Boku no Kanojo Sensei Volume 5 Epilogue

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The final day of summer break—

Under heavy work and effort, the report about Jeanne-tan—No, Jeanne D’Arc came to an end, and I finished the other homework. Depending on my future I will take, next summer break won’t be as relaxing as this one. Thinking about the future is tiresome for sure, but it’s something I eventually will have to do. The day where I will have to have an answer will come, even if I want it to or not.

“Hey hey, Mako. What’s with that serious expression? Not gonna enjoy that harem life of yours anymore?”

Shiya-chan walked towards me, a bright grin decorating her expression. And said Shiya-chan was wearing a thin, rather calm and classic yukata.

“Can you not make me sound like the bad guy? And this isn’t a harem.”

We were currently in a nearby park to Seikadai. The time was a bit past 7pm. If you were to ask what I was doing outside at a time like this—

“Ahh good thing good thing. I bought too many fireworks, and was worried that I wouldn’t use them all up this year.”

“Amanashi Nui, you should think about the future a bit more.”

A few meters away from me, Nui was joyfully playing with some fireworks, while Karen-kaichou was watching over her, expecting something to go wrong any second. Next to her were also some kids from the cloister, enjoying the fireworks themselves. Since Nui bought way too many fireworks, she gathered everyone on here on this final day, trying to use up the rest that she didn’t use.

“Alrighto! Use everything, and take them in both of your hands! Ahhh, so beautiful!”

“Hey, Amanashi Nui! Don’t teach these kids anything weird!”

Nui’s yukata had a red pattern, while Karen-kaichou was wearing a deep blue one. Being a Japanese beauty, it truly fit Karen-kaichou, but Nui also looked good in it.

“Miharu-oneechan, can you put the fire on for me? Sensei said I shouldn’t do it myself.”

“Onii-chan sure is protective…Here, Kuu-chan.”

“Thank you, Miharu-oneechan.”

Miharu used a lighter to turn on the fireworks that Kuu was holding. Where’s that ‘Keep away from fire’ rule you were talking about? Anyways, Kuu was wearing a yukata with a cat pattern, while Miharu had goldfish on hers.

Miharu was really against wearing a yukata until the very end, but while I was looking up the way to put it on online, she put it on herself. Have to be careful that she doesn’t take it off with people around.

“Haaa…Summer break really is over. Can’t believe school starts tomorrow.”

“What a shame right, Mako. University summer break still lasts for 3 days. Fu fu fu~”

“Ugh…I want that too…!”

“Once summer break ends, I’ll be resuming my work as a private tutor as well. This time we’ll get you up 50 more ranks in the second term!”

“F-Fifty? Last time it was only thirty…”

If I go up that much, I’ll be in the upper rank. Isn’t that a bit too ambitious?

“If we don’t get you there, I’ll feel guilt towards your parents! And also…if I create a big debt with you, you won’t be able to get away from me, right?”

“You sure are planning something scary again…”

“Hehe~ I have a lot of ideas ready, so I hope you’re looking forward to it~”

While Shiya-chan was flashing a devilish smile, Miharu and the others walked over and started with their fireworks. So from now on, the childhood friend will be on the attack as well, huh…Oh right, I still don’t know the reason why Miharu fell in love with me…Going from everyone of SID, we’re still missing two people then…

“Saigi-kun, do you not want to do any fireworks?”

“Eh, ah, Maka-sensei. Well, everyone was just so hyped-up, I found it difficult to join in.”

“You’re a chicken at the weirdest times…”

The bewildered Maka-sensei was also wearing a yukata. It had a rather classic feeling, but the flower pattern was beautiful nonetheless. The yukata before at the inn already fit her, but this one has a certain cuteness to it. Sensei was pretty tall as well, and with her style, so probably everything she’d wear fits her.

“Fufu, you’re entranced. Good thing I bought that charming and expensive yukata beforehand.”

“Are you sure you want to waste your money on clothes like this…”

I still remember the sight of all the clothes falling down out of the closet, burying her.

“It’s fine, I don’t really use money for anything else. I actually prepared a yukata for Tenka as well, see.”

“Oh yeah, Nui invited her, but she declined.”

“She seems to be limited for today.”

“Eh? Do you mean because of the summer homework?”

Since Tenka-san seemed like the serious type, I was expecting her to have that done a while ago already.

“Well, something like that. She’d get angry if I told you, so this is all I can say.”


There’s still too many mysteries with Tenka-san as well. Well, she’s not a member from SID, so there’s no need to look to deep into her I guess.

“Rather than that, Saigi-kun, since we’re here already, let’s enjoy some fireworks as well.”

“Yeah, we still have lots of them, so we have to use it.”

The two of us picked up some fireworks, and lit them up. With a small popping sound, a red and yellow light shot out of the tip, sending sparks everywhere.

“It’s been a while since I last shot off fireworks like this. I did go to a fireworks festival with Miharu and Kuu last year though.”

“Wha…S-So unfair! I wasn’t invited!”

“Back then, you weren’t our homeroom teacher, but just a normal English teacher, you know.”

“And you still told that English teacher ‘Don’t go creating a fake character like that’, didn’t you.”

I feel like my tone was a tad bit different though.

“Either way, we weren’t in a relationship where I would just invite you over for some fireworks, right?”

“It’s a shame, but that’s exactly what it was.” Maka-sensei let out a long sigh.

A lot has happened this year, huh…But anyway, I guess it’s about time.



“Please become my Girlfriend Teacher 1.”

The sparks of the fireworks gave a crackling sound that filled the silence between us, Nui’s, and everyone else’s voices as well.

“…What did you say just now?”

“You couldn’t have possibly misheard that. I won’t say it a second time.”

Ahh, my face is turning red. I really can’t say this a second time.

“I am…Saigi-kun’s Girlfriend Teacher …!”

With an almost audible sound, Maka-sensei’s face turned red in a matter of seconds. As she continued turning red until her ears, her mouth was opening and closing like a fish waiting to be fed, but the words wouldn’t come out. I mean, I’m pretty flustered, but she’s even worse—Isn’t she supposed to be a 24 year old adult? Well, it’s not like I didn’t enjoy that sight, since she looked really cute. However—

“I didn’t say that I like you though, Sensei.”

“Ah?! Don’t just ruin it like that! That’s the most crucial part!”

“I both have my feelings towards Sensei, as well as the wish of not wanting you to stop being a teacher. Ahh, I really didn’t want this to go into too much detail!”

“And and?”

Maka-sensei, you’ve completely lost your cool.

“Though our fake relationship has come to an end, I don’t see a reason why we can’t go back to our previous relationship either.”

At the very least, I don’t want to go back to just being teacher and student.

“That’s, for now, neither being girlfriend nor teacher, I called it a Girlfriend Teacher, and thought about going out like that…Like this, you wouldn’t have to stop being a teacher.”

“What I thought you meant was ‘Girlfriend’ on top of being ‘Teacher’!”

“Well, mine is different.”

It’s getting really tough to keep up my cool. This is really embarrassing.

“Also, you said it before, right. ‘Just for fun’.”

“I often forget things due to saying too much, but I probably did…”

“Isn’t this fine for now. Will you come along with my ‘fun’?”

“I was confessed to countless times already, but tagging along someone’s fun like this might be the first time…”

Ahh, I guess I phrased it a bit bad…?

“Ahhnn, Saigi-kun stole my first~ I’m so happy~”


S-So strong…Her mental strength is like the hardness of orichalcum…Well, I guess I can call this a success, seeing that she accepted it…Ahhh, my heart is beating like crazy…!

“Alright then, let’s move to the real deal! Launching some fireworks !”

Nui was gleefully preparing for the main event of today’s fireworks. We checked to see if it was allowed in this park, and it seems to be okay, but she’s really doing it, huh.

“Mako, Maka-sama, come over here! You have to look at from up close!”

“Sensei, we still have lots of more fireworks!”

“Miharu is really tired, so can she lean against you, Onii-chan?”

“Fujiki-sensei, it’s not fair for you to just stay with Saigi Makoto all the—N-No, you’re our guardian, so today it’s fine.”

Everyone was calling for us, so Maka-sensei and I lined up next to each other, walking towards them.

“Alright, time for the launch!”

Nui put fire on the fuse, and—

With a loud sizzling, the fireworks shot up into the air. Everyone looked up at the night sky, and at the same time, Maka-sensei and I reached for each other’s hands, and tightly held them. Just for a second, with the fireworks going off, it felt like we were really lovers. In the midst of a cool breeze flying past us, I could feel the warm sensation of her hand.

My Girlfriend Teacher–

I don’t know if this is the connection that goes ‘Beyond teacher and student’, and it’s not like I have a definitive answer yet. But, just like summer ends, and moves towards fall, I definitely feel like I have taken an, albeit late, first step—

1 = Kanojo Sensei. I decided to keep the English part here, since it flows better into the text.


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