Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 5 Chapter 4

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The Time Without Maka-sensei

Before one could even blink, summer break was nearing its end. Noo, I don’t want it to end! Once summer break ends, school starts back up again, you know? If I was technically aiming for a university unrelated to Seikadai, I would have to start studying now, you know? Even though I didn’t do anything wrong, why was this harsh test brought down upon me!


As a yawn escaped my mouth, I panicked and quickly covered my mouth with my hand. Currently, I was in the city library. It’s pretty close to Seikadai’s high school division, but I never really came here before. I’m rather the type to go to a family restaurant or a karaoke box, with their drink bars. Naturally, what was currently laying open in front of me on the desk, was of course my summer homework. Every year, our school tends to give out a ridiculous amount of homework. That being said, if you don’t want to continue studying at an exterior university, and as long as your grades aren’t the bottom of the barrel, you can move on to Seikadai’s university, so a larger amount of homework really isn’t something to complain about.

Today, my plan was to work on my world history report. Researching it on the internet wouldn’t be too bad, but if you copy paste too much, you’ll be forced to write it again. Hence, I gave up on the luxury of a drink bar, and instead was waltzing through the various books in front of me.


My amount of material is lacking…I guess that my wish to just barely research anything, and finish this report with the least amount of work, won’t be granted. Letting out another sigh, I got up from my seat, and started walking between the bookshelves, looking for fitting material. This time, the teacher gave us a specific arrangement of possible topics that we could choose from. The one I chose was ‘Jeanne D’Arc’.

It’s not like I was especially interested in that, but I sometimes heard Miharu scream out ‘Jeanne-tan! Your Zettai Ryouiki1 is the best!’, leaving me in confusion. Apparently, she often appears as a beautiful waifu in her social games. I’m still in shock about her OPS, though. But anyway, thanks to her always playing these games, Jeanne-san was burned into the back of my head, hence my choice.

“It looks pretty easy to find information on, and I thought that it wouldn’t be so bad…This is actually pretty difficult…”

The most prominent knowledge I had of Jeanne D’Arc was the movie I watched before. Ahh, the moment she screamed ‘Follow me!’ was really cool.

“If you want to know something about Jeanne D’Arc, I really recommend this book. Though it might seem like a book telling the events of the 100 year war, but there’s a lot of pages actually telling about Jeanne herself.”

“Ohhh…Ahh, it looks pretty easy as well, I think I’ll check that—Huh?!”

“Hey hey, don’t start screaming like that, Saigi Makoto. We’re in a library right now.”


Karen-kaichou suddenly stood next, holding several books in her arms—wearing her nun uniform for some reason. She had the veil on, a long-sleeved one-piece, hiding her body, even though it was still late summer.

“Indecent nun uniform…”

“Stop saying indecent…! I-It’s annoying…”

Karen-kaichou got louder for a second, only to shrink down a bit as she dropped her volume. She may say that, but her black, glossy hair peeking out from beneath her veil, or her well-endowed chest, only pushing out her uniform, was making her look more erotic as always.

“W-Where are you looking. Anyway, enough about my chest…You still haven’t finished your homework yet, right?”


Though it took me a second, I finally judged that my homework was more important of a topic than Karen-kaichou’s chest. Luckily however, there weren’t any people around us, so talking in a quiet voice here shouldn’t bother anyone.

“…Though picking at it sounds like a pain, why did you know that I was here?”

“That doesn’t matter. But, it seems like I finally got me some time.”

“Ahh, I see. You must have been busy with the national mock exam, right?”

Some people in my class were talking about having taken it as well, so it got stuck in my head.

“Yeah, it all ended safely. Now I have to wait for around a month until I get the results back.”

“That sure is a long time. Well, the sheer number of people taking it is different, so that makes sense. You did a self-check, right?”

“Of course. As of right now, I didn’t find any mistakes, but some questions required me to state my own opinion and such, which makes it hard for me to grade it myself. All I can do is wait on that.”


She didn’t find any mistakes? So as of right now, everything is perfect? Is she actually going to take the top spot?

“I’ve made you worry, haven’t I. But don’t worry, I’m fine now.”

“But, with your indecent breasts, will you really be accepted as a scholarship student…?”

“T-That’s not related to each other! Stop teasing my chest!”

“You say that, but I can’t change it if they’re so indecent…”

“Also, from a while ago, you—Wait, come with me for a second.”

Karen-kaichou apparently remembered that we were currently in a library, and pulled me to a nearby corner. It was an area, bookshelves filled with specialist books on various topics.

“Nobody will come here, so we won’t bother anybody. Since this library is pretty close to our cloister, we would sometimes come in here.”

So that’s why she knows the places where nobody would pass by.

“Yeah, I guess we can’t have anyone hear our talk about your indecent breasts.”

“That’s not the topic! Why do you always have to run your mouth!”

“I’m not clever nor strong, so I only have—Mm?!”

Before I could keep talking, Karen-kaichou pressed her lips on mine. This sweet and soft sensation continued to stay for about thirty seconds—

“Puah…I-I can’t…breathe!”

“Kaichou…You were…the one that started this, right?!”

“O-Oh right…It was because you started getting so noisy…Really, this takes me back to the Saigi Makoto from middle school, your mouth was even more rotten than it is now. And even back then, I…”

“…Um, Kaichou. Doing something like this…really isn’t like you.”

“I can’t stay concerned about my appearance only.”

With her face as red as a tomato, she once again pressed her lips on mine. Um, I really can’t say I’m comfortable with such continuous kissing from a beauty like you. To think that there would be such a quick 2nd, and even 3rd time, after that first kiss a while back…

“If you really…are that interested in my chest…I-I don’t mind showing you. Even touching them is fine…groping them, I don’t care…”

As her face only started to burn in an even more intense red, she pushed her chest, hidden by her nun uniform, against me. Though they couldn’t win against Nui in sheer size, they had their own erotic appeal, dealing heavy damage to my already overheating brain cells. T-This volume…and with her this close to me, I can’t…

“K-Karen-kaichou…is this fine, even though you’ve sworn your body to God?”

“Of course not. But, I found something…that is worth betraying my faith for!”

“W-Why so suddenly…You haven’t been this aggressive before?!”

“You should know that best!”


Ahh, I thought so. I anticipated a development like this, after the BBQ and hot spring inn combo of attacks. I let my guard down because it had gotten so quiet these past few days.

“Lord, please forgive me. Mine, Jinsho Karen’s lips and chest, I offer them to Saigi Makoto for all eternity…!”

“For all eternity?!”

Not good, with this betrayal, she’s totally serious. There’s nothing stopping her. Though it might just sound like some weird talk, I can tell that she’s serious.

Well, I’d really like to know how Jeanne D’Arc-san’s life ended in shambles like it did, but I guess I have to run away from La Pucelle2 right here.

The crying of the cicadas was acting as the BGM of this summer heat. Sitting on a bench in the courtyard of Seikadai’s high school division, I gulped down a sports drink pet bottle, and let out a sigh.

“Fuahh…I can feel it running down my throat…”

Through hard work and under the expense of all the stamina I had, I ran away from the witch’s—Karen-kaichou’s hand. Well, what saved me was actually an employee passing by. Thank you very much, my saviour. Karen-kaichou, I’m sorry for running away. Let’s meet again once we both calmed down. She worked really hard at her studies, so maybe we just throw a party for her.

“But, I’m really bad at all this organizing…As well as hyping up the party…”

“Oh, my dear guest. If you need someone to hype up the party, then this girl here is the best for you.”

“…What perfect timing, my fair lady.”

Standing in front of the bench with a wide grin was—Nui. Wearing a pink tank-top, short-pants. With the tank-top, she was revealing a lot of her shoulders, and chest. Not to mention that she was leaning forward, revealing the valley of her breasts even more clearly.

—Even if I’ve gotten used to seeing the breasts of this active gravure idol in front of my eyes, it still is bad for my heart.

“Can you not wear that to school, Nui?”

“You’re wearing your own clothes too, aren’t you.”

Since I just came from the library, you know.

“Since I’m wearing a t-shirt, and shorts, I’m looking like a sports club member. There’s lots of people like this on school grounds right now, so the teachers will only get angry at you, you know.”

“Sai-kun, you really have no idea…They all know you’re not in any club.”

“What a flawless rebuttal…And what? You also have some business with me?”

“Ah, yeah yeah, that’s right. I saw that you were entangled in the library, so I was pondering on how to approach the situation.”

“You could just come inside?”

“An atmosphere with too many books around is like poison for me! Every time I take a step, it feels like I receive damage!”

“Shouldn’t you have the same homework as me…?”

“It’s fine now, since I met you! Sai-kun, come with me for a second.”

“Ehhh…? I was about to catch a breather though…”

Today, it seems like they’re all coming to meet me without an appointment…While I was thinking that, Nui grabbed my wrist, and pulled me along. We entered the school building, walked for a while, until we arrived at our own classroom.

“What are we doing at our own classroom…Wait, why are you stripping Nui?!”

“Well, I’m a gravure idol, so I have to use that, right?”

Nui put her arms beneath her clothes, showing a weird way of stripping, taking off the tank-top. Beneath that was—

“Nui?! You’re not wearing a bra?!”

“It’s fine, I was wearing something above this before I met you, so nobody found out!”

“I found out right now!”

Nui hid her gigantic breasts with her arms, but no matter how I looked at it, she really wasn’t wearing any underwear. Once her arms moved only a slight bit, I felt like I was about to see something I should not be able to. No, is there some pink bulge already there…?

“As a gravure idol, I can only go as far as a swimsuit. A hand-bra is no-go. But, if it’s Sai-kun…And you already saw them bare before, so it’s fine, right?”

“It’s not!”

The reason of ‘Once or twice doesn’t matter right?’ clearly doesn’t count here!

“Why are you so voracious all of a sudden?! What in the world happened?!”

“Now’s the only chance! Once summer break ends, I won’t be able to do anything with the sluggishness of these few days assaulting me!”

“That’s some crazy announcement there…If you know that, then just prepare yourself properly for it.”

“Yes yes, I’m not in the mood for any retorts! Manasshii will just give it her best!”


Nui jumped at me like a cat would at its prey, embracing me, pressing her chest against my head. No, the tips of her breasts are inside my mouth!

“Ahhnn…Sai-kun, we haven’t even kissed yet, and you’re sucking that part so intensely.”

“Mmm!!! Mm…! Mmmmmm!!!”

With my mouth full, I could only groan at Nui’s words.

“Mmmm!! Puha…! A-Are you trying to kill me?!”

“Fufufu… Since you won’t become mine anyway, how about we just die together…?”

“Don’t turn yandere?!”

“Well, I thought that I might have to add another attribute besides ‘Big tits’, you see.”

“That’s free for you to decide, but you’re scaring me!”

“Then, something more cute…Like a kiss.”


She lifted up my head, and kissed me on the lips, like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“N-Nui…! What are you doing?!”

“My breasts won’t be enough for you anymore, right? Then I’ll just kiss you, a kiss~ By the way, that was my first kiss~”

“Why would you just waste your first kiss?!”

“It’s fine, I’ll just follow up with my second, third, and a short one~”

“…Alright, you’re really scary today, so I’ll be running away. If you try to chase after me, I’ll contact Hoshina-sensei.”

“Hoshi-tea?! You would bring out my arch nemesis?! To see Saigi-kun ask a teacher for help, am I really that scary?!”

That’s an obvious lie actually. I don’t even know Hoshino-sensei’s contact information—

“Ara…Amanashi-san and Saigi-kun? What are you doing with private clothes at school…No, what are you doing in general?”

“Eh, why is Hoshi-tea here?! Don’t tell me?!”

Nui threw a soft glare at me, but I only shook my head. Even if I knew her contact information, she surely wouldn’t get to us this quickly, you know.

“Hoshina-sensei as well, why are you at the high school division?”

“Since a lot of high school division teachers are on vacation right now, I’m helping out by walking around to watch over the students…And, Amanashi-san! Why are you taking off your clothes like this? What were you about to do with Saigi-kun?!”

“She’s turning me into the assailant, not like she’s wrong though!”

“Saigi-kun might be rebellious towards teachers, but he wouldn’t dare to jump at a girl like this.”

“Ohhh, she believes me…!”

I couldn’t help but feel moved. Oh yeah, since she was my homeroom teacher back in middle school, she sure knows a lot about me. As of recently, all these weird scenes were happening, all these weird misunderstandings being born, and even if it wasn’t a misunderstanding, it was always a lot of trouble. I didn’t expect to be this happy for being shown trust like this.

“Hoshina-sensei, I will leave the rest to you. Please properly lecture this bad girl that started stripping in the classroom.”

“Sai-kun?! You’re throwing away the girl you love?!”

Wait a second, who said anything about that? I really can’t ignore this, but escaping has the utmost priority right now. I sure am busy, all this running around today…

“I don’t want to run away anymore…”

The protagonist of the jailbreak TV drama I was watching said the same thing, ironically. And I agree, I’m sick of this. Hence, the place I arrived at after thinking was—The cat cafe ‘Nekoranya’. The business was doing as good as ever, but I happened to come at a lucky time to get a seat.

“Ohh, Saigi-dono, just take your time. Curry Nina isn’t with you?”

Sekiya-san came walking towards my table, ready to take my order. A brownish bob-cut as her hair, a red sailor uniform, with an apron on top, the ‘Nekoranya’ logo written on it. But, why is she wearing her uniform during summer break? Well, looking at her thighs, and the gun holster there, that might be a rather trivial question.

“I just met Karen-kaichou a while ago. She was in high spirits.”

“With high spirits, her breasts grow even more, after all. They will probably remain in religious history, with her becoming a famous sister.”

“Kaichou is about to disappear from that history…”

Though I think that her staying would be even worse, I decided to ignore Sekiya-san’s idle talk.

“Well, we have a lot of guests today, so I can’t talk for too long. Take your time~”

While waving her hand at me, she went to check out the cats that were strolling inside the store. Oh right, I thought of working at Nekoranya for a part-time job during my summer break, but I completely forgot.

“Welcome! Oh, Muku-tan!”


As I glanced over into Sekiya-san’s direction, a familiar face had just stepped inside the store.

“U-Um, I’m sorry…Today, with this pass again…”

“Of course! Muku-tan, right this way!”

As said familiar face—Kuu showed her a card, Sekiya-san took her towards my table. Kuu was wearing a white catp, and a white one-piece with a sailor collar. Though it might have been plain, together with Kuu, it was rather cute to look at.

“Hello, Sensei.”

“Kuu. Hey there. What was that you just showed to Sekiya-san?”

“I-I received a special pass. I can get the normal menu with a drink for half the price.”

“That reminds me, Maka-sensei was speaking about introducing a year-long free pass.”

Though completely for free seemed to be impossible, but half the price isn’t bad at all. That way a grade schooler like her can afford it.

“Ah, Muku-tan, come here for a second.”

“Muku-chan, please!”

“Ah, I’d like the Muku-chan option as well.”

After Sekiya-san, other guests also called out to Kuu. A Muku-chan option…?

“Sensei, I’ll be right back. It’s show time after all.”

“Show time?!”

Kuu made her way towards Sekiya-san with small steps, sat down in front of the other guests, and picked up any nearby cats. Hugging the cats, she showed a bright grin, of which the customers all started taking pictures off.

“W-What is Kuu doing…?”

“Muku-tan is Nekoranya’s idol after all!”

Showing a boastful grin, Sekiya-san approached me.

“A picture of the cute Muku with a cute cat is very popular with the guests. It even turned into a service for the regulars.”

“I-Is that legally fine?!”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, this service is only for female regulars. We got the permission from Muku-tan’s mother as well.”

“Kouko-sensei, what are you thinking…”

“Gala~ Gala~ Galaxy~ The number one in the galaxy, Galaxy Markt~”

“S-Sekiya-san?! She’s even dancing now?! And they’re recording it?!”

Kuu was dancing to her own singing of the Galaxy Markt jingle, with the cats crawling around her legs. It almost looked like the cats were dancing with her.

“Before we recorded Muku-tan like this, and uploaded her on the official video channel online. As of right now, she’s slowly closing in on the legendary cat-ears maid.

“I-Is this fine? You’re not going to get banned?”

“All good, all good, Muku-tan is just doing a cute dance. Nothing against the law there!”

“Well, you’re not wrong…”

Sekiya-san returned to serving the customers, while Kuu was called over by customers here and there—

“Fuu, finally over. Sensei, I worked really hard today.”

“With that much work, they might as well give you a free pass for life…”

My cute Kuu is being used to work for free…

“It’s fun to play around with all the different cats. On top of that, they treat me to some cake and cookies.”

It feels like Kuu is being treated as a cat, receiving food here and there.

“I’m a bit lost if this is supposed to be a cat cafe or a little girl cafe…”

If it was a little girl cafe, I’d have to have a serious talk with the management.

“U-Um, Sensei?”


“My job is over now, so do you have a minute? Raiha-oneesan, can I?”

“Ohh, what you said before, right? Sure, use the breakroom!”

What she said before? Breakroom? Before I even knew what was happening, Kuu already pulled me with her. The breakroom we entered I had seen several times before already. However, all the employees are currently out on the job, so nobody was in here besides us.

“Wait a second, Sensei!”

Kuu took out some clothes from the locker, turning her back to me.

“The preparations are complete! Sensei, take a look at this!”

“W-What are you doing, Kuu?”

Kuu took off her cap, and put on white cat ears in return. On her butt, an equally white, fluffy tail. Beneath the skirt of her sailor uniform, striped panties were fully visible. But, Kuu paid that no mind, and just walked towards me.

“Neko neko neko~ neko nyan nyan, nyamber one in the galaxy, Nekoranyan~”

She started humming a cute jingle, that sounded oddly familiar.

“H-How was that? It’s a theme song for Nekoranya.”

“H-Hold on a second. Kuu, I’m pretty sure that’s fraud what you’re doing.”

“Eh, is it not good…? A while ago, Raiha-oneesan and I came up with it. There should be no problems if we recorded that while dancing, she said.”

“Well, you’re not wrong there, but…are you fine with this?”

The old jingle of the Galaxy Markt isn’t playing anymore, and if it’s sung by a cute girl like Kuu, I don’t think anybody would complain. To be honest, that looked really adorable…

“…But, those clothes are definitely a no-go, okay?! I-I can see your panties!”

“Ah, that’s right. In front of Sensei—You get the director’s cut, and the cast-off option!”


Kuu quickly took off her sailor-type one-piece, leaving only her camisole and panties.

“Neko neko neko~”

N-Not good…This is dangerous…I don’t know what she meant by director’s cut and so on, but this isn’t something she should do in front of the other customers…!

“Kuu, stop that! Wear some clothes! I’ll watch that dance at home if you definitely have to show me!”

Though I don’t think that would help much just by changing the location. I quickly went to pick up the one-piece she had taken off, and pushed it onto her. Out of momentum, my hands touched her chest, transmitting a small, but still soft feeling.

“Ahhnn~ Sensei, that hurt a bit, you know?”

“Ah, sorry. Are you okay, Kuu?”

“I-I think I’m fine, but…could you take a look?”

Kuu pulled on her camisole, and pushed her chest towards me. Crouching down, I went to look at her skin, and see if I left a bruise somewhere…In there, I could see her small breasts, and the small summits. Umm…I don’t see anything red here…? I mean, besides those pink small hills.



Kuu suddenly closed her eyes, and as her face burned up in a bright red, she brought her lips closer. It was really faint but…our lips touched, right?

“W-What are you doing, Kuu? Leaving aside cheek and forehead, you can’t just kiss me on the lips…?”

“I-If I don’t, you’ll only think of it as a kid’s kiss. I-I tried my best.”

“…You set me up, didn’t you!”

She wanted me to crouch down, so that she could reach me for a kiss…Not bad.

“I-Impossible…in the room that stands for recovery and relaxation, the breakroom of Nekoranya, a male high school student and a female grade school student kissed…No way…”

“Sekiya-san?! W-Wait, you have the wrong idea…Well not quite, but I’m innocent.!”

“Saigi-dono. Let’s go to the cloister. Will you be able to say the same thing in front of God?”


“W-Wait, Kuu kissed Sensei! Don’t arrest him! Don’t execute him!”

“Kuu, stop with that lively language!”

Ahhh, this precious place to the Nekoranya employee’s is getting ruined… And should have been my safe haven! Also, this is the third consecutive kiss, what is going on today?!

“I-I’m home…”

I somehow made it back to our flat…The time was already past 4pm, but it was as bright as ever, and warm not to mention. Wiping away the sweat that built up on my cheek, I went inside—

“…Woah, it’s almost freezing?! Miharu, how much did you turn on the A/C?!”

But, the very first thing that hit me was a cold wave, making me shiver even. Rushing to the living room—

“Ah, welcome back, Onii-chan.”


My little sister was just lying around on her couch as usual. A white camisole as a bra replacement, and blue panties. Next to her was our white house cat Kagome, leisurely rolling around to her desire. Neither of them showed any motivation. Seeing this after today’s events, I felt myself calm down—Sadly not as much as I would have liked.

“You didn’t clean up after lunch either! Mmm??? What did you eat, Miharu!”

“ ‘The pasta that the Italian won’t accept’, and ‘the sausage that makes the German guy go tsundere’, with a side dish of ‘The gyoza the Chinese person bought in masses’.”

“Ugh…All my hidden emergency rations…! What kind of glutton are you!”

All these rare and expensive ingredients, eaten up in one day by my little sister…

“Well, no use crying over spilt milk…But, at least raise the temperature of the A/C a bit!”

Taking the remote, I fiddled with the temperature myself.

“Ahh, how cruel. Miharu went to cool down the room a bit since Onii-chan must have been hot from all the running around.”

“Stop lying. It was all for your own—Wait, why did you know I was running around?”

“Ahh, because of this.”

Miharu showed me the screen of her smartphone.

“Miharu updated the OPS to version 4.2. Until now, Miharu was only able to use it with her own smartphone, but now it corresponds with several other operating systems. She fixed the error that made the app crash without a constant wi-fi connection. Additionally, she added a speed measuring system. Updating the UI a bit, she overwrote the previous data. Lastly, Miharu updated the Onii-chan Information references.”

“What’s with this detailed update information…And I feel like I heard things there that I shouldn’t ignore…”

I took Miharu’s smartphone, and checked the app out myself. I was shown a map, and a deformed face of mine, acting as an icon, was currently at the same position as the flat we were living in.

“So you even know the speed I’m walking at…Ah, there’s another icon there…is that Miharu?”

“Yeah, with this update, Miharu added the current positions of all other SID members as well. On top of that, she handed it to everyone in SID~”

“I see, so they also…Wait, that explains why they all knew exactly where I was at during the day!”

So that’s why she added the OPS on several other systems!

“It’s so that everyone in SID immediately knows the movement of the others. Now we can keep each other in check~ Gonna be fun, right?”

“I’m not having fun at all, you know…”

“The newest version still has some bugs that Miharu has to fix though, so the data might be a bit off at times. Yesterday it said that Nui-chansenpai was in Addis Abeba.”

“The capital of Ethiopia? Not gonna lie, I could totally see her being there just for shits and giggles…”

But, the reason that Karen-kaichou, Nui, and even Kuu all appeared one after another in front of me, was because of this OPS I see. Before, they would all have to go through Miharu to ask for my location, but that’s not needed anymore, I see…

“How about you try to become a professional programmer, Miharu?”

“You ask that right now? Normally you would snap all the time if it came to your location and so on.”

“…I don’t know, maybe I’ve become numb to all of this.”

Well, I guess I might have just been overreacting all this time.

“Ahh, professional programmer? Not at all. Miharu will just have her parents support her until it gets too much, and after that, she thinks about entering under the umbrella of Onii-chan Money.”

“What’s that supposed to be.”

You won’t be getting any funds from me.

“By the way, how’s it going for you? Did you learn something about Jeanne-tan’s life?”

“I’m not trying to reveal every single event in her life.”

Oh right, my researching ended mid-way, huh. I have to go back to the library another time.

“Jeanne-tan must have been really cute, right? A blonde-haired beauty in helmet and armor.”

“Wearing an armor and going to the battlefield, I think that she might have been pretty buff, you know?”

“Stop! Don’t ruin a boy’s dream like that!”

“You’re a girl though?!”

Stop acting like a middle-aged man!

“Anyway, enough of my summer homework. Not good, but I can’t help it right now. Why did you give the OPS to everyone from SID?”

“Don’t you understand that best?” Miharu commented, as she lifted up her body.

Taking back her smartphone from me, she fiddled a bit with it, and showed me the screen again.

‘I’m sorry, I have been deceiving you all this time.’

‘The fact that Fujiki Maka-sensei and I have been going out was a lie.’

‘Since I was so bewildered at everyone’s confessions, I started this fake relationship in order to avoid you all’


The message shown on the screen was the same message I sent in the SID group chat a few days ago. For that, I borrowed Miharu’s account. The respective responses of SID were—

‘That was obvious from the very start, Saigi Makoto.’

‘So, the one that likes Maka-tea the most is me?’

‘I’m not angry at all even if Sensei deceives me, you know?’

‘I’m glad to hear that Maka-sama is like a holy maiden, not having been dirtied by anyone’.

I think it’s clear on who commented what there.

“…Oh right, back then, only you didn’t give any comment, Miharu.”

“Miharu already knew that, so she didn’t bother.”

“…So you’re slothful even at a time like this.”

Anyway, as you saw, I apologized to everyone for lying to them. Seeing that not one of them was angry made me feel even more apologetic…

“Thanks to you, I finally made up my mind. I realized that I shouldn’t be lying any more than this.”

I personally hate deceiving and being deceived. Of course, small lies to save me some hassle are one thing, but doing this as a response towards everyone’s confession is the worst, I know that myself. On top of that, because of this lie, I was forced to hide my most dearest feelings. Because this fake relationship continued, I wasn’t able to meet that person head-on—

“Oh yeah, Fujiki-sensei never gave a comment to that either. Even though she was your complice.”

“…Returning back to her job, she must have simply been busy, I’m sure.”

Something troublesome was going on with her—But, that was kind of hard to explain to Miharu.

“Hmm, is that so. Also, seems like SID was on the move today, huh.”

“Yeah, pretty gaudy…”

“Though they wanted to move immediately after that, Kaichou-san had her national mock exams, Nui-chansenpai had her job as a gravure idol, and Kuu-chan had her dancing lessons that she had to worry about, so it took them a bit more time. That would explain the full-on attack today.”

“Like a full-fledged organization…”

“Miharu just finished the OPS update. For a new attack, we’d need new equipment and tactics. And, it would only be fair for everyone to have the OPS. Makes it easier for Miharu to track them.”

“I feel like I hear your true intentions there…”

For that reason, she continuously ignores my apparently non-existent privacy.

“There isn’t that much of a demerit for you even if Miharu knows your location, right?”

“…I wonder about that.”

I really feel like the distribution of the OPS was a big problem. Well, I’m not interested in any forbidden places or the like, and although I might not be on Miharu’s level, I’m more of the indoor type.

“Well, even if they didn’t believe me, the fact that I lied doesn’t change. I deserve all of this.”

“…Onii-chan, you sure are kind for being such a twisted person.”

“What’s with that fed-up way of saying it.”

And also, I really don’t think I’m that kind of anything. A good guy wouldn’t start fights with teachers, and not avoid giving responses to serious confessions.

“Also, wasn’t this all Fujiki-sensei’s idea? It’s not like you came up with it, right.”

“…Even so, Maka-sensei did this to save me. She didn’t do anything wrong.”

“You really are kind…Miharu’s older brother sure is a nice person.”

Miharu grabbed my shoulders, forcefully made me sit down on the sofa, and kissed me.

“H-Hey! Don’t just kiss me out of the blue like that!”

“Fufu, even if Miharu distributed the OPS, she always has the advantage of being able to kiss Onii-chan.”

“No you don’t.”

Also, once summer break ends, we’ll be out for most of the day.

“By the way, Onii-chan, about that OPS.”

Miharu tightly hugged me as she spoke up. Grrr, this cute little sister of mine!

“There’s three icons closing in on our location. Kuu-chan, Kaichou-san, and Nui-chansenpai, to be precise. It’ll take them around three minutes to get here.”

“Three minutes?! No time to run away anymore…Wait, is there even a need to run away?”

The three of them are brimming with motivation and energy, but it’s not like they’re going to kill me.

“Maybe? You might be better off running away. They are all healthy girls in their puberty. Especially Kaichou-san and Nui-chansenpai would be more than glad to satisfy you with their healthy bodies.”

“Phrasing! Let’s not think about too much okay! Ah, but, if I don’t open the door, they can’t get into this flat, can they?”

According to a certain someone, this mansion has a security system akin to an ‘Iron wall’.

“Ah, but, since Kuu-chan stops by fairly often as of late, Miharu got her a duplicate key.”

“Heeeey?! Kuu is fine, yeah, but don’t give out a key to my safe haven that easily!?”

So having everyone from SID storm this place is only a matter of time, huh.

“Everyone from SID is really motivated, huh. Can’t help it, Miharu will help you out this once.”

“Weren’t you one of the main reasons that it even turned out like this?”

That being said, being saved from my current fate sounds mighty good. Though I feel as pathetic as ever, trying to run away after I decided to stop lying…Well, I didn’t expect the girls from SID to get this aggressive. Just how will I be able to get away from them in a mere two minutes…?

The same flat I had been living in for all my life—a floor beneath ours. Walking down the hallway I knew so well I could make it blindfolded, I stopped in front of a very familiar door, and rang the bell.

“Yes, wel—come?”

“Hey there, Shiya-chan.”

As Shiya-chan greeted me, I lifted up my hand. However, she was too busy freezing up as she ogled me.

“W-Wait?! Why is Mako here?! The one that sent me the ‘I’m on my way’ message was Haru right?!”

“Ah yeah, I asked Miharu to send you that message, hoping that I could take shelter here.”

Shiya-chan’s hair was wet, and her body was only covered by an equally drenched towel.

“Anyway, I’m coming in, alright. Phew, it’s been a hot minute since I was here.”

Taking off my sandals, I entered the apartment. Shiya-chan never held back on entering our house whenever she felt like it, so I’ll accept the nonexistent hospitality for now.

“That’s a childhood friend for you…Unfazed by my marvelous body. Why am I feeling like I just lost as a woman.”

“Category-wise, you’re about on the level of Kuu and Miharu. I was a bit surprised at first after your university debut since I didn’t see you for a year, but Shiya-chan is still Shiya-chan.”

“I feel like I’m being insulted now…Didn’t my university debut go to waste at this rate?”

So she finally accepts the fact that it was a debut. I retorted in my head, and entered her living room. Ahh, all the furniture that didn’t change at all…and the same scent.

“Alright Mako. I only have some barley tea, but that should be fine, right? Mama is out today, so I can’t help it.”

Shiya-chan walked towards the kitchen, still only the bath towel around her body, putting some barley tea in a glass, bringing it over.

“Huh, you’re not drinking bubble tea?”

“As if I’d bring that out at home. I don’t really like it, and I only drink it when I’m with my friends.”

“So you only drink it with your friends…”

She might not be on Maka-sensei’s ‘Unobtainable Flower’ character level, but it seems like she’s acting a lot in her daily life as well, huh.

“Haaa…the barley tea really is delicious. The first drink after the bath is the best. I just came home myself, you know. I was sweating a bit, so I wanted to freshen up with a shower.”

“Ah, sorry to bother you at a time like this. But, this is the only place I could escape to.”

“Haru already explained the situation via LINE. Really, what are you doing?”

“If I only knew that myself…”

Continuously running away from three beauties like that, I totally look like some arrogant idiot.

“Well…OPS, was it? Well, Haru is somehow covering this up, so just waste your time here for a bit.”

“You really don’t change, huh.”

“Ah, me? Well, there’s no need for me to rush. I have the advantage of time spent together with you, and the other girls can’t hope to compare.”

“You say it so casually…But, what about Miharu then?”

What am I even talking about. The fact that Shiya-chan likes me just turned into a prerequisite.

“Haru might actually be the strongest enemy here. Also, I do feel bad about the others from SID, but I prioritize Mako over friendship. As your Onee-san, of course I’d try to save you in a situation like this.”

“Weird…Shiya-chan should be more of a teaser. I thought you were going to throw me out in front of them.”

“Then, how about we do that? The girls already arrived at the flat, so how about I send them a selfie of the two of us like this.”

“Ahh, wait wait wait! They’ll definitely get the wrong idea!”

No doubt, a situation similar to my selfie with Maka-sensei at the yakiniku date would erupt.

“Too late. I have to show you how scary Onee-san can be.”

“Don’t take out your smartphone, Shiya-chan! Please, I beg you—”

“Ah, hey! I’m not seri—Uwaah?!”

I tried to steal away the smartphone that Shiya-chan had taken out, and slipped. Ahh, this pattern is—



As expected, we ended up falling on the floor, and it looked like I had pushed down Shiya-chan. Not to mention that her bath towel moved, and I could now clearly see her chest and thighs.

“…To think the day would come for Mako to push me down like this.”

“I had a bad feeling that something like this will happen as soon as you joined SID…”

“You…you pushed down a beautiful Onee-san like me, and now you talk about a ‘bad feeling’.”

Yeah, even if the other person is Shiya-chan, I shouldn’t be saying that. I mean, no matter how much of a childhood friend, and Onee-san Shiya-chan is, she’s really cute, and has a great style. Since she just got out of the bath, her skin was still faintly pink, making her look as erotic as can be. To think a day would come where something like this would happen with my childhood friend—

“Hey, Mako, are you doing something like this with the other girls from SID as well?”

“S-Something like this…”

I can’t say that I’m not.

“Well, if you are, then I’d be a bit frustrated. Even though I have the longest Mako history.”

“What is a Mako history?!”

Though I don’t remember, Shiya-chan has known me ever since I was a freshly born baby. Thinking like that, you could say that I’ve known Shiya-chan even longer than my own sister.



Out of nowhere, Shiya-chan grabbed my head, and pressed her lips on mine. After a short kiss, she let go with her hands again.

“…Wow, to think that Mako would be stealing my first kiss. I’m really not supposed to have a shota fetish, you know.”

“Could you not call me a shota, it really hurts and I can’t say anything back to it.”

I might be a bit on the tinier side, but I definitely am not a child.

“But, Mako has always been a cutie. I must have been doting on you.”

“I feel like you mean something else besides ‘doting’.”

“Yeah, most of the times you’re just a cheeky little brat, but I was teasing you exactly because I wanted to see that side of yours. Cute, cute~”

Shiya-chan pushed up her upper body, and moved her lips in for a kiss again.

“S-Shiya-chan…that just now was your first kiss, right? Aren’t you a bit too used to it already…?”

“If it’s with Mako, it feels completely natural…Come on, again…Kiss~”

“Mmm…W-Wait a second…!”

I’m not used to this in the slightest!

“Also, Shiya-chan, could you fix your towel already?!”

The towel slid away from its original position so much that her breasts were completely visible. Though they can’t compare to Nui or Maka-sensei, they are still pretty big…with every small move, they are swaying!

“Oops, that might have been a bit too much service.”

Even Shiya-chan seems to be a bit flustered at that, as she bashfully fixed the towel. Not like that helped all too much, because I could still see way too much skin.

“U-Um…let’s see about SID. Hmm, Haru somehow managed to make your icon disappear from the map, but everyone else’s is still here in this flat.”

“Well yeah, it sure is weird for me to just disappear like that.”

“On top of that, my icon also disappeared, so they probably won’t assume that you’re still here.”

“Then, can I bother you for a bit and hide here?”

“Sure. Both Papa and Mama won’t be coming home early today, so how about you just stay over?”

“I’m sure that they will go home once it gets dark. Ahh, I’ll have to send Kuu home.”

“You’re running away from a little girl, only to get worried and send her home after all? What a complicated kid you are.”

“Leave me alone. Can’t help it, alright. That reminds me, when Miharu and I were playing with Shiya-chan before, you’d always escort us home.”

“…I guess?” Pushing up her towel a bit more, Shiya-chan spoke up.

“We live in the same flat, so there was no need to see us off. You were really protective towards us, Shiya-chan.”

“Shut it! You were like a little brother and little sister to me, so of course I’d do that!”


Shiya-chan yet again clung to my head, and forced me to sit down on her lap. Uuuu…the soft feeling of her thighs…! And I can almost peek past the towel on her chest!

“You sure are a tough one, Mako. Just give up and be doted on by me!”

“Isn’t this position pretty bad with your current appearance?”

“I’m an adult, so a bit of ‘pretty bad’ is no problem for me.”

Or so she says, but her face is beet red, her hands shaking. Seems like embarrassing things are still embarrassing, even as an adult…

“But, Mako?”


“Maka-sama must be aware of our current movement, right?”

“Yeah, apparently she can check the SID LINE group as well, so I’m sure she must have caught on by now.”

“Then…She must be on the move as well, right? After all, she was desperately trying to hide the fact that the two of you were fake lovers, right?”


“Did you get into a fight or something?”


A high school student and his homeroom teacher getting into a fight, what a weird story. Well, rather than a fight—

“A lover’s quarrel?”

“Don’t say it so directly!”

Thanks to the fake relationship, that was now gone, the storm of attacks from SID was avoided. Naturally, Maka-sensei would try her hardest to keep it up, in order to protect me from them.

“Come on, tell your Onee-san. What happened with Maka-sama?”

Uuu…She won’t let me go. Miharu might have given me some time to breathe, but I’m now caught in Shiya-chan’s web.

“…The thing is, after our hot spring trip, we didn’t speak to each other at all.”

“Not at all? Why would you act so childish…”

Shiya-chan was actually a bit bewildered.

“Uwaaah, seriously! So even Maka-sama has a cute side to her! She really is the best!”

“…Your belief is scaring me.”

Just when she was fed-up a second ago, now she’s in ecstasy.

“But, what should I do, I made Sensei mad…I don’t want to lie, but I didn’t plan on starting a fight with her like this.”

“Even a private tutor like me can’t teach you a way to make up with her.”

“I’m not asking for that much…”

“Well, you just have to think about what you want to do. For now, how about you calm down, and enjoy my breasts for a bit?”

“Wah, again…!”

Shiya-chan grabbed my head again, and pushed it in between her breasts. While being wrapped in that soft sensation and her pleasant fragrance—

Of course I’m giving it all of my thinking ability, but making up with her behind the scenes is probably not going to work. Withstand the approaches from SID, while clearing up the lover’s quarrel with Maka-sensei—No, just a normal fight, not a lover’s quarrel. I can find my way out of this. But, nothing will be solved by just running away.

1 exposed skin between top of knee-high socks and hemline of skirt​

2 Jeanne called herself ‘La Pucelle’ which roughly translates to The Maid/Virgin.


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