Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 5 Afterword

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Hello there, Kagami Yuu here.

Well, unlike in the novel, we’ve almost made it past the summer heat. Though to be fair, as a shut-in, you don’t feel like the temperature has changed much. Since I wasn’t feeling well, as I stated in the afterword of the 4th volume, I kept myself shut in. Thanks to that, I’ve been feeling better again. Now I’ll be working in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Now then, after the shocking (?) ending of the previous volume, we’ve made it to the 5th. How did you enjoy it? Keeping Maka-sensei as the main heroine still, I tried to give more focus on SID this time, but as always, the story kept on spinning back to her, as expected. To make up for that, there were parts where she didn’t appear, but I’m sure that most of you kept her in the back of your minds still. Almost like she is the legal wife, see.

The season this time around was summer, and Maka-sensei finally got to wear a normal swimsuit. Before, in the 4th volume and earlier, there weren’t any chances for the pool or sea, but the novel finally allowed it. Well, Maka-sensei always looks erotic, no matter the season though.

Talking about the ongoing comicalization, the first full volume of Monrin Hoshigami is also in the works, and will be on sale soon! Seeing all the scenes I know so well in a manga like this is a completely new feeling for me. Maka-sensei and everyone from SID are so cute and erotic, it’s great. I’m always looking forward to going through the raw drawings and manuscript. If you like the series, please take a look at it, it would make me very happy!

Oryou-sensei, your illustrations were as great as always this volume, thank you very much! There were many scenes outside school, so the designs of the heroines’ clothes must have been a lot of work…I’m truly sorry about that. But the heroines in swimsuits and yukatas were amazing!

To my dear editor, a big thanks as always. On top of that, another person was added to our small group, but since I haven’t met them yet, there’s still the chance that it’s a beauty, right?

At the same time, my greatest thanks to everyone that was involved with the making and distribution of this novel. And of course, my eternal gratitude for all the readers that supported me and the series all this time!

I’d be very happy if we could meet again—

Summer of 2019, Kagami Yuu.


2 thoughts on “Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 5 Afterword

  1. Thank you very much for the chapters! A superb translation work I must say.


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