Kou 2 Time Leaped (LN) Volume 1 Chapter 13

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T/N: Normally Sana talks in third person, but for the sake of clarity, we kept her internal thoughts to a first person in this chapter, so keep that in mind.

Forbidden Love

◆Sana Sanada◆

Now that I’ve finished the game I borrowed from Nii-san, it was about time to return it. I left my room and headed towards Onii-san’s, where I began to hear a voice through the door.

“Yeah…. yeah…. good night…”

Lately whenever it becomes night time, Nii-san would always seclude himself inside his room and never come out. Even though just a while ago, when I would be playing games in my room, Onii-san would peek in on me, and we would play games together.

Since we had also been coming home separately more often, the only times I really get to see him is during breakfast, while going to school, and during dinner.

—He has been antisocial lately, don’t you think?

—You didn’t know? He has a girlfriend now.

—So that’s why…

I heard some guys saying stuff like that.

Maybe Nii-san also got a…..?

I thought that he’d never be able to get one, but… now I’m actually worried….

Because of this, I tried asking Kana-chan to see if she knew anything about Nii-san, but since they’re in different classes, she couldn’t help me.

I gently peeked inside his room, and saw him sitting on a chair reading manga.

“Nii-san? Sana finished the game, so she came to return it.”

“Ok, you can just put it down anywhere.”

“….Who were you talking to earlier? Sorry, Sana didn’t mean to eavesdrop on you.”

“…Just a friend from my class?”

Ah, is that so? Thank goodness…

I heard that girls chat on the phone with each other even though they can meet at school the day later anyway. It seems guys do that as well.

“Is something wrong?”

“Nothing really… Tomorrow’s lunch will be inside the home economics room, okay?”

“Ahh, yeah you got it.”

When I recommended a game that both Kana-chan and I were playing, he would just bluntly refuse with “I’m busy right now.”

My plan to have a common topic to discuss ended up becoming a failure.

Mu~ makes me feel a bit miserable…

The next day’s lunch break arrived.

I’m very curious about what kind of person Hiiragi-sensei is, but I can tell that she’s a good teacher. I don’t have any evidence, but I think she has feelings for Nii-san. She’s cute.. she’s good at cooking… a grown woman, and her chest is also bigger than mine…That’s why, if she wanted to be in a relationship, she should do it with a fellow adult and not a student.

However, if she does like Nii-san…

While being tortured with these thoughts, I entered the home economics room. Inside, Nii-san was sleeping while resting his chin on his hand. Kana-chan and Hiiragi-sensei, who normally would always arrive first, weren’t there. My heart began to beat furiously as I looked at his profile.


He didn’t seem to wake up after calling him and shaking him.

“Sei-kun? If you don’t wake up, you won’t be able to eat your food, you know?”

H-He won’t wake up…

I checked around the home economics room. There were no signs of Kana-chan and Hiiragi-sensei coming anytime soon.

“I-if you don’t wake up, Sana will tease you, okay?”

“Hey… are you really sound asleep?”

“If you keep doing this, Sana will kiss you.”

“Sa-sana is serious you know…?”

I rested my chin on my hand similarly and aligned my face with his.

Thump thump

I closed in on him, arriving at a distance close enough to feel his breathing.

Thump thump…

Our noses bumped into each other. If he were to wake up, I would have to stop immediately.

Thump thump……

Or so I thought, but he just wouldn’t wake up, and nobody is coming. I vigorously pinched his cheek. H-he really won’t wake up…Please wake up before Sana makes a mistake, Nii-san. However, at the same time, there was also a part inside of me that didn’t want him to wake up.

“S-Sana’s going to kiss you, okay…? S-Sana’s completely serious, you know…?”

Thump thump thump…!

In order for it to not be in the way, I moved my long hair behind my ear.

“It-it’s just a different type of g-greeting, is all…”

I slightly tilted my head and kissed his lips.

Thump thump thump thump—!

His lips were a little chapped, but warm.

O-one more time… just one more time…


The little sister Sana inside my mind was making a ruckus.

“Th-that’s enough, stop! Two times is pushing it. We’re siblings, you know!?”

“It-it’s okay… Sana likes Nii-san more than just siblings…”

That’s even worse!”

Chu~ As I kissed him one more time, the door behind me began to make rattling noises.

Th-this is bad.

I rapidly pulled my face away from Nii-san’s and forced a blank expression. I was brought back into reality instantaneously. The one who came was Hiiragi-sensei.

“Ah, sensei… hello.”

Sensei showed a stiff smile.

“Ah… yup… hello…”

Uh oh… She seems a little awkward… Maybe she saw what just happened…!?

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