He Didn’t Want to Be the Center of Attention, Hence, after Defeating the Demon Lord, He Became Guild Master (LN) Volume 1 Epilogue

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House-sitting Demon Lord

My master is a hard-working person, though it may not seem that way to the people around him.

He wakes up very early in the morning, to the point that if I didn’t try my best to get up early, he would make breakfast in my stead.

Even when I tried to clean his room and arrange his bed, he never gave me a chance to simply do so, because he managed his room perfectly.

On the other hand, he unhesitatingly left the house in my care for many days, as an expression of trust to me. Even without him, I always intend to open the store and handle the visiting customers as the flawless bar manager.

However, because he so complacently placed his trust in me, a former demon lord, who also happens to be a woman, I needed to give him a slight surprise.

“…Though he went out by himself, he dares to stay outside for the night, I assume he is aware of what that entails…?”

The time was so late it was unthinkable for him to come back home at this time. Though I pleasantly saw him off because he wanted to entertain his comrades of the demon lord subjugation team who helped him in this request, when it became close to bedtime, I became so curious when it didn’t seem like he would come back soon and the pleasant feeling became a sulky feeling; I laid sprawled in my negligee on master’s bed.

My master absolutely did not spare any effort in drying his bed sheets. This run-down place in an alley of the twelfth street had bad sun exposure, but master swiftly climbs up to the roof of the building, and dries his bed sheet under the sun every day without fail on a part of the roof that could not be seen from below.

He did the same with mine, and thus I am able to sleep comfortably on a bed with the smell of the sun. It’s sort of weird for a dark elf such as me to say this, but having a good night’s sleep is peerless.

Even though he said things such as “don’t be unreasonable,” and “go live in the guild’s dorms,” when I said I came to live together, he didn’t kick me out. And though he didn’t say anything about it, he made me three meals a day, and he entertained me when I showed him that I had too much free time, and when I made advances on him whilst betting my pride as a woman, he paid full attention to me without feeling disgusted, although bewildered.

Though I have lived for over fifty years, I have never seen that kind of man. he was idolized and appointed as the leader of those four peculiar kids, so I assumed he was no ordinary man, but…

I remember the time I first fought them. In order to defend the demon kingdom, I fought them with all my strength, I could remember how my blood boiled as if it happened yesterday.

However, the undefeated me could naturally accept losing to Dick.

At that moment, I may have realized it already.

Even if I were to say I fell for him at first sight, Dick would probably not believe me, huh.

I rolled on top of the bed. Before I knew it, I already pulled Dick’s pillow closer with my hands. Though I have never told him about this, I developed a habit to smell his scent like this every time he was absent. Doing this put me very much at ease—my heart became relieved, and my uncontrollable emotions subsided as well.

“Waiting alone feels lonely, you know. Do you feel me? Dick…”

I decided to leave the demon kingdom to go and meet Dick on my own. Although I do believe he is ruthless for complaining about that; I wanted to keep up a strong appearance in front of him as a former demon lord, and when he is absent, I would come running in pursuit of his vestiges, and end up like this in his room.

There will likely be more days of master’s absence from here on out, and I will always send him off with a smile.

But as those days accumulate, I would definitely go in master’s room like this and feel satisfied.

I fear that will expose me… since I do many… things. Though. Master is quite the blockhead, so he won’t realize much.

Remembering Dick’s reddened face due to my advances, I broke my face into a smile.

Though there may be a lot of house-sitting involved, I did not hate doing this, so I intended to continue to tempt master until I feel satisfied enough to take back my amulet.

“…If you make me wait for too long, I’ll be pushing you down when you come home, you know…?”

“E-Er… I’m home already, so please spare me.”

“Ack… W-Wha… M-Ma-Master, since when…?!”

“I went back for the time being since everyone was asleep. I’ll go back there in the morning since we decided to end the stay after having breakfast.”

I reflexively got up, but realizing that I am currently wearing my ‘Battle Sleepwear’ which was transparent in some parts, I pulled the blanket over and hid myself.

I immediately put the pillow back to its place, but he already found out I was hugging it—my body got hotter and my face became flushed up to my ears.

“Sorry for making you watch the place a lot lately. I’ll properly compensate you.”

Dick definitely didn’t know what I desired.

I won’t request something unreasonable from my master. For now.

“Then, I shall present my wish to you. The compensation that I desire is…”

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