Kou 2 Time Leaped (LN) Volume 1 Chapter 12

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One Danger

“Onii-san, wake up or else you’re going to be late!”

I woke up from my body being swayed back and forth.

Scratching my head, I gave one big yawn.

As I was rubbing my eyes, Sana appeared before me.

Her long black hair was on the verge of grazing my shoulder.

Just a little bit of makeup along with her grown-up features made her look even more like an adult.

“Eh, Sana…? Why are you wearing makeup? Did you cut your hair too?

“What do you mean ‘why,’ for work of course. Also, Sana didn’t cut her hair. Now hurry up Onii-san or else you’re going to be late!”

“Huh? Work?”

*Beep beep beep* My smartphone’s alarm clock began to ring.

Huh? My smartphone?

I closely looked around only to find myself inside a room I’m not familiar with.

Huh, what is this?

I stopped the alarm and checked today’s date.

I-I’m back!? I came back from the time leap!?

“Uh, where am I?”

“In your room of course; are you half asleep?

“But I’m pretty sure I live alone…”

“That was the case, but Onii-san is the one that said we should live together because Sana’s company was close by, right?”

I thought she was someone that was similar to Sana, but as it turns out, I guess it really is her.

Without a doubt, those tiny breasts of confidence and its achievements belong to Sana.

So there really are things in life that just won’t change…

“Wh- what is it? Why are you staring at Sana like that?”

“I was just assessing whether you really were my little sister or not.”

It’s different from before the time leap.

I was supposed to be living on my own before, but here I am living with Sana.

As I wander around the house, there are only rooms that I do not recognize.

The month and day are the same as before I came back, exactly ten years later.

Basically, because the past changed, the future was also changed as a result.

“What are you muttering about? Hurry up and eat your food!”

Laying on the dining table was a scorched sliced bread, a burnt fried egg, and lettuce that had the appearance of mere leaves.

It was a breakfast overwhelmed by unpolished cooking.

Wait, since I’ve came back ten years into the future, what happened to Hiiragi-chan and I?

I’m living with Sana like this at the moment so… does that mean we’re dating!? Or could it be that…

“Hey… Sana, do you remember Hiiragi-sensei?”

“Ahhh, Hiiragi-sensei. Why do you ask about her?”

“Do you know what she is doing right now?”

“Pretty sure Hiiragi-sensei is still teaching, right?”

Well I mean, she was a teacher back then…

“I just thought that you may have known something about her.”


I check my phone’s address book or any other social media that could have Hiiragi-chan’s contact info.

I didn’t know a single contact address at this time, but now it shouldn’t be strange to have one now.

“I think Hiiragi-sensei was really in love with Onii-san. When Onii-san graduated, he seemed uneasy and Hiiragi-sensei seemed very sad…”

I looked uneasy? What for?

Ah, there it is, Hiiragi-chan’s phone number. I was used to seeing her number, but it’s very likely that she has changed her number by now.

“Sana will be heading out first then, okay?” She proceeds to stand up from her seat without minding me clicking away on my smartphone.

“Hey Sana. Is there anything you’d like to say to your first-year high school self?”

“Eh? Maybe ‘try harder for your training’ or something like that.”

“Training? Ahhh. breast enhancement training!”

“Sa-Sana is heading out now!”

And there she goes.

I didn’t know you did that kind of stuff, Sana.

In conclusion, her breasts are still flat as ever; a truly saddening future.

However, I’m curious about what Sana was saying before.

Speaking of graduation, my goal was to be with Hiiragi-chan after I graduated.

Since it would be bad if we were caught, we agreed to secretly date until I graduated.

Despite that, I was uneasy and Hiiragi-chan was sad?

I boldly tried calling her phone.


Through the phone was a slightly cautious voice; it was Hiiragi-chan.

“Hello, it’s Seiji Sanada. Good morning, Haruka-san.”

“Good morning. It has been awhile, Seiji-kun.”

In this timeline, it may have been awhile for Hiiragi-chan, but for me it has only been a day. Anything basic would have been fine, like “How are you doing?”

I asked her some questions to ascertain my expectations.

“We were dating each other during my second year of high school, right…? By some chance, did we break up?”

“Yeah, that’s right. You don’t remember? It certainly was a big shock though..”

“Eh, what? Did I do something wrong?”

“You were the one that said you were ‘tired of me’ after our first two months together.”

There is no way that I would’ve said that.

I never once felt like I was tired of her, ever since we started dating.

“That’s why I became depressed, and in the end we broke up. However, even to this moment, I still have feelings for you…”

“Ehehe,” flusteredly laughed Hiiragi-chan through the call.

Ahh, as expected, I am still in love with this person.

“Mhm, I also-“

At that moment, the scenery completely changed in an instant; I was inside my school classroom.

The date returned back to when I was a second-year in high school. Precisely speaking, it is Monday morning.

Nice, I’ve somehow made it back to the past.

Now then, there is no way that I’d say something like “I’m tired of you,” so what the hell happened?

As my morning classes had ended, I headed towards the world history preparations room as usual.

As expected, inside the room was Hiiragi-chan with her bento spread out perfectly above the leisure sheet for me to eat right away.

“This teacher has to maintain her fake face for our sake. Don’t you think so as well Seiji-kun?”

“Eh? Ah.. yeah..”

As usual, I was laying my head on top of her lap whilst being fed fried chicken with chopsticks.

“Man, I sure am getting tired of this.”

I do enjoy the fried chicken, and it’s good and all, but..


Hiiragi-chan became stiff and tears began to build up in her eyes.

“Hm, what’s wrong? Why are you cryi-“

Hiiragi-chan stood up regardless of me resting on her lap.”


“Se-Seiji-kun, you idiot!”

Hiiragi-chan crying like a child, roughly opened the door and left the room.


I said I was tired of her just now.

Was this what she meaaaaaaaaaaaaant!?

“Senseiiii, I was talking about the fried chickeeeeeeeeeen!”

I panickingly left the world history preparations room.

I thought of where she would’ve ran to and leaned against the wall with my hands on my knees. Then, I heard the sound of sniffling coming from Hiiragi-chan’s crying.

“He’s just a stupid high school student… Another girl must have transferred to his class… Fueeeee~”

“You’re misunderstanding what I was talking about!”

Th- this is bad. It looks like I just made Hiiragi-chan cry in the hallway.

“An-anyways, please come back inside the room!”

I grabbed her arm and entered back inside the world history preparations room.

“Haruka-san, I was talking about the fried chicken, not you.”


Hiiragi-chan looked up at me with tears dampening her eyelashes and the outer parts of her eyes.

Her crying face was also cunningly cute.

“Is this what you’ve been normally thinking about me during the day?”

“It’s what I’ve been thinking about the fried chicken. I wasn’t thinking of you like that.”

Hiiragi-chan ran two, no three steps towards me and clinged onto me.

“If that’s the truth, then kiss me..”

“I told you that I won’t go that far in school…”

“Sensei declines your kiss rejection.”

She promptly prepared herself by closing her eyes and slightly raising her chin.

To make it easier to do, she elegantly puckered her lips.

Since I have no choice, I firmly grasped the back of her head and tightly brought her closer to me to the point that we wouldn’t be separated. I plunged into this drawn-out war of love.

“Maybe I’ll always love Seiji-kun, so don’t let go of me..”

Ten years later, it’s just like Hiiragi-chan said, “I’ll always love you.”


I tilted my neck. Our flushed cheeks began to rub against each other and the tips of our noses would bump into each other’s. Her lips were soft and warm. I smelled the sweet scent of Hiiragi-chan’s shampoo and something mixed with it.

I cleared up the misunderstanding with Hiiragi-chan and thus was able to continue our sweet lunch breaks together like this again.

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