Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 5 Chapter 5

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The Dream the Teacher Girlfriend saw

Around one week left until the new school term—

The summer break of my second year in high school will soon end. This summer, I went to a BBQ, visited a hot spring, and even went on a trip with our parents that came back to Japan for a few days. It was nothing big though, we just forced my indoor-type little sister out of her beloved home, and went to Karuizawa. Being able to just waste my time without having to think of anything, I very much appreciated it.

And this should be around all the events that are worth mentioning. The ones that are planning on studying at a different university from Seikadai have most likely started studying during this summer break. Seems like I really don’t have the time to be hesitant.

“Ahh, what am I even doing?”

Not knowing what to do with these final days of summer break, I made my way to Seikadai’s high school division. Even though I would have to make my way here anyway once this week ends. Not for any club activities, or because I’m running away, I just came here on a whim, huh.

“What are you doing, Sai-kun? Let’s go inside, how about it?”

“Should have expected you to be here, Nui…”

Since I was planning on coming to the school from the very beginning, I was properly wearing my uniform. At the same time, so was Nui. No matter if it’s summer or winter uniform, Nui’s breasts are on a different league, huh.

“I didn’t use the OPS today! In order to protect your privacy, Nui-chan has decided to change her ways!”

“That’s very much appreciated, but how did you know I was coming to school?”

“I just felt like chilling a bit in the Galaxy Markt close to your flat, ever since this morning.”

“So you’re stalking me?!”

Since when did she turn into a stalker?!

“Since I didn’t know where you were planning on going, I had both private clothes and uniform, as well as a nurse uniform and so on, prepared.”

“Even if I went to the hospital, the need to wear a nurse uniform was zero percent.”

Oh yeah, back when I caught a cold, she went to visit me, wearing that nurse uniform.

“A while ago, when I was wearing private clothes, Hoshi-tea got angry at me. I always have to wear the right attire for the time and place.”

“I feel like you taking off your clothes at school was the bigger reason that you got scolded by Hoshina-sensei.”

So the reason she’s overly prepared like that is because she doesn’t want to get scolded.

“That’s fine. Say, Sai-kun, doesn’t it feel like youth, going to school with a girl from your class during summer break?”

“Nui has a lot of friends, so your youth must be really fulfilling, right.”

“I just have a lot of friends for show at school. We’re not hanging out all too much outside of school.”

“Oh right…”

That reminds me, Nui was a plain and boring girl in middle school, quite the loner. Seems like she still can’t manage to become a full-fledged normie.

“Well, it’s not like I want to bother you all the time, Sai-kun. But anyway, what are you doing here? Another uniform play?”

“You’re totally up to bother me, aren’t you…Well, it’s like you though, not trying to hide it. I’m on my way to meet Maka-sensei.”

Since there was no reason to hide it, I just bluntly told her. What Shiya-chan told me still sticks with me. Even after all these days passed, Maka-sensei never showed any intentions of meeting me. She would always leave early in the morning, and only come back late in the evening, never present when I went over. Although I want to think that it’s because of her job…it feels like she’s avoiding me.

“Ahh, I want to meet Maka-tea as well. My agency is still aiming to get her as a model, you know. Like before, with that video going viral, the management was all like ‘We saw her first!’, all frustrated.”

“Even the director is?!”

I heard that Nui’s manager was trying to scout Maka-sensei, but to think that things went this deep.

“I mean, he managed to spot me, so he has a good eye.”

“…It’s a shame, but I can’t deny that…To be honest, with your first gravure idol shoot, I only thought that you were popular because of your huge breasts, and that you’re not too different from other gravure idols, so I just skimmed through.”

“So you skimming through was the truth?! A female classmate of yours is doing a swimsuit gravure idol shoot, so look at that, will you!”

Nui-san, please don’t start crying here. I sadly was completely honest there, but I later took a good look, so forgive me.

While having some idle talk, the two of us entered the school building, and walked down the hallway.

“That reminds me, Kaicho said she came to school. Some job with the student council apparently.”

“Ahh, really. Should have just told me, and I would have offered to help.”

When she suddenly assaulted me back at the library, the shock got the better of me, but she wouldn’t do that during her job, right. Probably.

“How about we take a quick peek at the student council office then.”

Shouldn’t be that much harm to check if she’s actually here. And so, we headed there—

“Hmm? Ah, Saigi Makoto and Amanashi Nui. Good timing.”

“Ah, Sensei, and Nui-oneesan. Hello.”

“Huh? There’s even Nui-chansenpai there…Weird, today she should be in Albuquerque…”

Inside the hallway that headed to the stairs connecting to the first floor, we met Karen-kaichou, Kuu, and even my little sister. Not to mention, every single one of them was wearing their school uniform. Miharu had her usual hoodie on top, and Kuu her grade school sailor uniform.

“Abluquwhat? Is that some kind of exotic dish?”

“The OPS is still not functioning perfectly.”

Since Nui had the wrong idea, let me quickly clear that up. Albuquerque is actually a city in America. Having been the stage for a big TV drama hit1, it’s become pretty famous. That’s about all I know.

“Why is everyone at school? Especially Miharu, I was shocked to not see you at home.”

“Also, just me and Shiya-chan weren’t informed?! Is there some mobbing inside SID or something?!”

“Shiya-chan went on a trip with her English circle…So basically, just Nui?”

“Ehhh?! Why only me?! Are you jealous because of my big breasts?!”

“Now now, Saigi Makoto, don’t tease Amanashi Nui like that. There is no way we would be doing that to her. Especially me, who is acting only according to God’s will.”

Yes, of course I am very well aware that you all wouldn’t do something like that.

“I am the only one that had business at school. The two of them came here to meet me. There’s actually other student council members working on the actual student council room, so I’m having the conversation with them here in the hallway.”

Karen-kaichou gave a bitter smile, as she softly hit Miharu and Kuu on the head.

“Since the new term is about to begin, they asked me how they should go about attacking and approaching their target.”

“I wonder who the target of that attack is…” My gaze wandered towards my little sister and the little girl.

Shouldn’t they be rivals in SID? Why are they asking for advice?

“Hold on a second! Leaving aside Shiya-paisen who is out right now, why are the two of you not asking me for advice?!”

“Ehhh, Nui-chansenpai…What if MIharu asked you how she should go about having Onii-chan cross the border of being siblings, what would you respond?”

“Ehh, well like baaam and bang of course!”

“Um…Kaichou-san, could you tell me more about that novel with the forbidden relationship between siblings?”

“I was ignored?! Aren’t you Saigi siblings a bit too cold to me?!”

“I really think you were asking for that response with your…advice…?”

Nui-like as always, it didn’t turn into any sort of explanation in the slightest.

“Ah but, this might have been not so bad. I was planning on calling everyone from SID, and Ten-chan.”

“What? Are you still planning something, Nui?”

“He he he, leave this to the still active JK that is me!” Nui flashed a profound grin.

Weren’t all the other girls here, besides one, also active JKs? Nui put down the backpack she had been carrying, and took out something. With the change of clothes she was apparently packing, wasn’t it pretty difficult to walk around with that?

“Lookie! I bought some fireworks! Summer is about to end, so they were really cheap!”

“Oh, fireworks huh. Didn’t expect something classic and yet intuitive from Nui.”

“I was praised!? Alright then, let’s all meet at the school once it’s gotten dark!”

“Wait, Amanashi Nui! Fireworks are great and all, but you’re planning on doing it at school?! Of course you can’t do that!”

“Ehhhh, doing it at school feels like youth though…Alright then…let’s all wear yukata at least!”

“Amanashi Nui! Nobody said anything about that!”

Wow, I sure ain’t getting any time to retort in a girl conversation like this.

“Miharu isn’t really interested…A yukata is difficult to wear, and hard to walk in. Acting like an adult and all that, that’s a big no no.”

“Wait a second, Miharu! You’ll definitely be wearing one! I can’t miss this at all costs!”

“What’s with you, so suddenly? Leaving aside our parents, why are you so motivated like that?”

“Well, I’m just enjoying watching you grow into an adult, that’s all.”

“I-Is that so…?”

“Sensei, Sensei, what about me?” Kuu pulled on my pants to get my attention.

“Of course I’m coming to watch you as well. How about I help you practice on how to put one one?”

“Yay, I’m looking forward to it! That’s a promise!”

“Yeah yeah.”

““Are you an idiot?!””

I felt a slap on both my right and left shoulders at the same time.

“T-That really surprised me. What happened with you, Kaichou, Nui.”

“…Hey, Kaicho. It might be weird coming from me, but I really have the urge to educate Sai-kun right now.”

“What a coincidence. I was thinking the same. If I ask the nuns from my cloister, they will be willing to reeducate Saigi Makoto for free.”


Did I do something bad? It shouldn’t be weird to help Kuu change though…Once she gets into her twenties, I’m sure that she’ll be even more beautiful with an even better style than now. That’s why I’m looking forward to seeing her grow like that.

“Alright, Sai-kun. How about we go to the nurse’s office, and do something fun?”

“Amanashi Nui, this time it’s you?! What are you planning now?!”

“Teaching Sai-kun about the pleasures of an adolescent girl and her body is the quickest way to get him away from his lolicon tendencies. I’m a gravure idol, so I’m not lacking in any department, don’t worry.”

“W-Wait, I think I would be better for that, having sworn my body to the lord. Saigi Makoto, come over here.”

“Ah, not fair! Kaicho, I was first!”


Both Nui and Karen-kaichou were pressing their bodies against mine. My opinion? Ignored. How I wish I could ignore their soft breasts pressing against my head.

“No no, the body that Onii-chan knows the most is Miharu’s, you know? If it’s about doing something fun with someone, it has to be her.”

“N-No, I am a younger version of Sensei’s first love, so I’m the one most fit!”

“…Weird, I feel like my value as a human being is being dragged through the dirt right now.”

Why is everyone getting desperate at this. Especially Kuu.

“No, Sai-kun will be holding a different kind of firework in the nurse’s office!”

“I will offer my body to accept any sort of desires that Saigi Makoto is harboring, and the lord will surely forgive me!”

“Mother said that Sensei will soon open a new door!”

“…In a certain way, isn’t there the least trouble if it’s Miharu? We can’t get married, so we can just do what we want.”

“Can you all calm down, you’re scaring me!”

The members of SID were all approaching me, while heavily debating with each other. It might seem like a total harem, but I really can’t feel anything but bother in here.

“Keep it down!”


With a sharp voice, everyone suddenly went quiet. Even Karen-kaichou twitches out of shock. Not to mention that Kuu was shaking slightly.

“You can’t just cause a ruckus inside the school building just because still summer break. Jinsho-san, why are you, the student council president, even joining them?”

“I-I’m very sorry, Fujiki-sensei…”

Yes, the person that appeared was none other than Maka-sensei. Wearing the same white blouse with tight miniskirt, she was carrying some workbooks in her hands.

“Shinju-san as well, I’m not telling you not to come here, but I will have to contact the grade school division if you don’t behave.”

“I-I’m sorry, Maka-chansen—Fujiki-sensei…”

“It’s fine as long as you understand. I have to apologize for suddenly getting loud with you. Amanashi-san, will you be able to finish your summer homework? Last year, you only handed in half.”

“Y-Yes, somehow…With this one week, I can probably finish everything…”

“Glad to hear that. Saigi-san, make sure to properly wear your uniform at least on the first day of the new term.”


Somehow, her Unobtainable Flower mode is even more amazing than ever…Even though she mostly kept it rather calm in front of SID. Before, she even called Miharu and Kuu by their first names, but now she referred to them with their family names.

“Saigi-kun, come with me to the English material preparation room. There are other teachers present today, so don’t bother them too much, will you.”


Seems like the others from SID don’t plan on complaining about me being taken away. Before, she felt like just another member of SID, but today, she was the spitting image of a ‘teacher’. I wonder…if she’ll go back to being a normal teacher towards me as well.

Nobody was present in the English preparation room.

“Eh? Didn’t you say that there would be other teachers…”

“That was a lie.”

“So straight! I really hate lying, you know!”

“The world isn’t that kind to you. The people around you are always lying to hurt you, you know.”

“…You really sound like a teacher today.”

“I keep telling you, but I really am a teacher.”

Yeah, I know that myself very well now. I saw that mountain of books in her bedroom after all. And also, recently, she—No, let’s not.

“Rather than that, Saigi-kun, you better be careful. Although you normally wouldn’t receive a punishment for any ‘Illicit conduct with the opposite sex’, the teachers already have a grudge against you, so they might use this as a reason. You’ll likely get more than just an earful if someone else saw you like that.”

“…I can’t argue against that at all.”

“Don’t forget that everyone regards you as the mastermind behind the accident involving Jinsho-san. You didn’t have that much of a high evaluation before.”

“Y-Yes…Well, can’t change that.”

We’re finally talking with each other again, but it feels dry and awkward. Not to mention that I don’t see any acting here at all.

“U-Um…Sensei, you seem to have a lot of work recently…”

Maka-sensei’s desk looked horrible with all the books and documents on it. The mountain of workbooks was about to collapse even. Peeking out between that was her laptop, her desktop filled to the brim with files.

“Just because I was on a break because of my injury doesn’t mean that someone else will be doing my job. Thanks to that, I’m sitting here in this amount.

Maka-sensei might have been acting cool about it, but it looked like she was having a lot of stress. If I had that much work waiting ahead, I’d rather run away to some island in the south.

“At this point in time, there should be many students still struggling with their summer homework, but it’s pretty much the same for us teachers. We have to do class evaluations for the 2nd term, prepare for tests, and other events.”

“The sports festival, the student council election, the culture festival…And even a field trip.”

“To say it in one word, I’ll die.”

Ahh, all the light from her eyes disappeared…!

“And while I’m dying here, I see you being so popular with the others on the school ground, so of course I’d interrupt that at all costs!”

“So you’re finally showing your true intent!”

“…Ha! I didn’t pay attention…!”

Maka-sensei quickly averted her gaze away from me. For a second there, the usual Maka-sensei came to the surface. Did she lose her touch with her unobtainable flower mode…? Clumsy as ever, I see. No, rather than that, this is the perfect chance—

“Maka-sensei, I’m assuming that…you are still angry that I confessed about our relationship being fake to everyone from SID, right?”

“Not at all, hmpf.”


“…Saigi-kun, you’ve been having a wild goose chase with SID as of recently, right? That’s what you were wishing for, wasn’t it.”

“I know that I fully deserve it, but you don’t need to pout like that.”

“But, I was the one that came up with the plan. You’re now holding a grudge against me because SID found out, right?”

“Eh? No no no, why does it end up like that! Although Sensei was the one that came up with it, I should be the one to be blamed because I agreed to it!”

“Really? You really aren’t angry, Saigi-kun?”

“Again, I thought you were angry at me this whole time…”

Maybe she called me here to eventually see if I was angry or not?

“I’m not really angry…For me, this fake relationship was a good way to buy time, so I’m more than satisfied with it.”

“Way to buy time…Yeah, it really had a meaning like that. While being aware that SID was aiming for me, I could make up my mind after all.”

“It sure looks like you’re still running away though?”

“Uuu…When I was first confessed to by everyone from SID, I didn’t know Nui or Karen-kaichou that much. Then I couldn’t believe Miharu’s and Kuu’s confession either…As of right now, I finally understood how serious they are, and that makes it easier to act.”

“Yeah, you already know the sensation of Jinsho-san’s and your little sister’s lips after all!”

“You’re snapping at me now?!”

I wonder what would happen if she found out that Nui and Kuu kissed me as well.

“N-No, I’m not angry. We’re not in a fake relationship anymore after all. Although I am the reincarnation of perfection, with looks from another world, breasts of the size which would make every woman jealous, and I possess the charm of an adult, but I am still your teacher!”

“I don’t know if you’re bragging or inflicting damage on yourself…?”

“Hmpf, being only your teacher, all I did was warn the girls that too much of a ruckus occured, that’s all.”

Maka-sensei gathered all the books on the desk, and pushed them into one corner. And she didn’t stop, even after the desk had gotten considerably more clean than before…

“Well, I’m glad that I checked out the situation of this problem child here. That being said, I can’t do anything if any trouble occurred with you and SID, because I got my hands full with my job.”

“Ah, your eyes look dead again…!”

“Of course. No matter how much of a workaholic I am, even I’d shrink down at a size like this. And, after being taught, I realized that we’re rapidly progressing towards paperless at Seikadai.”


If they’re going paperless…then all these mountains of books have to be…Just how much work would that involve…

“That being said, even after listening to your dangerous situation, I can’t help you out. I’m nothing but a teacher after all.”


There’s no mistaking it that Maka-sensei truly is busy right now. I mean, she literally has a mountain full of work. However—I’m slowly starting to feel like I did something irreversible. All I wanted to do was bring an end to this fake relationship….

“I didn’t expect to be this tender-hearted…”

“Eh? Saigi-kun, what are you talking about?”

“I wanted to ask this before, but once I accept feelings, you’re going to be stopping as a teacher…right?”


“In the end, Maka-sensei and I are teacher and student. All we could do was stay in our fake relationship, huh…”

Ahhhh, what am I even saying…Why am I the one sulking now.

“Well, a full-fledged member of society…especially someone with a lot of responsibility like Sensei, that’s to be expected, and I know that…Eh? What am I even saying…”

“S-Saigi-kun…What happened to you? Did I go too far…?”

Maka-sensei reached out with her hand towards my shoulder. Unintentionally, I dodged that—

“I-I’m sorry. Just forget what I said.”

Because I was being chased around by SID, I wasn’t aware of Maka-sensei. The one sulking was me from the very start. Ahh, I really am nothing but a kid, aren’t I—

“S-Sensei, I know that you must have it rough, but don’t overdo it, okay. If you collapse, Tenka-san will get sick out of worrying again.”

“…Saigi-kun? Are you really okay?”

“I’m mostly fine except my bad memory plaguing me. I’m sorry, I’ll be going home now. Excuse me for bothering you during your stressful work.”

I turned on my heel, and directly stepped out of the English preparation room. I think that, if Maka-sensei chased after me with intention to stop me, she would have put me at ease. But, that never happened. After what I said, she must be at a loss on what to do. Or did she just return to her work, being the workaholic that she is…

I failed…I failed…I can’t believe I did that…! It was like I was blaming Maka-sensei. Even though she didn’t do anything wrong. After finishing our fake relationship, the one being troubled by it the most is actually me. I see, I finally understand. I was comfortable with this fake relationship because Maka-sensei didn’t have to quit being a teacher—

Without intention, I started walking faster. If I run down the hallway, I’ll get scolded again, but something like this should be fine.



But the second I was thinking that, I ran into someone while taking a corner. The person fell down on her butt, and so did I.

“Ouch…Hey, watch where you’re going!”

“I-I’m sorry…Ah, Hiyori-sensei.”

The person that had fallen back on her butt right in front of me was the all too familiar slender-figured Hiyori-sensei.

“…Hm? What are these clothes?”

“You got a problem with my robe plus swimsuit combo?”

Well, Hiyori-sensei was wearing her usual white robe, but beneath that, she was wearing a one-piece type swimsuit.

“…No seriously, why are you wearing that?”

“Suddenly complaining about a person’s choice of clothing, not to mention a teacher, you really are a rebellious one, Saigi.”

I feel like I just asked a normal question…And for some reason, the mismatch in her clothes made her look pretty erotic even. After a short silence, Hiyori-sensei slowly started to lift herself up.

“I’m the advisor of the swimming club, and I’m going to my students for a lesson. It might not look like it, but I am actually called ‘Seikadai’s Nautilus’, you know.”

“Doesn’t that just mean that you can’t swim at all.”

Is it really fine to make her the advisor?

“Ah, right. Saigi, did you meet MakaMaka?”

“Y-Yes. Just now, but she seemed really busy.”

“Hmm…Then come with me for a second. I want to talk about something.”

“Huh? Weren’t you busy with the swimming club?”

“And we’re going there together, so stop asking questions.”


Isn’t our swimming club…

We walked through the school building, arriving at the pool. And—

“…Are you really fine with me?”

“Of course~ The other club members also gave their consent.”

I was sitting next to Hiyori-sensei on a bench, at the poolside. Thankfully she put up a parasol, hiding us from the burning sun. Inside the pool were the students, practicing while wearing swimsuits of course. For some reason, the club was composed of nothing but girls. Yeah, our high school division only has a girls’ swimming club. When asked if they were fine with me being here, the club president just commented “Saigi is fine. He’s harmless against anyone but teachers after all”, and let me sit here. Seems like even the third years know about my hate for teachers. Not like I didn’t know that though.

“Hey hey, Saigi, our female members are all really cute, right?”

“So the rumours about it being full of beauties was true I see. I feel like my friends would kill me if I told them I was allowed to watch.”

“Before that happens, how about you take at least one of our girls home with you?”

“What kind of question is that?!”

“I’m joking~ But, there is a weird one mixed in there, don’t you think.”

“Yes, indeed…”

“Yahooo! It’s so cold and refreshing! Ohh, Sai-kun, Hiyo-tea, do you see these swimming skills?!”

For some reason that was unbeknownst to me, Nui was swimming inside the pool as well, wearing a school swimsuit. Did she have that with her as well? She’s a bit too prepared if you ask me.

“By the way, Saigi. A bit more serious of a talk.”

“This really isn’t the environment for a serious talk…but what is it?”

“I actually graduated from Seikadai as well, I’m technically a year ahead of MakaMaka.”

“Really? Oh yeah, Maka-sensei said that there were a lot of teachers that had graduated from Seikadai.”

“Yeah yeah, Though, unlike MakaMaka, I went to a different university than Seikadai. Had some reasons for it.”

Hiyori-sensei spoke, never separating her gaze from the students inside the pool. Seems like she’s taking her job really serious.

“We already talked about this during the BBQ but…How much do you know about MakaMaka?”

“How much…? I mostly know everything about her family circumstances I feel like…”

“So you know about her parents and little sister?”

“Well, yes…”

I wonder if the teachers know that Tenka-san is actually Maka-sensei’s little sister.

“You see, a lot happened when I finally officially joined society as a member, but it was rather calm during my student days. I never really fully grasped just what kind of hard work and suffering MakaMaka had to go through.”

“Is that so…”

I’m sorry, but I can’t imagine Hiyori-sensei having calm student days. Always going at her own pace, with none of the students having truly grasped what the deal with her is, I really can’t imagine her having a normal life before joining society.

“Saigi, you seem to be doubting me, but even a normal girl has a secret or two, fufufu~”

Hiyori-sensei gave a mysterious smile, put her left hand in front of her mouth. On her ring finger was the same ring as always. But, nobody has ever heard any news of her being married. Maybe it’s just a way to avoid any male approaches, or only entice people more with her married woman charm.

“The MakaMaka back at high school was really amazing. So many stories I could tell you about. How she returned 1000 confessions, how she actually made an exam because the teacher asked her, and many other rumours.”

“That’s just ridiculous.”

There’s no way that in all three student years, there were up to 1000 male students that confessed. Concerning the exam, I feel like that might be a problem law-wise.

“Well, that was the talk back then—Ah, hey! Don’t just relax in front of the goal! There’s always a chance to win, even if you’re just 0.01 seconds faster, so pull through at all costs!”


The girl that got scolded by Hiyori-sensei stiffened up in the water. So I guess that, contrary to her classes and everyday manners, she can actually be quite spartanic during club activities.

“Ohh, sorry to interrupt our talk like that. Yeah yeah, Jinsho-san took the national mock exam, right? It’s a big talk in the teacher’s office. Maybe she could even get the top spot!”

“That sure was a change of conversation topics. Well, knowing Karen-kaichou, she definitely is aiming for the number one rank.”

“The national mock exam is on a different level from our normal exams. Even the kids with top grades throughout ended up pretty low on the mock exam, even in the 200 or 300s.”

“S-Sounds tough…I don’t feel like I could get into the 400s…”

I’m just the normal average neither good nor bad Saigi after all~

“Also, my dear guest, did you know that one student of Seikadai actually managed to get the top rank in that national mock exam?”

“Who’s a guest here…Wait, don’t tell me?”

“Of course, it was none other than MakaMaka! And not just once, but three times!”

“S-She took the top spot in the national mock exam three times…?”

“After her third time, she actually didn’t even accept the prize. Not just for us, but she turned into a huge topic for other prestigious schools. Someone from Seikadai getting a high spot was rare enough, but number one? And she was crazy cute as well. Like a perfect superhuman. I’m sure you’d love to see JK MakaMaka, right?”

“I-I am interested, yes.”

She would probably never expect that Maka-sensei already appeared in front of me as JK Maka-chan. And not just once.

“But, I really think that people who get the top spot are crazy in a certain way.”

“Is it really fine for a teacher to say that?!”

That really surprised me.

“I’m not saying it’s bad or anything. Just, pushing out such a ridiculous result is not normal. I really think that MakaMaka is special.”

“…Every student knows that Maka-sensei is very enthusiastic about studying.”

“Not even on that level. MakaMaka took the top spot of the national mock exam three times, won the girls’ singular tennis interhigh, got the top spot in the national English speaking competition, and was the student council president. This is like some manga I’ve read before.”

“There are things in there that I haven’t even heard about yet…”

Leaving aside English, even tennis nationals? Well, I knew she had good reflexes, looking at that godly driving of hers…

“Saigi. Back in middle school, I couldn’t see—Fujiki-san as another human.”

“…Back at the BBQ, you said something about ‘Maka-sensei overdoing things’ if I remember correctly.”

“At the very least, it’s not normal, right?”

I can’t deny that. Especially because I know her myself. After seeing that room, that battlefield of hers, I can’t say that she is normal.

“MakaMaka has the nickname ‘Unobtainable Flower’ here, right. As a Japanese teacher, I was really happy that someone used such an eloquent way of phrasing it, but

never mind that—”

Hiyori-sensei went to take a smartphone from one of the pockets of her white robe, operating it.

“Saigi, did you see this already?”

“…I sure did. And I still get chills by watching it, after all this time.”

Naturally, the video that she showed me was about Maka-sensei’s crazy driving during the accident a while back. I was a bit scared, so I couldn’t watch it too often, but…Woah, the views are crossing the 5 million mark!

“That’s what I mean, Saigi. I get the chills when I look at MakaMaka. Not just because it was dangerous. It was because she overdid it, right?”

“…But, she has always been someone that can do everything, right? Even back at her high school times.”

Maybe Hiyori-sensei knows Maka-sensei’s true personality—

“MakaMaka is working hard as the Unobtainable Flower—But, she’s clearly taking it too far. Even though, she’s trying to work her way around this ridiculous amount of work, right? She looks half-dead, while half the work is actually not even hers.”

“Eh? But, isn’t it because her injury that she has to —”

“That’s one thing, but since she thinks that she troubled other people with her absence, she’s now trying to make up for it with that.”

“Y-You’re going that far, Maka-sensei…?”

Even though she complained that much…Just how far is she going…

“Seeing her work this hard quite frankly scares me. Even that accident, no other person would ever do something ridiculous like covering for the other person’s mistakes. I’m not saying that what she did was wrong, since she saved other people, but what good is it if she hurts herself. At the very least, everyone around her values her more than she does herself.”


That reminds me, when I accepted the package for Maka-sensei from Hiyori-sensei, she was acting a bit off.

“Ever since high school, I always thought that she was always in danger, and even when we started working at the same workplace—But, I was unable to do anything. MakaMaka never complained once at the drinking parties at work! And it didn’t matter if it was with some higher-ups, or just people she was bad with! Just a member of society, agreeing to anything! And in the end, she didn’t even drink anything!”

“Isn’t that just because she’s bad with alcohol…?”

Come on, where did the serious mode from before go?

“You sure know a lot, Saigi. You can always drink alcohol!”

“Hiyori-sensei, you’re not drunk, are you?”

What is this teacher saying…

“I’m totally sober! I just got too into it, is all! Been holding this back ever since high school, okay! She already has a Senpai like me, with overflowing tolerance, so she could just say what she wants, nobody will get mad at her!”

“T-Tolerance, huh…”

Why does it look like all the girls in the pool are swimming further and further away? Like they don’t want to get involved with this aggravated Hiyori-sensei.

“Maybe it’s not that she wants a reliable Senpai…But rather someone she can protect and help grow instead. I mean, she is a Sensei after all~”

“But, even if there was someone like that, will that really stop her doing all these ridiculous things…?”

“That’s Saigi for you, you’re a kid but you sure get it. How about you’d use that head of yours to study a bit more? You’re reading too much into things, even in modern literature. For example, with a problem like ‘Write the underlined part in a different expression’, why does this suddenly turn into some decoding mission. It’s not like the author put an anagram in there.”

“Well, I just thought that answering normally would be too easy…”

I mean, shouldn’t there be endless possible answers if we’re interpreting?

“Also, we weren’t talking about my grades, right?”

“Ohhh, you’re right. I tend to think about my job a lot as well. Well, her position is one thing, but I think that there has to be someone that can save her.”


Hiyori-sensei keeps glancing at me. Though I don’t feel like she’s aware of everything…She probably realized that the relationship between Maka-sensei and me isn’t exactly normal. The girls from SID, as well as the vice principal were all speculating on that…

“…Hiyori-sensei, what do you think I should do?”

“Don’t think that a teacher can or will teach you everything in life!”

“Don’t just play around like that!”

Well, my question might have been dumb. I shouldn’t have asked her. I have to use my own head and think here—

“Hey Sai-kun, don’t just flirt with Hiyo-tea and come take a swim as well! I’ll give you a glance of these if you do!”

“…Not a bad idea.”

“Hm? Saigi? Ah, wait, what are you—”

I got up from my seat, and took a few steps towards the pool—


Splashes of water went into the air as I took a dive into the pool. Ahh, my overheated head from the heat and overthinking is slowly cooling down. Feels really good…

“Wow, you really came, Sai-kun! Not bad!”

“Hey hey, what are you doing, Saigi. It’s bad manners to go swimming with your clothes on!”

“So it’s a problem of bad manners, huh. By the way, Nui.”

“Yeah, what is it?”

Nui dove beneath the rope that separated the lines, coming closer to me.

“Where’s that glance?”

“You somehow turned really perverted, Sai-kun!”

After bringing it up herself, Nui hid her own breasts, and sank deeper into the water. Good thing she still knows some degree of shame. And of course, I was only joking anyway. Anyway, now that my head has cooled down a bit, it’s time to use it again, because there’s something I have to think about.

“Saigi-kun, you wait right there!”

“Uuu..H-Hello there, Maka-sensei.”

Having changed into my outdoor shoes, I was about to step out of the school building, when someone suddenly called out to me. Almost like she had been waiting for me—Well, maybe she was, with this kind of timing.

“Hello there, you say…I heard what you did. Dived into the pool with your uniform on.”

“Word spreads fast I see…”

I felt so before, but isn’t the flow of information way too quick in this school?

“And what are you wearing now?”

“Ahh, Hiyori-sensei got these clothes for me.”

A normal UNI*LO2 t-shirt with half pants, not too expensive, but also not exactly cheap. Having gotten even new underwear was pretty embarrassing, but I’d rather not catch a cold.

“…You could have told me. I really wanted to coordinate your clothes at least once…Ugh…”


She keeps on talking…

“Just when I thought you already went home, you went to play at the pool. Ahh, your hair is still wet. You’ll have to dry that off or you’ll catch a cold.”

“It’s still hot outside, so it’ll dry soon.”

“No. School will start soon again, so can’t have you run the risk of getting a cold. Let me get you home.”

“Eh, you don’t have to go that far…”

No wait, this might be a good chance. My head finally cooled down a bit, so having a proper talk with her isn’t a bad idea…

“…Hm? Sensei, get me home with what?”

“With this of course.”

Maka-sensei put one hand in the bag around her shoulder, and took out a car key. There’s a small figurine attached to it…Which kind of looks like me?

“Huh? D-Don’t tell me…T-The fiat is…?”

“Yes, it just came back from repair yesterday. I was so happy I went to take it for a ride immediately.”

“…You’d normally have a trauma after that incident.”

“Trauma? Do you think that my mentality is that weak?”

“Of course not, ahaha~”

I take everything back, please let me run away! I was planning on having a talk with her, but I didn’t expect her to bring out the red nightmare!

“S-Sensei, shouldn’t you be busy with your job…?”

“The vice principal told me to leave for today. My eyes looked dead, she said.”

“I see…”

I guess even the vice principal couldn’t keep watching her. Now I want to gift Madam a half-price pass for Nekoranyay.

“I wanted to go home, when I heard that some kid from my class was making a ruckus at the pool, so I went to check it out. Really, I felt like a grade school teacher.”

“T-There was another kid called Amanashi that also made a ruckus…”

She won’t complain if I pull her into this, right?

“It’d be more surprising if she wasn’t. I judged it to be fine if I left her alone. Anyway, let’s go.”

Maka-sensei stood next to me and started walking. Arriving at the parking space behind the school, I immediately spotted that red fiat.

“Ahh, it’s completely back to normal I see…”

“Indeed, even more clean and proper than before. Haa, I’m so glad. I received this, so I’d feel really bad if it was destroyed beyond repair.”

“You received it from your previous teacher right, Maka-sensei.”

“Yes. Although I’m sure that they wouldn’t get angry at me, I’d still feel bad for not treasuring it enough.”

Maka-sensei seemed to be in a good mood. She wasn’t in her previous aloof mode, and her eyes aren’t in dead mode, but just genuinely happy that her beloved car was back to normal. As Maka-sensei sat in the driver’s seat, I just moved along and sat down on the passenger’s seat next to her, like it was something completely natural.

“Now then.”

Maka-sensei grabbed the handle for a second, and took a deep breath.

“Eh? What is it?”

“…My attitude hasn’t been very favorable as of recently. I was like a kid. I was sulking because you were on a constant attack of SID, but I overdid it. I am sorry.”

“…I’m sorry as well.”

So that’s why she invited me to take me home, so that she could tell me that…So the whole pool thing was just an excuse.

“I was just being selfish, and my attitude towards you was even worse.”

“No, I wasn’t acting like the grown-up that I am. Even though, I made you get angry at me.”

“…No, it’s okay.”

Ahhh, I really am nothing but a kid. Why couldn’t I just apologize before her. Even if she’s childish sometimes, and clumsy, she’s plenty of an adult. On top of that, she goes to apologize to her student, without having done anything wrong—A proper teacher.

“Alright, enough of this awkward apologizing! Let’s get going. Time to check if you’re still used to my fiat!”

“Ahhh, no spin turns please!”

Thankfully she wasn’t crazy enough to pull a spin turn in the parking lot, the tires were still screeching as she stepped on the gas.

“S-Sensei! The tires!”

“No need to worry, Saigi-kun. Both my love and the tires won’t get worn out easily.”

“Even if you make it sound like a philosophical proverb, the tires will get worn out, if even just physically!”

The fiat left the school, entering the street.

“—Huh. You’re driving normally?”

“The vice principal told me that I could drive again, but she said I had to keep it cool. I still have the attention of a lot of people.”

“Can’t you just keep doing that in the future as well…”

“My driving doesn’t go against the law, and I’m not going against any rules here.”

“Weird…It totally looks like some weird car chasing scene straight out of a Hollywood movie to me…”

But, just as she says, I’ve been riding with her a few times already, and never did she break any laws.

“Anyways, enough about my driving. Rather than that, the pool. I really can’t appreciate the fact that you were enjoying the sight of high school girls in their swimsuits…”

“I didn’t go there to check out their swimsuits! Hiyori-sensei just pulled me there to talk!”

Though I don’t feel like I can tell her what we walked about.

“Hiyori-sensei just moves according to her feelings. And you as well, just jumping into the pool with your uniform on and everything.”

“I just didn’t have a swimsuit on me!”

Ugh, I should have chosen a better place to talk after a…

“A-Ahh, I know. Maka-sensei, you were the princess of tennis3 back in your high school I heard.”


Alright, Saigi-kun counterattack was successful.

“W-Why do you know that, Saigi-kun! I tried to hard to hide that!”

“Look ahead while you’re driving! Also, I’ll leave the source for you to find out. But, I found enough other data after that.”

I took out my smartphone, and turned the screen towards Maka-sensei. Shown there were the results of the girls’ tennis interhigh a few years back.

“I-I liked tennis, okay. The advisor of the club from back then invited me…Though I actually wanted to focus on my studies, being a scholarship student…It’d be problematic if people thought I got the spot for nothing, you know.”

“Well, being good at sports gives you that normie feeling. But, you stopped mid-way through, right?”

“Our uniform had that specific skort skirt for tennis…and that was pretty embarrassing. Also, I got a lot of attention during the nationals. Every time I could feel the skirt flutter, I lost attention to the match. I’m still surprised that I managed to win.”

“You really go girly on the weirdest things…”

All female tennis players are wearing this skirt—No, that short skirt. And beneath that, these panties that are meant to be seen during this hasty sport. Is that really something to be that conscious about?

“I-It’s fine. As a scholarship student, I had to focus on my studies! I won once, so that was enough for a sportive appeal from my side!”

“Ah, I found a video.”

“Hey?! Saigi-kun, why are you still searching?!”

She sure panicked, but that was all she could do, as she was busy with driving safely. The article I found showed a JK Maka-chan, wearing a bright pink tennis wear, with a short skirt, swimming the racket. Her hair back then was a bit shorter, as she focused only on the ball in front of her.

“Stop, Saigi-kun…Don’t dig up my embarrassing past…”

“You don’t have to be that flustered…”

No matter how you look at it, this is a past that she should be proud of.

“Also, the one that told you about it must have been Hiyori-senpai, right?! What is that person doing?!”

Maka-sensei kept beating the steering wheel. What about that driving safely again?

“So you’ve been calling her senpai before. It seems like Hiyori-sensei knows a lot more by the way.”

“Ugh…In order to survive this, I have to seal off her mouth it seems…!”

“I-I’m just joking! I won’t dig up any more than this!”

I feel like Maka-sensei has gotten pretty dangerous as of recently. I’d probably be better off not joking around.

“I feel like you already found out plenty… Really, I should have told Hiyori-sensei not to talk too much before it came to this. Teachers need a certain level of dignity after all.”

“I really think that you winning an interhigh is plenty already but…Wait, isn’t this the wrong way?”

“Fufufu…You weren’t expecting to just get home normally if you’re driving with me, were you?”

“S-Some hideout? Or some hidden restaurant again? Maybe even some faraway inn or hotel…?”

Ahh, having Maka-sensei’s profile next to me is like the devil incarnate!

“Fu fu fu fu fu…It’s still light outside right now, so we can go wherever we want to.”

“A-At least drive safely, okay?”

Maka-sensei only gave a suggestive grin. I really should have picked a better place and situation to have a talk with her! The normal Maka-sensei—is the scariest after all!

“I’ll take a speed that won’t bother the cars after us, okay. Saigi-kun, you’re bad with more speed, right?”

“So you finally understand. I’d rather take a ride on a roller coaster.”


“And what?”

“You wanted to tell me something, right? I’m a teacher, you know. Even if I’m not as sharp as you, I can read enough from that expression of yours.”

“…Yeah, there’s a lot that I want to tell you, but…”

Although my head cooled off considerably, my thoughts are still left in disarray. Maybe I really should study some more. If I don’t, I won’t be able to use my head properly.

“Maka-sensei…you’re good at studying, and you’re a sports ace. You even took some classes at the medical facility before, right. Hiyori-sensei said that you’re like some manga heroine.”

“The truth is stranger than a novel, right. And, in English?”

“Za trusu…isu…wait give me a second…Novel is …noberu…right?”

“You’re not wrong, but if you don’t use the correct words, it’ll be a miss eventually.”

“Nevermind that, don’t force me to study even in a situation like this!”

“‘Truth is stranger than fiction’, the words of the English poet Byron.”

“The English was easier than I thought…!”

I really should know that, but I was taken by surprise in this situation!

“A-Anyway…since you basically can do anything you want to…why did you decide to become a teacher?”

“I feel like you asked me that before.”

“Before, you responded with ‘I don’t regret it’, but that certainly doesn’t qualify for an answer.”

“You got me there…Or so I’d like to say, but it’s not that big of a deal. To be completely honest, I don’t really know myself.”

While throwing a wink at me, she took a curve at an intersection.

“I do think that I had a lot of career paths open. Be it a doctor, an attorney, it’s true that I could have taken whatever I wanted.”

“Don’t you think that you just wasted your talent…?”

“I worked my hardest ever since I was a child to create this ‘Unobtainable Flower’ character, but I’ve started to grow tired. Don’t you think that I would have to work even harder than I am now if I chose some crazy career like that?”

“That…is true…”

A job where she can’t be allowed to show any weakness at all times must be too tough on her for sure…

“Naturally, it’s not that I dislike working hard for something. The feeling of being accepted after all your hard effort is something that you want to taste as often as you can.”

“I really can’t talk along this conversation…”

“You should study a bit more, and then you’ll understand.” Maka-sensei showed me a soft smile.

Stepping on the gas, she drove up a hill road. Just where are we headed now?

“But even so, I chose the way as a teacher. Well, not like becoming a teacher at Seikadai is easy. The students might not know, but the teachers that you keep making fun off had to work really hard and overcome a lot of troubles.”

“Yes, I still don’t know how the world of adults really works. All I know—is that it’s still far off.”

Spending time together with Maka-sensei, I got glances at the world of adults—and I realized that I am nothing more than a brat.

“Yeah, that’s perfectly fine. You don’t have to know that yet. Listen to me, who was forcing herself too much during high school, okay. Pushing your limits won’t do you any good.”

“…Do you regret doing thatß”

“Ahh, let’s stop here.”

Maka-sensei said so, and parked at a parking space to a nearby convenience store. As we got out of the car, we entered the store, bought two cups of iced coffee, and returned.

“I really wanted to take you someplace better than this, but if I kept you for myself too long, Miharu-san won’t keep quiet about it. This is a sign that we made up, so take it.”

“Ah, yes. Thank you very much.”

Maka-sensei handed me one cup, and took a sip as she leaned against the fiat.

“They don’t have any good tea here, but the coffee seems to be pretty good, so go and get a taste. I put some milk and sugar in for you, you like sweet stuff, right.”

“Yes, that’s how I like my coffee.”

Completely dark wouldn’t go, but like this, coffee isn’t too bad.

“Ahh, the continuation from before. Leaving aside the question if I regret it or not…”

A soft breeze blew past us. Now that summer was about to end, the heat turned down quite a bit. The sun was slowly starting to go down, as the sky was colored in a strong orange color—

“It’s not just today, right? That you’ve been going around, having these romcom like events with the girls from SID.”

“T-That’s…Reflexively because I was lying to them…”

“I never knew why I went down the road of a teacher. But, after watching you, Jinsho-san, Amanashi-san, Miharu-san, Muku-san…Running around, having fun like that, there’s something that I thought.”

Maka-sensei pushed down her brown hair that got stirred up during another breeze.

“I was always desperate in keeping up my character, not wanting anyone to show sympathy for me…and I regretted my student life, which left me with nothing but this very character.”


“You hated lies, right, Saigi-kun. That’s why I thought of ending this fake relationship immediately. It might have been too long. Lying isn’t good, even kids know that.”

“Maka-sensei…do you hate the you that’s been lying?”

“Acting like the perfect character became the norm for me, and I forgot if I liked or hated it even. Falling in love with you, who hates lies and being deceived, I realized a lot of things. It’s all thanks to you, Saigi-kun.”

For a second, I thought she was going to kiss me, but she didn’t. Instead, she showed me a kind smile.

“The real me was never able to enjoy her student life—That’s why I felt the need to do the things I lost. And there is only one way I could have taken to get back to school.”

That’s why she became a teacher at the school she graduated from? While smiling still, Maka-sensei took another sip from the coffee. Even now, Maka-sensei isn’t spending her job as a teacher as ‘her real self’. But, being with me, she could enjoy herself, be lovey-dovey with me, say anything, do anything she wanted, without having to hide anything. Even this scary ‘education’ that I had to go through was a precious time to her…? No, to me as well, I’m sure…

“I’m glad that I came back. After all, I was able to meet you.”

“You’re shifting there.”

I couldn’t help but give a bitter smile. The coffee I took a sip from had sugar and milk in there, but it was still a tad bit bitter. This sweetness, with a hint of bitterness, was really delicious. Yeah, Maka-sensei wasn’t the only one that came up with an answer for herself.

The answer to bring an end to this relationship between me and Maka-sensei, that continued all the way from spring. I feel like, I finally found my own answer.

1 Breaking Bad

2 I’m assuming UNIQLO

3 A reference to an old manga series called ‘The Prince of Tennis’


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