He Didn’t Want to Be the Center of Attention, Hence, after Defeating the Demon Lord, He Became Guild Master (LN) Volume 1 Afterword

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Nice to meet you, I’m Akatsuki Touwa. For those who I’ve met before—those who enjoyed this series in “Syosetu,” hello once again. Thank you for always reading this series.

Before starting this serialization from “Syosetu,” this series had the temporary title of [The Guild Master Does Not Work]. Moving his guild members like his arms and feet while drinking in the bar, he solves difficult requests one by one was the plotline I had in mind, but the moment I started writing the plot changed drastically, and [A protagonist that doesn’t want to stand out] took form, and here we are now.

With a guild master that doesn’t work, who had many adventurers in his guild, and with other people’s aid, he didn’t receive much honor, and could finish without standing out. Because of that, it’s not that he doesn’t work, it’s “He doesn’t show his work,” basically, “Doesn’t want to stand out” was the impression I went with when I started writing. It’s hard to imagine a story of a main character who puts effort because he doesn’t want to stand out for certain reasons.

An enemy strong enough to depict the [Miracle Children]’s true strength didn’t appear in the first volume, but I believe the second volume will show more glimpses of the Demon Lord Subjugation Team’s true strength. I believe the readers from “Syosetu” are already aware of this, but the series’ best Yandere Heroine will appear. Please look forward for the heroines that have appeared, along with the demon lord whose appearances increased in the published version, to quarrel for Dick’s love.

Again, more powerful episodes of Verlane and Dick’s conversations were especially added after the web serialization. The “Syosetu” version didn’t depict their relationship of bar manager and drunkard patron, and living together in the same guild house in detail. So that people can feel fresh while reading, I put more detail in why Verlane wants to retrieve her amulet from Dick so badly, and why Dick isn’t giving it back part to the point that it became quite the sticky situation compared to the web version, which in a way, is a quarrel between men and women. For those who want more stories of the other heroines, I have planned additional episodes for the other heroines in turns.

There is also a short story published in Dragon Magazine (Fujimi Shobo) at the same time as this book’s publishing which is about the demon lord, of course each of the [Miracle Five] was also introduced, they solved matters with Dick at the center of it as usual. In a previously unintroduced time, a story set two years before this book, if you are interested, then by all means enjoy it.1

To the Editor-sama with their perceptive guidance who I’ve mailed at troublesome times, I seriously cannot express how thankful I am. I did give off the air of a person doing work and replying to email late at night, but I am basically slothful, so please be strict with me.

The illustrator, Naruse Hirofumi-sensei has splendidly breathed life into the characters. They turned out better than the characters I had moving in my mind, so I would like to reflect more action in my writing.

To the ones in charge of proofreading, and those in the editorial department as well, I thank you once again. And everyone reading this, regardless of age, I would like to say to everyone who reads this that they have matured.

To the readers of this book—Cheers!

– Akatsuki Touwa

Next Volume Preview

“…Muu. That’s cold of you, master. Although I would have liked for master to take responsibility…”

Dick and the others have secretly protected the Kingdom of Albein’s peace.

However, a troubling request surrounding a phantom animal came in the [Silver Mug].

There was the name of the legendary guild master of the kingdom’s strongest guild, [White Goat], in the shadows of the case—and the strongest enemy.

“Di—, I hold your kindness in high regard, but at the same time I want to trample and mess you up under my foot. I love you so much that I hate you and want to break you.”

“ Make sure to kill me one day once I’ve found happiness .”

The past of the Hero who doesn’t want to stand out will now be revealed!

The debut of one of the most popular heroines in the web version, the “Yandere Heroine!”

1 I’ll translate the short story that the author’s talking about if anyone can find it.

1 thought on “He Didn’t Want to Be the Center of Attention, Hence, after Defeating the Demon Lord, He Became Guild Master (LN) Volume 1 Afterword

  1. Highest emperor 24. November 2019 — 22:10

    Looking forward for appearance yandere heroine, thanks a lot for the volume


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