll allow anything.”

“W-Well, thanks for that…”

“It seems like you’ve gotten pretty close with Keimi-san—Ah, and Miharu-san as well, right? I…guess I’ll allow that?”

“Don’t put a question at the end!”

Also, how quickly did you realize that! I really can’t relax with her!

“It was obvious that Keimi-san was trying to lure you out to be alone with you. Did something happen?”

“I-It’s fine.”

Though it doesn’t turn into a response, but ‘I was confessed to’ is not something I can say. Even if it’s Shiya-chan we’re talking about, this isn’t something I should tell anybody else.

“…Well, let’s leave that aside for now. What about Miharu-san?”

“Miharu? Well, she was a bit weird. That being said, she’s normally pretty weird, and difficult to grasp. And, she finally confessed about tracking down my location all the time.”

“I tend to use that from time to time, so I don’t mind.”

“I do mind though?!”

I wouldn’t mind if it’s just my little sister knowing my location, but having Maka-sensei or any other girl constantly being aware of where I am is a bit…

“It’s just, when I think that Saigi-kun might get taken away by some weird and dangerous girl, I’m just so full of worries…”

Maka-sensei pushed her breasts even stronger against me. It might be unconsciously, but still.

“…Um, I’m already a second-year in high school. Well, I can see that you might be worried.”

She still treats me like a kid, huh…

“Haa, who cares about that now. Now that my wrist has recovered, I can cling and hug Saigi-kun as much as I want. Now this…this is healing…”

“I am not being healed here…Could you…at least stop clinging to me…”

“Fufufu, if you say that, I feel like doing it even more. Maybe I should just make this today’s education?”


Maka-sensei let go of me, and now used her hands to push her breasts against my cheeks. Uwa, something pink is about to enter my mouth…!

“S-Sensei, this is bad! That place is about to…!”

“That place…is what place?”

“Don’t do an English quiz here!”

“Normally you would say ‘Breast’, or ‘Tits’ in slang. Though I can’t recommend using the latter one at school.”

“Don’t continue! What’s pressing on me there is—”

“You mean the ‘nipple’? Now, what would that mean in Japanese?”

“D-Don’t use your own body to teach me English like that!”

“Fuu…Onii-chan sure is busy as of recently. Before it was so much more docile with you.”

“Eh, Miharu? Why are you—”

“It’d be troublesome if you’d underestimate Miharu’s OPS.”

I really wish she wouldn’t brag about something like that. But, she ignored my dubious gaze and walked towards us. Holding a towel in her hand to slightly hide her body, her breasts are mostly completely visible.

“M-Miharu-san! What are you doing, being completely naked in front of a boy! Do you not know any shame?!”

“…And you’re one to talk, Maka-sensei?”

This really isn’t something you should say while pressing your own chest against me.

“Miharu isn’t trying to show it or anything. Not showing Onii-chan at all would make it more weird and awkward than anything.”

“Do you realize how weird you sound…! You’re not in kindergarten, you’re in high school, you know?!”

Sadly, this time she’s actually bringing logic to the table.

“Onii-chan, Miharu is tired. Go and wash her body.”

“Ehhh…Can’t help it then…”

“Don’t just agree with her?!”

“If I just leave her be, she’ll just enter the bath without properly washing herself, that’s just how slothful she is.”

I let out a sigh, picking up the towel I put down before, and got up from the bath.

“Treat Miharu well, Onii-chan~”

“Aye aye.”

I mean, washing my little sister’s body isn’t that big of a deal anymore, but being seen by someone else like this is a bit embarrassing…

“Onii-chan, do it thoroughly today. Miharu has been playing outside today after all.”

“I know that. Ah, your curly hair is especially bad today.”

Fixing her curls here and there, I went to start with my washing program. There’s a certain knack with washing Miharu’s hair, and I’m probably the only one that knows it all over Japan. Continuing from her hair, I moved down, along her unexpectedly soft and elastic body. Naturally, her still growing breasts as well. I could even feel the tips growing more stiff.


“Ah, sorry.”

I accidently put a bit more strength into it. I relaxed a bit, and started drawing circles around the tips.

“Hauuu…Mmm…That feels good…~”

“Hey, don’t let out a weird voice like that. Come on, raise your arms.”

Rubbing her side and belly with the sponge, I made her stand up so I could thoroughly wash her butt, thighs, down to the toes even.

“Here, we’re done.”

“Thanks, Onii-chan. Kiss~”

“Wah…A kiss even, how rare.”

Miharu softly kissed me on my cheek, so I couldn’t help but pat her on the head.

“Well, from time to time. Onii-chan, you too.”

“Ahh, yeah, sorry.”

I gave a faint kiss on her slippery cheek.

“Hey! This is definitely, definitely wrong! I can’t even find anything that’s not wrong here!”

“Wh-What is it, Maka-sensei? A kiss on the cheek is nothing weird between siblings, right?”

“This isn’t America you know?! Japan, Japan I say! Don’t forget your Japanese heart!”

“Coming from an English teacher…Well, it’s not like an English teacher can’t have a Japanese heart.”

Maka-sensei has been getting really agitated. Kissing Miharu on the cheek and vice versa is something we’ve done back when we were small kids, so I don’t think anything of it anymore, really. Anyway, having finished the washing, Miharu and I headed to the open-air bath again.

“Ahhh…a hot spring really is great.”

“But, you always hated it when I invited you to one, Miharu.”

“Miharu would rather stuff all the money for the trip into her gacha.”

“…I really feel like I’ve taken a wrong step while raising you.”

“Then, how about you leave that to me, and I’ll show you how it’s done,” said Maka-sensei, throwing me a rather serious gaze.

“No can do. Fujiki-sensei won’t spoil Miharu at all after all. And you won’t give her any money for the gacha. Even if Miharu made some SPS system, you’ll probably put up a counter-hack immediately, rendering it useless.”

“The last part sounds pretty amazing, but it’s not like I’m totally in favour of you being spoiled all the time, not to mention your gacha addiction.”

With SPS, she probably refers to a Sensei Positioning System?

“And also…The only one allowed to spoil Miharu is Onii-chan!”

“……This is taking it even further than a brocon…Miharu-san, you know that your Onii-san won’t spoil you forever, you know?”

“Miharu likes Onii-chan after all. That’s why she wants to be spoiled by him. And only by him, because she likes him. That’s all there is to it.”


This is the first time that Miharu’s ever openly admitted her feelings…I can’t say I’m exactly comfortable with that happening, while being naked together with my beautiful homeroom teacher, and my little sister…

“Let me just be upfront with this. Miharu-san, Jinsho-san is a nun, Amanashi-san is in the entertainment biz, Muku-san a little girl…No matter how much you may like Saigi-kun, the hurdles for you are way too high. But, you have it the hardest out of all of them, you’re at rock bottom right now.”

“S-Sensei…! That way of phrasing it is…!”

“Eh? Of course Miharu knows that. She’s not an idiot after all. Though her grades might have the potential to improve.”

Miharu’s expression was like she was saying ‘Why would you bring that up now?’.

“I know that you’re not an idiot. You’re not dumb, you just don’t study. On a side note, I really wish you’d improve on that.”

No matter how clever she might be, if she never learns about it, she’ll never remember when the Battle of Sekigahara2 took place.

“Yes, Miharu knows that, Fujiki-sensei. You know, Miharu really likes Onii-chan, but she’s not saying that she wants to marry him, or have children.”

“C-Children3…?! Miharu-san, your word choice!”

“Fujiki-sensei, do you not want Onii-chan’s children?”

“Of course, I want lots—Mmm, cough, enough of that talk!”

Maka-sensei, what were you about to say there…?

“Yeah, enough of that. How should she say it…Miharu is just irritated by Fujiki-sensei.”

“Eh, that’s what this is about? Wait, what did I do? Sure, let me hear what you want to say. I wouldn’t mind borrowing the student guidance counselling room for a day if necessary.”

“You don’t have to go that far. It’s a pain just to be called there.” Miharu waved her hand, looking annoyed.

If it was Miharu, I’d imagine she would just ignore it to go home.

“Well, the reason for it is simple. Miharu knows that you must have had a lot of trouble because of your injury, but because of that, Miharu was abandoned all this time by Onii-chan.”

“Eh, that’s it? No, I already explained that. It’d be bad if we just let her be, and she is our direct neighbour, so helping her out is only natural.”

“But Miharu was cast aside.”

“Ehhh…Even if you suddenly get all childish here…”

“Miharu isn’t saying to not help her, but you could have asked her for help.”

“T-That’s what you’re angry about?”

To think that this slothful little sister of mine says she’d be willing to help someone.

“Miharu can’t forgive the fact that she was just ignored for so long.”

“…Miharu-san, aren’t you actually angry at Saigi-kun, and not me?”

“You can say that. Fujiki-sensei did nothing wrong, and Onii-chan is to blame.”

“So you’re still blaming me after all?!”

That’s why she’s been in a bad mood for a while? Shiya-chan just took the hit?

“For leaving her alone all this time, you should spoil Miharu to her heart’s content.” Miharu says, as she starts hugging me from the side.

Her soft, slippery skin hit my arm, and I can directly feel her softness.

“Ahh, hey! I won’t allow any indecent actions between siblings!”

“Wah, Maka-sensei?! A-And what do you mean by indecent actions?!”

Now this time Maka-sensei took my other free side—Ah, unlike Miharu, her well-endowed is directly pressing against me…!

“Fujiki-sensei, that’s not fair! You already had Onii-chan spoil you all this time! Now it’s Miharu’s turn! Onii-chan, hug Miharu, and kiss her!”

“He was spoiling you for the last 16 years! It’s still my turn! Saigi-kun, hug me more, and kiss me!”

“Do you two even realize what you are saying?!”

They both ignored me, pressing their chests against my chest even stronger, kissing me on the cheek. I’m really used to being kissed like this from both sides, but while being completely naked is a bit!

“Also, Fujiki-sensei, you actually had this kind of personality, huh.”


Ohh, the storm of attacks from Maka-sensei stopped…! Still with her body in the water, Maka-sensei separated from me.

“Y-Yeah, it would be bad manners to interrupt family time like. Take your time, the two of you. But, be careful to not get heatstroke in here.”

Maka-sensei only left those words, while trying not to show her body too much to us, and left.

“…She really isn’t hiding anything with that attitude, is that fine for her?”

“She probably knows that she can’t cover things up anymore at this rate.”

Miharu let go of my arm, and now rested her shoulder against mine.

“Miharu is the one closest to Onii-chan, you know. She is aware of your relationship with Fujiki-sensei. Looking at Onii-chan, it’s easy to guess what kind of person Sensei is.”

“You sure got a good eye,huh…”

“Miharu is Onii-chan’s little sister after all. You might be really dubious about everything, but you have a good idea for people, at least that’s what Miharu thinks.”


I immediately saw through this ‘Unobtainable Flower’ character, that Maka-sensei had been honing for years. Although it seems to work for the other students, Miharu achieved the same as me. I mean, even Karen-kaichou happened to see (one part) of her true personality after that ruckus the other day.

“Naturally, Miharu doesn’t believe the part of you two dating in the slightest.”

“…Then, why did you just give up on attacking me after your confession?”

“Because Miharu couldn’t be bothered.”

“Hey hey.”

Though it makes sense if it’s Miharu, you really shouldn’t just stop caring after you actually confess.

“Half of it is a joke.”

“I’m really worried as your Onii-chan to hear that.”

“Miharu told you that she has an eye to see through people. She knows everything about you. You, who hates teachers over everything, wouldn’t just go out with a teacher the next day.”

“…I really can’t argue against that…”

Even if Miharu isn’t as doubtful as eye, she has the wisdom and brain strength.

“Yeah, you don’t have the guts to go out with Fujiki-sensei. Be it Kouko-sensei, or the past Kaichou-san, even if your relation with teachers gets cleared up, you still would never decide to go out with a teacher.”

“So you even know about Kaichou’s past…”

It might already be a bit too late, but I really want to destroy their information network.

“But, even if that’s the case, Onii-chan is interested in Fujiki-sensei. The only reason you can’t take a step further…there has to be something? Sadly, Miharu’s information doesn’t reach that far.”


Once I accept her love, Maka-sensei will leave the school. Like a curse or a spell, that’s been glued to my consciousness. That being said, this really is just a secret between me and Maka-sensei.

“I’m pretty sure that, from now on, the relationship between Onii-chan and SID, as well as Fujiki-sensei, will grow even more complicated and bothersome.”

“I wonder…”

“Miharu, the others of SID, and Shii-chan, we all won’t give up. Even if something happened between Onii-chan and Fujiki-sensei.”

“…Listen, Miharu.”

I faced her, and took a deep breath.

“There’s one thing I have to say. I should have said this much sooner, but…I cannot go out with my little sister no matter what.”

Besides all the children talk and whatever.

“Figures. After all, the hurdle is even higher than being teacher and student. It’s just as Fujiki-sensei said.” Miharu suddenly jolted up from the water.

Although they were slightly hidden from the steam, all the parts that she should never show someone from the other sex are right in front of me…Can’t she be at least a bit more embarrassed?

“Miharu knows that you won’t go out with her.”

“Then, why would you confess…”

“Because Miharu is serious. And if you bring up the whole siblings part, then Miharu has something to say as well.”

“A-Alright. I’ll hear you out, so go and fetch a towel first.”

No wait, I just have to look away, huh…But, when I tried to face the other way—

“It’s true that this is a definite demerit for Miharu—But, she will always be your little sister. And Onii-chan can’t run away from that.”


Suddenly, Miharu clung to me, and while the water was splashing—


While hugging me, Miharu closed her eyes and pushed her lips on mine. The sound of a soft kiss rang out—No mistaking it!

“…You stole your little sister’s first kiss, huh~”

“There was no initiative from my side there though?!”

It’s true that we’ve kissed each other countless times before. But, none of those were actual mouth to mouth ones like now. Well, it’d be really bad if this wasn’t. But, to think that Miharu would go this far—



I heard a weird voice, and as I glanced over to the exit of the bath, I found Maka-sensei’s face, peeking outside the door, over here. She totally saw that, didn’t she…It seems like I won’t be able to run away from my homeroom teacher either…

“Dish ish imposshible…”

“Sensei, calm down for a second.”

You sound like a five-year old Fujiki Maka-chan.

“You think I wouldn’t get angry at this? Your blood-related little sister just kissed you! She definitely crossed the passable threshold of skinship!”

“I-I have to agree with that, but…”

While I responded, I looked around us to check if nobody was listening on us. Maka-sensei and I were currently walking through the garden of the inn. Miharu got heatstroke, and went back to the room alone, leaving just the two of us. I had to hand it to them though, the garden looked really beautiful, with lots of green, and small lights that allowed for a night walk. The both of us were wearing yukata provided by the inn, while Maka-sensei had a thin coat above hers.

“Ah, Sensei, that yukata looks really good on you.”

“Eh, really? Ahh, you teaser, praising me so directly!”

Maka-sensei truly seemed flustered, as she hid her mouth with the tip of her coat. I can’t help but think of her as cute like that. To be frank, I really love the gesture when women hide their mouths with a kimono or the like.

“But, is this really fine…? With a yukata, there’s almost no skin revealed. Baring just my chest is a bit different…”

“I know that.”

“I have never received a stronger approval of Saigi-kun until now…”

“Kimonos look wonderful, especially when they’re properly worn. You can’t just take it off.”

Just when I finished that sentence, my phone vibrated.

‘Sai-kun, where did you go? Nui-chan is waiting in a yukata, you know?’


Together with the message, I got sent a picture of Nui, having bared her chest from the yukata, making them half-visible.

“Well, this isn’t too bad…”

“Saigi-kun, you’re contradicting your words from ten seconds ago!?”

I’m sorry, but I’m also a boy, so resisting an active gravure idols erotic shot like this is impossible…

“You know, recently, I thought that it was weird.”

“Weird? What is?”

“Even though Amanashi-san’s, Muku-san’s, and Jinsho-san’s real part already ended, they’re not stepping down at all. I think they already played their part as their small role?”

“This isn’t some anime…”

“It’s your fault for not properly throwing them away, you know.”

“Throwing away makes me sound like a bad person!”

“It’s really not good of you to just keep them warm.”

“I’m not keeping them warm either!”

Everyone from SID goes to the same school as me, and I’ve known them for a long time, building some sort of connection with me, that’s why. I’d be tough to just completely cut any contact with them.

“That reminds me, just now, you saw Amanashi-san’s lockscreen.”

“Uuu…How sharp sighted…Yes, just a bit.”

“It was a selfie together with you, right? Being a gravure idol, having that kind of lock screen is way too dangerous. What if someone were to see it?”

“Nui lives her life while not thinking too deeply into things after all…But, I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually wanted someone to see this…”

“…This really is in the middle of the mountains. It really gets cold at night.” Maka-sensei said, as she took off her coat, and put it over my shoulders.

“Eh? I’m totally fine though.”

“I told you before, teachers always have to prioritize their students. And also, because Saigi-kun just threw a surprise attack in the form of that compliment in there, my body feels unnaturally hot. I’ll start sweating like this.”

“Sounds tough…”

Since I was feeling a bit chilly, I thankfully accepted the coat.

“…Prioritize their students, huh.”


“…What exactly am I for you, Maka-sensei? A student…or even…”

“What’s with that sudden question? I mean, I really want to give you special treatment as a student. Like giving you even more homework, and see you break out in tears.”

“I don’t need that special treatment! Let’s stop with the sadistic character, okay?!”

My heart’s beating like crazy out of nervosity that she’s putting more work into mine.

“That’s not what I meant…I just feel like, everything changed. Even so, I feel like I didn’t change in the slightest. Like I’m just being spoiled by the situation.”

Maka-sensei and the others are constantly attacking me, but I keep holding my ground. I don’t dare to move forward exactly because they’re all pampering me.

“To Sensei…I’m probably not just a student. Although it might sound weird coming from me.”

“I wouldn’t take a walk at night like this with just any student.”

“I mean, Nui isn’t just any classmate to me, and Karen-kaichou isn’t just a normal Senpai. I’m not just Kuu’s Onii-chan, and neither am I an older brother for Miharu. Even Shiya-chan…it seems like I stopped just being her childhood friend.”

It feels like I’m just conceited. Maybe it’s because this whole day has been so abnormal.

“My surroundings have changed a great deal. But here I am, covering things up, avoiding everything. This can’t continue forever. Even Miharu—She must have understood that very well.”

“…Saigi-kun, are you serious?”

It was quite the ambiguous way of saying things, but Maka-sensei must have picked up on it.

“If you step on that route, you won’t be able to come back.”

A strong breeze of the cold night wind ran through the garden.

“Even so, I have to say it. I’ve been avoiding it all this time. If I don’t, nothing will end—and nothing will start.”

Yeah, I have to stop lying and covering it up here.


“Stop, Saigi-kun…”

“Please listen to me, Maka-sensei. I want…to stop lying.”

I took a step forward, and gazed into her beautiful eyes.

“Let’s…end this fake relationship. Between you and me.”

“I don’t want to!”

“Even if you say that…”

I made up my mind to say this, and I’m being denied, huh.

“No matter how close I get to you, our connection is so thin I can barely see it. I don’t care if it is a lie, but if I don’t have another connection besides being teacher and student, then…”

“…I’m sorry, Maka-sensei.”

Apologizing like this makes me feel like I’m acting all high and mighty. But…I’m sorry, I really am.

“It’s not fair of you to apologize, Saigi-kun. Though I can’t explain what makes it so unfair.”

With a troubled expression, Maka-sensei looked up at the sky. A chipped moon was shining bright. At this hot spring inn, hidden in the mountains, inside this green-filled garden, a beauty, wearing a yukata next to me. This soothing feeling inside my chest kept wishing that time would stand still. However…time won’t stop. Even if I have to make Maka-sensei sad, even if I have to cut our bonds—I cannot continue lying like this.

1 1477-1573

2 21st of October, 1600

3 Miharu uses 子種 (kodane), which can both mean child/offspring and sperm.


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