He Didn’t Want to Be the Center of Attention, Hence, after Defeating the Demon Lord, He Became Guild Master (LN) Volume 2 Prologue

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Sometimes, I dream of the past.

Each time I do, I realize that I haven’t forgotten.

About a person who was incredibly precious to me—whom I had to separate from.

Make sure you come back, alright? I will wait for you here forever.”


I recalled her silver hair and unworldly beauty.

I sprung up from my bed in order to ascertain if it was a dream.

“…What’s wrong Master? Did you see some kind of dream?”

This was supposed to be my private room, but Verlane was beside the bed in her maid uniform, was she about to wake me up? She was slouched over, peering at me.

Early morning light shone through the gaps of the curtain. Usually, I would warn her to not come in other people’s rooms on her own, but at the moment, I didn’t feel like it.

“Well… a bit. Sorry you had to go out of your way to wake me up.”

“…Actually, I feel that sometimes waking up earlier than Master to gaze at your sleeping face isn’t a bad idea. Um, are you mad? Aren’t you going to say, ‘don’t enter other people’s room as you please,’ or the sort?”

“I won’t say that. Stay there for a bit… How should I put this, you helped me, thanks.”

“Oh… I-I see. Then I can come wake you up anytime, right? If you say so, then I’ll wake up early from now on…”

After seeing that dream, having Verlane at my side helped me calm down. I didn’t return to the past, time continued to flow without turning back.

She seemed to be concerned about me, but she smiled as usual then said:

“I heard the more nightmarish it is, the better of a dream it is. Though I don’t know what the theory behind that is.”

It was said that to dream is to sort through one’s memories. If that is true, then the reason I sometimes dreamt of the past was because that event within me was still not tidied up.

“If you make a face like that, the alcohol is going to flow somewhere strange, you know. I’ll prepare breakfast, so make sure to recover to the usual Master by then.”

Verlane exited the room. I honestly felt thankful for her keeping her distance right now.

I believe I’ll have to speak with her about that one day. That day is by no means far away.

Me feeling that way might be because I felt different than usual after seeing a dream that I haven’t seen in a long time.

1 thought on “He Didn’t Want to Be the Center of Attention, Hence, after Defeating the Demon Lord, He Became Guild Master (LN) Volume 2 Prologue

  1. Highest emperor 14. December 2019 — 03:47

    Thank you very much for prologue


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